Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

"That's three balls to you my friend, it's called a tri-sticle!" - Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults game on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1.

Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?

Contains strong language and adult humour.

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100+ komentarze:

*Josh:* I've never seen Green Lantern-
*Ryan:* Neither have I.
Arshia Asif
Arshia Asif:
I love how ryan is deadpool’s personality in real life
P V:
"You're a Canadian. Canadians are nice." That had me laughing
"What's your favorite color? Medi-ochre?" That was Eminem-level wordplay.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
This is one of the endings Dr. Strange saw
Ridzki Andiyono
Ridzki Andiyono:
"Um, okay. Let's talk about the obvious thing: Green Lantern. End of career and yet you're still going. Why? None of us can understand."
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson:
Deadpool And Thanos Insult Each Other Because They Want To Impress Death.
Kaumoana Crawford
Kaumoana Crawford:
" what is said in this room *STAYS* in this room"

**Uploads on YouTube**
Wanna hear an Insult?

*Green lantern.*
Daniel Gibeault
Daniel Gibeault:
The one thing nobody knows they need

Ryan Reynolds vs Robert Downey Jr roasting each other
It's funny how he tried insulting Goonies but felt so guilty because it was his favorite movie
Tyler Black
Tyler Black:
Ryan’s face just was saying “Well played” every time Josh insulted him.
Ryan:'' That's 3 balls for you, called a tristicle, a lot of guys have it"
Hannah nana
Hannah nana:
There is something about Ryan Reynolds that is just irresistible.
Justin Quan
Justin Quan:
20% Roasting Josh
20% Roasting Ryan
60% Roasting Green Lantern
Vanessa Kilpatrick
Vanessa Kilpatrick:
Ryan’s the only guy that has done playground insults and crosses his legs💀
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker:

Easily one of the weirdest, yet funniest words I've ever heard. I never knew I needed it in my life.
Gaurav K Rathore
Gaurav K Rathore:
Ryan : What's your favourite colour?
Josh: Well , definitely not GREEN.
Nick Papen
Nick Papen:
‘I’ve never seen green lantern’
‘Neither have I’

*’The editor didn’t even see it’*
"what happens in this room, stays in this room."

*uploads everything to youtube*
Someone should animate this but replace them as Deadpool and Thanos
This is the closest we’ll ever get to a Deadpool vs Thanos movie.
Josh Brolin, unbelievably offended: "Goonies was, totally real."
SparTaN WhiteSide
SparTaN WhiteSide:
Ryan Reynolds Is The Kind Of The Guy Who Would Try To Drown A Fish In Water.
Joseph Palmquist
Joseph Palmquist:
Ryan: *You are a muffin smuggling pirate puncher 🙃*
Josh: *That was your insult?*
Ryan: *Muffin... smuggling.. pirate.. puncher 😊*
Josh: *okay heres my insult.. Ryan, that was really funny 😐*
Ryan 💔😔 ....
... 😡
*okay. Game on Brolin*
Casey Wiesman
Casey Wiesman:
I'd love to see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman actually go head to head doing this. (Their Twitter feud is iconic)
APEX gamer
APEX gamer:
Who wants Ryan reynolds vs hugh jackman

Wolverine vs deadpool😂
Charles Dinkins
Charles Dinkins:
Brolin "I've never seen green lantern"
Reynolds "neither have I"
"Neither did the editor" 😂😂💀💀
Mistuh Jangles
Mistuh Jangles:
"ok, here's my first insult, ryan, that was really funny" "ok, game on brolin" had me belly laughing
Color Gray
Color Gray:
I was scared for a second when he warned josh about drinking
Everybody else: Valid insults
Ryan Reynolds: C O C C A N D B A L L S
Josiah Stout
Josiah Stout:
Normal Josh is what I imagine teenage Thanos sounded like.
Ryan’s the kinda guy where if he fell in the shower he’d grab the water to try and support him self

Edit: I don’t get how this is funny to you but amazing
If you close your eyes and listen it literally sounds like Deadpool and Thanos insulting them. I thought Josh changed his voice for Thanos.😂
George Cripps
George Cripps:
Josh Brolin: slams Ryan Reynolds for being in green lantern

Me: Ryan bring up Jonah hex.
Friendly Pup
Friendly Pup:
Ryan: “you were in Oldboy 2013”
Josh: “you were in r.i.p.d”
"Green Lantern, end of Career yet you're still going. Why?"

I thought it's gonna end with that 🤣
Kurtis Rae-Kakegamic
Kurtis Rae-Kakegamic:
Deadpool: says insult nicely

Thanos: that was very funny (Sarcastically)

Deadpool: oh game on..
Givary Lubis
Givary Lubis:
It's better if Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in a room insulting each other
Ffion Wall
Ffion Wall:
Josh: I’ve never seen Green Lantern
Ryan without missing a beat: Neither have I
Just imagine, someday sometimes in the future, Thanos and Deadpool will share screen in the movie, and roast each other and fight to the death, just to make DEATH herself impress...
1:23 that’s the face of a man that doesn’t care what you throw at him
A D:
"that's your insult? Just as bad as the green lantern movie"
TSW Gaming
TSW Gaming:
These were one of the classiest insults, especially the ones from Josh Brolin. Thanos would be proud.
Laura White
Laura White:
Ya know I think of all those kids at the art institutes who dream of doing this stuff
MR PALOMA kukurruuukukuuu
MR PALOMA kukurruuukukuuu:
I just imagine Deadpool insulting Thanos while they fighting
Dominic Carrano
Dominic Carrano:
Josh: "I've never seen green lantern"
Rian: "neither have I"
"The editor didn't even see it"
Prince Brown
Prince Brown:
I feel like this is exactly how Deadpool and Thanos would talk to each other😂
Callum Johnston
Callum Johnston:
Well, this may be as close to a live action Cable and Deadpool I'll ever get. And it might just be enough for me.
Nicholas Jackson
Nicholas Jackson:
Deadpool: I am invincible

Thanos: I am inevitable
Zahra Patel
Zahra Patel:
"what's the first job you ever did?"

should of said: your mum
This is probably the closest thing we'll get to Deadpool v. Thanos

Edit: Top 10 redemption arcs. Number 1: I declare this one of the dumbest comments in YouTube. I wonder why i wasn't using my brain. This video is Ryan and Josh insulting eachother, yes this is close to Deadpool vs Thanos, but so is Deadpool vs Cable, and Even more so because it's an action Movie. I won't be deleting this comment not because it's filled with likes, but because I believe no one can erase their past, and now I must live with the shame of making this comment. I apologize to everyone who had to read this. And the people who Believed this, it's not personal, i was one of you. Good day.
Jinay Vora
Jinay Vora:
Imagine them after the shoot:
**"Well that was awkward"**
"no, the editor didn't even see it"
We need a Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman playground insult 😂😂❤️
the running man
the running man:
This is actual real life footage of deadpool confronting thanos in a battle
7.9k+ ppl were born without a sense of humor

Newsflash: laughing is not frowned upon
radial_ninja 3
radial_ninja 3:
I imagine Ryan with the Deadpool mask on throughout this whole bit 😂😂😂
He deserves an Oscar for his role in “Secario” ... coolest ever
BBC Radio 1: it’s really tense
Ryan and Josh: laughing
Me: Liar
shitposter #1
shitposter #1:
"Your gonna say that with a straight face to MTV'S 1998 best kiss nominee Ryan Reynolds"
Jignesh Shetye
Jignesh Shetye:
BBC is laughing while two people are insulting each other in a program hosted by BBC!
Vidit Deshpande
Vidit Deshpande:
yo i seriously feel like wade wilson is saying something even when i know its ryan lmfao
When. Brolin said that green lantern was the end of Reynolds career I lost it 😂😂
Umar Tahir
Umar Tahir:
You can't beat Ryan Reynolds at the "insulting Green Lantern" game
"What happens in this room stays in this room."

*28 million views*
I fifahd
I fifahd:
"Yo smell so bad.."
"I can hear it!"
*Fart noise*
Josh: Ryan, that was really funny.
Ryan: Okay, game on Brolin.
Igor Pasche
Igor Pasche:
"That's your insult? Here's mine: Ryan, that was *really* funny."
Nohelia Verdugo
Nohelia Verdugo:
Josh: Ok, but I've never seen green lantern.
Ryan: Neither have i.
Josh: You havent either?
Ryan: The editors didnt even see it.
Favorite part😂
Aiden Fernandez
Aiden Fernandez:
“It’s called a trysticle” I’m dying, aw hell 🤣
Sugar Plump
Sugar Plump:
I need a Gordon Ramsay - Simon Cowell duel.
Wi ll
Wi ll:
Wtf this is almost 2 years ago that Deadpool 2 came out and Infinity War 😂
2:53 Brolin just dead serious saying "Goonies was ....totally real..." is the funniest thing I ever heard
mr power steam
mr power steam:
you know if you close your eyes, it kinda sound like pikachu and thanos roasting each other.
Uncanny Beagle
Uncanny Beagle:
When I was born I was able to watch the goonies on VHS and DVD. (Most of my early life was with VHS, then CD and DVD changed the game forever. I'm not as of this post. I hope anyone reading realizes they're in an ever changing world, where any technology can be surpassed by something greater. I was born when VHS were made, saw the transition to DVD, and then to Blu-Ray. Now to digital. Whether everything goes digital we will know soon enough.
I hope that they make a Deadpool 3 in 2021 or 2022
Asish B Nair
Asish B Nair:
*T R I S T I C L E*
Stefan Dodu
Stefan Dodu:
Ryan Reynolds is basically deadpool in real life he just needs to be tortured and he would be perfect
Matthew Over
Matthew Over:

Ryan: U are a muffin smuggling pirate puncher.

Strong language: aM i A jOkE tO u?
Wow man! Goonies was one of my favorite 80's movies. 5 stars to Josh!
Christopher Buckley
Christopher Buckley:
Love how Ryan instantly wins back Josh after accidentally mentioning drinking
They missed the chance to talk about their saucy relationship with Death in a love triangle involving Thanos and Deadpool.
Meta Knight
Meta Knight:
Deadpool vs Thanos doesn’t need to happen, this was prefect.
Mr. White
Mr. White:
This is actually the final scene of Avengers Endgame.

Edit: 13000 likes? Seriously, thanks guys🙏
Aphelele Ngcobo
Aphelele Ngcobo:
Whenever Josh talks I just hear Thanos send help😂😂😂
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace:
second time round around watching this and still makes me smile as much as the first time :)
Billbo Kam
Billbo Kam:
Why is Thanos insulting Deadpool?
B Mac
B Mac:
If I were Josh: "Here I am sitting like a man and you, Ryan, were instinctively driven to cross those legs as hard as you could..."
Nilla vanilla
Nilla vanilla:
Simon Cowell vs Gordon Ramsay.
Bernie Man
Bernie Man:
"Whatever said in this room, stays in this room" ???
What the??? Hahahahaha
Badz Sculptures
Badz Sculptures:
Should be retitled into : Wade Wilson and Josh Brolin insults each other
Almaha -
Almaha -:
“You’re smell so bad, I can hear it” LMMAAAAAO
Robertson Yacapin
Robertson Yacapin:
I love these two guys.
Circuits and Cigars
Circuits and Cigars:
Watching Green Lantern changed my life. I learned to read Braille right after I carved my eyes out with a spoon.
Vikrant Angurana
Vikrant Angurana:
Never knew Thanos had an interview wirh Deadpool
Abigail Clark
Abigail Clark:
Damn it I didn't laugh until Tri-sticle and now I'm crying at the rest of the jokes xD
Rashid Ansari
Rashid Ansari:
Bbc: What happens in this room stays in this room
Also bbc: puts it on YouTube..😒😒
Josh Brolin after every insult: "Regenerate from that Deadpool"