Senate votes to acquit former President Donald Trump

The Senate acquitted the former president with a vote of 57 guilty and 43 not guilty.

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Malaysia Brown
Malaysia Brown:
Saw this coming a mile away...
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee:
I'm astounded at how the government assume the citizen to be so stupid. I'm ashamed of their shamelessness and greed. A lot of people should be removed from the government.
Jennie C
Jennie C:
Can we get a refund on the wasted tax money.
I am a 73 year old Vietnam veteran and I am retired. It is time for all of the old politicians like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the decrepit career politicians to retire and we should get term limits passed in this congress.
Politics in this country is a bad joke.
Gorilla glue is the substance that binds us.
The media some days ago:
Trump is frustrated that his selected lawyers are useless and he wants to pull his hair out. The lawyers will get their client impeached!
Media now:
But but ......
Robert Frost
Robert Frost:
The elites were enraged an outsider was able defeat one of their own hand picked candidates. Then their goal was to make the cost of opposing them so onerous no one would dare to stand against them ever again.
Linda Dewitt Dewitt
Linda Dewitt Dewitt:
I'm a ky Rep. We the people need to vote Mitch McConnell out .we the people need to get all new people in DC the next election.
GT Content
GT Content:
We live in a society where delusions, emotions and hate carry more weight than logic and facts. Term limits, reduced pay/benefits, investigations, prison time, fines and psychological exams need to be implemented to bring government employees back to reality.
Mark Roodney
Mark Roodney:
we all should be worried about the economy right now
Manny David Castillo
Manny David Castillo:
Swamp creatures having a meltdown tonight indeed...
Joe Pena
Joe Pena:
Congress is a Zoo now with free admission
Scott Woolley
Scott Woolley:
Drain the swamp, time to represent the people or "You can find another job"
another wasted time of tax payers money, now lets move on to more serious issues
This is going to empower mobs to purge government buildings in the future.
You get a dislike. You failed to mentioned the Dems circled back real quick when the defense requested Pelosi to testify.
Vincent Dominic Samulde
Vincent Dominic Samulde:
Time to investigate the voter frauds...
Tigol Biddies
Tigol Biddies:
I'm expecting those 7 republicans to never win a seat again because of their vote. I also don't expect any democrats to vote for them.
Nancy Pillhoesee putting on more political theatrics while wasting a ton of time and tax payers money. If you try to do this twice and fail both times you have an obvious hatred for someone and should be forced to step down because you're not willing to work with them peacefully..
Ken Waller
Ken Waller:
The news networks are the big can’t get much further left than ABC, but CBS is sure trying.
Lynda Spetifore
Lynda Spetifore:
These guys are a joke as is the American political system... thank Christ I don’t live there
D Wu
D Wu:
One day House inquiry. No witnesses called. Six day Senate trial. No witnesses called. Just a bunch of edited montages and citing media articles as "evidence". This is why this is a sham trial, my friends.
Jonathan Bahena
Jonathan Bahena:
This isn’t about the people anymore...
Bronwyn Kroeckel
Bronwyn Kroeckel:
LAME STREAM MEDIA Only Gets Thumbs Up when they Support TRUMP ! It’s Killing Them ! LOL
Cedric Baccay
Cedric Baccay:
Action speaks louder than words Mitch!
You Rika
You Rika:
Cheers to that! 🍻
Trump: "Hey Nancy, I'm Owen"
Pelosi: "What?"
Trump: "0-2 :)"
M H:
Of course he was acquitted...the whole trial was a SHAM and total disgrace to our nation.
Salty Soldier
Salty Soldier:
how else could they vote when they were presented with manipulated and fake evidence, those that were responsible for that should face prosecution
Saharan Nomad
Saharan Nomad:
Mcconnell was straight up sounding like Jerry Springer in his final thoughts. Fronting enlightenment whilst perpetuating the s+!t show.
Jessica Reale
Jessica Reale:
Did anyone really think it was going to go any other way? 🙄
Term limits = less partisanship, less deadlocks, less stalemates, less lobbyists
Michael W Dagle
Michael W Dagle:
Maybe now they'll go back to doing what they're supposed to be doing.....working for the people... oh wait....nevermind. They're politicians.
kim Q
kim Q:
I love how trumps team showed 'll those videos of demorats
Epiphany Knows
Epiphany Knows:
Would have loved to see witnesses such as Pelosi!!
Dearly Beloved
Dearly Beloved:
It should not be lawful to purposely hold up the trial and then use that as the reason to acquit. We should never get involved in the politics of other countries unwelcomed when our own is such clear trash by choice. Worldwide embarrassment.
All these clowns should be impeached and investigate big tech and big media
dawn denney
dawn denney:
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ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ
Jetski Archi
Jetski Archi:
I don't know why everyone acted 'thrown back' from the results. It was more clear than the Smollet case. Can tell from the start
Ruth Marte-Feliz
Ruth Marte-Feliz:
The impeachment shows what is been happening all along...manipulation of the information. Mainstream media should be impeached and penalized for manipulating the citizens.
Annie Schies
Annie Schies:
Was a complete Sham!
The senate is really gonna let him spend the rest of his days in mar-a-Lago
winger j
winger j:
the united states is now officially a global joke.
Grace Lim
Grace Lim:
S. Tapia
S. Tapia:
Performance Artist Pantomime Pelosi angrily worked her way out of the witness box.
Hell yeah leave him alone already. 💯🙏🏻
Playthrough Network
Playthrough Network:
Good grief... and they left without him doing anything.
