Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Snagged the "Peloton Wife" for Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds talks about how he capitalized on the backlash of a Peloton ad and calls out Joe Keery from Stranger Things for saving his drink over fans during a barricade collapse at Brazil's Comic-Con.

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Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Snagged the "Peloton Wife" for Aviation Gin


100+ komentarze:

“Let’s skip show biz and enroll you right into cocaine”
Father of the century right there 😂
I'm convinced Ryan Reynolds plays himself in every movie
Krimi Nelli
Krimi Nelli:
The “let’s skip this and go straight to cocaine” part killed me tho 😂😂
Clinton Leonard
Clinton Leonard:
Ryan actually did a really nice thing for that actress. She went from the butt of a joke to everyone liking her within the course of a day.
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez:
Ryan seems like a great father. Good for him not putting his child in showbiz because he is aware of the side effects.
Ryan Reynolds reveals how he snagged Peloton Wife: "We called her."
Selene Soto
Selene Soto:
“That guy is uncomfortable with the word Hero” 😂😂😂😂dead.
Emily An
Emily An:
The smile when the stranger things actor was saving his drink.
Greasel Snatches
Greasel Snatches:
Ryan Reynold: I was not drunk
dA d0oD
dA d0oD:
*Jimmy Fallon is Shawn Mendes to my daughter*
-Ryan Reynolds
Magana Khamyahang
Magana Khamyahang:
Jimmy Fallon is Beyonce to my daughter
-Blake Lively😂
Djo Fortunato
Djo Fortunato:
Reynolds is a study in how to handle and come back from media backlash.
He slowly built his career back from GL, moved forward focusing on his strengths - took some risks (who exactly leaked the Deadpool test footage again?) Seemingly built a team around himself to help launch his ideas smoothly (Deadpool's self produced media campaign, carefully & deftly responding as the character to the media landscape around him).

And now - like the Gandalf of comeback kids -
He's taken to mentoring the Peloton Lady.

In all seriousness - he's owned his past, gracefully moved on, focused on his professionalism, and yeah - his success is well deserved.
Paige Ichenberg
Paige Ichenberg:
0:06 Jimmy is definitely about to say “Ryan Gosling”
Is anyone not going to point out that Ryan’s suit makes him look like scooby-doo
I swear Ryan Reynolds is so hilarious he needs his own comedy special or something
Gal Shalev
Gal Shalev:
"you can see him saving his beverage"
Omg I'm dying here!!!
lmao 😅😄🤣
In all these years I’ve known Ryan Reynolds’ name, I’ve just noticed that there’s another Ryan who maybe even makes more that RDJ... BLOODY RYANS’ TOY REVIEW!!!?! 😂
BeastMode Doyle
BeastMode Doyle:
Ryan's wife is named Blake and his daughter's named James...

This is leading up to that song "A boy named Sue" isn't it?
Anonymous Python
Anonymous Python:
Joe Keery saving his drink is golden
Mic air
Mic air:
Looks like he wore his brown pants today.
why does it look like there's a sepia filter over ryan reynolds and no one else
Sara De Vos
Sara De Vos:
Ryan is a good dad, so true what he said about children acting without good supervision....
Geek The Girl
Geek The Girl:
James loves Jimmy because he laughs hysterically at everything she says.
“let’s skip show biz and enroll you right into cocaine”

*jake gyllenhaal has been summoned*
The Watcher
The Watcher:
Ryan is soooooo attractive and what makes him so appealing is his humor and love for his family
Peppa Stan
Peppa Stan:
you know he's a good father when he's keeping it 100 with his kid.
I read "Snagged" as "Shagged" and was hella confused for a second.
"let's just skip show biz and enroll you right into cocaine" JESUS LMAOOOOO
amal zuhair
amal zuhair:
“Showbiz is not good for kids”

We should unanimously agree that should start with cgi kids
Bailey Grace
Bailey Grace:
“I thought the fact I was wearing a denim vest would be all the rage.” Lmao 😂
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence:
Jimmy Fallon almost called him Ryan Gosling at the very beginning bruh
How sweet of him to do such a thing for the actress!
Deej At Odds
Deej At Odds:
“That guy is uncomfortable with the word hero.” 🤣

