Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of 'Frozen'

Ryan Reynolds divulged to Ellen that his two young daughters can't start a day without watching "Frozen," and he has had enough of it. The Hollywood heartthrob also chatted about getting a bad haircut in Abu Dhabi, and spending Thanksgiving with his family there, and the upcoming PG-13 version of his hit R-rated film "Deadpool 2" called “Once Upon a Deadpool”.


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Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher:
"Parenthood has made me a better person. I sort of miss being horrible."
- Ryan Reynolds
Dem Chan
Dem Chan:
Rare footage: pikachu talking to dory
He is not just funny ,his speed of thought is amazing
Gordon Lee
Gordon Lee:
Talking to Ryan Reynolds is literally just interactive stand-up comedy.
Dominique Toussaint
Dominique Toussaint:
I watching this in May and it’s funny cause Blake is pregnant again 😂😂
ulisses 43
ulisses 43:
If Ryan and Blake lively divorce I will end this world
A R S M:
The way he said: “ So so many times” 😂😂😂 he is the best 🙌🏼
Thank God for Green Lantern, thats where he met Blake.
Angel A
Angel A:
When he said “that happened from sex” Elen’s face looks so disturbed 😂
Imagine your dad is Deadpool? Talk about cool dad.
Faiza Kabir
Faiza Kabir:
Ryan is traumatised by Frozen 😂😂😂
Thakrar Twinkle
Thakrar Twinkle:
If I love anyone else's sarcasm after chandler bing it's Ryan😂😂
Ben D
Ben D:
I need a Christmas movie of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively having a Christmas Decorations war with Martha Stewart.... Like NOW...
Romano Vergerio
Romano Vergerio:
whoa shauri
whoa shauri:
i think we've ALL had enough of frozen.
Ryan Reynolds on parenthood: "I think of blinking now as tiny little breaks all day"
Marika Super
Marika Super:
1:00 and looks like he saw it right cause she's pregnant with baby n. 3!!!
Devira Riani Mitsunita
Devira Riani Mitsunita:
"waiting for the third, no" - and now blake's pregnant, less than a half year later haha
I need Emily Blunt and John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to have one big interview or show together, it would be perfection
Front Lobe
Front Lobe:
I like that he doesn’t laugh at his own puns and punchlines. Make him more credibly humorous.
Courtney Skinner
Courtney Skinner:
“I miss being horrible” my biggest fear of becoming a parent.
Carol Tipactipac
Carol Tipactipac:
"I sort of missing being horrible" LOL! 😂
Its Nathalie
Its Nathalie:
When he says: i have watched frozen so many times,’ it sound like he’s about to cry😂
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_:
The way he says "So, so many times.", the way his voice cracks.. I love it. 4:48
Lau ra
Lau ra:
04:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
"I sort of miss being horrible"

04:15 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
"I think of like blinking now as like tiny little breaks all day"
“Blinking now is like tiny little breaks all day...” preeeeaaaach!!!! Glad to see him getting more hilarious the more kids he has. Further proof that parenthood needs a sense of humor.
Elemento P
Elemento P:
I feel like playing deadpool has made this guy a improv genius, and a social god
Julian Medina
Julian Medina:
I want to see a sarcasm battle between Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Perry in his Chandler Bing role
Nisha V
Nisha V:
Ryan ages like fine wine man
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney:
Did anyone else hear the man laughing so embarrasingly loud when Ryan mentions the "shot-for-shot a remake of the Exorcist"? If not, go ahead. Its at 4:55
Karim Shalaby
Karim Shalaby:
The only person who’s more Chris Pratt than Chris Pratt.
Hannah Gauthier
Hannah Gauthier:
And now Blake's pregnant with their third!!! 😍
Ryan Lucio
Ryan Lucio:
"Anyone ever notice that 'Wanna build a snowman' sounds just like 'Papa can you hear me' from Yentl?"
"They say you need 10k hours in whatever you wanna be an expert in."
I must be a god at YouTube then.
And now Blake is pregnant with baby #3 🎈
The book he’s referring to is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Crize Twinzon
Crize Twinzon:
As a theatre major the Stanislavsky Method joke was one of my favorite jokes he’s ever made.
Frozen 2 bout to come out just for you Ryan😂🤣
Amaara ahmed
Amaara ahmed:
Who's here after she got pregnant w the 3rd child?
rachel rusch
rachel rusch:
“she didn’t marry me for my stanislavski method” as a theater kid i LOVED that
Suyash J
Suyash J:
Wait, at the moment Blake is pregnant again 😂
Well Ryan, get ready. Frozen 2 is coming 🤣.
Johnathan Powers
Johnathan Powers:
Okay, Deadpool, take off the mask, we know it's you.
wow, they really titled the video after the least significant part of this
Shyla Mishra
Shyla Mishra:
Deadpool plays Ryan Reynolds well.
Gary Drew
Gary Drew:
This guy has got it all and plus he Canadian
Miguel Mifsud
Miguel Mifsud:
"I think of like blinking now as tiny little breaks all day"😂😂
Adriana G Flores
Adriana G Flores:
I am one “Let it go” away from loosing my mind . Plus it doesn’t help that my moms name is Elsa . My kids think it’s absolutely necessary to tell every stranger that grandma is Queen Elsa from Frozen .
L Lee
L Lee:
"Blinking, like tiny little breaks all day." 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😍
Katherine Montoya
Katherine Montoya:
That guy wetting himself in the audience is the best.
Nesmée O’Hara
Nesmée O’Hara:
I love how he can keep a straight face when making all of his jokes😂👌🏾
ADRENOCHROME junkies. We had enough of u
Rohit Duhan
Rohit Duhan:
I've never met him yet I miss him sometimes
Audra Muth
Audra Muth:
Hahahahaha! Ryan is forevermore and will be forevermore Chris from “JUST FRIENDS” singing “I swear “!!!
ami we73
ami we73:
God, that guys is just so darn funny
Takeyah M
Takeyah M:
I love him he's naturally funny, he's really one of many good genuine actors out here..
Kat Perse
Kat Perse:
I love this guy! And obviously everyone does. He's so talented and down to earth, it's beautiful to watch :)
And now they have a third :D
Jim Beaubrun
Jim Beaubrun:
I would pay to watch Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr interview each other 😂😂😂😂
Laura White
Laura White:
Angelina can’t play an evil character and you know it
Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz
Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz:
Ryan Reynold, you're the best
Blossom Tea Leaves
Blossom Tea Leaves:
Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor and funny af, it’s was fun to see Ellen getting sort of flustered trying to stay relevant in the conversation and make jokes too 😂
Nicholas Druce
Nicholas Druce:
Tom Holland: Tangled is like watching Poltergeist.
Heather Cerruti
Heather Cerruti:
Watching Frozen backwards is a shot for shot of The Exorcist....

