See a Salamander Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse | Short Film Showcase

Witness the ‘making of’ a salamander from fertilization to hatching in this six minute time-lapse.
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Filmmaker Jan van IJken's Becoming reveals the fascinating genesis of animal life. A single cell is transformed into a complete, complex living organism with a beating heart and running bloodstream. Observe the stages of development that occur within an Alpine newt embryo (Ichthyosaura alpestris) in this fascinating six minute time-lapse captured over a three week period.

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See a Salamander Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic

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National Geographic
National Geographic:
After more than six months of filming and countless tweaks, Jan van IJken was able to shrink what would take around four weeks in nature down to just six minutes of otherworldly beauty. If you'd like to learn more, read on here:
Pablo Bellotto
Pablo Bellotto:
10/10 great character development
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez:
What we all imagined would happen after putting our instant-dinosaur pills in some hot water
иван иванов
иван иванов:
*a person after birth*
needs constant care and supervision.
*Salamander after birth*
- well, I'm off
Kind Old Raven
Kind Old Raven:
It's still kinda weird how a heart just ''starts'' at one point.
Lol imagine if we're being observed by extraterrestrial life just like this.
y’all ever become a multicellular organism just to flex on bacteria
2030: See a human Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse | Short Film Showcase
Abhishek MG
Abhishek MG:
It's really cool that the yellow liquid turned into a conscious living thing just like that
Thee ObamaTM
Thee ObamaTM:
i feel like im not suppose to be watching this...
That little circulatory system developing is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Crazy that we ourselves went through a process just like this.
blue dreamz
blue dreamz:
The cell splitting was nuts crazy how everything knows exactly what to do
I was thinking about my whole existence throughout the video.
Aman Cheema
Aman Cheema:
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
Still wondering that humans start from a single cell and grow to beings who study it recursively.
How great is that!
Michi joy
Michi joy:
*Me warming my mini pizza in the micro wave*
The one part of cheese that just won't melt: 0:29
Hey, you reading this, this this happened to you too being a single cell organism and becoming what you are now
i wonder when the conscious of the salamander awakens, i mean once it left the egg it stayed still before snapping alive
6:03 *me when the teacher says turn in your homework*
youtube: hey wanna see a salamander being born?
me: sure, i didnt ask but ok
Razias Razias
Razias Razias:
It's a " perfect cell "
Noah Quillin
Noah Quillin:
whenever i saw those glass fins near its head i said in my mind: THAT HAS GOTTA BE A AXOLOTL
JokingVirus Epidemic
JokingVirus Epidemic:
It’s almost like science fiction seeing how all of the different organs and limbs etc were by just cells telling each what to do
Laura Gullery
Laura Gullery:
And this children is how babies are made.
Anahí Apcay
Anahí Apcay:
Salamander: *happily starting to live without knowing that 5,5 million people have witnessed its birth*
Burtlederp Inc.
Burtlederp Inc.:
bruh i always pictured gastrulation as like a giant fold nOT THAT THAT IS SO COOL
Captain Wormburner
Captain Wormburner:
Evolution from potato to salamander: With Sound Effects!!!!
S D:
To the Evolutionist, this all happens by accident. Their god Oops! made it.
sayan neogy
sayan neogy:
_Salamander after developing into a elongated blob:_ *"Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle..."*
Let's be honest, none of you searched for this.
these water sounds in the background is so freakin good to hear
DJ W1lly
DJ W1lly:
The cameraman once again doing a really good job.
I’ve never seen cells dividing up close
Cevin's Concert Channel
Cevin's Concert Channel:
It's amazing to me how the cells just kind of know what to do!
Jordan Rice
Jordan Rice:
It's amazing how the cells "know" how to arrange billions of themselves into this particular shape.
Keri Krogel
Keri Krogel:
Watching this would have made my Developmental Biology course in the late 90's, so much easier to understand!
this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life, thank you
Andrew Aydie
Andrew Aydie:
Creeps me but intrigues as well, weird... This is LIFE creating itself.
Wayne Van Rensburg
Wayne Van Rensburg:
Watching this makes you realise how little we know, incredible.
Lockstin & Gnoggin
Lockstin & Gnoggin:
Life is amazing.
It looks like one of those toys that expand in warm water
Martin Norwood
Martin Norwood:
That was incredible footage. It was like it was born twice emerging from the first embryotic to the larger one. The cell division stage was fascinating too. What was the catalyst to trigger off the cell division stage?
Now show us the one where we can reject our humanity and revert back to monke! :D
Becky Matson
Becky Matson:
That is amazing. I wonder, at what point did it "become" a salamander? Hmmmm? Just sayin.
I'm just curious about how this was filmed
Nicholas Crego
Nicholas Crego:
The camera is amazing. This was interesting!
Antonio Vargas hagberg
Antonio Vargas hagberg:
The mommy: ‘’live peaceful, good luck’’.
To the one who made this. Thank you
trying to figure out why ppl disliked this
Spike Viper
Spike Viper:
Now that was incredible.
Akancha Kumari
Akancha Kumari:
My brain: yes play the video
My heart: no that's creepy
And between them my fingers.
This is so beautiful and magical.
Maus Mail
Maus Mail:
Awesome how every cell knows its place - a foggy cloud of fluid until grasping it comes to live and evolving into this little guy <3
Mathieu Galante
Mathieu Galante:
Just another day of "where did my quarantine recommended list take me"
The Cooler Cheezit034
The Cooler Cheezit034:
I guess that's what happens when you leave those little foam dinosaurs in the water for too long
Your Med Teacher
Your Med Teacher:
1:50 it looks like a transparent egg with a dim yellow yolk!!!
Jerome Caballero
Jerome Caballero:
1:57 ahh the nostalgia of getting hit of one of these
Wingsofthe Icephoenix
Wingsofthe Icephoenix:
This is what our teachers should have shown us after teaching about cells in biology class.
Bhuvnesh Pargi
Bhuvnesh Pargi:
I wish I would have seen this during my biology class..reproduction ❤️
not too sure why this was in my recommendations but im glad it was
dot txt
dot txt:
fun fact: thats an axolotl
That isn't even its final form
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma:
All this to grow up and getting eaten face first by a praying mantis
Watch this video listening "Flowers love" of Joël Fajerman. Your'e wellcome 😊
mitochondria is the powerhouse of the *salamander*
Johnny Rodgers
Johnny Rodgers:
This reinforces my belief in the Creator. It’s nothing short of miraculous!
There's a bit missing in the middle. Did the guys forget to film for a week or so? hehe
But all BS aside, what a time to be alive! To be able to witness such a wonder as the evolution of a creature from embryo to birth.
5:29 Salamander looks at itself and yells, "NOOOO! I'M A SALAMANDER!!"
RatGutz !
RatGutz !:
3:28 a delicious pork dumpling
maiko kun
maiko kun:
Those cells be like
ia anuj
ia anuj:
this was the first video I have watched without looking into the comment section.
Ruqayyah Fatima
Ruqayyah Fatima:
Papatato ._.
Papatato ._.:
Other people: wow this is so interesting and beautiful!, My face the whole video: 😬😯🤢😬🤨😬😬😬😮😲😊😁
Keane Mahony
Keane Mahony:
Shd prove how early life begins
Salamander: _"It feels like I've been watched my _*_ENTIRE_*_ life."_
Josh Keefe
Josh Keefe:
This film should be called breath of life caught on video. It's miraculous how life was designed to go from once cell to become such symmetrical and complex creatures as if being guided and molded by an unseen hand. So powerful to see it happen so close up.
It's so amazing to watch this! Better than watching a stunning science fiction movie because it's real, and the background water noise is so powerful like rhythm of life, like the beginning part of "Also sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss.
Athar Shaikh
Athar Shaikh:
Even a single cell knows how to become salamander, Nature
Yusuf Jabbar
Yusuf Jabbar:
‏فتبارك الله أحسن الخالقين ☝️❤️سبحان الله
A+ for no obnoxious background music. The amazing visuals and beauty of nature is more than enough.
2 MAcki
2 MAcki:
Looks like it grows outside then in. So all the organs(or their roots) are grown on the outside layer :O Fascinating!
Pboen Horror
Pboen Horror:
The pleasant tendency complimentarily pick because crawdad fittingly back pro a dusty swan. vulgar, foregoing cricket
Ry J
Ry J:
"Ughh sir?.. my sunny-side up egg is acting kinda weird.."
Nick Bogdan Hoppe
Nick Bogdan Hoppe:
Seldomly saw somthing so incredibly exciting! This moment when the cluster of cells contracts to forme a tube. Thank you for that <3
This makes robots look caveman primitive technology.
Mike VG
Mike VG:
you can almost see how life started off as a chemical reaction
Antea Stassi
Antea Stassi:
The orchestration of the symphony of dynamic gene expression during embryonic development is exquisite
thats just amazing how we can see cells through his body
Patrick Charest
Patrick Charest:
the other way to become a salamander is to go past warp 10
Azliana Lyana
Azliana Lyana:
Such an amazing opportunity to be able to see this up close. Love these timelapses. Thanks NG
Wajahat Hussian
Wajahat Hussian:
Allah akbar
It's actually amazing how you can kinda see the blood cells flowing through the vessels (although I'm not sure if that's just the consistency or appearance of the blood)!
Aamna V
Aamna V:
Salamander leaves after growing
Cameraman: baby you were mine🥺
Your Med Teacher
Your Med Teacher:
It is like I'm seeing it now, like it happening now!!!
Something Pretentious, Probably
Something Pretentious, Probably:
Just think, this salamander is more popular than you before it was even born.
6th Ascent
6th Ascent:
They look like small bugs crawling on it. half way threw what are those?
Xen Uno
Xen Uno:
That was neat and very well done. As one without ADHD, I highly approve! Nat Geo should take a lesson from IJken's production here as this video contains none of the loud, constant, and overly dramatic background music, none of the endless fast cuts, and none of the annoying narration that is typical of a late model NG vid. I do remember when NG did have good production values. That was before the Discovery Channel crew was hired to do all of their documentaries and shorts. Of the major nature-science outlets, only Attenborough and the BBC and possibly PBS (ie Nova and Frontline) still know how to make a good doc ..
Fatema Zehera
Fatema Zehera:
SubhanAllah 🙌💥
Dylan Man
Dylan Man:
This is like one of those things you put in water and they grow
play in reverse if u wanna see a salamander become a cell