Serena Williams’ emotional press conference (SF) | Australian Open 2021

Serena Williams' press conference following her semi final loss to Naomi Osaka at the 2021 Australian Open.

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great to see that she still has passion for the game
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison:
Of course it was Karen who triggered her...
Harmony Valentine
Harmony Valentine:
I feel like it's perfectly okay to lose no matter what stage of life you're at.
Main Effort
Main Effort:
“A farewell to tennis”is what triggered her reaction
She beat #2 and lost to the best in the game in the SEMIFINALS at 39. Why are reporters trying to make it seem like she did so awful that she is quitting? She was great this tournament. She’s actually improved from last year. She’s going up in the rankings.
GG Cat & Bella Dog Antics
GG Cat & Bella Dog Antics:
It’s human to be sad when you lose something that’s important to you.
She secured her legacy in tennis. She can quit or keep playing and still be a legend.
Hebrew Marcelin
Hebrew Marcelin:
2:09 whoever that is coughing in the backround need to go home right now lol
Given that Serena is 39 years old and still reaching semi-finals and all, is nothing short of amazing. Well done Serena!
Ray Rosas
Ray Rosas:
I love Serena Williams, she’s so damn competitive, that’s why she’s so emotional. The fact that she didn’t beat Osaka is eating her up.
2:49 Triggered by the word, "farewell".
3:05 Continuing to struggle with her inner emotions. Pretends she needs a sip of water.
3:19 Tries desperately to hold it together internally. It's getting harder to mask the emotional damage.
3:25 The inevitable.

Still the GOAT regardless.
Girl in the Red Scarf
Girl in the Red Scarf:
“Oh, yes. You’ll be queen. For a time. Then comes another, younger, more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear.” *quote from GAME OF THRONES*
MC Playz
MC Playz:
Osaka has a great tennis career ahead of her.
Diary of Thoughts
Diary of Thoughts:
What happened was, Serena played a younger version of herself.
Relentless Rescue
Relentless Rescue:
Osaka played like a BEAST! Errors or no errors that was a major factor.
Honestly, I think its normal and ok for her to be emotional. She’s been at the top of this game for so long. And it’s not like she’s “stepping down”, she’s still active in the sport. And frankly, still young in general. But her life has evolved and so has she. When everyone around you is almost begging for you to hang up the jersey so they can get their headline story, instead of allowing you to come to terms with the inevitable change life will bring to your performance, it may present a conflict. I think what we’re seeing is a athletic giant coping with the reality that their full prowess is now rivaled. And when you’re a professional athlete, it’s just “sportsmanship”, it’s your identity.
Ruthless Ferocity
Ruthless Ferocity:
Osaka is not a younger version of Serena -- she is mild-manner, polite, humble, even shy, as against
Mara Ruba
Mara Ruba:
C 'mon now. Naomi played some great tennis and you re giving her no credit. The errors weren t the problem, nor could you have been 5-0 above. She played agresive and it s her time to shine .
Oh girl Naomi made it look easy 🤣
Money guy
Money guy:
Yes life is hard having over $200 Million Dollars
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy:
Osaka played like a BEAST! Errors or no errors that was a major factor.
John Gordon
John Gordon:
Osaka is the new Queen of power tennis.
Mai Abob
Mai Abob:
It must be hard for her to accept what's she facing...reality
david lee
david lee:
The fact is the throne belongs to new queen, just accept it, its hard..
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
Sure, it was “just me playing bad”, not “her playing good.” That could never happen, that someone else plays well...
Peaceful mind
Peaceful mind:
Dang Naomi really ko’d the champ
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha:
At least she was a lot more humble in this loss to Osaka than she was in the US Open
Stacy Simms
Stacy Simms:
I know it was a tough lost for Serena, but she should look at Naomi and say, "Wow, look how far we have come. This is why I have fought so hard. I lost...but I lost to a woman of color who has had to fight so hard herself, and this is why I did it". We love you Serena. ❤️
Jedi Wifey
Jedi Wifey:
Serena, as disappointed as you are in that moment, you have been a strong lead for many girls and women for may years even in defeat. Thank you for all of it. 💜 ❤️
Linda Day Holliday
Linda Day Holliday:
Such a wonderful, hard working woman. It's frustrating when you know the level you play at and it's not coming together. She is a fighter, this we know and are confident of ! She is truly her biggest match.
I think that farewell question really touched her. Maybe she's realizing the changing of the guards with younger players like naomi, bb, iga. She already had so much success with her long career she needs to play without putting too much pressure to herself.
akwasi Kwakye
akwasi Kwakye:
We now know how Sasha's importance in the william's tearm
Arian K
Arian K:
Serena always in her feelings when she loses to Osaka lol
Santiago Perez-Shillington
Santiago Perez-Shillington:
Not once did she acknowledge how well Osaka played...
Marcos Ortega
Marcos Ortega:
For the first time the idea of ​​ending his career crossed his mind. Hence emotions.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
🥺 we cant stop the aging process...cant always do what we used to do...sometimes thats a very hard pill to swallow.
Original Wisdombody
Original Wisdombody:
Oh man, this hit hard. It truly is a new era and a changing of the guard. It's a sometimes painful realization. I watched Kobe highlights and cried in my backyard during Kobe's last game day. But the tears wash away the pain and tomorrow brings new reasons to smile and rejoice.
brittany hester
brittany hester:
I think she's the best that did it along with her sister. I think she left a mark we won't see anyone surpass for generations to come and they are great now but no one is like her. She's beautiful and powerful graceful and humble. She's a legend an icon and a mommy. I think she will do well with whatever she chooses to do after!
mijuo roui
mijuo roui:
I still remembered when Naomi asked sorry for winning... Now she is showing the real self🥇
eunonia arete
eunonia arete:
It's always her making errors and not how well her opponent played.
E Z:
I feel she enjoys her inner love of tennis while suffering from the pressure caused by external expectation of the next grand slam.
She's only human... I just want to give her a big hug right now.
Director CMack
Director CMack:
I just saw the interview today. Watching that match was so hard to watch between her and Osaka. I was rooting for her the entire time. I think that world was rooting for her. I really hope she come back with a fire and tie the world's record.....CMack
I-T iyah man
I-T iyah man:
Osaka 3 years later too strong 💪 bigger body upper body looks more powerful than before she’s 👑
Terry Jones
Terry Jones:
Serena sugar it hurt when worked so hard but you playing well ..we're proud live your best life
She is one of the greatest in tennis, hard to see her struggle for a comeback
Wimz Swimz
Wimz Swimz:
Maybe cuz her age has been 40 in this year so her performance decreased a lot. But, we shoudn't forget that she is the queen of gold olympic
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan:
She is such a wonderful champion.
At this stage of her career, Life is forcing Serena to learn how to lose, a lesson she have never learned before..
Emetebure Odele
Emetebure Odele:
I believe she can win another slam, she has what it takes. And she will become the oldest woman in the open era to win a grandslam🙂🙏🏾
Tonya Watson
Tonya Watson:
Those conferences are torture. She has passion and handled it real. She has worked very hard. A great champion. I am white, I know it doesn't matter, but I have been watching since she beat Steffi and I will miss her when she goes.
Truth makes you free.
Truth makes you free.:
"My problem was errors" But just 1 forhand winner first set..."Still was errors.." 🤔
Sonnel Umali
Sonnel Umali:
She started touching the table to distract herself when she got triggered by that word "farewell".
Xuan Bach Mai
Xuan Bach Mai:
Serena made so many errors because Naomi hit the ball really harder than her previous opponents. The faster the ball is, the more mistakes that Serena made. She did not lose herself today, Naomi is just too tough.
Truth makes you free.
Truth makes you free.:
There is a new Sherif in town. With a Samurai blade swinging left and right. 🤺
prabhanshu Shekhar sinha
prabhanshu Shekhar sinha:
.. tears are words that need to be shed
I hope her family was there for her after that interview. Sometimes you can be just Drained, and having to face cameras and repeated questions about your “failures “ can be too much too early. Hope she can take a physical And Emotional Break right now to cleanse and refocus on what she wants her next move to be. Much Love and prayers for her.
Ivy Hunter
Ivy Hunter:
Hang in there Serena .#1 Fan from CPT
H. Peters
H. Peters:
I've always thought that they should let players mourn their loss and let them decide whether want to talk or not. These conferences soon after losing is torture especially when you're already beating up on yourself.
Angela Gheorghe
Angela Gheorghe:
Ca în toate sporturile sunt si pierderi nu doar câștiguri. . Asa că tot esti la înălțime, Serena.
Ți -ai revenit repede după îngrijire de copil..Esti de apreciat, multe femei de vârsta ta ar vrea să aibă tonusul tău.
Felicitări, Serena !
Donna Maria
Donna Maria:
Not long having baby and still playing at this level. Serena you should be proud. You can’t always have perfect days. But you will have many more days to smash it 💪
She inspires me. I want her to win another Grand Slam so much. She is in my heart, always.
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
She should not be sad, instead she should be proud of her achievements. She don't have to prove anything to anyone, she's a testament herself. If you should ever walk away, walk with your head held high and with no regrets, don't walk away crying.
Gayatri Devulapalli
Gayatri Devulapalli:
I think Serena WIlliams should be proud about herself in terms of how she reached to this stage of her tennis career. At her age, players do not play like her. She still has fire in her. Amazing spirit.
I don't suppose Osaka's terrific shot had anything to do with your loss then Serena??
Valencia Odom
Valencia Odom:
The GREATEST FEMALE ATHLETE OF ALL TIME!!! ❤️ SERENA!! She will get 24 and 25 if she wants to continue!! If not, than I am glad I had the opportunity to watch her play on tv
God Mode
God Mode:
Father Time is catching up to her and she should embrace it. The younger generation she inspired are amazing and the sport will be in good hands.
Domenico Abdulmadjid
Domenico Abdulmadjid:
Honey,.don't worry as long as we live YOU still have tommorow ...keep fight Queen !!! Keep positive keep focus on your Game and your Beautiful Princess ..
Dear Serena you HAVE EVERYTHING good things everyone wants...❤️❤️❤️👍👍be blessed and stay healthy my dear Queen🙏
Osaka is a tough opponent for Williams. One of the few matchups where Williams can not overpower her opponent which means, to win, she needs to play smart, focused and disciplined. She couldn't do that today.
We always love you Serena!
And we know that you are gonna win more slams ❤️
Lucretia Bolin
Lucretia Bolin:
A true competitor and one of the greatest players ever.
It’s hard to see her so down on herself for the loss. She is an amazing tennis player that happed to lose to another amazing tennis player. I want to see a rematch.
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🔻
Naomi didn’t let Serena play her game and forced her to be off balance like the way Serena played against Sharapova. That’s it!
TiTAJI0-0 %
TiTAJI0-0 %:
Two very different Queens.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
A true competitor and one of the greatest players ever.
lee price
lee price:
So Much RESPECT!!! Hope you feel the love, huge hug!
dolly bhanji
dolly bhanji:
You have come back with more fit good looking and lots of energy I love watching you and there is only one Serena Williams keep up the good work you are the best
You lost, accept defeat and be humble in victory..
Respect to Osaka!
If we go by history. Venus and Serena made it clear back in 2012 their goal is to get to the 2020 Olympics. Since it got pushed back a year they are still playing an extra year. I do think this is possibly both their last year on tour. Notice how Venus got injured bad and clearly couldn’t win but didn’t want her last match at the Australian Open to be a retirement. Serena also did that little hand on heart gesture because she was most likely saying goodbye to the Australian Open. She got teary eyed because the question was the truth but she doesn’t want anyone to know because she doesn’t need any added pressure. Regardless both have nothing to prove and it will be sad if this is their last year. I hope Serena can grab number 24 before she’s done.
Teach 2 Reach 1
Teach 2 Reach 1:
Love you Serena💜
Laurence Corray
Laurence Corray:
At that point, she became very angry with herself. She just couldn't forgive herself for not keeping her composure during the game!

We have all been there at some point in our lives.
Divine Justice
Divine Justice:
Serena is just very passionate about the sport. Regardless of whether she retires or not, she and Venus will always be remembered for their positive impact and contributions towards women’s tennis.
Mae Daloyoc
Mae Daloyoc:
She kept saying she had lots of errors, not a single adjective that she acknowledged that Ms Osaka played so well...😉
Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison:
This woman been to the Championship in about the last 10 grandslams at the age of 40 who else can say that!! Tom Brady over 40+ & won a super bowl so why can't she
Sopersuasive S
Sopersuasive S:
She looks so sad.. Youre still the greatest and your legacy will forever be branded in tennis history!!!! <3
Annette Adams
Annette Adams:
Give Osaka her due!!! It wasn’t just unforced errors, Naomi is a great tennis player.
Maureen Richard
Maureen Richard:
Why she always lose every final my heart is broken
Osaka started very nervous but once she was able to control her nerves, she overpowers Serena..
James Evans
James Evans:
She’s done at the very top and I think she knows it now. Incredible career though, probably the best female player ever.
Perfect Sense
Perfect Sense:
She's still strong as an ox, but not fast enough anymore. Refuses to run.
Imagine how many little black girls and all little girls in general are/were inspired by her. She's an absolute inspiration.
Marvell Jones
Marvell Jones:
When you realize winning majors is over. Like to see her win one more major. I think she's at her cutoff point for that.
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
Your a great athlete. It is just time to move to another phase of your life. 💕
Popa Dre
Popa Dre:
The fact that she's still playing g amazes me. I know she has all the trophies she must be doing it for fun now lol
She was mad she had to sit there and listen to the same question over and over and couldn't say anything
Really Roger was out of the court for six months before his Aus open GS with Nadal but he played unbelievable tournament at 35 that’s positivity and passion never doubt, overthink keep your mind calm so you can focus.
Ramii Ramelb
Ramii Ramelb:
At this point of her career there's nothing to be ashamed of if she committed a lot of errors.
To be frank, both the ladies played their best...but age is one thing which is making Serena not to move as needed
Beverley Byfield
Beverley Byfield: