SAMARITAN Trailer (2022) Sylvester Stallone, Action Movie

SAMARITAN Trailer (2022) Sylvester Stallone, Action, Superhero Movie
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Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl:
It was only a matter of time before Stallone did a super hero type movie. I love these dark reality-based stories that show the hero getting their faith in humanity back and kicking ass! Plus, I love the dynamic of only a kid being able to get through to the hero/mentor figure. Looks good!
Nicholas Iremonger
Nicholas Iremonger:
I love it that Sylvester Stallone is still relevant in 2022, I supported him through the Dark years (1998-2006) and was so glad when he got rocky Balboa green lit then Rambo 4, plus he keeps himself in such great shape.

His fitness book (Sly Moves) is still available on Amazon and EBay which i highly recommend.
It's a Stallone movie so I'm all in for this.
Ma Gen
Ma Gen:
Maverick and now this. Good old action heroes have returned!
I'm so proud of Javon Walton. Watch, he's the next big action star. Can't wait to watch his rise.
Yellowstone loyal
Yellowstone loyal:
Got to hand it to Sly, he may be getting older, but he's still hanging tough
Dahlia the reader
Dahlia the reader:
Is it just me or is Mr. Stallone still hot?
Aslam Tai
Aslam Tai:
Mr, Sylvester Stallone my all time favourite action hero & my childhood HERO
Marie Canavan
Marie Canavan:
Not going to lie but this looks freaking good 😀
Suhail Yusuf
Suhail Yusuf:
beautiful, My favorite hero of 80s in now a Super Hero.
Sterling Forbes
Sterling Forbes:
Sly in his 70s with a sixpack, me on the sofa with a dadbod and ice cream cake.
Nicolette Mitchell
Nicolette Mitchell:
Sylvester Stallone is the coolest 😄😄😄😎😎💙💙
I'm here for it! Love Stallone!
James Pittman
James Pittman:
I think "Samaritan" going to great movie to watch coming soon to Amazon Prime.😀
Tim McDermott
Tim McDermott:
not breaking any new ground, but it looks good. I will watch
Caleb McGinnis
Caleb McGinnis:
They really need to stop having characters being plowed into by cars just to move the plot forward. It diminishes their intelligence for not seeing or hearing the car coming, even if it is moving at over 100mph, which doesn’t make sense for this type of street anyway.
How to make a superhero movie
Silvester Stalone "hold my 🍺"
Jose Luis Ospina Ruiz
Jose Luis Ospina Ruiz:
This 2 mins trailer is better than hole Thor love and thunder movie
Jaime Lee
Jaime Lee:
This looks like an awesome show who is teaching how to be a superhero
Lone Star
Lone Star:
I hate to say it. But Im interested in this than all the upcoming Marvel Movies/TV shows and the DC Movies.
I honest to god didnt expect this when I clicked on it.
Old memories of Rambo in city of the day and time of action and action...can't believe..he .is steel..till.. younger and younger..long.. live..king of.action...rocy..balboa
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos:
The superhero version of Rambo.
There were flashes of Stallone looking like Amitabh Bachchan 😂
Alex HoneyBee
Alex HoneyBee:
Sly will always be number 1 in my books.
We The People
We The People:
They should have made it rated R. But im still down to watch it. 👌
fLow sTate
fLow sTate:
Feel thy Spirit ❤️
Nicolas Tecson
Nicolas Tecson:
A great movie for a 72 yrs old actor
sefton Sinclair
sefton Sinclair:
You put Stallone in movie I'm watching it and it's a superhero movie this one is going be good
Amma Opoku
Amma Opoku:
Oooooooooh I’m ready for this
nice! it gives me vibes of All-Might and Midoriya
Rosa Anderson
Rosa Anderson:
Awesome movie with Sylvester the actor 💯🔥
May misspelled his name
Maria Geralda Mariano Pereira
Maria Geralda Mariano Pereira:
He is like superman and punisher. oh shit,thats will be dope man
Prince among men
Prince among men:
Sly still producing the goods quality looks good fun this movie …
Victor Mena
Victor Mena:
did we just watch the whole plot here?
Syed Sarfraz
Syed Sarfraz:
Why on earth wasn’t sly Stallone a super hero like a million years back. Hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Let’s goooooo!!!!!
Stallone is back.
Jaime Lee
Jaime Lee:
You have a long way to go because the future of this country depends on teaching kids how to get along
Пётр Солнцев
Пётр Солнцев:
не не горой ...заложник блатной жизни он...и мы тоже
Jay Lopez
Jay Lopez:
That kid kind of resembles Micheal Cutler from Over the top
Great stuff.
Naturon Demonto
Naturon Demonto:
So they basically made a bigger budgeted version of Archenemy
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence:
Sly the legend
Jaime Lee
Jaime Lee:
Where you not a boxer or you just acted like one to forget the values it means to control one’s anger
Did they copy the sledgehammer from Shaq's steel 🤔
Best Rambo Movie sequel 🤔
jason Wil
jason Wil:
Looks good
crystal harris
crystal harris:
Ed P
Ed P:
15 years ago actors belittled superhero movies now they all want a piece of it. How ironic
Adam Albert
Adam Albert:
Im in!!
Michael J Arvilla
Michael J Arvilla:
This looks good! 🤘
Annie Yahu
Annie Yahu:
Sorry but that grenade would have blew up that gas tank..and the car..scene was just a little off haha
D4rk4ngel89 Delossantos
D4rk4ngel89 Delossantos:
Sly u the man i got to see this
GSizzleRips Sports Cards
GSizzleRips Sports Cards:
Gene Au
Gene Au:
Crack them bones and get to work .
Kame Geek
Kame Geek:
nice =)
Rach B
Rach B:
Yes please 👍
Romala Surujdeo
Romala Surujdeo:
that's what you can be in a movie "' a garbage hero"", whahahhah
I love Stallone… but this looks fucking awful.
Amitabh bachhan of hollybood
80's Snack Clips
80's Snack Clips:
looks promising
For me this film is much better than morbious
Lampros Sideras
Lampros Sideras:
Ian Murage
Ian Murage:
Fezco bro is here😊❤
YEAH, more Good guy with a gun, eh, strong arms, trope. Is this what we need?
Harris Forman
Harris Forman:
Big Red!!
hazem issa
hazem issa:
what is the song name?????
Simon Stones
Simon Stones:
More drivel then. Yet more!
Jaime Lee
Jaime Lee:
Did you and John Cena share information just asking I am looking for a thief of sort’s
Superheroes are getting old
Quan Cro
Quan Cro:
steel with shaq Oneal ?
Romala Surujdeo
Romala Surujdeo:
The garbage wasn't pickup here in my country...can you come and clean it up.....
Ian Murage
Ian Murage:
Nilikuwa apa wa kwanzaa
SMithWay Co.
SMithWay Co.:
I hate when they give the whole movie away in the trailer.
fLow sTate
fLow sTate:
✝️ in
Jaime Lee
Jaime Lee:
Is this your dieing wish to become a fake it to make it because you got lost please wake up and if you make another please make some kind of adjustment so kids will look up to you like that statue your so proud of walk with me
Sam Straughan
Sam Straughan:
hard pass
Joy Ghosh
Joy Ghosh:
No no no no , don't do this , please , NO
Amazon Prime Video? I'll pass and find someone on Twitch streaming it LMFAO