Search History with Lisa Kudrow

What has the hilarious Lisa Kudrow been looking up on the internet? Find out in the latest edition of "Search History with Lisa Kudrow!" We are calling this episode "The One Where Lisa Kudrow Shares Her Internet Searches."

#FriendsReunion #Colbert #LisaKudrow

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100+ komentarze:

Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Lisa would be perfect on SNL, she’s naturally comedic in a good way.
Andrew Dyer
Andrew Dyer:
What a delightful person.
Denis B
Denis B:
I don’t know why, but this was soothing, and now I really wanna be friends with Lisa Kudrow. I feel id have a nice, normal time.
you just can't not smile when u see lisa she is that person that brings joy whereever she goes
C. Douglas Brookover
C. Douglas Brookover:
In the late 90s you donated a pair of black high heel shoes to a fundraiser called Pumped Up On Art. I never stopped and thank you for that as we raised $2,000 at the auction for the piece of artwork that I created out of your shoes. It was kind of funny. I created a whole missing episode of Friends where Phoebe plays the lovely assistant to Joey who gets a job as a magician. Then she gets trapped in that three level cut up a box with the blades that go in the side and what I did was create the bottom part of that with mannequin legs and your shoes. xoxo
So on Friends she wasn’t even acting, she was just being herself.
Aerial Arboreal
Aerial Arboreal:
She's like Susan Sarandon... The older she get's... The hotter she becomes...
Desmond Hawkins
Desmond Hawkins:
Please do "Search History with Matt Gaetz" next.
laji. bolala
laji. bolala:
She aged beautifully 😍
Harry Torres
Harry Torres:
She's always been and still is super beautiful.
Lawrence C
Lawrence C:
I love how esoteric she is! I'm interested in the same things.
Her charm is still off the charts ^_^
hiii yooo
hiii yooo:
her smile, her laugh everything about her makes me happy
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt:
Each cast member was paid $2.5 million for the Reunion.
Gunther: You guys got paid? They told me this was just for fun.
joe fortino
joe fortino:
Somebody looks really good in glasses!
Oh that was a lot of fun interesting to see what people are interested in LOL
Amber Glow
Amber Glow:
She’s so gorgeous. Even more beautiful now than ever. Love her smile.
Savanna Reed
Savanna Reed:
lisa was such a awesome phoebe they casted friends perfectlyyy it couldn’t have been better!!
Nico Robin
Nico Robin:
Good job on the Reunion last night, Pheebs.
She looking good in those glasses
Oooh Lisa never change LOL
Mihaela Negritu
Mihaela Negritu:
She has her personal kind of humour,but most of it, she's natural.I'm so tired of fake Hollywood !
Kelly Kurt
Kelly Kurt:
Great background music.
Pumbha USA
Pumbha USA:
She is an amazing and beautiful lady
Rob Fitzsimmons
Rob Fitzsimmons:
Yep this checks out. Still madly in love with this woman. <3
Vanessa Crooks
Vanessa Crooks:
lisa's laugh makes me laugh every single time.
megha ali
megha ali:
She is so cute adorable and funny❤️❤️❤️ and her search history made my day 😂😂
Daniel Overcash
Daniel Overcash:
I literally just finished watching the reunion!
The Jersey Creative
The Jersey Creative:
Whack bag
Whack bag:
You're a treasure Lisa...also not for nothing but 100 an absolute dime.
Jupiter Kansas
Jupiter Kansas:
that's a classy search history.
Mark Raphael
Mark Raphael:
Eternally charming!
Myr go
Myr go:
I watched Harold and Maude just the other day! Love you Lisa!
Sonya D
Sonya D:
the fact that she is a royal buff makes me love her more! I look up royal connections all the time...gah , love her
Element Gypsy
Element Gypsy:
I search like that too! One thing leads to another and curiosity gets me and before long I am in the depths of history.
Barry Webber
Barry Webber:
I always find Lisa very likeable and attractive.
Da Hawk
Da Hawk:
Best plug ever.
Black Romulan
Black Romulan:
"Search History" is a new modality for Lisa Kudrow.
Koral Davis
Koral Davis:
Now I'm thinking about the beautiful poodle 🐩 from "Housebroken"
Honey: Oh. Coyote ❤️💖
She is so cute wth😭❤️😍
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
History Geek here, and I found the historical tidbits Fascinating- thanks Lisa!!
Little B Anne
Little B Anne:
Love this!
Sean Raines
Sean Raines:
That was interesting. I'm intrigued by royal family and I'm looking up aunt Jo's children(s) shop.
Shoutout to the "GOT Fan Fic Ideas" folder
julio rosa
julio rosa:
she's so knowledgeable. Could she get an interview with the Mayor of Chicago? asking for a friend.
Pirate King X
Pirate King X:
I love her smile
Impressive and really exciting 😄😂
I love her facial mannerisms. I also love how she seems extremely comfortable poking fun at herself. She just seems like a genuinely fun and humble person...oh and let's not forget extremely intelligent!
T A:
Lisa Kudrow ! You rock in #feelgood
She’s aging how?
Michael Campos
Michael Campos:
She came out on every which way but loose. 💙 her
Belinda Benz
Belinda Benz:
That was fantastic! 😁
RD Rae
RD Rae:
Love the giggles 😊
Chris Ketchum
Chris Ketchum:
The world needs more Lisa Kudrow content
Ernesto Marcos
Ernesto Marcos:
Yeah, looking up how the monarchs are related is always fun. Like for example, the Catholic Monarchs of Spain Alfonso and Isabel had two daughters, Catalina and Juana. Catalina was Henry VIII's first wife (she originally married his older brother but they never consumated so she remarried) with whom she had a daughter, Mary. As we know Henry didn't like that he didn't have a son so he went on to break with the Catholic Church and marry Ann Boleyn. Mary later became Queen and was called Bloody Mary because people didn't like powerful women. Meanwhile her aunt was also Queen of Spain but they also didn't like powerful women so they called her Juana la Loca ("Crazy Juana") and didn't let her have the power, so they jailed her and her son Carlos I (result of her marriage with Phillip the Beautiful, son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I) was the actual king and the first of the Habsburg dynasty on Spain. So two sisters basically told a whole century of European History (not even mentioning that their parents were the ones that reconquered Granada from the Moors and evicted Jews from Spain, and also financed Christopher Columbus' trip).
Soren Ingram
Soren Ingram:
Lisa showing her Smarts and Style
reticent e ville
reticent e ville:
What a beautiful nerd lol
Shakeel Ahmed
Shakeel Ahmed:
Lovely to see you Lisa ❤️😍😘
Parsnip Guy
Parsnip Guy:
Christian IX of Denmark looks like the mayor of whoville
Raymond Kent
Raymond Kent:
Lisa Kudrow lives in an exquisitely appointed Condo, I assume, but it could be a house, maybe or maybe not that is the question.
Lisa Kudrow looks great.
Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson:
I'm totally into European royal history as well...I've actually used Wikipedia to map the British royal family from the start...
Miloh Johnson
Miloh Johnson:
I feel like she needs a better agent. She is a treasure
Paint Apps
Paint Apps:
This made me feel old.
Raphael Ginsburg
Raphael Ginsburg:
0:25 “So that’s exciting.” Pretty much sums up this premise
Jaklin Ruseva
Jaklin Ruseva:
I want part 2!!!!!
Still the same ole friend. Aloha Lisa🌸
Julia Pickelhaupt
Julia Pickelhaupt:
Lisa is the best history teacher!!
I really listened and tried to understand the story behind Alexandra and Dagmar :D
Pongo Pygmaeus
Pongo Pygmaeus:
You seem really talented you should do television.
Julies Corner
Julies Corner:
This is entertainment at its peak
Aleksey Shadrunov
Aleksey Shadrunov:
oh my gosh thanks for bringing up russian history! it's amazing to know that someone's interested in that^)
Tats Sacs
Tats Sacs:
I want whatever the hell she’s drinking. I watched friends when i was their age and this lady just age slightly while i’m ugh.....
B L:
Can we stop illustrate Gruyere with pieces of cheese with holes ? Gruyere doesnt have holes!
New Message
New Message:
Oh... I could never do this bit...
Gregory Edward
Gregory Edward:
what if I just watched? Why did I watch this? What does this mean? I am down a rabbit hole and it’s a week after this was posted.

