'School of Rock' drummer Kevin Clark struck, killed while riding bike on North Side

The drummer from the early 2000s movie "School of Rock" was struck while riding a bicycle Wednesday and later died.

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Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart:
Discovered School of Rock when I was 10. Freddy was the most relatable character for me and I loved his attitude. Rest easy Kevin.
Kylie Pollert
Kylie Pollert:
"I don't want to hear anything, unless I hear a gut-busting drum solo from Freddie, take it away!" This is very, very sad news.... RIP Kevin. I bet Jack Black is heartbroken. Kevin's drumming in heaven with Neil Peart! :(
Duly Noted
Duly Noted:
People need to understand why it's safe for other people when they are not selfish behind the wheel of a car.
Caroline K
Caroline K:
32 is so young. May he RIP.
david cokeley
david cokeley:
I ride my bike to and from work everyday, on the streets I ride I have to be overly cautious people hardly ever stop for me when they're turning a certain direction they only look on to oncoming traffic while I'm coming the other way it's dangerous riding a bike people do not pay attention to me on it!
Ricky Saucedo
Ricky Saucedo:
Rest in peace "Freddy Jones" when I was little I wanted to be punk because of his attitude
May God accept him.
Love, Rick
Love, Rick:
I am absolutely terribly sad about hearing of Kevin's death. He and that young cast were what we needed when we were young & loved going to the movies. RIP Kevin. Thinking of his family & friends.
L-Dogg Harden
L-Dogg Harden:
An Icon gone too soon 32 is too young this dude inspired big I would always bug my mom to get me the sticks “Spazzy McGee” had in the School of Rock movie Rest up legend❤️💪🏾🥁🙏🏾 this one hit real deep
MiaJulisse A.
MiaJulisse A.:
Poor dude. R.i.p
William Cox
William Cox:
Sad. God bless those he leaves behind.
gaming prezza
gaming prezza:
Terriq Drayton
Terriq Drayton:
Yet again another sad year😔. Good people always dies so soon..
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez:
RIP Kevin.
Rodigrohl Thunder
Rodigrohl Thunder:
Rest in peace Kevin Thank you for your rocking performance in school of rock :(
Aww this is sad..RIP
The Don A.R.K B Noah
The Don A.R.K B Noah:
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown:
Sad 💔🥁🙏🥀
Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful:
One of my favorite movies and most memorable. Terrible loss for sure. RIP.
Mary Jane Miles
Mary Jane Miles:
RIP Kevin Clark. You were great in School Of Rock.
Amanda Stroup
Amanda Stroup:
I have the movie The School of Rock on dvd. I feel so bad that Kevin Clark died from riding his bike.
Jeff Bear
Jeff Bear:
BTW. I find Patrick Elwood adorable.
luana Barros
luana Barros:
Spazzy mgee 😔
Adorabat With Internet Access
Adorabat With Internet Access:
I'm 14 years old and I'm trying to practice drums.. And after I saw this, this saddens me.. Kevin Clark is my favorite drummer.. Rest In Peace. T^T
Justa Hasbeen
Justa Hasbeen:
RIP Spazzy
guy varney
guy varney:
remember kids dont cycle it is deadly but at random
Mike The Chicago Critic
Mike The Chicago Critic:
Terrible and he was young
John Rogan
John Rogan:
We knew him as Kevin Clarke...not Freddie of Rock School fame...wow!
Emmanuel Ferrer
Emmanuel Ferrer:
RIP Kevin Clark. I'm from Philippines.
John Doe
John Doe:
diversity is our strength....
Isaias Morales
Isaias Morales:
A K:
RIP, tragic news
Erick Erick705
Erick Erick705:
John Rogan
John Rogan:
But today would be his last day...hearing the media use that logic 🙄
Ricky Battle
Ricky Battle:
RIP Kevin
Peter Grützmacher
Peter Grützmacher:
Why did only the good die young? Life isn't fair
Julia Weber
Julia Weber:
So sad
Bibek Kaushal
Bibek Kaushal:
Rip 😫😫😫
Maybe the driver deserves an award for actually stopping and not driving away like so many others do?
My Channel
My Channel:
Did she really pronounce 2003 "twenty-oh-three"? -_-'
What the hell is TWENTY OH THREE? Oh, you mean 2003, two-thousand three (pronounced phonetically and a esthetically correct).

Twenty OH Three? Good lord. Please, don't ever do that again and I will forever follow and stand up for your lame Facebook posts, I'll follow you on Insta and Twitter, and I'll like every post I come across. Just GOD! Never again TWENTY OH THREE. Don't let that happen!

Also, RIP Freddy. He was a damn fine musician. He will be missed.
koolaid smooth
koolaid smooth:
Why was he riding a bike anyway he should have a car off the movie money he made
Manslaughter charge for the driver. No excuse for bad drivers not paying attention.
Liberals TrashEverything
Liberals TrashEverything:
Its ok...he's not a protected species...
Why was he riding a bike anyway he should have a car off the movie money he made