Sean Connery Collection on Letterman, 1993 & 2000

1. October 25, 1993.
2. December 18, 2000. "Finding Forrester" film clip deleted due to copyright caution.

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He will always be the best 007. RIP Sean.
Johnny zip
Johnny zip:
Sean Connery Died on 10/31/20 1+0+3+1+2+0= 007
King Krusher
King Krusher:
Stop saying it is a "sad day". Sir Sean lived for 90 years, most of them certainly more fulfilled than those of an average Joe. He lived on the Bahamas and died there, peacefully in his sleep. We should all be so lucky. Rest in peace, Sir Sean - and thank you so much for all the wonderful entertainment.
Know Music Man
Know Music Man:
One of the finest actors that ever walked in shoe leather. The hunt for red October was a masterpiece
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe:
He had one of the coolest voices ever. Fantastic actor.
Vazz Vegas
Vazz Vegas:
Arriving on a jetpack like a boss. That's literally the best entrance to a talk show I've ever seen. Why am I only seeing that now for the first time?
Connery is even more charismatic in person than he is when in character.for a film.
The jet pack entrance was epic. For someone who wanted to avoid typecasting it was nice that he agreed to do that. RIP to the late great Sean Connery.
Harry Molotov
Harry Molotov:
What a classy, witty man. A real Man. He'll be remembered.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones:
RIP Sean Connery
Alan reid
Alan reid:
As a wee boy living in Aberdeen, I grew up thinking Sean was the total hero, I feel so sad that now he’s passed. He really helped put Scotland on the map.
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy:
A man's man. One of the best drama films ever made is 'The Offence' in which he plays a Detective Sergeant. We will miss you Sean.
Sean: "I'm here to quell these rumors about my death"
Me: "Whoa....."
What a man. Warm, witty, wow. R.I.P., Sean.
Christian Windum
Christian Windum:
God damn he was a handsome man, on top of being a superp actor
Dave Sanderson
Dave Sanderson:
I like the way, when he touches down and is removed from the 'jetpack', THAT nonchalant, blasé expression on his face is that Connery-style 'Bond' expression that no other Bond actor has in their repertoire. It's got nothing to do with authenticity or keeping close to the original Fleming character. James Bond in the cinema is a thing of its own.....whether it's the music, the gadgets, the girls, the locations, the corniness, the explosions, Roger Moore's raised eyebrow OR.....Sean Connery's supercool expression. That's the uniqueness of the cinematic Bond.
Fair play to Sean for doing it once more after sooooo long.
Richard Barrow.
Richard Barrow.:
The Man who would be King, the combination of Connery and Caine. Was outstanding.
Barry O'Donohoe
Barry O'Donohoe:
My aunt met him in a pub by accident. “Excuse me Miss, your sitting on my coat.”
Even at 70 he was pretty damn cool!
Cheers, Don. I needed this today
Best left eyebrow in the business; conveyed everything from delight to skepticism to withering disapproval. RIP, Sir Sean. It was a pleasure.
He was a complete badass in The Untouchables
william vander voort
william vander voort:
One of the finest actors that ever walked in shoe leather. The hunt for red October was a masterpiece
vic aldama
vic aldama:
Coincidental that he mentioned dying back in 93 and lived another 30 years still!
