Sajad Gharibi "Iranian Hulk" - Transformation From 1 To 25 years

Sajad Gharibi "Iranian Hulk" - Transformation From 1 To 25 years
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Richard Pinto
Richard Pinto:
Photoshop is amazing!
Derek Mortensen
Derek Mortensen:
I think at one point this guy was pretty big but he’s clearly not now and has attempted to maintain his image. Even when he was big he still was using some things to make himself look even bigger and particularly taller than he is. If he actually had some content of him lifting some decent weights it would bring a lot more credibility to him but at the moment there really is none. He seems to have lost a significant amount of size and isn’t nearly as big as he unrealistically portrayed himself to be.
It's all photoshoped!
I've seen him in person, He is way much smaller than in the pictures
Man, this guy started bulking when he was in the womb and just never stopped..
kenneth rocheleau
kenneth rocheleau:
It's so odd that in every photo of him, his shoulders are about twice as wide as his waist. In every video it's the opposite. His gut is wider than his shoulders. Hmmm....
M A:
The Korean hulk is strong we seen his heavy push
Divine Falcon
Divine Falcon:
He doesn't look like a real person, he looks like a character from a video game.
Jack Hajal
Jack Hajal:
Lets see him in WSM competition and see whats hes made of..
Matthew Howell
Matthew Howell:
Something happened between age 8 and 13 it looks like he literally ate his classmates.😂
Ash B
Ash B:
Lol that angry face as a baby though lmfao , priceless
He didn't use PED, he used Photoshop.
faris shaf
faris shaf:
Okay he is a fraud and ford proved it when he faced him 🤣
Sylvester Mariosu
Sylvester Mariosu:
Any video of him actually lifting heavy weights.
This guy really fooled the world with some Photoshopped gains. 🤣 I would love to know just how he ended living this fake existence. You know, like, did he photoshop his first photo and post it online just for fun, only for people to actually take it seriously or what?
John Dawson
John Dawson:
Remember to bring a white towel to your fight someone's going to be throwing it 😂😂😂
Lorenzo Baldini
Lorenzo Baldini:
This man is a normal guy, is not tall and not big! And no strong
The amount of people that believe this guy really looks like that while he has zerooo clear videos of his physique, blows my mind. Imma start scamming too if its this easy to get away with.
alexander jensen
alexander jensen:
Wow Sajad transformed from a man into child to then transform into a bodybuilder ...just amazing
Jon Bro
Jon Bro:
Sajad Gharibi: Juan 1:12 – “Mas a todos los que le recibieron (Issa al Maseeh), a los que creen en su nombre, les dio potestad de ser hechos hijos de Dios”. إنجيل يوحنا ١: ١٢ ـ "ولكن لكل الذين استقبلوه (عيسى المسيح) ، ولمن آمنوا باسمه ، أعطاهم الحق في أن يصبحوا أبناء الله"
Ford just make him almost cried😂😆
He's cultivating mass
Paul PVSC:
Me parece que las últimas fotos son editadas sale sin ombligo, y es imposible casi tener tanta masa muscular magra sin grasa en la cintura, porque no esta marcado eso no es usual.
Josua Diaz Santana
Josua Diaz Santana:
A mí me da igual la vida de nadie,pero al ver esto tengo que decir que si no le da vergüenza tanto photoshop.y cuando se tenga que mostrar tal cual como es que sentirá?
Anaheim Kumar Singh Singh
Anaheim Kumar Singh Singh:
Real tough men
sam som
sam som:
Dude looked 24 at 14
Anish Galaty
Anish Galaty:
*I believe i can fly😂*
Robin Liljedahl
Robin Liljedahl:
There is no proof he has hulk strenght! He could be very weak and just added mass!
Hetty hetty
Hetty hetty:
Even i know that Sajad's muscle proportion can't be real but i hoped this guy must be big.
But reality he seems like normal fat guy with little bit buff.
Anyway goodluck to his fight with Martyn Ford.
Like GGG would say " big drama show"
Nazhif Jamil
Nazhif Jamil:
Bet he can't even reach his back lmao
2:24 something feels totally unnatural..
Thats no Hulk...thats the Iranian BULK! Lol 😆
DFM Idols
DFM Idols:
What is the name of music? Please, if one of you knows, tell me
M A:
Big boned not the strongest we wan see how much his heaviest push is yer I know his stronger than me
Dilip Kumar S
Dilip Kumar S:
Huge baddimada 🙏🙏
Hugo Laranjo
Hugo Laranjo:
He must be slow...but impressive body estruture. A fight with a real MMA fighter, heavy height, should be nice to see.....Dana talk to this boy.....😆
Pierre Pinson
Pierre Pinson:
💪Synthol and steroide at 13 year-old😂. When he was s Young boy, he was already very STRONG 0:54. When you take SYNTHOL, your arms become a little bit red (WATCH video of VALDIR SEGATO) So he has putted SYNTHOL on his legs? You are jealous!
an old ranger
an old ranger:
Music and video are perfect together 🤔
Bearded Patriot
Bearded Patriot:
Alright everyone, the gig is up. He was just on video standing in front of Martyn Ford(who is an actual beast body builder) and the Iranian hulk is clearly a fraud.