Bring in Pelosi as a witness. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣
Miguel Ángel 📸🚴
Miguel Ángel 📸🚴:
I just hope that in the future the new generations would never vote for a person like trump.
Liam Moore
Liam Moore:
Evil can never prevail over good
Joseph Chase
Joseph Chase:
The Kid With Big Dreams
The Kid With Big Dreams:
Not surprised meanwhile his followers locked up for listening to his choice WORDS!🕳️💩 LOL
I have lost any remaining hope and respect ( the little that was already left) for the American Legal system.
mireya pascual
mireya pascual:
Destiny martinez
Destiny martinez:
Damn bro can the news talk about something else that’s actually relevant 😭😂😂
Angoe Thomsen
Angoe Thomsen:
2 : 0 for Mr. Trump !!! Now, he fight back. Wait and see !
I Hate Living in Apartments
I Hate Living in Apartments:
The mainstream media story of all of this ain’t adding up LOL 🐟
Jon Strickland
Jon Strickland:
When you are above the law.
McConnell said he was guilty.. We already knew this. GOP was never going to agree to convict, but Americans needed to see the timeline and videos.
Let Trump be a Former President and learn from it. Let us all move on and never allow Trump to get back in any office.
The Kraken has been acquitted!
jeff janes
jeff janes:
Pelosi quit focusing on what was and get to work on your own state
Utah Shaw
Utah Shaw:
Waste of tax dollars!
Michael Callison
Michael Callison:
Wow the senate was able to stay at work for 4 days straight wooooow
At least they weren’t sending out stimulus (socialism) checks and wasting my hard earned tax money
Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita:
This is just theater, just like watching WWE wrestling.
Gos wo
Gos wo:
Please US. Start a new case, anything - anywhere, its so entertaining to follow how insane the democratic USA is. You are sinking... All you have are typical worthless career politicians.
jeffery james
jeffery james:
Old photos and new captions.200 million television station and none can't find a creative ways to inject positivity. Airing the Blues is just killing people.
George Harding
George Harding:
it was so clear this was going to happen. democrats were just to dumb to see it and gave trump a nice little triump, yet again.
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino:
Donald Trump fully experienced 2020
1) He got Covid
2) He lost his job
3) He' got evicted
Lmfao. Best news I’ve had all week.
John JohnG
John JohnG:
When the truth is lies and lies are truth...then we are truly delusional.... end times... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
silver fire
silver fire:
Does this story sound completely fictional to anyone else?
B G:
One man giving sleepless nights to those calling themselves protectors of democracy 😂😂.
Travis Hills the Dark angel bunny
Travis Hills the Dark angel bunny:
Hell yea Nope
Hell yea Nope:
I like how you’re trying to play it off like in a monumental moment of Republicans voting again like that’s what y’all got to run with nobody cares
P Hern
P Hern:
The senators should just wear swastikas on their lapels
Aloha Oahu
Aloha Oahu:
Oh, he’s still alive!
Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes
Hoka Corndancer Hawkeyes:
Evil is alive and talkin jive!
Dakota Kirk
Dakota Kirk:
We love you trump thank you for awakening us to the corruption
Ms. Kylea
Ms. Kylea:
This is why it's important to do our research on the ppl we vote into office.
Stephanie Herrick
Stephanie Herrick:
For if God is for you then who can stand against you 😉
Bronwyn Kroeckel
Bronwyn Kroeckel:
Talion Gravewalker
Talion Gravewalker:
"America will never be destroyed from the outside,if we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves."-Abraham Lincoln.
The old man presiding sounds like he was drunk 🍻
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez:
There goes mitchs Job
Lawrence Chiasson
Lawrence Chiasson:
Well there we have it, impeachment is worthless; there is no hope in it due to it being adulterated by the judge and jury. If a president is to be held directly liable for his/her actions, a fair trail is needed. The Supreme Court is the only option.
Dean Kenney
Dean Kenney:
New normal? This has gone on and on four and à half years. Expected behavior. Not accepted behavior. Like listening to 7th graders arguing over the position of most popular student.
Tanner W
Tanner W:
Democrats try to impeach him twice and lost twice
Shows how much the hate him for not good enough reasons. Trump forever
Atomic Run
Atomic Run:
'Reportedly', is a euphemism for, "I have No real evidence" - Slam Dunk
Daniel Ericsson
Daniel Ericsson:
Greatings from Sweden to the american people 😁🙏👏 👍🏻AND A SUPER ATTORNEY ❤
Sweden for Donald J. Trump 🇸🇪
Trump 2024 🇺🇸
fan tastic
fan tastic:
From the media branded First (ex)president to be impeached twice. Would you dare to brand him now as First (ex)president to be acquitted twice?
Christopher Brice
Christopher Brice:
America Is Now Officially A Laughing Stock !!! LMFAO
Iris De La Rosa
Iris De La Rosa:
Peace be with you and a truth will be revealed
Maurice O'Ray II
Maurice O'Ray II:
How long are we going to tolerate politicians playing games? Where's our money?
Shirley Lambey
Shirley Lambey:
He speaks with two sides of his mouth
patricia schuren
patricia schuren:
This isn’t over by a longshot
Updated news flash, 500 mail in Senate ballots, printed in China, just arrived in the Senate and counted so that the Democrats win.
If you question the results you are undermining democracy....🤣
G G:
Hahaha 🤣 perhaps a third impeachment is next? Media is a joke and this politicians.
mireya pascual
mireya pascual: