Salamander Scavenger Hunt! - How Many will we Find?!

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On this episode, Coyote and Mario are in Kentucky for a Salamander Scavenger Hunt! With many different species of salamander in this location, how many do you think they will come across?! Watch now to find out - and let us know your favorite species of salamander from the video in the comments!


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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

100+ komentarze:

Amphibian love! I feel amphibians are such a cool and mind-blowing class of animals that people don't talk about enough. Thank you so much for giving them a spotlight!
Menacing Pink Cat
Menacing Pink Cat:
POV: You are a lizard and Coyote Peterson calls you handsome and magnificent over and over
Coyote Peterson: tells salamander to stay
Salamander: alright man
I feel so bad when he hurts himself but I’m so happy when he recovers
Some Guy On The Internet • 15 years ago
Some Guy On The Internet • 15 years ago:
Only og’s remember “getting bit by a snapping turtle”
Red Carnotaurus
Red Carnotaurus:
When he flipped a log I said “SALAMANDER!” Jokingly and then he found one
Toaster Toastin
Toaster Toastin:
Sucks that that ravine wasn’t at diamond level
pooja kotiyal
pooja kotiyal:
Whenever I watch his videos, I feel something crawling in my back
A Soggy Hotdog
A Soggy Hotdog:
Look at this log. Come take a gander. Underneath you might find a friendly salamander
Brandi-Ann Pagano
Brandi-Ann Pagano:
Salamanders are the favorite creature for my son and I to find. We're always turning over logs and rocks looking for them. Thank you so much for explaining how important it is to not letting the salamander dry out!! Our favorite one was the Mud Salamander. 💜
Jack Lanham
Jack Lanham:
I liked the slimy salamander because it looks intimidating.
Captain Leonox
Captain Leonox:
Hey coyote, i watched the “does the mudpuppy bark” video about a week ago and finally decided it was time to buy an axolotl. Thanks to you i finally got one of my dream pets. Ive done plenty of research and got a young adult male. Ive was told by the salesman at joes pet shop to feed him every other day.
I want to be an andventurer when i grow up
Liucija Sadauskiene
Liucija Sadauskiene:
Cayote: in 10 years hey guys today I am getting bitten by a t-Rex 🦖
Blackpink Edits
Blackpink Edits:
I've seen a salamander exactly like this one , and thankyou for giving us this much knowledge about animals . Always do your best we are always with you
heather brown
heather brown:
Mud salamander was my favorite because of its long tail - Maggie, 5 years old
Wolverine Wilderness
Wolverine Wilderness:
Coyote, You gave me the reason to love animals! With Wild Kratts and You and Jack Randall
Woah, interesting adventure! I love how vibrant red the red salamander is
Jin’s Windshield wiper laugh
Jin’s Windshield wiper laugh:
Salamanders caught(then released): 6
I know no one asked for this but whatever lol
Yuki Ajintiya
Yuki Ajintiya:
Omg I laughed so much when he’s about to put the log in the same place and he broke the log😂😂😂
Speaker of Words
Speaker of Words:
Imagine being the first ones discovering new species and not know what venom is yet
Faye Taylor
Faye Taylor:
*Agnes voice* They're so cute, I'm gonna diiiiie!
Arham Waqas
Arham Waqas:
him: where you find worms your likely to find salamanders

me:*goes straight to my backyard without any hesitation*
Dog Dude Drone
Dog Dude Drone:
You showed the "spotted" salamander, that one was my favorite with the neon green spots!
s bj
s bj:
1:23 너무 귀엽다! (so cute!)
Coyote: wants salamander

Proceeds to find 2 of the rarest species in the eastern US
Becky Nosferatu
Becky Nosferatu:
I think the long tail is my favorite. It's so cute, and I love how dragon-like it is with that long tail!
Narain Manickam
Narain Manickam:
I’ve found 2 salamanders in 15 years of me living. So it’s cool to see coyote filming these creatures
i tried finding a salamander in my backyard and ended up finding a Pit Viper :<
Ketan Padwala
Ketan Padwala:
"you have eyes like salamander"
Guess the movie
When he told the Slimy Salamander to "STAY!" exactly as one would a pet dog, I was taking a sip of coffee and almost sprayed it all over my room laughing! He sounded so serious! And it stayed! Only Coyote could coach a wild animal into obeying commands so quickly, because he's got the magic!

