Serena Williams v D. Rose Collins | 2021 Roland Garros - Round 3 Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Serena Williams v D. Rose Collins at 2021 Roland Garros - Round 3

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6 komentarze:

hatim abdelhak official
hatim abdelhak official:
Wht an solid performance from serena
salome russell
salome russell:
Beautiful play Serena. All the best for the 4th round. 😍💖❤🤩🙏
Marek xyz
Marek xyz:
Some nerves again… but a victory! we're worried about Serena's leg bandaged ... health and good luck Serena !
Dani Makoni
Dani Makoni:
I can understand when she says she's partly still playing because of the outfits. I'm always waiting to see what style & what colour her outfit will be 😘
Drstoo Stewart
Drstoo Stewart:
Serena can at least be sure these players have to integrity ,unlike Capriati
Typical dude in a dress performance 🙄