Ryan Gosling Addresses His Viral Ken Picture and Paints Jimmy’s Fingernail Pink (Extended)

Ryan Gosling addresses the viral picture of himself dressed as Ken for the Barbie movie and working with Chris Evans on his action-packed film The Gray Man before painting Jimmy’s pinky nail.

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Ryan Gosling Addresses His Viral Ken Picture and Paints Jimmy’s Fingernail Pink (Extended)


100+ komentarze:

Ryan Gosling is one of the few celebrities who is never in any scandal. the man just acts, be funny in every interview, be very fine and minds his business
Ken doesn't need a job. He's got the ultimate sugar momma. Barbie has like 50 jobs. Doctor, lawyer, astronaught.....
The fact that ryan gosling is exactly like his character from crazy stupid love, in real life, brings me so much joy. His demeanor is unmatched.
Brandon Burge
Brandon Burge:
Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds all have this in common. Just good dudes. Not surprising they’re all Canadian.
Ryan Gosling always kills it with his suit choices. I see so many celebrities wear the most boring things on these shows, but Gosling’s suits never disappoint.
Nisha S
Nisha S:
There’s never dull moment in Ryan Gosling’s interviews
This man should do more comedy. I feel like his comedic delivery is just so good! Can’t stop laughing at most of the stuff he says
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe:
Ryan has such a natural, laid back charm that you can't help but like him. Plus that wonderful dry sense of humor is a great bonus.
The Rumor
The Rumor:
So many people involved with the movie keep mentioning how great the script for the Barbie movie is and how it’s nothing like you’d expect if you heard that it’s a movie based on Barbie. Which makes sense since its written by Greta Gerwig. So I’m really intrigued now.
Lana Miller
Lana Miller:
He is legit hilarious
elle kage
elle kage:
I just saw The Gray Man & loved it! I usually don’t like action films, but Ryan is a wonderful actor & made the usually outlandish plots in action movies believable. It was also pretty funny too at times, I will definitely rewatch it. Can’t wait to see him as Ken! 🍿
JL Kitz
JL Kitz:
Ryan Gosling has the best sense of humor. Been in the game for years, no drama, not problematic & keeps his private life private ✌🏾
G S:
I see Ryan Gosling and I click. I smile, I laugh and I enjoy. This man has never disappointed. He must be protected at all costs!
I love how private and solid his marriage is.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
I’ll always remember Ryan for breaking character in the 2 close encounters skits on SNL. Two of my favorite skits. 🤣🤣
Maria Belén
Maria Belén:
The cutest thing was them congratulating each other for being fathers 🥰
Alice Rose
Alice Rose:
Ryan Gosling makes me so happy. He’s better than an antidepressant.
I love Ryan he's so funny and he has a great chemistry with Jimmy. Never change Ryan 😂
Wade Ruelas
Wade Ruelas:
He sounds and looks so refreshed... In previous years he always was funny and kind but never really really energetic, i feel like he's much more happy.
Nightbird Games
Nightbird Games:
I love a lot of his performances but I've never laughed so hard as I have for his character in The Nice Guys.
Point Q
Point Q:
What I love about Ryan Gosling in interviews is how close he is to cracking himself up the whole time. He has such a good time.
It's so great to see Ryan back doing movies! It's been an empty time since 2018!
A A:
Please, for the love of everything, I just need Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds to do a movie together it's all I'm asking for this year 😂😂🤣🤣 I see one and I think of the other. They are practically twins in my mind!
Murphy Ripley
Murphy Ripley:
I LOVE Ryan's sense of humor. Dude doesnt even need to say something, sometimes just the look in his eyes is already enough :D
Diane Dials
Diane Dials:
I know, he's a great actor. Never tries to be the bad ass, just a good, decent man who loves Eva and his 2 girls. I'd watch him read the phone book if they still made them! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him in the notebook.
jozy gil
jozy gil:
Ryan and Eva are an amazing couple and with beautiful children.
I wish them all the best!
Ryan is just a funny cool guy. Old grandma here, not particularly fond of action movies, but really likes The Gray Man.
The Grayman was so good! It's a movie that you'd want to watch more than once! So much action! I can't wait to see the Barbie movie! Literally anything Ryan does is always a masterpiece!
Martin Healy
Martin Healy:
I don't know much about Ryan, but He's surprising charming and witty
It’s crazy how no one got the Roman Emperor thumbs down reference. That’s how they sentenced gladiators to death, back in the colosseum days. Smart of Gosling to throw that fact in there! 👏
Karin Crona
Karin Crona:
Such great sense of humour, love Ryan Gosling forever!
Bella Martino
Bella Martino:
I love Ryan Gosling acting. He is is such s great actor. Loved him since The Notebook of course and will watch anything with him in it. And love Eva Mendes too. What a perfect couple.
Elizabeth Camacho
Elizabeth Camacho:
Hes just as nice in person, met him and approached him at work when nobody dared to do so. He was very humble and definitely didn't seem to think highly of himself.
One of the greatest storytellers amongst today's popular celebrities, and Jimmy kept cutting him off? So crazy.
