Selena Gomez's Nana INTERRUPTS TikTok to Ask About Her BREAKUP!

Selena Gomez's grandma is trying to get all the tea! On Thursday, the 'Only Murders in the Building' star shared a TikTok where you can hear her grandma asking how Selena ended things with a guy she was dating. Selena's response? Priceless.

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Ezeke Haynes
Ezeke Haynes:
For someone who’s accomplished so much it’s hard believe she’s just turning 30
StAy WeIrD95
StAy WeIrD95:
This is funny 😆 af poor Selena was thrown on the spot 😹😸
I’ve had that happen to me before , When I went to visit my parents they both asked me “Hey whatever happened to that guy you swore you loved so much” that question surprised me because I forgot about him that was years ago 😭💀 And they brought it up… like what made y’all think about that? What lead up to this question 😂😂 I laughed when Selena’s nana asked her that question because it reminded me of how surprised I was when my parents asked me the same thing
Adriana XCX
Adriana XCX:
The face she made was so perfect
..she is so cute I love her!
I hope she will find someone who will protect her, support her, and love her for who she is. She deserves that.
Mo Mo
Mo Mo:
She deserves the best.. everything she described she's looking for AND MORE!! God bless this beautiful woman! 😻🙏
Ela Karacevic
Ela Karacevic:
I’m 32 and single. Who cares? People are obsessed with relationships.
healing poison break
healing poison break:
Good for her .I am glad she is in a good place. She deserves the best❤
Manelia Ayesha
Manelia Ayesha:
My mom once told me,being single or in a relationship,the happiest you is if you're feeling loved,either by yourself or by your loved one(s)
And i guess selena is loving herself so much right now (and maybe surrounded with positive people that love her) that she doesnt care if she's single or in a relationship 😊
iamchrispaezjr :
If Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are both still single, everyone has hope.
Shannon Hall
Shannon Hall:
I love her face when her nana asked her that question lol 😂
Suzanna J
Suzanna J:
I love the look she gave. Priceless.
Selena is a beauty and such a 🥰 cutie. And her heart is bigger than Texas. ♥️
Jessica Hudson
Jessica Hudson:
You know what I absolutely love about this? It was genuine...shows she is human.
Y Jay
Y Jay:
Getting a break from dating or relationships to focus on yourself is actually a luxury 🥰
Isabella Tello
Isabella Tello:
Selena's grandma is a queen, just like her!✨😊
ATL Guera
ATL Guera:
I'm happy she saw heartache at an early age- it makes her a more beautiful person who knows her worth.
Just A Fan
Just A Fan:
I love how they are protective of her.
So sweet.
Grandparents are so good at asking questions at the wrong time 😆 I miss my grandmother.
Relevant Mind
Relevant Mind:
I love her always! If I were closer to her age and actually had the opportunity to meet her and chat and she enjoyed our conversation and time we spent in that moment I would definitely want to get to know her more but privately especially at first to just see if we'd flow nicely in each other's company with zero expectations of anything else but ourselves spending quality time especiallywhen she had some down time and wanted to just turn off her world to re energize for a while! She's a sweetheart I find.
Priscilla Rodriguez Lamb
Priscilla Rodriguez Lamb:
She's so wholesome and I love her for it.
Hannah Sexson
Hannah Sexson:
Selenas face says it all. Lol love her 💕
I love how reserved she is.
Karly Kirk
Karly Kirk:
I LOVE that the guys look out for Sel. 🖤
She's definitely an Angel. We love you, Selena. We're happy that you are happy! That's all that matters. 😊☮❤
Jb Galindez
Jb Galindez:
I always love the dynamic of younger people working with older ones. And in this case, they're all famous and hold their own weight. And Martin hit it right on the spot when he said "Most of the people we know are dead" and Steve Martin's "we don't know anyone under 50".

I find it sweet because they're stars in their own right and it implies..they would've if they could've 😀
Melissa Halim
Melissa Halim:
Both Sel and grandma is too cute!
Stephen Wethington
Stephen Wethington:
Ms Gomez is A Genius, A Goddess, and An Angel.
Kasual Beauty
Kasual Beauty:
I remember when she first came out in the wizards of Waverly Place telling my husband she was going to be an incredibly beautiful woman one day I was not wrong
Lilith in Aquarius Three Sisterhoods
Lilith in Aquarius Three Sisterhoods:
I only notice how comfortable her nanny talks to her, it’s obvious that she’s been treating them like her own family. Her breakup story doesn’t really bothers me because it’s normal for everyone to experiences that and I know a particular person who’s even older than us that had it worst because she was left with 3 kids and just… too disturbing to say, the thing is I never received any contact from that person again, she’s never been active on social media since her huge breakup issues… so Selena still on a better spot, she’ll literally be fine.
Anna Mosqueda
Anna Mosqueda:
I'm so happy 😊 for Selena...she's such a BEA-U-TI-FUL and talented young lady. I hope & pray 🙏 that one day she will find her soul mate that really deserves her love ❤️ ALL women and men deserve that perfect soul mate that will build you up, respect you, motivate you and support your success 🙌 Personally I think she needs to find someone that is not as famous as her because people like that tend to be more humble and greatful because they don't have all the material things. Selena...take you time love because you have plenty of time to find that perfect soul mate. 🌹 💐
Rosemarie Uelese
Rosemarie Uelese:
She's so beautiful inside and out God bless you Selena
Misty Maria
Misty Maria:
I love her personality 😆❤️
It's great that she allowed herself to be single and when she does date it's not too serious. She gets all the time to focus on herself and become her best self.
Raima Sarkar
Raima Sarkar:
This is so funny 🤣. I just love her .
reina berube
reina berube:
Nana accidentally snitched, and we’re living for it xoxo
Smart move if it were to have been planned so her makeup tutorial of her own make up would be watched and go viral just because of this!!! Very smart PR
That wasn’t even planned
NaNa for the W
I'm so so sooo happy she's doing so much better uhhh.
Lol her cute lil smile at the end like “that just happened”
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp:
Selena is so epic and I will always have her back!
She's great like. Love her. She's awesome. Glad she's doing well.
Alba Lopez
Alba Lopez:
I love her she’s amazing ♥️
I. I
I. I:
Why don’t the media make a big deal out of men turning 30???
I think that this is so funny pls don’t make drama for literally everything
Blair McAuley
Blair McAuley:
Oh my gosh this is so adorable and funny I love Selena so much
Girl I’m turning 29 this year single lol just live your life and don’t worry about guys
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
Selena is such amazing person love her happy birthday queen hope you a wonderful days🥳🎉🎊
kathrine knight
kathrine knight:
Loo! This is hilarious. I miss having my grandparents around 😞
We don't know anyone under 50....was hilarious and comforting for Sel.
Ugh I love her!!
Savory_Deceits 💜
Savory_Deceits 💜:
That Only Murders in the Building show is very good! Selena is hilarious on there. Totally different side of her and I love it! 💗
iddah nganga
iddah nganga:
Now I get why it's good to be on people's timelines, running back to spotify to listen to "good for you"
Wendy Marie Speener
Wendy Marie Speener:
I just love her so much ❤️
Irene Rivas
Irene Rivas:
Selena is amazing human being! 30 yrs old and still beautiful!! Happy Birthday Love!!! xoxo
Jessica Middleton
Jessica Middleton:
Love her she and I share kidney failure in common
ace balleza
ace balleza:
It's okay.. me turning 32 and doesnt feel like being in a relationshippppppp 😅🤣 i love the freedom... and enjoying self love..
She looks like she's 14 years old🙂 She's funny 😆
Lisa C
Lisa C:
This is great… life happens… I’m over everything looking and being perfect.
But this is perfect 🤣🤣🤣
Was this live? No? They could have edited out, if she didn't want to tell the world. She wanted to tell the world!!!! It was no accident.
I am a selenerrr. I am happy for her but let's not pretend it was an accident.
Stop letting marketers fool you.
Selena will always remeber her first love, I hope she’ll find someone
Arlene S
Arlene S:
She is still so stunning and youthful looking! ❤️🥰
Priceless 😂😂😂 she’ll look back at this video years later and laugh
Chipper ChelseaKay
Chipper ChelseaKay:
Lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣 Nothing more relatable than family asking the big questions when they don’t realize others are around
Terryanne Kerei
Terryanne Kerei:
Just because she’s famous doesn’t give everyone on this planet the right to invade her personal life! We are not entitled to know every aspect of her life so why have the need to investigate her like she’s a criminal for keeping her relationship on the low? Goodness social media is toxic asf.
Renée Lea
Renée Lea:
I wanna see Grandma.. I bet she's beautiful because Selena looks like her mom & I'm sure they all have Grandma to thank for that.
so precious lol
Damn she's already 30?! she looks way younger.
Jessi (formerly Jane)
Jessi (formerly Jane):
This is so adorable! I miss my Granny. 😂
The Glamorous Life of Nae
The Glamorous Life of Nae:
Happy Birthday to the Queen! Love her so much! 🥰💖
Amy v
Amy v:
I feel you Selena lol. I’ve been chilling..not looking. And NOT settling that’s for sure. Nor should any man. Not hating on anyone. I know I’m going to find that crazy sexy best friend cough cough “lover” 🤭🤪
I know 😘
Igor Lutay
Igor Lutay:
this was definitely a candid moment
Miss Daydreams
Miss Daydreams:
It's cute she kept that in, with her grandma
The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project:
Lmfao 🤣🤣😹 I love her
Ramez Jweinat
Ramez Jweinat:
lol i love her so much
Sylwia Galica
Sylwia Galica:
Teryn Aliya
Teryn Aliya:
This would be just my luck if I did anything live. My family’s always saying crazy stuff lmao
Sylvia Raj
Sylvia Raj:
That was hilarious 😂
Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll:
My gma would totally do this. She’s also one of my biggest supporters, so it’d stay in the video 🤣
KA 71
KA 71:
"So how did you end it with that guy?"
Love me some Nana ❤😘 Selena's face tho 👀 😂😂😂
Sand Hanitizer
Sand Hanitizer:
The funny thing is, she'd probably be so much happier with some goofball that's not famous. I understand why famous people date famous people, but I think most of them would be so much happier with people who weren't also in the entertainment business. You see the famous people with regular husbands or wives and those relationships are always the ones that last 50+ in conclusion, Selena...I'm single too and would love to take you to McDonald's and mini golf this weekend lol.
Selena has grown up to be one fine lady!
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg:
0:56 ET really had to chance to say they'd keep an eye out for Selenerr and just let that one slide
ash m
ash m:
That's hilarious. If I tell my grand ma anything like that I have to change the subject. lol
Who lives with their Nana at 30? Holy crap 😳
Viviana Song
Viviana Song:
Hahaha! Too cute!
Amanda Burkhalter
Amanda Burkhalter:
Omg😂😂😂 Her doing Leslie Mann's lines from the movie The Other Woman! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 on point! And hey, what happened with Chris Evans? 😔I was happy for her about it. But, whatever makes her happy!
Kristina Pacelli
Kristina Pacelli:
Omg! Love Selena
Nori P.
Nori P.:
I love the version of Selena Gomez today
This is so far fetch. She didn't break up with anyone. It literally sounded like she was just getting to know a guy or like something new, or a date. Everything is always taken out of context. And why do we need to know who the guy is? Cause we just let people be people and do normal people things without making it sound like it's something out of the ordinary..
Jason Kinney
Jason Kinney:
everytime i watch any of these kinds of videos i'm always like who the HELL is this source?!? like....who is it? how do they know this very intimate stuff about the celebrity? How do they even know the celebrity?
Selena you're so funny!!😹 I love you beautiful!😚❤️
I don’t have a good relationship with my NaNa! I’m almost 30, The other one isn’t living. I honestly admire people that have great relationships with their Granny’s. I hope my children have better than I did
Jenifer Kenney
Jenifer Kenney:
😂 omgosh so funny and embarrassing at the same time. Lol. Also Selena I love that tshirt of yours. #GoSpurs
Reyna Martinez
Reyna Martinez:
How is she so darn cute 😍
Looooool i love her so much
Sandra R. Morales
Sandra R. Morales:
B4 i hit 30 i would date older guys... After 30 ... It was like where are all the 30 yr olds???? All of a sudden only younger guys would get w me there were no other guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣 may I add Selena looks gorgeous!!!
sabby sanchez
sabby sanchez:
I love how she’s wearing a old school spurs tshirt
Pule Edgar Dithuge
Pule Edgar Dithuge:
Happy birthday 🥳🎉 May the good Lord 🙏 bless her always
Milena Velazquez
Milena Velazquez:
She so cute only human you know
Os Kadon
Os Kadon:

Sun: "Hotter"
Sugar: "Sweeter"
Joonie: "Cooler"
Yoongi: "Butter"

Son unos de los mejores conciertosos.
Remember when Chris Evans said he wanted to settle down. Yes I do and I still think they'd be good together.
Rubis Mic
Rubis Mic:
Haha, poor Selena was put on the spot.😂