Darby O'Gill and the Little People.
RIP James Hunt James Bond and John Connally
Benny Gonzales
Benny Gonzales:
May You Rest in Peace Sir Sean Connery. The greatest Bond Ever! Benny.
“He’s 300 years old, but he’s still a stud!”
"I'm sorry about the hug, I got carried away."
Dave would never forget that hug, I guess.
kama nama
kama nama:
I'm so happy he passed in his sleep my mom did as well is that the best thing you can wish for someone
Isares Archvarin
Isares Archvarin:
Honey: Are you looking for shells?
Bond: No. I’m just looking.
Well it worked, he lived to 90 years of age.
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour:
The world without Sean Connery is sadder :((
A man who can just make a guest appearance to "quell" rumors is the definition of bad ass.
Im Yu
Im Yu:
An intelligent actor who can think on his feet. Unheard of lately.
Bruce on the Loose
Bruce on the Loose:
Paul Shaffer always the master on the choice of music. He used “Pick Up the Pieces” by Average White Band during the second appearance. AWB is a Scottish Band.
Didn't know that the humor that was displayed in Bond movies was natural. R.I.P
It doesn’t immediately hit you but it slowly creeps up on you bit by bit that this iconic person is no longer with us.
Angie Brigman
Angie Brigman:
Love this , he was such a charming man and a fine actor. Rest In Peace ❤️
Kevin Eagle
Kevin Eagle:
I admired Sean Connery so much! There will never be another one like him. R.I.P. 007.
John Nash
John Nash:
The Hill from 1965 Best prison film ever starring Mr. Connery.
Frank Ozaki
Frank Ozaki:
to have Sean Connery say to you, in that accent, "sorry about the hug, i got carried away." -- what a memory for Letterman to have. RIP, Mr. Connery, and thank you for your life's work.
He was always so quick witted & funny...& Dave was always a great interviewer...thanks for uploading this.
Sequoia Semperviren
Sequoia Semperviren:
He was 70 years young at the time. Looks more like 50.
Jeff F
Jeff F:
Appearing for fun and not to hype a movie, show, album, whatever. What a concept.
Its like an old friend gone. Thanks for the comp. Donz.
Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone:
You know, this Connery bloke would have made a great James Bond back in his younger days.
I’m lucky to have met him twice. RIP Sean ❤️
Marierose Bouramia
Marierose Bouramia:
Great man, bless his soul 💖
Greg Nicholson
Greg Nicholson:
David is a true interview talent (funny, but slightly mocking), with Johnny Cash and Sean Connery he was out of his league ...they didn't click at all!
Evelyn Kesebonye
Evelyn Kesebonye:
The film industry has lost a gentleman. Sean Connery was a very good actor. May his soul rest in peace.
Dave showed good respect.
James Agwe
James Agwe:
Rest in peace
Corona, the Inebriator
Corona, the Inebriator:
I'm named after Sean Connery. My mom had a big crush on him.
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander:
The ultimate Bond. Ultimate actor. RIP
More and more heroes from my childhood and youth seem to pass away the last few years... strange, because I am not getting older... I think...
jason lennon
jason lennon:
Rip sean you will be remembered long after people like me who write these sorts of things are gone 007 forever...
jack flash
jack flash:
M- "Bond for your next mission.....You won't require the Aston Martin. Bond you're going to Heaven."