Does summer up: I live a very sad life.
Still hot AF
mary jones
mary jones:
Charles Walls
Charles Walls:
Lisa aged best out of the entire friends cast by a long stretch. she looks like some 30 year olds i know
Gruyere is what swiss cheese wishes it could be.
Emma House
Emma House:
Don't want to live anymore.
Dan Frederiksen
Dan Frederiksen:
The last part seems a little self serving :)
Sofie Hansen
Sofie Hansen:
Ha! The Royal Danish connection was my exact search last week. It's fascinating :)
Steven James
Steven James:
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I hate Phoebe Buffay, but I will always love Lisa Kudrow.
Emily C
Emily C:
Is this jenna marbles in 20 years
john smith
john smith:
Love you are so smart 💘
Paul Van Obberghen
Paul Van Obberghen:
The picture is wrong: Gruyère cheese does not have holes! You’re probably looking at Emmenthal. Say « Swiss cheese » instead, if you mean a cheese with holes in it.
It shows how our minds work, ever curious, flipping through one thought after another. But, is it ultimately just a waste of time?
Ron C
Ron C:
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
Chris Sherrill
Chris Sherrill:
Always heard she was a total C word on the set of friends.
GenX pretending to do clever searches on the pornbox. Typical.
Jenna Beuttler
Jenna Beuttler:
First!! I’ve never been first in a video before, this is so exciting!!
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh:
these are old lady searches haha
Jatin Kashyap
Jatin Kashyap:
It was funny bcos it was boring/being herself.
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate:
500th like!
Shubham Adawade
Shubham Adawade:
New Message
New Message:
Grandma sold children?

* blink blink *