Yes, yes it is 😂👍🏼❤️
Mia Magklavani
Mia Magklavani:
Well he's going for that third one now!
Grace Ann Valenzuela
Grace Ann Valenzuela:
i can't imagine other actor playing Deadpool than Ryan Reynolds. he' s destined to be Wade Wilson. thats it.😁⚔️🔫🔫
Shay Rose
Shay Rose:
He is super funny. I know he keeps Blake smiling.
Reis World
Reis World:
I don't remember him being this open when he was with scarlet . He seems like such a down to earth guy .
This is the only clip of Ellen Ive seen where the audience laughed solely for the guest, not for Ellen . 🤣🤣
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein:
"You Know"
Creed Wakki
Creed Wakki:
"That happened from sex."..haha
Brent Victoria Baccam
Brent Victoria Baccam:
"If you lose your looks you've got nothing" lol
His voice at *"So so many times"* 😂😂😂😂
Menino Dinâmico
Menino Dinâmico:
*Coisa de Nerd 🇧🇷*
Jamie Ingels
Jamie Ingels:
Nice picture of the lake in the background
Laura White
Laura White:
Ryan honestly we just didn’t click
natacha pem
natacha pem:
Ryan and Blake are my favorites, they're so adorable. I just love seeing this guy.
Faliq Fizi
Faliq Fizi:
" if you play Frozen backward it's a shot for shot remake of The Exorcist" hahaha
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
It sounds like as if he is under influence of ritalin
Leira Green
Leira Green:
Ryan knowing Malcolm Gladwell wrote the 10,000 hours and correcting Ellen. ♥️
he is hilariouuus😂
I never knew Ryan Reynolds was so funny. I wonder if he was like this even before Deadpool and stuff
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare:
No matter how much Ryan Regrets *Green Lantern*

_Green Lantern was the movie where he met Blake Lively and fell in Love_
Mark Parkinson
Mark Parkinson:
4:47 is what you came for.
If you listen closely there is a guy who is dying with laughter in the crowd at several points 😅 His laugh is incredible
I’ve watched the excorsist backwards , such a cute film!
Zeb Fatima Amer Husain - 48760/TCHR/KCLP
Zeb Fatima Amer Husain - 48760/TCHR/KCLP:
"I've seen frozen so so many times"😆😆
Eira Zea
Eira Zea:
Blinking are like tiny little breaks!!!! 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
How can he maintain that sarcastic look for the whole interview?
Ruqayyah Qureshi
Ruqayyah Qureshi:
"I think blinking now is like tiny tiny breaks"
Irene Jacobs
Irene Jacobs:
5:00 - That one guy laughing 😭
Candy Land
Candy Land:
He’s smart and funny but you can tell how nervous and anxious he is
J Simental
J Simental:
Awww. Yes Ryan is probably an amazing father.
But Deadpool, as a PG-13, at the very least!
And Dead Pool. Great dude. Just not for youngins.....yet
He and his wife are amazingly blessed humans!
Vanessa Tinajero
Vanessa Tinajero:
4:59 that laugh in the background 😂
Deepankar Mohan
Deepankar Mohan:
Ryan is getting more hilarious!!
At least one good thing Came out of green lantern
Mix Master Irod
Mix Master Irod:
man looks like he stayed in deadpool character for this interview
Cami Ferrell
Cami Ferrell:
“just the two times”😂
Aliza Khan
Aliza Khan: