Serena Williams v Naomi Osaka | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of the semi-final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka at Australian Open 2021.
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Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle:
Osaka is so cute and innocent outside the court and an absolute savage inside of it, those shots are like artillery strikes.
Aggelos Aggelos
Aggelos Aggelos:
I love how educated and polite is Osaka.
Alex Richardson
Alex Richardson:
Jeez Osaka's backhand is so strong
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Osaka, has improved her game even more.
cem cemali
cem cemali:
See the Osaka’s respect at the end ?
Ronja weider
Ronja weider:
Naomi played sooo good
anastasia micle
anastasia micle:
I am so happy for Naomi, she's amazing!
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
At the end three bows
Arrigato sensei
Sorry to beat you again.😁😁😁
Vladimir Vučković
Vladimir Vučković:
I love how the press made excuses for her loss again. The only reason she lost this match was Naomi. Naomi crushed every single ball and was in the zone the whole time. Serena did not stand a chance.
Mikko Kärkkäinen
Mikko Kärkkäinen:
It is hard to win Osaka without moving much. Well, at least she tried.
Sertug Akkorlu
Sertug Akkorlu:
Love to Osaka. No screaming . No theatrics . Just pure class. Thank you for the great tennis ...
Colton Williams
Colton Williams:
Incredible really that Naomi is so much younger than Serena but looks so much calmer and just so disciplined, when Naomi double faulted to gift the break back in that second set she could easily have faltered and fallen apart, but she kept on with the power, so calm and so good, Naomi Osaka for the Aussie Open title and her 4th Grand Slam!!
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Osaka, just too good.
Erian Maxčič
Erian Maxčič:
Finally the era of Serena is over. Long live the queen Noami.
the way serena's reacting, she's like a big baby. GG Osaka
iG W
iG W:
the Japanese bow in the end, lol 😁
Fritz Peter
Fritz Peter:
Naomi is so calm... but strong inside! STRONG ENOUGH!
Osaka seemed to have leveled up!
Pathfinder Alin
Pathfinder Alin:
Congratulations Naomi, love you girl and keep going!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Serena is making these gestures all the time as if it was the racquets fault or somebody else's fault that she is loosing.
Perfect day !
Wawa Willegers
Wawa Willegers:
So far Osaka is unbeatable.
It is sad to see Serena left however there is only one winner 🏆
John dora
John dora:
Osaka reminds me the legend of tennis
she is a savage but alsoso gracefull
Maryam Zakieva
Maryam Zakieva:
Серена- молодец!
Но уже нелегко спорить с молодыми..
Marco S.
Marco S.:
Osaka, much lighter in her mind and in her movements.
Angela Gheorghe
Angela Gheorghe:
Oricum Serena si-a revenit spectaculos. .
Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez:
Naomi plays very well, and Serena is just too slow to compete in that match-up. Very powerful, but too slow.
Naomi reminds me of the younger Serena : TOO GOOD.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
As beautiful as Naomi is as great player she is
Maksymilian Żurawski
Maksymilian Żurawski:
I think Osaka wanted to finish is asap coz she was getting a headache due to all this grunting and screaming on the other side🙄
Amazing how respectful and polite Osaka always is.
Augustin Bolovaneanu
Augustin Bolovaneanu:
Cam mult circ,din partea americancei. Nu-i vine sa creada cand greseste. Asta se numeste aroganta.
Magnus Brodd
Magnus Brodd:
Great win for Osaka👊🎾
Luk T
Luk T:
Just great! Thank you ladies 👏👏👏👏
Mike Dewis
Mike Dewis:
When Osaka is relaxed, she is unstoppable. She has natural effortless power in both her forehand and backhand, precision and amazing angles. Osaka relaxes at the most high pressure moments in matches and raises her game to the next level. Look at how relaxed she was at 4-4 in the second, she hit 3 perfect winners and didn't let Serena win another point in the match. Look at how perfect she played when she was 5-3 down to Muguruza in the third set.
Tracy McClung
Tracy McClung:
Love Serena but today Naomi was on top form 🥰
Boki Kusturic
Boki Kusturic:
Serena again tried with low tricks but Osaka ignored it :)
Forever BLINK
Forever BLINK:
My God, Osaka is a monster
Mikko Peltaven
Mikko Peltaven:
So Serena,who's fault was it this time?You lost to Osaka again.Well deserved.KARMA IS FREE😜
Максим Куров
Максим Куров:
Пора Серене на покой, наверное))))
Dominique Scaglia
Dominique Scaglia:
The big ones, you gotta make them run✌️👍
I like Osaka. She can play great tennis with no grunting or screaming. So relaxing for the ears.
je ukbrist
je ukbrist:
Both know what’s going to happen. What classy way to say , it is your time now.
