Serena Williams Press Conference after Round 3 I Roland-Garros 2021

Serena Williams Press Conference after Round 3 I Roland-Garros 2021.
Watch Serena Williams’ reaction after her victory today over Danielle Collins in the third round of #RolandGarros 2021.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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Finnick Junior
Finnick Junior:
RG is the worst grand slam in terms of uploads 💀
ElliteMonkey Gamer
ElliteMonkey Gamer:
We saw the young Serena/ calendar slam Serena which is always good from the G.O.A.T hopefully she can keep it up so she can get lucky 24
Gotta admit the "rough clay court season...happy to get some wins" comment was endearing.
Solid win. On to the next one.
Geria Wright
Geria Wright:
Serena, you are the inspiration you need to GIVE YOURSELF. Get that #24... go sista soul sista GO SISTA!
Dishon King
Dishon King:
She’s certainly right about the depth of the draw.. these girls don’t play around anymore. Every match has the potential to go either way. The entire bottom half is wide open.
I liked how Serena gave props to all the young players out there. The talent pool in tennis is so deep. Everyone's giving it their all and it's elevating the sport. I hope Serena continues bringing her A-game and takes it all the way.
Congrats QUEEN Serena!
Tycelyn Lambert
Tycelyn Lambert:
I Love you Serena keep going girl
Shaai Ferguson
Shaai Ferguson:
QUEEN SERENA!! Yaasssss the more she plays the better she’s looking, I love. Hopefully her wrapping comes off and she starts feeling better
Azeezat Abdusalam
Azeezat Abdusalam:
The GOAT has spoken ,take that🐐
SoundWave 6
SoundWave 6:
God Bless her❤️
David Campelo
David Campelo:
QUEEN 👑👸🏾❤️💪🏿
Paul Roscoe
Paul Roscoe:
Could be her chance for another major with two top players withdrawing. Still there are two amazing too ranked teenagers left
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Nice to see the focus is on the players in the interviews and not video images of journalists like in some other tournaments. Feels like the on court interview is possibly enough, why another interview? Players need rest, physically and emotionally.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones:
With Barty, Osaka and Halep all out, this is probably the best chance Serena is going to get.
Barbara Larde
Barbara Larde:
Fight!!!!! Fight Queen Goat!!
Keep your eyes 👀 on the prize!!!!!!!
tricky_ trey31
tricky_ trey31:
She has to win this tournament, the draw is wide open rn with sabalenka out now
Roger Reverence
Roger Reverence:
Imagine being born a man and competing in a womans tournament
L L:
I wish they put a longer press conference video. These press conferences let us see how the players think and strategize, to a certain extent. It's often entertaining too.
Irene G.
Irene G.:
You go girl💕
L L:
Louis de Miguel Ozanne
Louis de Miguel Ozanne:
They should try to make press conferences videos longer. People criticize Naomi Osaka for not giving any news to her fans but with a 1:30 minute video we can't know anything about the players. It would be really great if we could have longer videos and extended highlights of the matches. Thank you.
Riley Chapman
Riley Chapman:
I actually think Serena could win rolan garros this year
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
So why was there such a big deal made by the FO about Naomi not doing press, when they don't even upload everyone's press conferences and if they do upload it's like 2 seconds? Ridiculous
Vintage Serena today
greg blyde
greg blyde:
did anyone ask her about her leg that was taped like a mummy?? it's concerning me a fair bit
So they fine players 15 grand to do these press conferences only for them to post one min on you tube. Why force athletes to do press when tennis fans can't even watch anyway ?
Brandon K
Brandon K:
She's cool
gail squires
gail squires:
Good job girl
Marek xyz
Marek xyz:
Some nerves again… but a victory! we're worried about Serena's leg bandaged ... health and good luck Serena !
Rick Lee
Rick Lee:
In her interviews, why does she always remind me funerals?
Pop DNA:
So why made a big deal about Naomi not doing interviewers but give us a clip wtf 🤬
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Congrats Serena, keep lifting your game. God Bless.
desmondjr johnston
desmondjr johnston:
Freeman Bako
Freeman Bako:
Black panther 4ever...lets gooooooooooooooooooo Dear!!!
Ismael Pedroza
Ismael Pedroza:
Does anyone know where to see the full interviews? I hate this 1 min videos
Martin 1222
Martin 1222:
Her rich boytoy is lucky right?
Forge T
Forge T:
I think Serena will tie Court's Majors record at this French Open. All the seeds are dropping in front of her.
Joey Scott
Joey Scott:
Serena 🙂
Robert K
Robert K:
Why does she seems to be so fake ?
Miroslaw Jaranowski
Miroslaw Jaranowski:
This moment she got highway to final. Will be there.? I don't belive. Bookies either
Nurse that wrapped leg Serena if that stays under control she's got chances
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori:
Is that all for a player like her?! Way too short. Only by news channels, not the sport ones. Let alone ...
In the draw, she would be tested by Rybakina and supposedly Sabalenka who could not deter the momentum of Pavlyuchenkova. As she admitted her recent, horrible performance on clay, but day by day working hard, getting better and better is a formula of Serena Williams. Let's have a close look at her next match, & possibly another. Then, something may change if she survives them.
H.S leonhart
H.S leonhart:
I think it's her best chance to win this one because the disqualification of the World.No2 and the exit for the World.No1 I could say the chances are pretty high now Good luck Serena 💪👏👏👊❤
Jeremy Wyche
Jeremy Wyche:
Serena is really playing herself into form in this grand slam. I can see her winning it and finally taking 24.
Colton Turner
Colton Turner:
Larry Branch II
Larry Branch II:
forza cmo
forza cmo:
Fuck these shitty highlights and fuck these shitty press conferences.
desmondjr johnston
desmondjr johnston:
Mango Shake 2021
Mango Shake 2021:
At least this particular narcissist can sit through a simple q&a for ten minutes
Rhona Mungal
Rhona Mungal:
Find a life all u haters go save some life by encouraging some to take the vaccine and leave queen alone she is woman and beautiful one and u can’t handle go find something else to your zealously on Ma-ma man
All the proper competitors to linebacker in a tutu have dropped out.. The fix is in for her to breeze to a Major she doesn’t deserve ...
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
I really like Serena when she's being a grownup and discussing the game. Hopefully her psycho***** days are over. Also refreshing to have an adult POV in the press room in light of developments with certain other players on tour.
He's the strongest contender in the competition right now. Congrats man.