That’s just one of the sentences that made me laugh though. Actually, everything Ryan R. said were hilarious! I’m so happy! Why am I rejoicing like this???
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong:
Pretty sure Jimmy almost called him Ryan Gosling at the beginning haha
brah, he's deadpool in real life xP he acts like deadpool!
Damn he’s hot and dressed so nice and is down to earth!
J C:
He and Blake are such a handsome and down to earth couple. Love them.
Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph:
Ryan before: I thought my denim vest would be all the rage😭😭😭
Ryan after: Blake shows up uninvited and apparently she's 6 months pregnant😳
Олена Скарницкая
Олена Скарницкая:
Steve from stranger things was saving his aviation gin
Alaena Marie
Alaena Marie:
“Do you wanna get out and compare, or should we think about going?”
Best Ryan Reynolds quote EVER.
Tagam Komut
Tagam Komut:
Jimmy is like Shawn Mendes to his daughter,then I’m eager to know how Shawn Mendes himself would be to her 😂
Nosy B
Nosy B:
God I love him “let’s just skip to Cocaine”
Hahahahaha omg he’s amazing
Gelie Peronce
Gelie Peronce:
"I wish somebody from a gin company called me right after Green Lantern"😂Gotta love him! ❤️
The smile when the stranger things actor was saving his drink.
Tanvi Kejriwal
Tanvi Kejriwal:
Ryan might have saved the woman's career.
Arden Louchheim
Arden Louchheim:
Ryan says that he wished someone would’ve called him after Green Lantern to rebound. I mean he met his future wife so...
He almost called him Ryan Gosling lol. He caught himself 😂😂
Stay safe from coronavirus, wish you really had that Deadpool powers so you wouldn't get sick at all and you wouldn't die.
Breaking Cycles
Breaking Cycles:
Ryan seems like such a cool guy to chill with.
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas:
Why does jimmy have a google alert setup for Ryan’s wife?
Josh Gorfain
Josh Gorfain:
“I thought she was just pounding beer...” roflmao
I just wish he made literally any other kind of alcohol.
Jenny Chisenga
Jenny Chisenga:
As a Finn there’s always a split second of confusion whenever I see the word “Peloton” anywhere these days because “peloton” means “fearless” in Finnish 😂 The fearless wife
Kevin Kosmo
Kevin Kosmo:
Hugh Jackman should get Peloton Husband for Laughing Man Coffee advertisement then.
Black Beard
Black Beard:
Ryan Reynolds saying how he dosnt want his daughter acting as a child is amazing I hope when she gets older she can find a way to entertain and stay as morally right as her dad a female Ryan Reynolds would be awesome haha
Ameel M.U.V
Ameel M.U.V:
Jimmy :" that's was fast reflexes"
Ryan :" I was not drunk😶"
James Faust
James Faust:
I love her. Shes so cute. Her name is Monica Ruiz.
When the barricades crumble, “Superhero landing!!!”
"you'll never see a car chase like this"
Baby Driver: kk thats cute
Khadeeja. K
Khadeeja. K:
4:00 "Was that Steve, from Stranger Things?" That's also what I first said when i saw the video, "THAT'S JOEEEEE!!!!!!! 😂❤️ Gotta Love Them!❤️
I can't unhear deadpool whenever he talks.
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson:
6 Underground was a really rad movie
sean mccune
sean mccune:
This what Dave Chapelle was talking bout “remember when they were gonna kill Jesus but he got all that money”
Me: *Reads title*
Me: I did not get what I wanted or expected... WHERES TOON BLAST
Evan DuPell
Evan DuPell:
0:07 when you almost accidentally say Ryan Gosling and go in for the quick save
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
I’m a guy and even I fangirl over Reynolds.
Arendellez Queen
Arendellez Queen:
Ryan why you’re so dashing my heart pumps seeing you! Mwah
Esguitt Cisneros
Esguitt Cisneros:
“let’s skip show biz and enroll you right into cocaine”

jake gyllenhaal has been summoned
She's named James and wants to be an Actor not Actress?
Gage 2k3
Gage 2k3:
"The baest movie I've eaver seen."

Was that a reference to Teddy KGB from rounders?
4:54 Skip To The Part With The “Peloton Wife”
Vina Le
Vina Le:
Classic Steve Harrington
Ahmad Yaqeen Mohammad
Ahmad Yaqeen Mohammad:
He’s deadpool as Ryan Reynolds
Clayton Alphonso
Clayton Alphonso:
4:15 had me dying!
Official Superficial
Official Superficial:
Me: Looking for comments without this format

Everyone: [insert format]
Emmanuel Vincent
Emmanuel Vincent:
0:07 almost called him Ryan Gosling
Marley Mac
Marley Mac:
" I thought she was just pounding beer " 🤣🤣
Hari Govind A M
Hari Govind A M:
Steve from stranger things was saving his aviation gin
0:08 He almost said Ryan Gosling 🤣
He's like the real life Johnny Cage.
Moutassim A.
Moutassim A.:
Why does Fallon look like he just woke up for this interview?
Ian Macario
Ian Macario:
green latern attached to his name is like a curse and blessing combined
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
He rocks. His next movie Free guy looks like a cool movie.
Samuel Khasin
Samuel Khasin:
0:07 Almost called him "Ryan Gosling."
garlic spoghoot
garlic spoghoot:
4:36 is when they start talking about the gin
He rocks. His next movie Free guy looks like a cool movie.
Jimmy: “You’ll never see a car chase scene like this ever”

Me: this looks a chase scene from Transformers
Ibrahim Noor Mohammed
Ibrahim Noor Mohammed:
4:37 is actually where they talk about the peleton girl.
Barry Swigart
Barry Swigart:
I thought she'd (laugh) had been (laugh) pounding beers (laugh)

Thus could've been conan
Edwin Johnson
Edwin Johnson:
The audience was completely missing the mark on all of Ryan's jokes 😂 he's too good at being funny
Sarina Rios
Sarina Rios:
It’s pronounced “roo-EEZ” lol 😆
Grant Sawyer
Grant Sawyer:
😂Joe Keery saved his beverage
Jimmy looked so paranoid that Ryan was going to say cocaine a second time 😂
When I first saw Ryan’s gin ad I was so confused, I was trying to figure out what the joke was, if it was against alcohol or something. I also wondered why they got an actress that couldn’t hide her excitement over being in Ryan Reynolds project behind fake tears. Then I saw the peloton was was even more confused because I was paying attention to the context of the ad, not her awkward acting. Then I talked to people and figured out it was her awkward acting that made it problematic so then peloton gets thrown under the bus and everyone calls her a good actress? The mental gymnastics people will actively go through just to get triggered says something really dumb about our culture
Nicholas B Tillinghast-Lewman
Nicholas B Tillinghast-Lewman:
Reynolds should've said: "I can go all Bay, Fallon!".
Krimsii Primsii
Krimsii Primsii:
5:12 wait what is this nonsense about Green Lantern?! What is that? Never heard of it😳
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor:
Aww Ryan's so woke about child actors 😭😭😭😭
Luisa Cerda
Luisa Cerda:
He’s the greatest guy ever!!! Love him
Mylisa Kay
Mylisa Kay:
James is super adorable! I was on the set of Free Guy as an extra and she was running around with stickers all over her face lol