Sean Penn: 'Cowardly Genes' Have Lead Men to Wear Skirts

Have men become too feminized?

Sean Penn seems to think so, and he shared some pretty controversial thoughts about American masculinity with a British paper.

#SeanPenn #Masculinity #Gender


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100+ komentarze:

That guy isn't going to say anything controversial even if in his heart he knows it. Come on this is laughable!
Darren Washington
Darren Washington:
My ancestors are from Scotland and Ireland. I have watched a Scottish fashion show on here. They know how to dress in kilt suits including dress shirts, ties, and dress shoes, and participated in highland sports, in World War I and II wearing kilts. They wear the kilt with masculinity and pride without worries/anxiety.
Carlo Vs Gaming
Carlo Vs Gaming:
I am 100% on Sean Penn’s side!
U N V Me
U N V Me:
👏🏼👏🏼 Sean Penn
Blije Bij
Blije Bij:
What I find more alarming...that some ppl shout to cancel Jean Penn for his opinion.
He’s right 💯
dave h
dave h:
Good for Sean Penn. Integrity speaks up!!!!
Damn, Sean Penn. Actually said some truth, not like the panel in the video.
Luis A
Luis A:
i agree with him 100%
Nadya Karpova edits
Nadya Karpova edits:
Seeing the comments, I’m glad I’m
not an American with that view of how a man should be, Jesus Christ 🤧
Mudball Creative
Mudball Creative:
03:41 “I don’t want to get in trouble” —Cowardly genes
Let's be honest here: The Jaden Smith's, Pete Davidsons Harry Styles aren't going to change much. Because they're Hollywood people and their reach doesn't really touch much upon the daily life of the average guy. You can't call them a game changer if they don't really appeal to the common man
Hahaha, holy shit. Yea at the woman in the red dress can see this for what it is. The real world (outside of Cali and New York) has a very different views on these things. What I’ll say is this. A man wearing a dress doesn’t make him any less of a man or a woman, doesn’t it beg the question why homie would wanna rock a dress to begin with? And I know a few guys personally off the top of my head who would, mainly for attention, and because they’re apart of fashion scene. But beyond that, it’s definitely out of place.
Again, put all that weirdo shit about fluidity and spectrum in the trash. It’s even more confusing.
Love him
M Hartung
M Hartung:
Amen Penn.....
Ale Fareh
Ale Fareh:
3:38 it's is the principal problem about public speech
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta:
Sean penn is 100%right and these people on this video just prove what sean penn said is true
"This is very debatable" lol no it isn't.
Osama Al-Banna
Osama Al-Banna:
Totally agree with him
Joe Parks
Joe Parks:
Hell yeah.
I thought he was so far left he was hanging by his fingers off the edge of earth? Apparently he has a few conservative drops of blood after all.
life among the elderly
life among the elderly:
Thandiwe Newton called him a fool! For speaking his truth on gender.
Whoever said you fool is liable
To the hell of fire.matthew 5:22
Paulie Boy
Paulie Boy:
The rules of gender expression is so arbitrary. At one point it was unacceptable for women to wear pants. If your problems are so small that you have to worry about what someone else chooses to wear, then I envy you
Wow, they just completely "skirted" around what Sean Penn said.
Mario García Flores
Mario García Flores:
Historically and hilariously enough, men initially wore dresses and skirts even before women started to wear them. A few countries, however, still don't believe in division as for clothing, such as Scotland, Bhutan, Myanmar, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Fiji, Japan and Greece.
mos def
mos def:
Sean penn ❤️
Can’t say I don’t disagree with Sean - but men who dye their hair are also pretty fem. How is it Sean that you continue to have somewhat dark hair? You’re not going to the beauty parlor…or are you?
stephen fermoyle
stephen fermoyle:
Sean, you are one HOT MAN !!! and you have shown us wonderful looks into both worlds by your work.
Turn Me On Deadman
Turn Me On Deadman:
“Controversial thoughts “ 😂😂😂😂 this country is a joke
Gerard V
Gerard V:
Time for these women’s balls to drop and handle things equally - you ladies should check out that sound downstairs in the middle of the night, you should help move heavy furniture, you should work more hard labor construction jobs — etc.

Ladies it’s time to man-up. And next time you pay for dinner and the movie.
I'm a woman and I agree with him.
Personally I agree with him, but just as Bob Dylan said, In the song, 'The Times They Are A Changing' "DON'T STAND IN THE DOORWAY DON'T BLOCK UP THE HALL' Sean Penn (and myself) sound like John Wayne did back in the 60's when he was talking about the hippies. The collective is going to do what they're going to do. Furthermore, I don't see it as 'cowardly' any more than I see homosexuality as cowardly, but still he has a valid point. Straight (soft) white young men, specifically from upper middle class American households who were raised in liberal suburban areas are being raised more and more under a dominant mother and, in the feminine sense, are ‘finally seeing the truth '. These soft sensitive straight men tend to be very smart and (with the influence of a left-leaning academia) are turning over every stone trying to 'cut out the tumors of injustice' even when there aren't any. The Woke Facists have perpetuated this nonsense (in liberal colleges) and convinced ‘oppressed' groups as well as young uneducated kids in middle America into believing this nonsense. It's mass brainwashing. The only sense of this new sense of 'entitlement' is a projection from these upper white middle class liberals themselves (The Woke Facists). As for white supremacy: WRONG again! People have always been oppressing other people regardless of race; and supremacy (domination) regardless of race (like it or not) is part of basic human nature. This Woke Facists and are now blacklisting (‘Cancelling’) celebrities who disagree with them. In addition, these young 'soft' straight Woke young men are highly sensitive when it comes to word choice, and assert these absurd third person singular pronoun changes upon the entire majority. (I need to reiterate, these are upper class overly sensitive rich kids who are pushing this Woke agenda on us.) They are making a mountain out of a mole hill. This degree of self-righteousness is why I use the term 'Woke Fascist' . Among other things, they are dividing the Democratic party (their own party) which will have huge consequences. Republicans will win the Congress and the presidency (the supreme court is already Republicans). National policies and federal funding will decrease in WOKE cities. By and Large, the majority of this country (white, black and asian) are not racist, sexist and homophobic. This is nothing more an assertion spread by the Woke fascist. When the Republican backlash occurs as a result of this, it will be the liberal academia to blame for brainwashing these young upper middle class white kids. It wouldn't surpise me if this results in a race war, or the country being divided according to Red and Blue states.
I went out for the Basketball Team when I was a kid. Dad had taken me to a Local High School Game... never said a word... but I thought maybe I'd try out for the team. I swear that people were hostile to my choice and I was sufficiently messed up as a kid and harassed to the point where for some reason I gave up rather than persist. Men are still expected to participate in raising their kids. They can give their sons Basketballs, Baseballs, Footballs and make sure the kids participate in masculine activities. The other day I was talking to a woman who was raising 3 boys and her family had put them in all sorts of sports ... but there was one sport that seemed to make them happy and she and her husband were concentrating on this sport as well as the others for their male children. I don't know if Genetics is the problem, but I do believe there can be a problem with rearing young male children. My start date for trying to play Basketball was when I was 10 but quite honestly there are 6 and 7 year old kids lifting weights and training for sports and masculine activities (and still doing well in school) and they can gain a huge advantage in a few years.
Sunset Onyx
Sunset Onyx:
A coward wouldn't wear pink or put on a skirt.
Paul Friedl
Paul Friedl:
I’m sick and tired of Hollywood cult he needs to be fired I will never watch another one of those movies again
Jill Slack
Jill Slack:
The people on this show have some strange views. They’re part of the problem.
When people in comments section make more sense than people on the panel ! Hmm.
Ernest Chacon
Ernest Chacon:
Like Sean Penn never visited a bookstore..., LOL !!!!¡!!!!
ian favors
ian favors:
What's so controversial about what he said
Denise Munoz
Denise Munoz:
Absolutely!!! But I call um cowards!! Women have done this to men!! Listen to these women it's ridiculous
julian marx
julian marx:
I think the more complex truth is that yes, a certain segment of men have become overly "feminine"- too concerned about their appearance, unwilling to be offensive, and spineless- BUT this has caused a pendulum swing in another sector of the culture whereby a different segment of men have become TOO masculine in response; authoritarian, aggressive, misogynistic, and most of all heartless. A true man is neither of these things.
I wonder if any of these guests even understood the fucking question lol
The guy is talking about men wearing skirts. Not whether or not it’s real, or if it’s on a spectrum, or what it could be. Let’s get really real.
When you think of a guy wearing a dress, at least in western society, you don’t think of a man holding down a wife and kids. It’s not the first idea that pops up in our head on the wall, and for good reason. Everyone Hass to be a philosopher about something, the whole spectrum bullshit, and fluidity, and the word doesn’t exist, put that shit to rest champ. Let’s get real, gender aside, it’s about personal integrity. Personal integrity makes or break the individual. Man or woman.
fre mo
fre mo:
He isn’t wrong and I hope to HELL he doesn’t apologize and back steps on his comment.
Kutos to that guy for side stepping that question without adding anything to the conversation! But I wouldn’t say men are more feminine but they definitely lost a lot of masculinity!
Daniel Buckley
Daniel Buckley:
Who gives a flying f*** what these 4 people are saying? Why are their opinions more valid than those of Sean Penn? I agree with Mr. Penn and his opinions are valid and accepted by millions of other people!
Its not debateable or controversial, its the truth
I like cowboys. Men dye their hair and go to hairdressers. They spend too much time in front of the mirror. They wear earrings and chains with bracelets. They have become as vain as women. Women are becoming like men and men like women. It's not wrong to see it and say that it's creepy. No one wants to be what they are with some dressing up as animal characters saying they are animals (Furries?) and other strange stuff because we let it go too far. People are having sex with trees and with their cars because they are in love and everything goes. That's the start of a fall for any society.
Elizabeta Šukurica
Elizabeta Šukurica:
Standing with you Sean💪!
It takes balls even to say that bravo👏👏👏
Michael Ogden
Michael Ogden:
Didn't his girlfriend brow-beat him into getting rid of his guns?
B Savage
B Savage:
Al Bundy would approve!
Paul Friedl
Paul Friedl:
We need to cancel Sean Penn cancel him don’t watch him don’t listen to him it’s our cancel culture time to get rid of Hollywood laughing out loud
Gladiators wore something similar to them🤔
Rob Ottawa
Rob Ottawa:
J Kim
J Kim:
LMAO! I wish!
Just let people wear whatever the fuck they want. Period.
…if you agree, buy his latest film. If you disagree, cry in twitter.
Lydia Reaves
Lydia Reaves:
Where's the lie? 🤣😂🤣 fluid, progression...blah,blah,blah!
If my boy ever wanted to wear a dress to school I would say hell no and have a serious talk to him about it.
C.G. Brummett
C.G. Brummett:
Only women can wear skirts?
Sean Penn has a very short memory when it comes to history
Artsy Eyes
Artsy Eyes:
The amount of sexism and stupidity in the comments makes me wish thanos never died.
Matthew Alexander Lemma
Matthew Alexander Lemma:
Sean Penn speaks the truth here. 👏
Matthew & Doris
Matthew & Doris:
Where's the debate here?
Jorge Fernando Hinojosa Jurado
Jorge Fernando Hinojosa Jurado:
As a Latino, you gringos are getting too femenine!!!!! Man up!!!!
Who literally cares about any of this. Wear whatever you want. Lord.
Yor Lastfoe
Yor Lastfoe:
He's 100% correct. THANK YOU Sean for stepping up to the plate. There's been a certain demographic's "agenda" being heavily promoted through media the last 15 years that's to blame.
Derek Soto
Derek Soto:
Im glad i wasn't only the one thinking that i can't even take so called men that wear skinny jeans seriously i blame trends and hip hop music has really infested this country
Sunset Onyx
Sunset Onyx:
The media shouldn't give toxic men attention.
Travis Mitchell
Travis Mitchell:
I’m a 22 year old man and was at the gym, when a spider crawled up a piece of a equipment, two which three dudes almost three times my size flipped out and jumped away from it.

Then and there, I was reminded of the issue we face.
The issue isn’t the sexuality or gender you identify as,
Rather, the age you are, and the responsibility adults have to influence youth positively.
The way some feminine men behave, boarders on childish.
The attempt or act to behave like a woman coming off like chjaracaturizing them, insulting the very people they’re trying to be.

I have a friend who believes people shouldn’t be gay because of his religion, and
I politely disagree with said belief, as I think calling out someone for not being straight is merely projecting on the part of the person who has their own demons they don’t want to be accountable for.
I have friends who are trans, and I believe true beauty is genderless.

That all said, I can go on my Snapchat and find 3 people I blocked because they sent me a picture of their D*ck.
Not women,
But trans women.

The discussions leading to this happening never started out sexual in my end, but became quickly so on the other person’s end.

To be blunt, speaking as a man, becoming aroused is probably one of the most common distractions we face.
We as men will get the urge to pause a movie, take care of business, and resume the movie, with little thought as to how random it was.

That’s simply how men are wired. It’s just a matter of self control and discipline not to act as such, which is a serious struggle for the ones we call perverts, who send pictures of their situations to people, not considering if it’s offensive.

Women are less criticized for being revealing, which is their right, but know restraint and sexual decorum.
But men are more likely to want to act on their urges, and think with their pants instead of their brains.

As for feminine men, gay men, or trans women,
The dissociation some may face, is that perceived sexual control a woman instinctually possesses, coupled with the less rational behavior a man has.

This results in some these people being very sexual and offensive.
But because they are in a minority, and identify as either women, or feminine men, they aren’t allowed to be criticized.

And we have influencers like Jeffrey Star who younger people look up to,
But who behaves so sexually all the time.
Even something like Rupaul’s Drag Race, which began relatively tame,
But is now softcore porn.

The issue being, the sex drive driving some of these people is that of a man.

In some cases, I also fear this could cross the line into Pedophilia.

I feel there are a large group of these people who are only doing it to more easily fulfill their own urges that would be harder to achieve if they were just some dude, so they do it by getting in with feminine crowds, and acting childish to attract those people to their pages and watch their programs.

That’s a little off topic, but it shows that many of these people aren’t who they’re pretending to be,
But on a larger level, we don’t necessarily need more manly men.
More so, just men who accept that they are adults and will behave as such.
Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter:
Ask Sean why is he hiding
Look at that panel. You are asking them??
Majority of men in America aren't "femenize". I don't get it. Can someone tell me what the heck Penn is taking about?
Mister Witchett
Mister Witchett:
Wow! I am pleased to hear another man say what I have been saying for years. Sean Penn you are absolutely so very correct. Thanks for having the MAN guts to say it. Thank you from a former U.S. Army Special Forces Operator with combat experience who proudly served as an 18A. No woman could have done that job…she would have crumbled like a crouton because some jobs are built for shoulders and not for hips.
I am a man, and I agree with him
Horn Hub
Horn Hub:
Men should wear Scottish men's skirts instead if they want to wear skirts?
Versie Graham
Versie Graham:
That's dude Jeff knew he shouldn't put his opinion in this but these women apparently love to because they think can tell a man he is wrong on his opinion about other men lol
Mark Prange
Mark Prange:
Penn tells it like it is.
ed Porter
ed Porter:
K J:
The dude on this show is exactly what Sean Penn is talking about! Exactly!
Finally someone with some sense! Thank you Mr. Penn
Rodrigo Gutierrez
Rodrigo Gutierrez:
Shit I don't agree with Penn on somethings but he is spot on when it comes to this
Norm DePlume
Norm DePlume:
Wranglers aren't cowardly but Levis are!
He’s talking to you girls
Osama Al-Banna
Osama Al-Banna:
Maaaaan up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No lies detected
Saying the truth 💪
Gilleon Gillis
Gilleon Gillis:
He speaks truth.
Jill Slack
Jill Slack:
Sean Penn is absolutely right.
More Content Than You Can Handle
More Content Than You Can Handle:
He is 100000000000% CORRECT
Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas:
Super right, somebody should have been said it. I stand with him.
I've been saying this for years. We MEN are the leaders, the strong ones, the providers, the broad shoulders, and the decision makers. That's that. You don't like it? Don't bother me. Go find some weak man who will do whatever you say and want. We MEN are MEN. We do NOT have an inner female, we do not have a female side. We don't have to get in touch with our female anything because we don't have one. We do not get pregnant, when our wives, yes WIVES not girlfriends get pregnant, we are there for them as the MEN that we are. We do not feel their pain, do not learn how to lamaze breathe, and we do what we can to help them be the mothers they are meant to be. The politically correct crowd has tried and is still trying to feminize men and they start in school. We MEN will fight this no matter what...and guess who will win? You women. You will be proud to be in love with a real MAN instead of these weak excuses of a man who try to be all sensitive and weak!!! They are embarrassing.
That’s not what Sean Penn is saying. That’s what happens when you take peoples words out of context. It’s about men who want to support women. He is saying American men think by helping women is to become a woman…in every way
D P:
Why is telling the truth....controversial
More power to Sean Penn.
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Rikki Tikki Tavi:
I agree with Sean too. I’ve noticed recently how men celebrities act all cool hanging with women. And I don’t think of cowboy when thinking of masculinity. I think of confidence, resolve, physical strength. Women are intuitive more than men. I sure hope society doesn’t morph us into one gender. We will all become weak and boring.
Christian McLain
Christian McLain:
Listen to your f*cking comment section
I know this might be a related topic, but I just want to say this. I don't get some rappers today, who do girly things. And then they hate being called gay.
Marwan Sabirou
Marwan Sabirou:
no hes right
Yamato Musashi
Yamato Musashi:
"Our country won't go on forever if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any America because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.!" Lt. Gen. Lewis B "Chesty" Puller, USMC
Terrell Smith
Terrell Smith:
He’s right…we all know this