Serena Williams: "Best match I've played" on-court interview (QF) | Australian Open 2021

Serena Williams' on-court interview following her quarterfinal win over Simona Halep at the Australian Open 2021.

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Minks Koroma
Minks Koroma:
There will never be another Serena Williams. Naomi Osaka is going to have an amazing career. I root for her as well. But I say this again there will never be another Serena Williams!!
Bippa Black
Bippa Black:
I’m glad she won, it’s all so close... i want her to to win this so bad. Go Serena!
Serena's defense was incredible
Portia DeBossi
Portia DeBossi:
Serena in 3 VS Osaka...though she made a lot of errors in this match, I truly believe her movement and focus is absolutely OG Rena! She’s getting 24! I feel it.
Great performance from Serena; she seems relaxed and her movement is better. Get it, queen! 🔥
chyk ehN
chyk ehN:
One of the best games she’s played since her last grand slam win. Fitter, more mobile and patient on points. Good job
K Aaron
K Aaron:
I thought she would been knocked out by Sabalenka.
The fact that she’s defeated the Sabalenka and Halep
Wow I’m so proud of her.
Kenny CFC
Kenny CFC:
At the start of the tournament Osaka was the player to beat she still is that but if anyone can beat her it is Serena if she plays her A game
Goodness Libongani
Goodness Libongani:
Glad she won I couldn't breath no pressure but we can smell the 24th
Tony Nabum
Tony Nabum:
If she overcomes naomi in SF. I feel like she can take it.
H.S leonhart
H.S leonhart:
1 down 2 to go , the Toughest Road still to come , youuu can do it Serena just believeeeee😁😂🤣👍❤🇺🇸🎾🏆GS# 24.
Come on Serena let’s go!!! Love you always good match :)
Jhon Cesar Arcebuche
Jhon Cesar Arcebuche:
Congrats Serena your the one sending Love here from the Philippines
Angel's Music
Angel's Music:
Olympia and Venus are realy happy with this victory!!!
I got the feeling that this one will be 24! 🏆
33Lady RAM
33Lady RAM:
If Serena plays like this along with that beautiful serve, she can win against Osaka. It will not be easy but she has a shot. Good luck to both of them.
I love both her and Osaka but I’m definitely leaning towards Serena in this upcoming match. I have a feeling this one will feel like a final.
quarmaine stephenson
quarmaine stephenson:
this woman is on a mission
And that Nike catsuit 🔥
Lolit Velasco
Lolit Velasco:
Bravo! My queen still the best of them all.
Dawn Clarke
Dawn Clarke:
The two baddest BLACK WOMEN on the court right now...GO BLACK HERSTORY...✌🏽💝😊
Dawn Clarke
Dawn Clarke:
That cat suit is fire 🔥 flame👸🏽
Melani jane Melecio
Melani jane Melecio:
The GOAT you deserve it rena..go for 24.
Vic Mwansa
Vic Mwansa:
Loving u always Serena 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
She’s super confident in her movement which helped her reduce her errors knowing she can go toe to toe in the long points. Serena is dangerous. Looks like she is finally having fun playing tennis again. 2018-2020 she looked like she wasn’t having fun at all. This 2021 Aussie Open she has cracked a few smiles during points.
salome russell
salome russell:
Thanks for your tribute to Flow Jo, you are flowing like her and winning like only you can. Rest up and all the best Serena 😍😘❤💛🖤❤💙
L R:
When he asked about defence, her smile😁
Niziu ganbare
Niziu ganbare:
God I would implode with joy if she gets the title
Soeltan Sam
Soeltan Sam:
Queen ❤️ serena williams
Bonginhlanhla Mdluli
Bonginhlanhla Mdluli:
Where is Jelena Dokic? We want her to do the on-court interviews!
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Very good match from Serena!
Dawn Clarke
Dawn Clarke:
That cat suit is fire 🔥 flame👸🏽
Ernesto Garcia
Ernesto Garcia:
"I'm sure she's been watching me" 👀 true!
Sherri Grant
Sherri Grant:
This next match will have me nervous as heck
Her consistency in winning matches in the grand slam is impressive, even without winning. No one else can match it.
