Sassuolo-Milan 0-0 | Sassuolo and Milan Earn 2nd Draws of the Season | Serie A 2022/23

3 months after winning the Scudetto against Sassuolo, Milan were held to a 0-0 draw, earning their second draw of the season. Sassuolo missed the chance to take all 3 points after Berardi's penalty was saved by Mike Maignan in the first half. | Serie A TIM 2022/23

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Supri Yanto
Supri Yanto:
I'm agree that Mike Maignan is one of the best goalkeeper .Great save from him !
Not bad for milan. They played with Brahim and Saelemakers from first minute. Similar than being 9 players from the beggining of the match. Moreover , they rotated players like pobega and florenzi. Solid defensive performance , they dominated the game. they had not enough luck. the 4312 formation would be better if they cannot buy ziyech.
Rizky Gumilar
Rizky Gumilar:
Sassuolo is always so strong when playing at home. Underrated team
Makanan Lm
Makanan Lm:
1:00 the best keeper in the last league ❤️🖤
Cyborg Ninja
Cyborg Ninja:
Sassuolo is a team with mood swings..
John Romano
John Romano:
looked like a sunday league match at some points... milan has such a hard time against teams who park the bus and fill in the gaps.
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi:
Get well soon Berardi , beautiful saves from the Milan Goalkeeper
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh:
Forza Milan forever ♥️🖤 for better or for worse 💪🤝
Seyi Bada
Seyi Bada:
Unfortunately, it seems that Mr Pioli did not realise that this game was a MUST WIN, as we proved last season that we can break a team that pack bus with a great offence. Hope we quickly overcome this and deal with rotation based on the team we are playing. Forza Milan!!!
Andi Mifta Farid Panggeleng
Andi Mifta Farid Panggeleng:
Great performance by Mike Maignan
Leonid Genri
Leonid Genri:
Восхитительно Потрясно
Slow but Steady start to the season . All the way AC MILAN ♥️🖤🏆💪🏼
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh:
Forza Milan, ♥️🖤🏅
Dilan Galván
Dilan Galván:
Se nos fueron puntos valiosos 😢
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh:
Ecxellent appearance of Mike Maignan 💪💪♥️🖤
Fahmi Andriant
Fahmi Andriant:
Grazie *Magic Mike* ❤️🖤
Bambang Gunadi
Bambang Gunadi:
I'm grateful that Milan has a goalkeeper like Maignan
Nelson Ajayi
Nelson Ajayi:
Not the best performance, too many final ball let downs and brahim offers no creativity on and off the ball. Wasn't a terrible performance but we need to start creativity 2-3 clear cut opportunities against teams that park the bus. As the defending Hamptons most teams aren't going to battle for the ball in the middle if the park. Still very hopeful for champions league cus we are confident in possession just need to start CDK as cam
Poor game by Milan. Hopefully things will improve in next match. Forca Milan!
Ademola Adekunle
Ademola Adekunle:
Please Mr. Pioli, irrespective of the opposition team, always play CDK ahead of Diaz on every match
Yan Y.
Yan Y.:
Forza Milan!
Not bad, Super Mike with another brilliant match, would've been great had milan won it, we live to fight for another day🙃🙃🙃
Setiawan Jumadi
Setiawan Jumadi:
Go go Milan
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin:
This AC Milan team just back to the old times, a joker team of Serie A
Farhan Mustaqim
Farhan Mustaqim:
Lucky Milan 🔥
James Anthony Gaglione
James Anthony Gaglione:
Berardi missing a PK is similar to Berardi missing an open net (w. GLI AZZURRI) . . . He is the last person I would have taking PK's
Mike is absolutely outstanding. We keep going to win inter now. Forza Milan♥️🖤
Parda Halomoan Simatupang
Parda Halomoan Simatupang:
Andai Sassuolo bermain serius seperti ini di akhir musim kemarin, Milan tidak akan scudetto.
When Milan didn't convert their chances early I was worried we'd struggle to break them down as they dropped deeper and deeper.
Brek Bejarano 23
Brek Bejarano 23:
AC Milán ♥️🖤⚽💪🏻
Grazi Florida
Grazi Florida:
Congrats to Sassuolo !! Milan fan !!
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
Mike Maignan might be the best keeper out there after Courtois, at the moment.
Valentin Kaplunov
Valentin Kaplunov:
Что-то Милан не очень хорошо показал эту игру. Не точность ударов и вообще как будто это и не Милан играл. А вот голкиперу Милана надо отдать должное. Если бы не он то Милан бы проиграл и не со счётом один ноль а больше. В этом матче лутшим играком я бы предпочел голкипера Милана.
Geovanny L.
Geovanny L.:
Diaz has no level for MILAN.

