Sampdoria 0-1 Milan | Diaz gets Milan off the mark at Sampdoria | Serie A 2021/22

Brahim Diaz opens the scoring for Milan | Serie A 2021/22

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Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
I believe Giroud will make Milan even greater in Serie A
Sam Kurabi
Sam Kurabi:
Forza Milan 🔴⚫️
Maignan what a beast. Great game by Brahim and Tonali ️‍🔥

Alexandre França
Alexandre França:
Just to say that Maignan already impressed us being so secure. Maldini refused Donnarumma knowing everything ahead of time. Thank you Paolo! And emphasizing that 50p video looks beautiful to watch!
JustAdude _
JustAdude _:
Tonali played really well, however Milan need a CAM and a RW to aim for the scudetto
bestoe panggah
bestoe panggah:
okay no one gonna mention mike passing accuracy? he gave 2 big chance just because of that awesome passing
A 27
A 27:
Magic Mike what a goalkeeper ❤️❤️
Rinno Novaldianto
Rinno Novaldianto:
It's great to see samu fully benched
Cal Irons
Cal Irons:
The scudetto race this year is gonna be 🔥. Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Inter, Juve, Milan & Atalanta all have a chance. What a season it's gonna be 😍
As a Chelsea fan I have more motivation than ever to enjoy serie A.

Tho Milan is always my fave Italian team
Septian Hady Sanjaya
Septian Hady Sanjaya:
BRAHIM DIAZ about his performance tonight: "It's easy to play with teammates who have quality." 😍
Michael Glynn
Michael Glynn:
Both the keepers did fairly well in this game 😌
Zaid Mohd
Zaid Mohd:
Mike Maignan is the deep lying playmaker we need. Also an excellent goalie!
Garut Turunan Kidul
Garut Turunan Kidul:
Yu bisa yu #forzamilan
Abraham Cc
Abraham Cc:
Que lindo escuchar a la afición de nuevo. Vamos Milan, excelente inicio de temporada 🖤♥️
Kevin Abdullah El Azzam
Kevin Abdullah El Azzam:
Krunic should have scored... arrrrgghhhh!!!
Kamil Zwardoń
Kamil Zwardoń:
Amazing match to watch. Even though I am an AC Milan fan I have to congratulate La Samp for making a great game of football.
I love Milan
I love Milan:
Mike Maignan great goalkepeer, forza Milan forever ❤🖤🤩
Brahim is only our player who have creativity, technique ,dribling n passing..we should have some back up and winger like that 🔥
How on earth did Krunic missed that opportunity to score
Giacomo Arnaboldi
Giacomo Arnaboldi:
Honestly Every game I watch I love Mike more and more. Donnawho?
I love Milan
I love Milan:
Forza Milan, ❤🖤🤩 magical night for Diaz and Maignan 🔴⚫
Emma 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Emma 25 y.o - check my vidéó:
no one gonna mention mike passing accuracy? he gave 2 big chance just because of that awesome passing
Yong Goh
Yong Goh:
Samu knows his time is up… florenzi coming on without any pre season or training time with the squad is indicative.
Mike and Tomori solid 9/10. Florenzi should get #7 Castileho out
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost:
Great second-half performance from Tonali!
Satria Yudha
Satria Yudha:
what milan need are duo winger that can driblling pass opponent and help deffense (like cuadrado), and 1 superstar fantasista .. thats it !! .. and Milan will enjoy to watch again .. thanks for the win guys , grande Milan !!
Achinivu Godwin
Achinivu Godwin:
These team are going to do a great wonder this season. Forza Mlilan.