Jecilyn Peralta
Jecilyn Peralta:
Love you my queen serena 🥰❤
Stone W
Stone W:
This is the fittest I've seen her in several years. She's in great shape and her movement is back to what it used to be when she was winning GS more consistently. I'll be rooting for her against Naomi Osaka, and in the finals as well if she gets there. Hope she can get her 25th GS!!
Myriam LOE
Myriam LOE:
Gooo Rena! Just keep it up with that Mamba Mentality ! From 1-3 to 6-3 yassss Well done. Good Luck Queen See for the semi's.
Marie jo Lasme
Marie jo Lasme:
As for me im in a dilemma. Love both of my beautiful and awesome sistas however my heart is leaning towards Serena so she can make history and retire. I feel talented Naomi is much younger and has a lot more years ahead to follow in Serena footsteps. Love these two. Somehow I miss Coco Gauf too. ❤❤
Paula Carter
Paula Carter:
Great job, love you Girl . Let’s get it!!
Geria Wright
Geria Wright:
You got this Serena, now go get it girl... G-O-A-T.
Olatunji Thomas
Olatunji Thomas:
This one is for you Ion Tiriac!
kami personal
kami personal:
"best" match she played only b/c she was out 4 revenge and sending a message to mr tiriac!
Sisanda Majova
Sisanda Majova:
Well done Serena. We love you girl ❤️❤️❤️🇿🇦🇿🇦
david johnson
david johnson:
Her will to win shone through .... Amazing match ... Great to clearly see SW is in great shape mentally and physically .... I want to see her win it !!!!! GOAT!!!!
Where are the children who said Halep was standing in Serena's way?
Yader Dávila
Yader Dávila:
I love Serena , forever the one 🌎
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Oh dear, what a tragedy, from ecstatic, to mournful, in two days, hope she recovers from this coma.
Luv her luv her career in tennis I also hope she win , Go Serena you will always be #1 in my eyes
Bamdej Communication
Bamdej Communication:
Amazing champion!
Yes Queen! I am so happy to hear Serena speak on herself so well. She is good at running and defense. She doesn't get enough credit for having one of the most well rounded games of all the people playing right now. It's wonderful to see her enjoying this stage of her career. Win or lose she is the people's champion.
Sipi Hakireni
Sipi Hakireni:
💋💥💯💓I'm happy you won serena keep going I love you
Orei Camarao
Orei Camarao:
Jim Courier is 🔥😜
Roxanne Moore
Roxanne Moore:
Black Girlz Rock. Go Serena You're The Bestest
Mari Ana
Mari Ana:
I think Serena loves to play with Simona. Probably they understand each other very well.
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Excelente juego serena una gran categoría
Daniel Chane
Daniel Chane:
Serena is a living legend
Steve Walters
Steve Walters:
Incredible match. Also, Jim Courier, incredible interview. What a well spoken duo there.
CatchMe InLondon
CatchMe InLondon:
♥️ Simo ♥️
Avanel Ricketts
Avanel Ricketts:
What an awesome person Serena is! I love you too Naomi
Foster Reid
Foster Reid:
You do it this time you play good
kami personal
kami personal:
well done, simo. you did what you could... how can you surpass or counterattack a 200k/he serve.?? it's inhuman... hope you get some rest, and stay happy!
Andrew Arnaboldi
Andrew Arnaboldi:
That 'yay' at the end was so happy 😭😭😭
glamour boy
glamour boy:
The best Ever
Chikin Wings
Chikin Wings:
Xiao Chiao
Xiao Chiao:
Serena vs. Naomi is the real final! Whoever wins this SF better win the tournament!
Nothing IsReal
Nothing IsReal:
When Serana is at the top of her game and fitness hardly any other female player can beat her. And currently she is at the top of her game and has returned to excellent fitness. Against Simona she had to give it all - and she did! Every match is a new challenge. But I guess chances are really good she will win the tournament.
Jonah Fallon
Jonah Fallon:
I just want to see her win one more and match Court's record, not that she needs it, but it would be fantastic. As an Englishman, I'm hoping there's one more grand slam on the Wimbledon grass for Serena.