Oğuz Berk Çelikten
Oğuz Berk Çelikten:
05:55 🤯🤯
ray edmonds
ray edmonds:
Brilliant match......young hungry lioness is here to take over! Well played both
Arnaud Muck
Arnaud Muck:
Fantastic Osaka
terry banks
terry banks:
im surprised serena didnt have another meltdown. good to finally see her behave like an adult. shame its twenty years too late. well done naomi!
Ray Mun
Ray Mun:
Serena needs to play as if it's her first grand slam. On to the next 🙏
I think Fissette is the perfect coach for Osaka. I haven’t seen her playing with angles this much before. The only thing is the players working with him were not that great on clay and grass and she is not that good there either.
john Tsela
john Tsela:
Thank you Naomi you deserve it!💪
Williams cant move to save her life..too slow..
Jim Osborn
Jim Osborn:
A touch of class from both players. Williams not 100% on her game, but Osaka looking unstoppable at the moment.
dimitri Bodzan
dimitri Bodzan:
She will win trophy too solid🏆
Marek xyz
Marek xyz:
c-el Loake
c-el Loake:
Serena keeps getting so far in slams and is always pipped to the post now by someone better - halep, bianca, Osaka, azarenka, that's how it will be for her now, might be good to bow out this year at the top, as it will only get harder from here on. Osaka to win her 4th major tommor! She is quality 😀
Eight Francs
Eight Francs:
Two great tennis players.

Two great champions.

Respect to both of them.
dash 20
dash 20:
What a beast Naomi is, she played that sooo well
Marius Vintilescu
Marius Vintilescu:
Amazing Naomi Osaka! She is the current and the future star in wta. I like Serena, and Ashley Barty, and Pliskova, Halep, Muguruza, but I think the very near future belongs to Naomi Osaka. Hail to the new Queen!!!
Наталия Дара
Наталия Дара:
Осака,ты умничка,очень рада за тебя.
I dont want to disrespect brady because i know she is can play unbelievable, but naomi i think its safe to say that you will probably be a 4th times major winner in saturday
Bryan Amery
Bryan Amery:
When will Serena realise she is past it? Well done Naomi. Good luck in the final
Dita Devon
Dita Devon:
Go go Japan! One American down and one to go. Beat them good. Good luck Japan!!!
fitzroy shakes
fitzroy shakes:
You have a lot of hypocrisy that clod the truth, you look how much final that Serena Williams lose under Patrick Mouratoglou, and no one say a word, but the white media is very quick to criticise Richard Williams, that build the foundation to Serena Williams and Venus Williams game, Serena Williams is very fit but you cannot just bring fitness alone to a game, where is the strategy and where is the consistency,
You cannot have a plan without a solution, if you have a strong adversary as a opponent, you have to watch videos of her game and you look at her weakness and her strength, then you go on to the tennis court and you practice on how to capitalise on her weakness, and anyone that play a game they play to win that is the object of the game, so you have to be very competitive, and Serena need to sit down and watch videos of Naomi Osaka game because Naomi Osaka is the dominant consistent player right now,Naomi Osaka is the queen of tennis right now and to defeat Naomi Osaka you have to come with your A game and you have to be consistent.
Mike Dewis
Mike Dewis:
Osaka seems to get nervous when there is less pressure (at the start of a match), and she seems to be more calm when the pressure is the highest (4-4 in the second set). Interesting.
Mike 29
Mike 29:
Osaka played Williams off the park, totally outplayed even with the baracking and grunting. Williams struggles against players who can actually play tennis.
So funny how she is screaming and acting like she could 0lay so much better when in the rallies she loses Osaka just completely dismantled her, without William's playing any bad shot.
Sarp Darbaz
Sarp Darbaz:
I think osaka has the best backhand on womens
Padid AZG.
Padid AZG.:
Osaka gave Serena another good lesson! Congrats Osaka!
Williams lost in tennis, but won in screaming.
Have to say I thought we were looking at the old Djokovic/Williams one-two from the previous rounds. Serena been looking strong but didn't turn up, shame it wasn't the match it should have been. Props to Osaka and couldn't agree more about how she goes about her business. Would like to see Danil finish strong, he's ready, I think. He'll have to impose himself to stop Djoker making the space his own with the posturing, roaring and hyping of the crowd (what they're is of them)
Mukarram Sulton
Mukarram Sulton:
I love Serena😍😍
kai burke
kai burke:
I play table tennis for a league I tried tennis and it’s hard to adapt to the different techniques and motions of forehand and backhand
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Yesss thank you Osaka
Slava Semenchenko
Slava Semenchenko:
Ужас перекаченный стероидами... 39 лет...
James Missen
James Missen:
Thank you for putting "death threat to lineswomen williams" to bed Naomi. Class act
Jacob Varnauskas
Jacob Varnauskas:
For me, the passion of Serena is why I started watching tennis. No one can get me as engaged in a match! She made it this far at 39 years old and lost to a worthy opponent who is on top of her game! On to the next! Congrats Naomi x
As usual, in the post match interview, Williams was all about her performance. How she should have been 5-0 up in the first set, which was nonsense. Osaka was just too good and she sent Williams packing.
Vitya Zhmyh
Vitya Zhmyh:
Копчёная тяжёлая канеш
williams would not hug any other player...
The thing I like about Osaka when she plays is when there is an opening (gap) on the court where she knows the opponent can't get to quick enough she sends the ball there, she just goes for it, no hesitation, she knows she might miss but she takes the risk. I think she will win ten or fifteen Grand Slams and who knows maybe more, she might have trouble winning Roland Garros, it will be interesting to see if she wants to master the clay. She's has proved herself on hard courts, she has to show us she can do it on grass and clay next.
아스트랄 Music
아스트랄 Music:
Osaka will be one of the greatest players of all time!
David Norris
David Norris:
Omg Osaka is so so so good
Seb wokes
Seb wokes:
The quality of ladies tennis is so good........🤥🤥
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Naomi is a straight up assassin. I feel sorry for Brady in the final. Actually I don't.
feels like osaka is the only player which hits the ball as hard as serena
Peter Cirillo
Peter Cirillo:
You’ll never win a GS again old lady hahahaha keep grunting and trying to intimidate your opponents all u want.
fitzroy shakes
fitzroy shakes:
I will give you some real facts that in ancient times, in Italy Rom in the colosseum the gladiators would fight to the death, and at that time it was seen as the biggest entertainment, it was a game at that time, Serena Williams is a gladiator she is a fighter, but now she need to be a five star general,
That means that she have to come with strategy and solutions, she have got the technique,and she just need to be consistent find the angle deed
and keep her opponent on the move to drain there energy
Eddie Ingalls
Eddie Ingalls:
Williams was severely embarrassed here and she knows it. Her managers should sit her down and tell her it is time to quit. There are now a few women players who are able to move Williams around, something Williams is simply unable to cope with.

That it took so long for her opponents to be able to hit more accurately side to side is also of great detriment to the female game.
Osaka is a very very cool Seles.
Osaka has just as much power but it is a lot faster because she is younger.
Rozalia Doroftei
Rozalia Doroftei:
Bravoooooooooooo Osaka
Dumè Lopez
Dumè Lopez:
It' s time for changing now!!! Williams, Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Ronaldo, Messi, Lebron James... they are all legends but it' s time for us to see other champions take the lead... that is boring now💪
Malphas Mikaelson
Malphas Mikaelson:
Serena said she had chances to go up 5-1, how? When? You lost set 1 6-3. There was no chance at 5-1. Even if you held to go up 3-1, doesn't mean you had chances to go 5-1, absolutely ridiculous statement and no props for Osaka her level.
Robert Mihart
Robert Mihart:
This makes me happy! Hope she gets many more GS semi finals before retirement! This is a great day for tennis fans all over the world!
YouTube Reklamlarina Söven adam
YouTube Reklamlarina Söven adam:
Waaauw Osaka :))))
Keith Chiv
Keith Chiv:
good on margaret court too.
bruh can you call these players professionals? Osaka is more overweight than Serena what a shame for the women's tennis yikes
mi ko
mi ko:
Meander Myself
Meander Myself:
Osaka completely outplayed Serena, yet Serena still thinks she's entitled to win just by turning up. Glad to see Osaka just took care of business, great maturity.
Bowiththeflow !!
Bowiththeflow !!:
Credit to serena not throwing another big tantrum and stealing Osaka's moment
Marcel Jansen
Marcel Jansen:
That backhand angle...from Naomi of course...
Congrats to Naomi, great match! I'd be very surprised if she doesn't lift the trophy on Saturday.
Serena on the other hand is past her very best level I think. It's still very good and gives her the chance to fight for titles, but she has to play her very best to succeed. The days where she could just shoot her oponnent off the court are definitely over. In my opinion Serena doesn't move well enough any more to be able to stay in the rallies and win points out of her defence. She still has the power in her shots, but I doubt she has the stamina for the long rallies anymore. To win a Grand Slam it takes more than hitting aces and heavy groundstrokes. You also need to be prepared to suffer on court, fight for every point as if your life would depend on it. I just don't see that quality in Serena any more.