Serena Williams v Simona Halep | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Serena Williams vs Simona Halep at Australian Open 2021.
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Finnick Junior
Finnick Junior:
And the Most of important thing is that these two have always respected each other
Rik Jongenelen
Rik Jongenelen:
Fantastic match from both, would have been worth much more than a quarterfinal. Can't wait to see more from Serena!
Alex K.
Alex K.:
40th Semifinal, that's ridiculous.
40th grand slam Semifinal. OMG. SERENA!!!!
I’m Romanian and I support Simona, I’m not one of her haters or anything, but today i cannot be other than happy for Serena! 🥰🥰 i really want her to win that 24th slam! She’s a legend, a queen, one of the best athletes of all time! Hope she will play at a high level for many more years! ❤️
Robert T
Robert T:
Wow for a 39 years old woman she has a great level of fitness !
John Wood
John Wood:
Wow. Serena is moving fast. She's fit! More than in a long time.
Ken Keneth
Ken Keneth:
Serena is a winning “machine”. Still very high level.
Serena fighting for points and moving so well is just great to see, number 24 may be coming!!!
Ziggy Pop
Ziggy Pop:
Tennis is the only sport that,as supporter,can change you all the time..I was for Simona,but after this match I can only say:" Go Serena!
Wahied Majid
Wahied Majid:
Much more consistent as tempering her power when required.
Fun fact: Serena Williams has now won as many matches as Roger Federer in Grand Slams.
Reebul 87
Reebul 87:
Now serena is fighting for points defensively smh. She's gonna be even more difficult to beat now.
Mervyn Queeley
Mervyn Queeley:
These last two of Serena are the best I've seen since Wimbledon. Hallep was no walk over. 👏👏👏
Zweig Ackroyd
Zweig Ackroyd:
I love it when grunting matches have a little tennis in them
Nana Kwadwo
Nana Kwadwo:
I thought I was watching the Finale 😅😅...great tennis from both sides 👌🏾
Oliver Lockhart
Oliver Lockhart:
What a game! Brilliant
Daniel Szewczyk
Daniel Szewczyk:
Great game from Serena, congrats!
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin:
The one and only queen of Tennis.
Out of all the players, serena has the toughest draw
Fly Like A Lamb
Fly Like A Lamb:
OMG is 2017 Serena back? Its been a long time since I have seen this movement, power, control, RETURNS!
Kim Gjerstad
Kim Gjerstad:
Thank you Eurosport for not hinting who the winner is on the video's thumbnail!
Mihaela Felicia
Mihaela Felicia:
Yessss! I miss THIS Serena! 🌹💯🌹💯🌹💯🌹
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie:
Her husband gets on my nerves , he’s no class or style at all .
Chim Era
Chim Era:
Anca Truta
Anca Truta:
Bravo Simo! Bravo Serena! Great players.
go Serena. keep going Simona <3
Σωτήριος Κουτσογιάννης
Σωτήριος Κουτσογιάννης:
Τι βογκάτε έτσι ωρέ!
7:19 *HEHEYY*
Francine Nadal
Francine Nadal:
Well done Serena,
oren flotech
oren flotech:
Vintage Serena! something like her best again.
Peter Shearman
Peter Shearman:
Amazing from Serena but Halep try hitting deeper than the service line next time
Was there any commentary on this match?
ray edmonds
ray edmonds:
Dam Serena played well!
Matthew Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson:
So good to see Serena dominating again!
Covid has scuppered another Wimbledon title for her sadly
Simple awesome.
Niziu ganbare
Niziu ganbare:
Had goosebumps multiple times
This was very powerful
Well done Serena!! 💪🏾
Samet S
Samet S:
C'mooooon Serena!
Amazing! Didn't think she would be this strong again. Wow.
Love you! Good luck
Salvador Gomez Frejo
Salvador Gomez Frejo:
Uhhh ahhhhh ohhhh aaaaaaaa how can they speak so high JAJAJAJJAJA
Luisa Castro
Luisa Castro:
Simona really fought hard...
hatim abdelhak official
hatim abdelhak official:
Second set from 3-1down to 3-6 wooow Serena magical performance
kalamba junior
kalamba junior:
after her childbirth she made the final but physically she was not yet at the top of her form so I feel her much better that she can bring this fruit
Absolutely all out from both. Fantastic
Andone Marus
Andone Marus:
Power women!!! Well done !!!
A big scam.
40years old and 90kg vs 30years and 60kg
David Humphrey
David Humphrey:
Sure I've watched all serena highlights and she was number 5 seed ?
reg World
reg World:
Serena Williams yet again proving why she is the undisputed GOAT. Determined to revenge Wimbledon 2019. Good effort from Halep as well.
Dmitriy Meshkov
Dmitriy Meshkov:
Плохо когда комментатор матча с самого начала болеет за кого-то из игроков. Это чувствуется и отворачивает
Rover Waters
Rover Waters:
Free Spirit
Free Spirit:
The queen is bag in her "killing" attitude - cant wait for match with Osaka
Vito Vallega
Vito Vallega:
Halep should have added more dynamics to the game, you can't beat Serena just on the baseline.
Stoyan Petrov
Stoyan Petrov:
That was surreal. Astounding.
Serena's defence to get the match winning break was amongst the best sporting action I've ever seen. Halep played brilliantly in that moment, but Serena just didn't let it go. I love both ladies, but I'm happy to see Serena still performing like that. What a superstar!
The guy in the white van
The guy in the white van:
ah uhhhhh
ah uhhhh
Simoo 77
Simoo 77:
good job Serena
40th grand slam semi final 📢📣
40th grand slam semi-final 📢📣📢
Mike Dewis
Mike Dewis:
I've never seen Naomi Osaka play with the intensity that Serena showed in this match. Naomi's mind wanders during a match. Naomi will need to be intense every second of the match against Serena.
C V:
Just one word : clinical ! Hope Serena retires, so Simona could take the lead soon
ghita marian
ghita marian:
Si William Serena 👍👍👍
Lol why does venus have no reaction whatsoever to what Serena is doing
Åke Åkesson
Åke Åkesson:
shouting match
Natalia Laba
Natalia Laba:
Troppo Serena questo oggi per Simo
Claudiu Draghici
Claudiu Draghici:
Who is the BOOS ? Serena always 😍😍😍
Sergen Kaya
Sergen Kaya:
Halep nenen yaşında ki kadına yenildin. Yazıklar olsun sana
Overpowered... Simply overpowered... Too bad Simona, and congrats to Serena !
dan harris-austen
dan harris-austen:
Break point 6 😲😲😲 wild defence
Someone shut them up!
Dmytro Shevchenko
Dmytro Shevchenko:
ghita marian
ghita marian:
Suerr Simo team sustinut. Ai jucat super👍👍👍
Adrian Lupu
Adrian Lupu:
Putem zice ca a jucat cu un barbat!
Bravo -Simona-
128 TNT
128 TNT:
wu eeh
wuuu eeeeh
Francine Nadal
Francine Nadal:
Too many ad breaks
Rose Fendi
Rose Fendi:
Halep was standing too far from the baseline , I think this affected her shots, I think Halep played 100% but Serena was at 150%, with this kind of footwork and fitness Halep cannot touch Serena.
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
It's a shame Serena didn't play like this against Osaka. I've a feeling Wimbledon will be where she pushes through
Мистер Крутой
Мистер Крутой:
Enzo King
Enzo King:
They moan so loud its unvelievable xD
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall:
That's why she's the GOAT, Osaka better watch out 🐐
Eight Francs
Eight Francs:
Outstanding Serena.
danil mronz
danil mronz:
since the moment serena approached |Rafa to speak with , attracted instantly my sympathy, btw it's incredibile how she plays at almost 40 years old, she is writing the history of this sport despite since the beginning I did not like her, cause generally champions with very few weaknesses are not very pleasent , btw chapeau
To za Igę !
Kaan Yuce
Kaan Yuce:
grunts smh
Păcat că Halep pierdut!😔
claudia queha
claudia queha:
Serena & Naomi’s draw was packed with great players & former champions. This match should have been at least a final and also Naomi v Serena it’s worth of a final. Great match from both players anyway but I would have preferred this two meeting in a final.
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor:
Did Halep throw in one backhand slice?
Mille Euros
Mille Euros:
Black force
Badache Bob
Badache Bob:
Mais la tennu de serina c'est exceptionnel
Real McCoy
Real McCoy:
She will win the cup I believe
Bruno Torri
Bruno Torri:
Serena regina del doping muscoli come ben Johnson e forza come lance Armstrong dove e' lawada Simona donna normale senza doping
Syl Doukpa
Syl Doukpa:
People talking about Lebron James but, how old is serena williams?
George Platis
George Platis:
Simona tried to match Serena on strength... Not the best tactic may I say, should have tried to keep her on the move, shorten the rallies by charging the net and perhaps a few more dropshots.
Serena is looking as good as ever, wow.
Is it just me or has Serena slimmed down quite a lot compare do last year (October)?
Thirty-nine years old, mother, caesarean section, diverse health issues--still winning 😅
Marius Enescu
Marius Enescu:
This is the TRUE value of HALEP .....when play against CHAMPEONES 000
After i read Maria’s book, i got something.. if u want to beat serena you need to do that psychologically against her..
Лучшая битва столетия!
denis ripeanu
denis ripeanu:
Nu stiu dece...dar am impresia ca e un meci....aranjat !!??...