Glad we didnt sell leao
Ale mi takie 1:0 wystarczy ❤️ zajebiste emocje do samego końca
Mad Ting
Mad Ting:
Thank you for releasing these highlights in 50fps now. Its very pleasant to watch.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Milan ❤❤❤. Diaz and Maignan played phenomenal Football 💪💪💪👍👍👍
ame isolee
ame isolee:
What happened to Theo??being reckless and it almost cost a goal for Milan
Jake Pennington
Jake Pennington:
Capitano Calabria has my heart ♥️
Ardit Ferati
Ardit Ferati:
Brahim should pass the ball faster
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva:
Vamos Milan 🔴⚫🇧🇷🇧🇷
Eu amo esse time mesmo sendo brasileiro❤💚
Audero should play for Juventus.
username7 !!!
username7 !!!:
we definetely need a top forward midfielder..
Muhammad Alif
Muhammad Alif:
I hope this for Scudetto season, Forza Milan!
Abhishek Chatterjee
Abhishek Chatterjee:
important to start with a win .. forza Milan ❤️🖤
Hj Kanto
Hj Kanto:
Castillejo became Man of the match because he humbly didn't want to play tonight
Will Goins
Will Goins:
Vamos Brahim
J saciladh
J saciladh:
Semoga milan juara kaya musim lalu💪
Happy for the win. Having a great start like last season is vital for our Champions League hopes. We still need a CM and possibly a replacement for Brahim. Apart from that, I'm quite optimistic to reach top 4 again this season.
Richard Dizon
Richard Dizon:
Half a yard!!! I get nervous breakdown everytime the announcer shouts!!! 🤯
Random Videos
Random Videos:
Sampdoria missed a lot of chances they need to work on their finish
Rinku Singh
Rinku Singh:
Great goalkeeping by ac milan
Our debut was awesome 🖤♥️
Ahmet Koba
Ahmet Koba:
This year Milan will be champion.
Tonali is on fire 🔥
YO yo
YO yo:
That goal was great
Daud Achmad
Daud Achmad:
less supply for giroud, giroud played very well.
Dilan Galván
Dilan Galván:
Que gran partido de todo el equipo en especial Tonali
I love Milan
I love Milan:
Forza Milan the best club in the world ❤🖤😊🇽🇰🙋‍♂️
Drajat s
Drajat s:
maignan showed amazing
perform, donnarumma just sit at a bench😂
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.:
Go for the title Milan. Let's do it.
We have Mike migan who care about donnarumma 😎
We have brahim diaz who care about hakan calhanoglu 🥳
Sahir Ebrahim
Sahir Ebrahim:
Cmon, Milan, atleast we back in the Champions league.
mustaqim janah
mustaqim janah:
Forza Milan..!!!
Congratulation for maignan and Diaz...but however Milan need beast playmaker now..
Eram Zlatanov
Eram Zlatanov:
KADRI yıkılmaz super siniz
Oriola Odutoye
Oriola Odutoye:
That freekick though!
Benjamín Urquieta Méndez
Benjamín Urquieta Méndez:
Este equipo me devuelve la ilusión de pelear el campeonato y pasar octavos en champions
Stefano Lucchina
Stefano Lucchina:
Ready to win champions league after Zlatan come back!!💪
Bar bar
Bar bar:
confidence with maignan, great job replacement
miejski serfer
miejski serfer:
Per Sempre ❤️🖤
subham chakraborty
subham chakraborty:
ForzaMilan and forever a milan fan🥰😍❤❤
Michael Wright
Michael Wright:
Milan just need to work on short passes and possession #Forzamilan
Legio XIII
Legio XIII:
Sono due anni che lo dico: Augello non puo` giocare in serie A!
Aslam VN
Aslam VN:
Supper milan 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💥💥
Raghu Desai
Raghu Desai:
No words continue seria
Football Maniak
Football Maniak:
Rinku Singh
Rinku Singh:
Sampordia missed chances and milan definately needs Zlatan ibrahimovic
Don LetoY
Don LetoY:
Grazie Mike Tyson Maignan, n Sandro Tonali 🔥#ForzaMilan ⚫🔴
isra 11 mi'raj 31
isra 11 mi'raj 31:
Forza Milan ❤️🖤
Alif Syaipudin
Alif Syaipudin:
Forza Milan ❤️🖤
Futbol Xəbərləri
Futbol Xəbərləri:
Costel Pauna
Costel Pauna:
Forza Milan.❤️
Maignan is looking really great...Even though Gigi is Gigi, I think the board did a great job by making this transfer .).
Samuel Jahôdka
Samuel Jahôdka:
Inotz Eltonmur
Inotz Eltonmur:
Go Milan go.. 💪
Agustin Bero
Agustin Bero:
Bola Tv
Bola Tv:
Michaël Florestal
Michaël Florestal:
Eldatio Dj
Eldatio Dj:
nick name
nick name:
I‘ve met Milan in their hotel before the game
Gilles De Bilde
Gilles De Bilde:
с почином !
Edu Ganteng
Edu Ganteng:
3 points & Forza Milan ❤️🖤❤️🖤
Andriyan Nur
Andriyan Nur:
Forza Milan ❤️
Milán debería marcar más goles con esos buenos delanteros
L & R Family
L & R Family:
Go milan ❤️
Lib Clips
Lib Clips:
I don’t understand why Pioli keep using Saelemekers..he consistently playing bad..need RWF like Illicic/Bernardo Silva/Ziyech/Sarabia or maybe Leao can play right & Rebic left
Evelyn Kalyanabudianto
Evelyn Kalyanabudianto:
Here We Go... Perfect start
Selçuk Kılıç
Selçuk Kılıç:
Hala Milan in Hakanı göz göre intere hediye etmesine anlam veremiyorum.
Büyük hata
"Look at me!" Diaz was saying after his terrible shot went in.
Forca Milan 🤙
Sid -the sloth
Sid -the sloth:
When is the new CAM coming?? We can't count on Brahim for every game.
Hendro joyo Dwipo
Hendro joyo Dwipo:
Ac milan forever❤🖤❤🖤