See China's reaction as Pelosi heads to Taiwan

House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is expected to visit Taiwan as part of her ongoing tour of Asia, according to a senior Taiwanese government official and a US official. That's despite warnings from Biden administration officials, who are worried about China's response to such a high-profile visit. The stop -- the first for a US House speaker in 25 years -- is not currently on Pelosi's public itinerary and comes at a time when US-China relations are already at a low point.
Chinese government officials have escalated their rhetoric ahead of Pelosi's prospective trip. CNN's Will Ripley reports.
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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
She went to Taiwan for two purposes: to collect her retirement check and to unload the debts from vast sums contributed by Taiwan to the US Congress, after all Taiwan was the #1 donor.
Jon Gonzales
Jon Gonzales:
I...didn't "see China's reaction".
We just saw two people speculate about their reaction.
I feel sorry for the pilot that got this assignment
E M:
Will is pretty right about the situation
Sarah Jenkins
Sarah Jenkins:
This quote came from the last few seconds of this video.

The US: “we don’t seek for Taiwan’s independence.”

Also the US: “we don’t want to see the Taiwanese be coerced by China .”

Doesn’t this mean you want Taiwanese to be independent? Isn’t this a contradiction?
Xu Barney
Xu Barney:
wow this guest speaker is really brilliant and profound in knowledge! we need more guys like him!!
Yolanda nnn
Yolanda nnn:
In 1979, the United States made a clear commitment in the China-U.S. Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations -- "The United States of America recognizes the Government of the People's Republic of China as the sole legal Government of China. Within this context, the people of the United States will maintain cultural, commercial, and other unofficial relations with the people of Taiwan."
Don Blanco
Don Blanco:
How can anybody like any of these politicians right left up,down they're all out for themselves
Wes Hawkins
Wes Hawkins:
I’d pay close attention to what stocks she invests in after she returns.
robert gwynne
robert gwynne:
How many fronts and conflicts can you sustain simulteneously. Are they going for the record?
Robert Daly is really impressive. Super informative, nailing all the points in such precise and fluid delivery.
“My father could have been a great comedian but he didn't believe that that was possible for him, and so he made a conservative choice. Instead, he got a safe job as an accountant and when I was 12 years old he was let go from that safe job, and our family had to do whatever we could to survive. I learned many great lessons from my father. Not the least of which was that: You can fail at what you don't want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” ― Jim Carrey
Barbara Collins
Barbara Collins:
Jimi Hendrex was indeed a wise man. As a teenager in the 70's I would give anything for the world to get back to that era. That decade was the golden age for us boomers. We knew how to protest without a gun in site other than when police showed up for crowd control, and they were the ones with guns and with few exceptions, no one was harmed, the Kent State massacre for one.
Steven The abc and sometimes d
Steven The abc and sometimes d:
This is a bit confusing. In 1975 and 1980 I went to Formosa/Taiwan . The U.S. government did not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. It was easier then because they were an actual democracy and had plenty of freedoms. So much easier, I couldn’t get a visa to get into China, even though my parents were Chinese immigrants. Today, maybe we do recognize Taiwan as being separate from China. China wants to annex Taiwan much like they re-annexed Hong Kong and Macau. The difference is the British had a lease on Hong Kong and Portugal had on Macau. There may not be any truth to the fact that Japan were originally Chinese exiled to Japan and Chinese exiled to Taiwan. We don’t study Chinese history here in the U.S. but will be interesting to find out about the origins of these nations.
B.E. Tillman
B.E. Tillman:
Those who don’t agree with her visit, oh well, you’re not in office. If these visits aren’t done and similar acts, our democracy would be at risk. Democracy has to be protected in order for us all to enjoy our freedoms.
Donna Vaughn
Donna Vaughn:
I feel I'm in upside down world because this country, not really our friends is threatening us. Why is it so important for her to go there now, why can't she just speak to them online?
Niphon Arunyakasemsuk
Niphon Arunyakasemsuk:
Recklessly unwise move from the US.
Third's Music
Third's Music:
My deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Nancy Pelosi
adam jamal
adam jamal:
“You think you are dying for your country; you die for the industrialists.”
— Anatole France
Linus Grant
Linus Grant:
I agree with Will Ripley about his assessment on this situation. It's their rhetoric for fooling around people inside China.
Its crazy if you really think about it, a handful of people control the lives of billions and are able to send people to their deaths through pointless war rather than live in peace and prosperity for all.
People Liberator
People Liberator:
'If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that.'

---Abraham Lincoln replied, Vietcong and CCP retweeted.
Paul Archibald
Paul Archibald:
Best move of 2022. Never give in to unprovoked bullying. Calling China's bluff vital.
As John Kirby said yesterday, Newt Gingrich visited Taiwan as the Speaker of the House in 1997, there isn't any reason for China's overreaction! It looks like China just arbitrarily drawing the "red lines".

The difference between Gingrich's visit and now is that China has become richer, stronger, and aggressively bolder thanks to years of the so-called "constructive engagement" of the US policy. The proponent of the policy expected as China becomes richer and more involved in the western market, it will become more open and follow the established international order. How wrong was that assumption! China has used the high tech to spy on its own people and tighten the grip; used the money to build up military to harass its neighbors; and declared that it will not follow "the rules established by the West."
They've been flying over the median line of the strait for years. It's not new.

The trip is very much needed. This is a low stakes way for Pelosi to demonstrate we do in fact stand with Taiwan even though we do not support their independence.
"Politicians don't mind starting wars, because they always send others to fight it."
Judith Matthews
Judith Matthews:
Taiwan is an amazing country. It is democratic and demonstrates how this can be combined with respect for Asian culture. The people are kind and welcoming. I’d encourage everyone to visit if they get the chance as there are no restrictions on what you can do where you can go.
In China, (1) the state can force Chinese nationals at home and abroad to carry out military activities in their respective countries (National Defense Mobilization Law, effective in 2010); (2) the state can force Chinese nationals at home and abroad to do spy activities in their respective countries. (National Intelligence Law, effective 2017). Chinese citizens who do not follow the instructions and orders of the Chinese government will be arrested and have no option to decline.
Together, these two laws create the most dangerous security situation for every country.🇯🇵🇺🇦🇹🇼🇯🇵
Chris Aldridge
Chris Aldridge:
Politicians don't mind starting wars, because they always send others to fight it.
Bab Blo
Bab Blo:
Hiding our intentions (to visit Taiwan) until the last moment is not winning us friends. World is changing and two-faced egoists are not in high demand anymore.
F. W.
F. W.:
While the visit is not well timed i think Pelosi is right in her support for Taiwan.
Everyone needs to calm down. The Queen of Corruption Central would not be going anywhere she really thought was dangerous.
David Paglia
David Paglia:
"Never let anyone outside the Family no what your thinking"- Don Corleone
Allen Zhang
Allen Zhang:
Sir, I believe in great power politics. Within that context, I don’t think majority of Americans want to start war with China. Just politics for votes amid mid term elections here…this is unnecessary escalation from an 82 years old politician who I dislike, I am hopeful that her party won’t make it!
Actually the losing side did not 'move to Taiwan,' they moved to Formosa. I wonder how much the native Formosans appreciated that.
It is also important to remember China is going through a major banking crisis. So this could be an attempt to distract their people from it.
"If I don't know what I'm doing, neither does the enemy" ~ stage 4 Joe Tzu
I admire and love the patience of the true American people who are boiling over at this point with anger and disgust.
Peace lover 6306
Peace lover 6306:
She is an old reckless official who doesn't care for the lives of the young!!
José Augusto Figueiredo
José Augusto Figueiredo:
American pressure that will make its foreign debt bonds come at a price!
US lost China forever after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, analyst says.
With the US House Speaker's arrival in Taiwan, Washington believes it has won the round, although from a strategic point of view it is losing China for good as Beijing moves even closer to Moscow, it told Sputnik on Wednesday. (3) Russian military analyst Aleksei Leonkov.
On Tuesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed that certain politicians in the US were "playing with fire" on the Taiwan issue, following their personal interests. The entity promised to take all necessary measures in response to Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. After Pelosi's plane landed in Taipei, the Xinhua news agency reported on large-scale drills in the waters around the island from Aug 4-7.

Russia and China together are twice as many as the US and Europe!
John Dillinger
John Dillinger:
As President and King of Planet Mars I wish all peace and Love ❤️ to all in planet earth 🌏 Countries and lands have all been established in planet Earth and it should stay that way. No need for confrontation .
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Katrina Rodriguez
Katrina Rodriguez:
Although I would like to know what the policy is allowing them to justify this. If no one, for my lack of a better word, 'important' has been to Taiwan in a while, why make this distinction now? There is a very complicated relationship between China and Taiwan, coming in between that out of the blue is going to be a tense situation for both regions involved
event horizon
event horizon:
All of representatives through elections are Welcomed to Taiwan 💕
Good question from Pamela Brown, does Taiwan wants Pelosi’s visit? I assume they must feel quite awkward about it..
Dylan Attix
Dylan Attix:
I think it's interesting how the Taiwan visit was left off the official itinerary. It avoided confirming or denying if the visit would happen and gave the U.S. an out just in case.