I hope everyone goes and watches their confrontation where Martyn pushes the Iranian down with ease.
Car Pan Rysiu
Car Pan Rysiu:
In Poland we like Iranian Hulk,,he is unique man on Earth
mohsi A li bhai freefire
mohsi A li bhai freefire:
Wow l am live to india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Freaky 6Tem
Freaky 6Tem:
evolution from snapchat to photoshop :') XD
To Be Continued
To Be Continued:
U don't wanna hug him!
ŃŁG L10n3l 👹
ŃŁG L10n3l 👹:
I know nobody asked but I'm more legit than this dude 😂😂. I'm both fat but more muscle and can actually lift more than this dude. I used to be a fan but this dude really fooled Iranians. Shame on him.
Twister Moves
Twister Moves:
He stopped getting Id at 14
Lamine Layaida
Lamine Layaida:
The greatness of photoshop
Rozan Ansari
Rozan Ansari:
Natural sajad gud job sir
can i reach 1000 subs?
can i reach 1000 subs?:
real hulk
Nice to see the family that disowned him
I hope he spares me in WW3
Clayton Almeida
Clayton Almeida:
Photoshop! Não encontrei nenhum vídeo do casa.
Rob Disco
Rob Disco:
got wayz to go lil buddy
Cristian Zamora
Cristian Zamora:
Not a SINGLE one of any of his body pics is free if Photoshop
Sayed Ahamdi
Sayed Ahamdi:
Iranian Hulk: Thanks Photoshop!
benjamin rennicke
benjamin rennicke:
Transformation is at 0:48
Ronnana 69
Ronnana 69:
his dad looks like the Iranian rocky
0:17 my goodness his dad is the Iranian chad with that butt chin lol
Jerry Deloza
Jerry Deloza:
When will he learn?
Ridoy Chakravorty
Ridoy Chakravorty:
He's angry from age1 lol
PAPAJEX Official
PAPAJEX Official:
Angad Pratap Singh
Angad Pratap Singh:
Photoshop has ruined the world. 😂
Ismail Topa
Ismail Topa:
Go shredded then be a legit Instagram star. Otherwise compete in power lifting and strongmen events.
Luciano Gaudio:v
Luciano Gaudio:v:
Es hermoso ese osoooo!!!!!!
Bro why am I watching this? Lmao he’s already proven to be fake
Your father is Frankenstein? 😂🧟
The photo shop is awesome...
Adrian Bradley
Adrian Bradley:
It's the bloke out of man vs food looks like
Mike Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez:
I've never seen video of him doing anything....all I've seen are videos with a picture sideshow. Anyone?
Fakhriy Akbar Muktafi
Fakhriy Akbar Muktafi:
Sajad Gairibi ~^^♥
mohsi A li bhai freefire
mohsi A li bhai freefire:
Wow op body h👍👌👌👌
Real life hulk oh 😱😱😱
JP ax
JP ax:
New title: Iranian "hulk" From kid to photoshoped...
Lobo Orgulhoso
Lobo Orgulhoso:
last photo is ridiculous of absurdity
Marko P.
Marko P.:
Too bad he couldnt use photoshop in the ring with Ford, so he pulled out.
Tony Richard
Tony Richard:
All hes lifting is chips
Mauntain of the beef only........nothing like hulk
Gastón Gómez
Gastón Gómez:
Son como muchas bolsas de grasa! Adentro de una bolsa de grasa mas grande! 🙄
Joey Ferguson
Joey Ferguson:
At 0:47......that outfit. Would think he's living in LA part of some gang in those threads......or maybe in prison
Hell Boy
Hell Boy:
JUANITO Pepito Figeroa Ramirez
JUANITO Pepito Figeroa Ramirez:
He is the muslim Adam Ann
All kinds of high blood pressure
Gelembung Party
Gelembung Party:
Hoax photo.
Iran Hulk always make Photo Editing.
One Minute in Ring... And He is dead....
juan ortiz
juan ortiz:
A photoshop man, ask to Martyn Ford...😝😝😝
Kal El
Kal El:
Gustavo Gomez
Gustavo Gomez:
Como pasa el tiempo es el hijo de fiona y srek
He carries a lot of water weight...
Freaky 6Tem
Freaky 6Tem:
track name?
madi kaven
madi kaven:
😂😂😂😂 this is a big spong pop
Discovered photo shop and synthol around 18-19 looks like..
S S B:
Transformation thanks to Photoshop
Ehsan Ahmadi
Ehsan Ahmadi:
Actually its photoshop evolution
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
Sera un meme?
shiver paranormal coming soon!!!
shiver paranormal coming soon!!!:
Ford tossed him like a child, dudes weak and out of shape photoshop,won't win this fight incredible blob
Snorlax Smash
Snorlax Smash:
the iranian photoshop king
Timor Zoof
Timor Zoof:
😄 🤣 😂 😆 😄
To Be Continued
To Be Continued:
Oh wow cool
Harry Hardiansyah
Harry Hardiansyah:
I bet he can't scratch his back
Jebat Owl360
Jebat Owl360:
Hahaha...tribute to a fraud..put him with brock lesnar surely he will be eaten by the beast..
Mamadgamer123 Ebrahim
Mamadgamer123 Ebrahim:
Real hulk