For those commenting that they didn't really know Ryan Gosling (and how calm, cool, dry humoured, etc. etc. he is), you need to check out his appearances on The Graham Norton Show - perfectly prime, genuine, understated brilliance.
Ono T
Ono T:
His role in The Gray man was awesome! Looking forward to his role as Ken. Hopefully there will be plenty of comedy. He's just good at it.
Ryan is effortlessly cool, all the time!
Eduardo Castillo
Eduardo Castillo:
I wanna see a movie with Ryan Gosling and Jason Bateman just being themselves 😅
alaska washington
alaska washington:
I feel like I didn’t realize that Ryan Gosling actually a really funny person, what a delightfully surprising laugh this was. I’m also realizing now that I haven’t actually seen that many Ryan Gosling movies lmao.
He doesn't have social media, he doesn't care about what other people say or think, lives her life simply, doesn't have to prove nothing to no one or share his life "to be popular", no scandals or gossips, he's fun, hot asf, stunning in her job and still seems to be a good husband/father. And you know what? I love that and that's also the main reasons why I like this guy so much. Sometimes, the "simple" is better than the "luxurious" or "extravagant"... Looking forward to next projects! Barbie, let's go and let's go party! 💁‍♀️💃A lamentation for those who don't know Ryan or haven't discovered him yet.
Jo C
Jo C:
one of the most charismatic actors there is. just love his aura.
Raquel F.
Raquel F.:
Love Ryan. He seems like such a nice person. The Grey Man was really good.
Алексей Данилов
Алексей Данилов:
One of the best actors of his generation and also a great person! 😉
BrandonL Rushman
BrandonL Rushman:
I wasn’t feeling the first photo. However! After seeing the second photo (Ken and Barbie in roller skates) I absolutely loved it!!!!!! Ryan is one of the most perfect Ken! 😇💘
Jacob McCain
Jacob McCain:
I freaking love Ryan! He’s incredibly funny without really trying to be! I want him back on SNL!
Anna 🦄
Anna 🦄:
Just realising now how much I missed Ryan and his hilarious interviews, is like he’s not even trying which makes him even more attractive.
Jayme Harl
Jayme Harl:
I'm still shaking my head at Chris Evans' referring to Ryan Gosling in They Gray Man as a "Ken Doll".
As always, Ryan is hilarious! ❤️
Jared Vlogs
Jared Vlogs:
man i love ryan's dry humor and dad jokes
OK The Gray Man took me totally by surprise. Love action/adventure. Wow does it deliver. Loved every moment (except, OK, the torture scenes). Watched it twice. Gonna watch it again. Gosling is GREAT. Better - much better - than Mission Impossible. No phony plot twists based on masks. And Bond-like too. Billy Bob Thorton also awesome. Great cast.
Nicholas Cortes
Nicholas Cortes:
lmao I love their chemistry together they get along like brothers from other mothers
"the internet has been trying to break me for years" is an incredible line
Ms. Mc
Ms. Mc:
Why, oh why is he so perfect? It's heart-breaking: he exists, yet utterly unreachable.😃
Delaney Lord
Delaney Lord:
Ryan has such a smooth sense of humor and it’s amazing
How lovely Ryan is for caring about jimmys nail and how cool is it that Ryan had a nail polish with him just in case something happens?! 🤣
Ishraq Talukder
Ishraq Talukder:
Ryan proves to be a really coolest dude to hang out, and very exciting of his performance in The Gray Man is so badass.
Patricia Custodio
Patricia Custodio:
Its so good to see Ryan Gosling! Still a heartthrob! 🫶🫶🫶
mary marcus
mary marcus:
Ryan Gosling has one of the best male voices. I can just sit & listen to him talk - just wow! In addition to his good looks, great personality, and talent as an actor.
So charismatic. What a legend!
He is so unbelievably gorgeous, I swear he gets finer with age 😍
Stefan Drawert
Stefan Drawert:
I always wonder how cringe it must feel for Jimmy's guests when he uncontrollably babbles and LOL's through every single moment of the interview. Every guest, everything they did/do/will do is "great", "awesome", "incredible" and whatever they tell him, Jimmy's always peeing his pants laughing. Can't stand him anymore.
Lmao when Ryan said nobody played with Ken! I actually only played with Kens when I was young instead of Barbies and my first Ken lost his head so my parents got me a second one but I still played with broken neck-Ken and there‘s several photos of me as a tiny girl holding my two Kens being my happiest self.
Thank you, Jimmy. For having literally me on the show.
The Ghibli Girl
The Ghibli Girl:
This man ages like fine wine, I swear.
Love how all the current interviews with Ryan show him with the biggest grin on his face, he looks so happy and smiley and relaxed (Ken has definitley brought out his inner Ken), Ha !...Ryan, you are always my number one squeeze.
Pawel Drzazga
Pawel Drzazga:
I like that Gosling proved the fact that Grey Man has literally no story. After watching this movie, me and my gf asked the same question- What this movie was about? But If you're only for action you will get it.
As an art historian who’s been in quite a few museums in Europe, and spent over 25h in Louvre alone, I agree with her. Louvre has an amazing collection and shit ton of mind blowing artifacts in their archives but overall 👎 😂
The Grey Man is one of the best book series I’ve read. Yes, it has a lot of action, but it’s a lot more nuanced than that… I hope the movie doesn’t ruin the books by just trying to be an action movie. I’ve been waiting for this for ages, so fingers crossed they do Court Gentry right!