Mack McGowan
Mack McGowan:
Maignan saves Milan time and time again. Giroud is so poor
Juventus Fan
Juventus Fan:
Respect team equally ⚪⚫🔴⚫
As usual Milan need a right winger, but they don’t buy one
wahyu prabowo
wahyu prabowo:
Maignan 👍
vamos milan
Xavier Bolaños
Xavier Bolaños:
cada vez que Giroud está en cancha, es como si el Milan jugara con uno menos, que malardo es ese tipo! Deben encontrar un buen delantero de urgencia.
Ismatulla Akaboyev
Ismatulla Akaboyev:
Forza Milan and Berardi
Habibah Muadz
Habibah Muadz:
Sayang sekali Sassuolo pekan terakhir gak main seperti ini
Grounds and Cribs
Grounds and Cribs:
We cannot have Giroud as our main striker and challenge for trophies. We need a young top class striker. Giroud performs best as a substitute and just about average as a starter. We need competition on the wing forward roles too. Forza Milan!
Ezra Do'a Ibu
Ezra Do'a Ibu:
Magic Mike 👍👍
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar:
Poor game as per Milan's standards. Hope they work on their flaws and bounce back.
Arri Sapta
Arri Sapta:
pete smart
pete smart:
losing berrardi is gonna hurt sassuolo for the rest of the season
My Entertainment
My Entertainment:
Pari a reti inviolate e poche emozioni sul campo del Sassuolo: Maignan para un rigore a Berardi
Forza Milan! 🔴⚫
Dragos Florentin
Dragos Florentin:
With pioli it will be difficult to achieve great results
Che fortuna per il Milan! Ma quella spinta su Berardi ultimo uomo? L’arbitro cosa ha fatto?
Road 35
Road 35:
The Frenchman in the back saved us a point.
Definitely need to get better but luck wasn’t on our side.
Marcus Pierantozzi
Marcus Pierantozzi:
Dicono che Leao vale 150 milioni?? Non credo che valga 15 milioni!!! 🤬😡
Milan need to give up on Diaz. He's a Florentina level guy.
Mykel Wo'o
Mykel Wo'o:
We could have start with Rebic on right wing it would had been better
Teymur Babayev
Teymur Babayev:
Milan don,t want to win😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Point Man
Point Man:
Leao is a new Shevchenko!!
Mike Maignan is new Dida
Abu Nizar
Abu Nizar:
still a better result for the Italian champion, than the English champion
there's a red card missing for Theo Hernandez on Berardi...where was the VAR there?
i was really disappointed of the finishing in this game for milan
#ForzaMilan #ACMilan #Leao #Giroud #Pioli #CDK #AS56 #Pobega #Kalulu #Tomori #Kjaer #Maignan #GoalKeeper
Mirasjekb Ggg
Mirasjekb Ggg:
75 коэффициент сгорели. 90 минут просто так бегали.
Magic mike!
Why isn't Pioli giving Adli an opportunity in the AM role? Diaz is a failed experiment; we have to cut our losses and move on
Magic Mike better start for France at this World Cup 🙄
Mat Ros
Mat Ros:
Pobega inesistente, salemakers mille errori, Florenzi non all'altezza, kjaer non ancora pronto, giroud dormiente, Diaz invisibile come al solito... pensavo che le riserve si sarebbero mangiate il campo per farsi vedere, invece purtroppo molto male...
Forza milan
Milan Aleksovski
Milan Aleksovski:
How AC Milan will play in Championship league with their gameplay like today.... very low performance
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore:
Hugo.. Mike Maignan il vient pour toi mdrr. 🥶🥶
Iqbal Taqwakal
Iqbal Taqwakal:
Milan didn't have breaking passes or decent finish, i hope it's just one bad game and they'll do better next time
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh
Rossoner lind nuk bohësh:
Sassuolo is often an unsuitable opponent for Milan
BlaCk SnoWman
BlaCk SnoWman:
Strange Match wow
After all we don't have a lost match
Stats Dont Lie (SDL channel)
Stats Dont Lie (SDL channel):
1:38 the worst through pass in history, very low skill from the player!
Lient ForJuve
Lient ForJuve:
Is that legal saves? As I know GK not allowed to step forward during PK
Fabricio Costa
Fabricio Costa:
Not bad
But we should've won
Humans are weird
Humans are weird:
Hernandez could have punched his opponent in the face he'd still probably get away with a yellow...
imran muhammad
imran muhammad:
Thanks maignan
L🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣eao always fly the ball
M.K. S.
M.K. S.:
I Hope, that: Nesta and other: former great; Italian players; will: - "coach/train -up: "The Youth"" (even: Cannavaro and Baggio ETC.).
Vary Witson
Vary Witson:
Vary Witson
Vary Witson:
KingU DR
KingU DR:
Leao si impegna più per i capelli che per la squadra in campo
Andy Mujollari
Andy Mujollari:
We need a right winger why the f they go buy more defenders, right wing is an emergency can’t do Champions and league with what we have now , both of them are not at the level needed.
Well done millan for ruining my bet again
Kjaer is back!
Edward Pattiselano
Edward Pattiselano:
Leao wkwkw.. shot shot shot
Yassir Alhamoudi
Yassir Alhamoudi:
Why did they show that half time practice shot of leao when he was just being a cheeky cutie😉 like he was really trying, he was only messisassing around. SAD FACE.
Dicky Ashr
Dicky Ashr:
sasoulo antek milan
Asya Mie
Asya Mie:
Yg jelas2 bisa dapat 3 point disia2in. Prepare buat inter yg blm tentu bakal menang juga. Aneh. Point mah point aja. Ga peduli lawannya siapa
Harshit Yadav
Harshit Yadav:
Definitely a red
Azmi Syahar
Azmi Syahar:
You guys why cut the opening scene like you make last season on highlight ...
Austin Zammit
Austin Zammit:
Non Vince scudetto Milan calcatori lenti come un nanno
Why didn’t Milan play their starting squad?
Romadhani Syahputra
Romadhani Syahputra:
Why Pioli not use Rebic?
Patrick Rei
Patrick Rei:
Leao is useless when he's selfish
a 10
a 10:
Worst match of the season !
Diaz 😂
Piad Pahrez
Piad Pahrez:
Theo hernandez ❤❤🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Gunduz Zekeryayev
Gunduz Zekeryayev:
Why didn't Ante Rebic play?