RIP Mr. Connery.
Martin Hall
Martin Hall:
Following the movement of his eyebrows makes me feel like the ground is moving under me.
Sean RC86
Sean RC86:
One of my all time favorites. Coolest dude of all time. RIP Sean Connery and thank you.
Graham Wells
Graham Wells:
I met Sean a couple of times in my job over the years and when he walked into the room I was working it the aura from him was incredible I heard he was quite abrupt but he was the nicest man you could wish too meet R.I.P sir sean
Art Alagao
Art Alagao:
“He’s 300 years old, but he’s still a stud!”
YouTube in My Spare Time
YouTube in My Spare Time:
It's crazy to think that he started as Bond way back in 1962. He lived a long life and he'll be remembered for many decades to come.
He was correct about his longevity...
And he DOES sound like Sean Connery.. 😉
Lou ann Brill
Lou ann Brill:
Look at Sir Sean's face as he landed. How uber cool was he? Sad day .
Thank you,Don.
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez:
"Well, tnat fixes it. - Sean Connerry

I want my 25 years back. That girl got away.
mark price
mark price:
One of the last mega stars of the movies. Thank you for your service. RIP.
Club Astro Transcendental Motor
Club Astro Transcendental Motor:
He was such a huge personality and with that he carried a number of fantastic performances very well. He was great in The Untouchables, The Man Who Would Be King, Hitchcock’s Marnie, The Hill, Time Bandits, The Wind and the Lion, The Name of the Rose and my favorite two performances, as Robin Hood and Indiana Jones’ father.
Christopher amrston
Christopher amrston:
Great actor great man great icon u know were getting older when our heroes of the screen are entering the next world thanks for the memories mr Connery
Mikel Hawk
Mikel Hawk:
He did indeed have longevity, and we were lucky to know him. Rest in peace my friend.
Respect from the United States of America.
david messi
david messi:
What a man. What a legend...RIP Sir Sean Connery 👌
monitor lizard
monitor lizard:
The name of the rose....the indiana jones role...the rock....this guy was phenomenal...r.i.p sir!
Almond Trees
Almond Trees:
The one and only James Bond I know. RIP Sir Sean Connery.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname:
Damn, I will never be a cool as Sean Connery, and neither will anyone else.
Monica Riley
Monica Riley:
My heart goes out to Sean connery family. He was great actor. He act in lots of movies. He'd played James bond and other characters. He will be missed. I'd seen his other movies. His legacy will live on. Rip
Jay Willey
Jay Willey:
With much respect to both parties, even Letterman knew the value in a Sean Connery hug.
Cody Creasey
Cody Creasey:
What a classy, witty man. A real Man. He'll be remembered.
Thiago Rezende
Thiago Rezende:
The best James Bond
Irene Macias
Irene Macias:
There will never be another Sean Connery 💗🙏🏻, thank you Sir Sean for all you gave us 🌹‼️‼️‼️‼️
If there was ever a person that should have been crowned king of the world, it should have been Sean Connery
David Brown
David Brown:
A really down to earth kind of guy, I like him.
Mike Cashus
Mike Cashus:
Any chance you could make a gif of him coming down on the jet pack? The coolest entrance ever IMO. Thanks!
Bharath GuitarSounds
Bharath GuitarSounds:
Would have loved to see an LOTR version of Sean Connery playing Gandalf. 3 Seans in the same movie
Konrad Fifi
Konrad Fifi:
Its hard to believe he’s gone now last elites of actors goes away I hope this year will end fast there is still Clint Eastwood Jack Nicholson etc :(
A P:
Well done. Thanks. A fitting tribute. And his entrance at the beginning... that's how I get to work everyday, including the assistants.
'You only live twice, Mr Connery'.

'Yes, this is my second life'.
Such a great actor. He will bemissed. Georgeous too, even as an older man, quite attractive.
Johnny MUFC
Johnny MUFC:
RIP Sir Sean, Scotland is proud of you!
Roscoe Garbonzo
Roscoe Garbonzo:
Only fitting & still One of the greatest intro's for a Timeless actor & Screen Icon
Alexander Mills
Alexander Mills:
Sneaked into Dr No as an “ underage” teenager, my first contact with 007, lifelong fan thereafter..... also learned how to deal with spiny sea urchins! Scotland rightly so proud of you, Edinburgh my Alma Mater. Alex in Norway.
Chris Donegan
Chris Donegan:
“We have a certain history of violence”. 😂😂😂
Chris G
Chris G:
I love how Sean comes across so serious on first glance but just sits there the whole time telling jokes lmao
jaim haas
jaim haas:
That man could hug.
Best entrance ever to a late night talk show appearance!
Ben Bell
Ben Bell:
Don Giller thank you so much for posting this.
Reece Williams
Reece Williams:
One of the rare times I've seen Dave a bit starstruck. He looks like he has no idea what to say in the first interview haha. Fair enough, too.
dani molinagarau
dani molinagarau:
M- "Bond for your next're going to heaven."

RIP Mr. Connery.
Victor the Gee
Victor the Gee:
Most inspiring and talented actor of all time, my fathers favorite and most impressive man ive ever seen. Am crying as Im looking at him land on his infamous jet packs, Dr No
"Its Bond,James Bond"
I really appreciated his insults on celebrity jeopardy.