EDIT: Narrator’s voice - “sadly, they did not do Court Gentry right”.
Yep, this isn’t The Gray Man we know and love. Watch it as something else entirely and you’ll enjoy it… just don’t expect it to be Court Gentry. Go watch The Terminal List for a much more faithful adaption of a character from a similar genre.
We have watched Ryan Gosling grow up. He is one of those guys who just keeps getting better looking as he grows older. By the time he's 65, he will officially have to be cast in marble because he will have reached God status!
He's a hell of an actor and he's got a great personality too, bonus!
Misty Lynn
Misty Lynn:
Ryan Gosling has class, wit, talent and humor. He is the perfect guest for any show. 💋
Peg E
Peg E:
Loved Gray Man and Hopefully there is a sequel...his timing is incredible !!!!
pretty funny to see Gosling treat the The Gray Man exactly how it should be treated lol. It's just got a shit ton of action. There's something about his character being an reluctant protagonist. And then there's more action. And Chris Evans' moustache is also very much there.

That's it. And let's not pretend it's anything more.
Ryan, like John Krazinski, is one of those young, married guys with kids you just never want to hear bad about. It would be extremely disappointing. So far, so good. Yes, Jimmy Fallon too.
Ranjit Ravindran Achary
Ranjit Ravindran Achary:
Ryan just killing it.. punch line after punchline!!! The gray man!
Kajol Singh
Kajol Singh:
Ryan Gosling is always so good ❤️❤️❤️ loved the movie!!!!
Maria Astræa
Maria Astræa:
The Grey Man is now one of my favourite movies of all time!
Ryan you rock 💪🏻❤️
B Meade
B Meade:
I love when celebrities talk about the funny things their kids do. My kids are hilarious. Kids truly say the darndest things 🤣
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply:
jimmy's reaction to every joke from ryan is the exact same way how I would react to ryan's jokes
Joe Annello
Joe Annello:
Blade Runner 2049, Drive and A Place Beyond the Pines. Top 3 favorite movies with Ryan Gosling. Emotional and leave you with a crazy feeling afterwards.
Deepti Nadkarni
Deepti Nadkarni:
He's so funny!! Loved this 🎉
Creamy Doughnut
Creamy Doughnut:
Never thought Ryan is so chill and funny person
Kyle Hunt
Kyle Hunt:
Would have loved to hear Ryan talk more and tell his own story.
Nataly Jimenez
Nataly Jimenez:
Blade runner was Amazing, drive is one of my favorites ever, the note book and blue valentine are extremely heart breaking to me and crazy stupid love is hilarious
Jimmy describing american humor exactly.. kids love it , grown ups roll their eyes
He’s so funny and it looks like he's not even trying
Mariam abuqtaish
Mariam abuqtaish:
I love how he glances at the audience 🤣
I like his laidback humor, he knows how to make people laugh
He’s cooler than his roles in movies
Sparky Thancztwise
Sparky Thancztwise:
enjoyed the interview a lot and the clip and smiled quite a few times, BUT, bust a gut laughing after Jimmy said "you did a good job" in that voice which sounded sincere and surprised then, cut to the pink polish coverage Ryan deftly delivered
I don’t really know him but Ryan Gosling is low key hilarious 😂
janet Homick
janet Homick:
Just watched the Gray Man....not my usual choice of movies but Ryan rocked it! There's always love in his movies!
AnnMarie Mills
AnnMarie Mills:
I told my husband last night, that I'm going to start using that line "can we unpack this somewhere else?" That was the best😂😂💞
Marco r
Marco r:
Ryan Gosling is a great actor. Ive heard people say that Ryan Reynolds is Canada´s best actor, but as a canadian Gosling has been in better movies:La La Land, First Man, Blade Runner 2049.
Kirt Gonzalo Galla
Kirt Gonzalo Galla:
Always trust the works of ryan you know he's been incredible actor for these past years. Can't wait to see his ken-ergy in the big screen and go out of the theater saying ken is literally me 😅💯
“Did you bring me on your show to denim shame me?” -Ryan Gosling, 2022
Giulia Lansarotti
Giulia Lansarotti:
I love this man. So happy that he is back
Drive & The place beyond the pines are such great movies. Both my favs of his!
Carina G.
Carina G.:
That’s what you call the whole package right there. Other celebs don’t stand a chance.
Mr. Gosling - one of my favs! "Fracture" over and over and over! Thank you for being a good dad. THAT is the *only* true success in life - and being a good mate to your children's mother.
Isha Tawade
Isha Tawade:
Love Ryan's straight face humor