Hinyikiwile Mithi
Hinyikiwile Mithi:
She looks so pretty too
Johnny Monrose
Johnny Monrose:
Supriya Jadhav
Supriya Jadhav:
Well done mam
Kaspar L
Kaspar L:
Tbh it wasn't her best. Simona definitely missed an oportunity, Serena had 20 UEs in the second set. But that's why Serena has 23GS and Simona has 2. In the most important moments, Serena knows what she needs to do..
eleita lyle
eleita lyle:
Serena I stay up just to see you play girl I have a lot of confidence in you I was not nervous seeing you down 3 sets I saw that before you look like 10 years ago when I used to keep Serena tennis party 🎉 in my basement it was a big deal for me I see #25 2021🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luchi Kalu
Luchi Kalu:
#QueenSerenaWilliamsTheAngryGoat 🙌🙌🙌🙌 24 grandslam on d way
Diane Washington
Diane Washington:
Yeahhhhh 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Playing Halep each point counts as she plays tough , all eyes in the ball. Serena played her game, and played harder. It was a battle ! Lines were drawn and it was game on !!
Welshy King
Welshy King:
Dominant yet erratic in spells. The movement, power, defence and footwork of Serena looks back to her best. Vintage!

Glad she regathered the momentum to seal match vs a consistently top performing player 👏🏾👏🏾
Serena said she had a moment. Then shE
L👀KED at her HUSBANDS shirt. Yall check out his SHIRT. Alexis you are the bomb.. Thanks you have my sisters back..😍😍
stefan m
stefan m:
Serena`s toy-boy husband is proof that with enought money you can have best things . Right ?
Wawa Willegers
Wawa Willegers:
Well done Serena 😉 wishing you all the best for the coming match against Naomi Osaka.
The sports scripts are getting really bad. It pays to win 😈
Sam Wejinya
Sam Wejinya:
Jim Courier always nails it and Serena was fantastic
Team #anti-djokovic
Marek xyz
Marek xyz:
Damián Suárez
Damián Suárez:
The best
angelica joseph
angelica joseph:
Pats Nation
Pats Nation:
*Her & Naomi about to be a showdown and the fans will be back 👀🍿.*
David Geertz
David Geertz:
I doubt Serena could have beaten Margaret in the Australian open in the 60s! It was played in December and in Brisbane and Sydney a few times where the temperature gets to 100 plus !! No night matches! No night matches! No injury time outs! No tie breakers! No heat rules ! That's why Margaret is the greatest!!
Tamanna Akther Mishmi
Tamanna Akther Mishmi:
Next is osaka, you have to prove that sun is always a sun, no matter how many stars are lightening.
Doreen Bland
Doreen Bland:
Serena Williams is the GREATEST of all Time.
I love to see her play.
I love Venus also.
The Greatest African American Women of all times.
God bless.
Wimbledon revenge served ICE COLD. She out counterpunched Halep. Incredible. Serena having to beat 7, 2, 3 and possibly 1 seeds is just a brutal draw. But she feels ready for the challenge. Let's go!!
Layi Odube
Layi Odube:
Where are the doubting fools feeling cool that she is no 10?
Fit Serena is no. ONE!
Lurlene Max
Lurlene Max:
Time for you to stop make so much unforced error, naomi has varieties she not going to past balls to you on your rackets she going to make you run and she can give the aces too.
It's just so amazing how no one really cares about men's tennis......
JC Lewis
JC Lewis:
This tournament has been a restart for Serena. She has healed she is happy and she is correcting her mistakes. She has been in the game longer than everyone else she can play her way into tournaments after long breaks everyone else with the exception of a few don’t know that mental level yet. Serena in 3 against Osaka
Kindino Hubert
Kindino Hubert:
Go Serena 24 is yours!!
Beating the Samurai is not easy. Osaka is on another level.
Mary Pavlou
Mary Pavlou:
Let's see the SERINA team HEREEE❤️❤️
Gloria A. Garcia
Gloria A. Garcia:
I sure hope Queen Serena will be sitting on her throne again holding the AO 2012 Trophy.
Sonja Anderson
Sonja Anderson:
I woke up and watch this match, but i was a nervous wreck, you would think my daughter was playing. I want her to win twenty four sooooooo badly I literally colud not breathe until she won. Whatever is the outcome ( i pray that she come in the winner) but if not she will ALWAYS be the best ever to play the game. Good luck Serena, i am rooting for you. After you win this, go for you son. Lol