I also think this is mostly a power play by the Democrats to curry support ahead of the midterm elections.
Blondie SL
Blondie SL:
Mr. Daily knows his stuff!
Nan Jiang
Nan Jiang:
It is like what if the USA lost the American civil war and fled to Hawaii. Then CSA wants to occupy Hawaii to finish the war off after 70 years. Yes CSA never owned Hawaii before but do you consider it’s an invasion or just finishing off a civil war? At same time, China is trying to help USA Hawaii government to fight off CSA “invasion” by providing weapons and offer political support by sending top official there.
Grenadier 22
Grenadier 22:
With China making noise about re-unifying Taiwan by force sooner than later after witnessing Russia's difficulties; concerned that Taiwan will fortify like Ukraine; so vociferous in their threats and warnings as of late, this trip may be warranted.

Whether planning it in the first place was wise or not, we can't back down and show weakness now.
Sleepy Joe
Sleepy Joe:
We have to pass it to see what's in it ~Pelosi
Michael Dwyer
Michael Dwyer:
We *don’t* want their independence? News to me! (10:26)

I get what you’re saying but I don’t think we should negotiate with China. We’re neutral with a tilt toward Taiwan and the fact that Pelosi is going *there* and not China is us declaring to China that Taiwan is its own unique nation. That’s what pisses them off so much and I’ve talked to a handful of Chinese people who have explained as much. We can’t let this one go.
Anthony Stiles
Anthony Stiles:
Rest in peace Nancy 👍👌😂🇺🇸
I'm Republican and might vote Pelosi because shes got more balls then Trump!
I really don’t understand what she hopes to accomplish there. It’s not a good time to make people even more nervous. All eyes should be on the war that is at hand.
Pouya Mori
Pouya Mori:
Did he just say there hasn't been any real military build up??? Have they missed the nonstop footage of hundreds of tank and armor on rail tracks heading towards the border provinces and continuous drills in the area?
Fuggin & Panda
Fuggin & Panda:
All I can say is the US might want to either initiate a draft or up their recruiting. From what I remember Obama cut the military to save money. I'm not sure what our numbers are now and our equipment and weapons are outdated. Most weapons are dated during the Vietnam war with the M-16. Our equipment besides drones (Humvees and other vehicles helicopters and F-14s) are dated back to the 90s. Also not to mention that Generation Z is in our military so it's real soft and baby fied and I fear they might throw rainbow flags at the enemy and shout "I identify as a female". Nothing like it used to be when I was in 2005-2009.
estimater :
I'm happy to support democracy. Free people just want to live their lives. Well done USA!🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑‍🤝‍🧑
m m
m m:
Chinese: I am dying for our sovereignty.
American: I am dying for Nancy Pelosi.🤣
JC Yman
JC Yman:
I certainly hope this director knows whatever he is talking about (meaning the Chinese are just giving us lip sevices), otherwise we will get our assess kicked hard like last time when it happened in Korean war in the 1950s (at the time we did believe what they promised). Lol
A C:
Worth watching what stock and options trades have executed in last few days and planned in coming next few weeks.
C B:
I don't understand why she insists on going to Taiwan and starting a shitstorm for no reason.
akak aa
akak aa:
Pelosi can say that this is entirely her own personal behavior, but if it is her personal behavior, please take a civilian airliner to Taiwan, if accompanied by US military aircraft, it is a violation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity
A Cote
A Cote:
China is totally over reacting, I realize the Chinese are very sensitive about Taiwan. A better reaction would have been to send her a gift basket with a note thanks for dropping in to "China"
Fred Simmons
Fred Simmons:
Good, force the issue Speaker Pelosi take a stand ! We have been playing these games as Americans to long and not standing up for human rights..Let's get these Battle lines drawn clear,she's making us face truth!
Omar Benjumea
Omar Benjumea:
Imagine how much money the taxpayers are wasting on this useless visit to a country that will sooner or later be invaded and we can't do anything about it.
Peter Rayhan
Peter Rayhan:
Difficult to see how they react with their eyes closed.
T. Hud.
T. Hud.:
didn't other countries like Australia say that they support Taiwan (few years ago)
there's no Nato regarding more countries can join the fight
So the world doesn't have to "deal with" china in getting their chips
Ciro Merchant
Ciro Merchant:
82 anos, não passa dos 90, poderia aproveitar o tempo de vida pra curtir os netos fazer um bolo, um café, viajar pelo mundo, curtir um cruzeiro. Mas não ela quer ir procurar briga com Chinês. 🤦🏿
Franco Valverde
Franco Valverde:
“A defender of human rights” 😂 more like a defender of insider trading.
Fan Zhang
Fan Zhang:
Tonight, lots of strong man allover the world pay close attention to an 80 years old lady. Trying to figure out where she want to spend the night.
Water & Fire
Water & Fire:
We walk on this Life journey ONLY once, let there be Peace ☮️ & Benevolence, Compassion & Love!

Be Peacemakers. Have dialogues for Peace Initiative! ✌️

Great friendships always WIN ! To bring respect & harmony to much troubled world !

We are trees of one forest, colourful flowers of one garden. Thai waterlilies blossom in pond, snow lilies bloom on alpine meadows. They both survive.

Be enlightened & mindfulness ! Breathe the free air of peace & contentment will embrace you dearly.
Be Gandhi's non-violence ! For Buddha forbids even killing an 🐜! For life is sacred.

Jesus is watching ! He has given us a beautiful earth to share, to live, to be kind & LOVING. To put food on the tables for millions of hungry children !

May God bless the righteous souls for peace & bliss be with you !
Weston Par
Weston Par:
Lol she’s crazier than I already thought 💭 🤣
Mathew Bianchini
Mathew Bianchini:
Yeeaaa let me go ahead and go to Taiwan even though China don't like it and we haven't been there in 20 su.thin years. The fact that she is in line for presidency blows my mind. We will be doomed if that ever happens
The fact that she hasn’t be voted out or keeps getting “voted in” is astonishing. What are you guys thinking Californians
Arsenio Colon
Arsenio Colon:
What happens, China can talk to any world leaders they want, but warm U.S.A. not to do the same, yeah right. I think China will use this as an excuse to invade Taiwan, unless is playing poker.
Just my opinion.
I’d like to see how China’s reaction and as they threat “the forceful results “!
J Gege
J Gege:
What can Pelosi do if the PLA lands on airport of Taiwan right before her flight lands?
Carl G
Carl G:
This Pelosi-China issue is a huge problem for all US citizens, because…….

Wait, what’s that other shiny object?

Pelosi-China, what ?
Delayed Gratification
Delayed Gratification:
Lol since when we have to ask China for permission? Bring it on.
I'm sure Nancy will be fine. She doesn't do anything without a lot of inside information.......
Big Bill
Big Bill:
China's Final Warning (Russian: Последнее китайское предупреждение) is a Russian proverb meaning a warning that carries no real consequences.
Cheecher Chonger
Cheecher Chonger:
Why is no one talking about Paul Pelosi’s Driving Under The Influence (DUI) of alcohol….?
And causing a collision that resulted in great bodily injury to an innocent family.
Daniel Judah
Daniel Judah:
"Monitoring Chinese movement in the region"? Should be the other way around.
Bryan Pedraza
Bryan Pedraza:
I’m all for Pelosi to visit Taiwan. Plus no country should tell the US where they can and can’t go. On top of that if she doesn’t go to Taiwan because the US is afraid of conflict with China then the US credibility is going to be questioned around the world.
William Gleaton
William Gleaton:
Chris I agree with what you said, but my brother we can't allow other countries to tell us what we can do when it comes to another democratic nation.
Azzam Azzam
Azzam Azzam:
Good job guy’s 💪
jie li
jie li:
As a Chinese! I announcement that I will not vote for Xi Jin Ping again! Because he can't even protect his own country!
L L:
When a sneaky troublemaker speaker dare not speak about her whereabouts loudly but can only sneak into some place, she loses her face already.
I'm so happy seeing these comments. We need to get rid of most of these politicians.
Peace lover 6306
Peace lover 6306:
She is an old reckless official who doesn't care for the lives of the young!!
Peace lover 6306
Peace lover 6306:
She is an old reckless official who doesn't care for the lives of the young!!
Peace lover 6306
Peace lover 6306:
She is an old reckless official who doesn't care for the lives of the young!!
It’s almost like we’re trying to start a war on purpose 🤔
сасаске учиха
сасаске учиха:
Wait a damn minute.. so she wants to Taiwan fight to China but without involving US help? Who tf she is. by her actions, she herself threatens the security of Taiwan omg
Jack Armbrust
Jack Armbrust:
I guess we will know what they “think” when they put there foot down
Again USA loves to meddle on other countries affairs. They have too much time on their hands. How would they feel if Africa decided to meddle on their domestic affairs
First is Russia. Now China. Scary times we are living in.
President Elect Jeffrey Smith
President Elect Jeffrey Smith:
Baby formula shortage, invasion at southern border, gas prices, food prices and the list goes on and on.
Great job Joey!!!