And in the intro when the salamander blinked and opened its mouth! So cute! I actually cooed!
Julia Luby
Julia Luby:
I find salamanders at my house sometimes
I’ve been subbed for about 5 years 😪it’s been long man
Zhayla-Anne Caballero
Zhayla-Anne Caballero:
My brother and I really enjoy your channel, we absolutely love animals. Thank you for inspiring us!💛
Our favorite salamanders are the Slimy and Long tailed.
Quuuwerky 123
Quuuwerky 123:
3:24 imagine if a executioner wasp flew out from under the log I can only imagine coyotes reaction
Peter R
Peter R:
my record is 7 in 30 min! in my backyard!
Niko Valenzuela
Niko Valenzuela:
8:02 :be careful they are really fast" (slowest salamner)
Kevin Jiang
Kevin Jiang:
Is it just me, or when a salamander closes it's eye, it's eyes retract back into it's skull. Is this accurate?
Sean'o the man
Sean'o the man:
I look for salamanders every day. They are my favorite animal. I found a spotted salamander the other day
William Dodd
William Dodd:
I found a marble salamander at my friends house when I was a kid, but I remember being very confused since we found it under a rock
Bhavi bro
Bhavi bro:
legends say that

Michael Rodríguez
Michael Rodríguez:
186 species that we know about....... there’s always more
ColePlays Games
ColePlays Games:
Wait if he’s looking under rocks and running on rocks how do he know he ain’t crushing them
Amanda V.
Amanda V.:
I loved all of the salamanders! I remember flipping rocks and searching through wood piles in my backyard for bugs, snakes, and salamanders. It was one of my favorite things to do as a young girl.
Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas:
Hey Coyote, I’ve just subscribed and turned on my notifications on!😀
Julia Angeron
Julia Angeron:
Kana Beats
Kana Beats:
are there salamanders in Idaho? I've literally never seen one. might be too cold
Posma Trinita
Posma Trinita:
Im saving up to buy your merch because i live in indonesia the currency is different
Mal RW
Mal RW:
Red salamander was my favorite and that was a amazing way to end the video! keep up the good work!
Meow 338
Meow 338:
Coyote: alright guys let’s get flipping-
Also coyote: I found one!
Me: *teach me your ways, master*
Georgia Liu
Georgia Liu:
OMG thank you so much for the video i'm crying THANK YOU!!!!
Hello, my friend. It's my first time seeing it, but it looks unique. The video is fun.
Yareni Meza
Yareni Meza:
Two-lined salamander looked so cute. My favorite one.
MajinGogeto 1
MajinGogeto 1:
I really really wanna see coyote do more with stingrays and mantarays, I wanna see him also do stuff with owls and Japanese beetles too!
Swallow paper airplanes
Swallow paper airplanes:
When i need to learn something here is the place <3
Miles Heater
Miles Heater:
Coyote be the type of person to tell people he flipped rocks for an entire day
Jonathan Wroblewski
Jonathan Wroblewski:
Yessssss! He’s back
Catharine Kennedy
Catharine Kennedy:
Love the video I got Jefferson salamander in my minnow trap about a week ago.
Matthew Conrad
Matthew Conrad:
I just recently found my first salamander a couple of weeks ago next to my house...i found out it was a small mouth salamander
1:33 cuteness replay button
Parker Bennett
Parker Bennett:
Look a log, take a gander
Flip it over and you may find
A friendly salamander
Salamanders/Newts are definitely my favourite kind of amphibian. I love how fragile they are, the texture of their skin and especially their amazing patterns and colours. And their secretion ability
i caught one in my garden
Stephanie Allen
Stephanie Allen:
I used to catch salamanders at my uncles house, loved it!! Also love the picture you chose for the cover. Great work crew!!
Owen Campbell
Owen Campbell:
Definitely the Mud Salamander. The colors are amazing, and the eyes look great.
Imagine every time he places the rock over the salamander it gets crushed
My granddaughters and I watch your videos everyday. They were so excited to see that you were here in Kentucky where we live. They wanted me to say hello from them and they want to meet you and your daughter Puff. 🦎😊🦎😊🦎
Taco Qween
Taco Qween:
Omg u post even during the quartine love u stay safe
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu:
I’ve always loved salamanders. ❤️
Logan Michael
Logan Michael:
I’ve been watching for 4 yearrrs
Dang Coyote! You where just one state away from where I used to live! I moved to soon!
Fritz 1234
Fritz 1234:
I see i’ve seen some in my backyard
Never been this early ♥️
Lilian Smith
Lilian Smith:
Your luky you get to go out into the woods I am stuck year in lockdone😸
Rosanna Gastello
Rosanna Gastello:
I havent saw dis dude in like 3 years I used to watch him all day😂😂😂
Eric Byler
Eric Byler:
🐍Brave Wilderness I love your show! Could you come see me in Missouri?? I want my family and friends to hear all you stories! KIPTON 6yrs old
Shrek is life And Grinch
Shrek is life And Grinch:
I remember your Elkins, West Virginia Hellbender search and now that is my whole family’s favorite camping site because of your video
Danielle Paulson
Danielle Paulson:
I am such a big fan and you, Coyote, have always been my idol
Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley:
Look under the rock, come take a look, this salamander so big we have to catch up with hook
Lmao ah that’s what those are called,stepped on a few of em,thought they was jus worms😅😅
Hazard Redmane
Hazard Redmane:
Longtail... for the cute mouth opener during the camera session ;)
Went herping a few days ago And i found my first newt! He was at this place called sooke potholes canada And i relocedt him form the drying pool do a fresh mossy pond
Lady Yadamashi
Lady Yadamashi:
Idk which salamander is my favorite, cuz there all so pretty and cute!!!!! Is it ok to like them all???
gg gaming
gg gaming:
The first one cause I thought it looked cool
Joy L
Joy L:
I totally imagine Sir David Attenborough running around finding salamanders to show us in his younger days as you do!
Armond The Ninja
Armond The Ninja:
At my gramdmas I find salamanders all over the place like16
Silvia Sierra
Silvia Sierra:
Really enjoyed the red salamander because of its beautiful color, so cute!
You’re my favorite channel!!!!! Keep doing what you guys love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Interesting video Coyote, Mario & Crew I liked this video yes!!!! :)
I took my new pet amphibian into work this morning.
Coyote wanted to know why I had named my pet "Tiny".

I replied - "cause he's my newt".
Sarah’s Life
Sarah’s Life:
This is so cool I live in Kentucky hope one day I can find a salamander
no homo
no homo:
The two lined salamander was so precious.
1 the long tailed my fav!!!!
Hey Coyote, are salamanders good pets?
Please answer.
I learnd a lot from your videos. 😁
Pearl Peaceful
Pearl Peaceful:
I’ve never seen a salamander in the wild, but they have always been some of my favorite animals :D
Father Son Fishing
Father Son Fishing:
Been watching since 2 years ago. Love your videos. Keep up the good work man.
nony mira
nony mira:
It's amazing one time I saw a blue salamander in the park
Awful Memories
Awful Memories:
Aaawww I used to catch those when I lived in depot bay Oregon my friend and I would have a huge bucket for them. I was a strange girl. From salamanders to rats or even snakes limited my friend making but it was worth it.
Yari Rubu
Yari Rubu:
I love the colouring of the mud salamander.
Alien trooper 569 101
Alien trooper 569 101:
I forgot how much I used to love this channel