Serena Williams vs. Ajla Tomljanovic Highlights | 2022 US Open Round 3

Watch the highlights between Serena Williams and Ajla Tomljanovic in Round 3 of the 2022 US Open.

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The 2022 US Open runs from August 23 - September 11 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 142nd time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Daniil Medvedev is the men’s singles reigning champion and Emma Raducanu is the women’s singles reigning champion. Last year, both players claimed their first Grand Slam title, with 18-year-old Raducanu becoming the first-ever qualifier to achieve the feat. This year’s tournament is set to feature a range of greats and future stars looking to add to their records and cement their place in tennis history. Look out for highlights, extended highlights, full matches, press conferences, on-court interviews, hot shots, compilations and more!


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Marco Speaks Nadsat
Marco Speaks Nadsat:
What a performance from Tomljanovic. The mental toughness to get through that was unreal.
J king
J king:
Tomlijanovic played excellent and the Entire Crowd was against her but she still Won!!! Outstanding
Lee B
Lee B:
I love seeing crowds shut down by great players like Ajla. She climbed a steep mountain and made it.
Extreme mental toughness by Ajla, beating the crowd and Serena.
Blanca gabriella
Blanca gabriella:
Having the crowd against you, and still be able to stay mentally strong enough to do your game. A deserved victory.
Yma Allen
Yma Allen:
I understand Serena is a legend and playing on home soil the crowd was 100% behind her but feel bad for Ajla, not respectful to cheer every time she made a mistake.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
Ajla's 2-5 comeback to force a tiebreak in the 2nd played quite a pivotal role in the match. It's not necessarily about the energy she drained from forcing Serena to play longer, but more on the way she stopped Serena's momentum and able to develop her game that sort of dampened midway second set after her own momentum from 3-5 to 7-5 in the first set. Ajla wouldn't win the match if she lost that set 2-6 because Serena would still be in-tune
Ajla never lost her composure. Credit to her. Both gave it their all.
Massimiliano Sala
Massimiliano Sala:
Ajla has beaten both Serena than the crowd. Great performance.
Free Bird
Free Bird:
What Ajla beat is a tennis legend and a very biased crowd, an extremely difficult situation that seed 2 Kontaveit failed to pull through; now she earned the seed 2 draws, a possible path to the final!
Ronin G
Ronin G:
Finally. So tired of hearing about all the blabbering about Serena.
Congrats Ajla!!! Classy performance under all the pressure.
Ajla was class personified, both in game and post match interview. She played exceptional tennis. Serena fought really hard. Awesome match. 👏👏👏 To both ladies
James Thompson
James Thompson:
Finally cry baby Williams is done. I never cared for her woe is me antics every time she would start to lose. Stephi Graf was one of the best warriors without any whining.
Tomljanovic was composed under extreme pressure! Awesome job!
I appreciate everything Serena has done for the game, but not a single word about how well the other girl played. That young girl was pounding the ball and she makes the comment that she lost because she didn't play well. I don't know Serena that other girl played pretty well so at least give her some acknowledgement by saying her name.
I have never seen Ajla playing so well ever before, this has to be the best match of her career or at least top 3! She's been amazing both mentally and physically, Serena put up a great fight 'till the last point but Ajla shot selection and execution were on point, she managed to stay focused and remained ice-cold in front of a crowd that never cheered for her even when she made outstanding points, her speech after she won was graceful and very respectful towards Serena. Tonight she's been incredible! Congrats to her I hope she'll continue to play at this level in the future!
Xx xX
Xx xX:
Alja wins the biggest match of her career and has zero reaction bc she knows whose moment is really. Loved watching Alja play this year, and I hope she wins US Open after the class act she showed tonight. I’m in tears of happiness.
ach nix
ach nix:
Tomlijanovic was sooooo solid in the end. Impressive Tennis from both.
Lovin' it. And although I didn't see most of the final set, as I, (like Serena's mother), fell asleep, big ups to Tomljanovic for playing so well. Against not only Serena, but in front of a sold out crowd who wanted her to lose.
Mr Brian H
Mr Brian H:
Congratulations Ajla, handled the pressure from the🐐 and the new York crowd..🇦🇺🎾🥇💪❤
John McClean
John McClean:
Tomljanovic THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
I love Ajla Tomljanovic. The whole crowd is against her, and she shuts them down. Beautiful.
Super heartiest congratulations Ajla.. you deserve it 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aemilia Delroba
Aemilia Delroba:
I am impressed with how Ajla played and kept everything under control in NY crowd !
Thousand thanks to Ajla Tomljanovic, for putting an end to what threatened to become a never-ending story.
SO GLAD Tomljanovic won!!! So deserving…
Kevin Waters
Kevin Waters:
Alja has been aiming up all year. She is ready for the big league now. Congratulations to her. A memorable victory.
Man the crowd was annoying. The groan when Ajla won a point and the cheer when she hit a fault.
Juan Antonio Zuleta
Juan Antonio Zuleta:
Tomljanovic played a phenomenal match. All the crowd was against it, even cheering her unforced errors. She showed class after the match allowing Williams to take the spotlight.

As for Williams...not even a mention of her opponent in her speech. Not surprising.
Yong Li
Yong Li:
Ajla played and won against a whole overly zealous crowd. Impressive.
Khaled AlSaoub
Khaled AlSaoub:
This great young lady Ajla has played a sensational match and despite the crowd unfair pressure she managed to silence them many many times.
Congratulations Great Warior
Benjamin Teo
Benjamin Teo:
The overwhelming bias of the American commentators whenever Serena plays is a joke. Always gushing about Serena and talking as if the other player is surprisingly playing so well. Now finally they can take a break without Serena.
James Atkins
James Atkins:
Top class match 👏👏👏. Intensity on every single point 👌. Awesome to see Serena show her champion qualities one last time. Weird to think that's it for her in Tennis.

Hats off to Tomljanovic. What a performance. Not many could pull that off in those circumstances. She barely put a foot wrong all match and matched Serena stride for stride. She's gotta be proud of herself too.
Dunkelschnitzel no 5
Dunkelschnitzel no 5 :
Once again the American crowd proved that US Open is one of the most disrespectful crowds in sports 😂😂😂. Amazing match from Alja, not its all over and we can finally focus on the rest of the players.
Michael Baxter
Michael Baxter:
Don't like such a one sided crowd ... So glad she managed to win!
The better player won against all odds...Totally despicable crowd..
Wagner Triani
Wagner Triani:
Richard Leong
Richard Leong:
Well done and congrats to Ajla, its awesome to see serena booted out in the early rounds, love it
Oliver Juria
Oliver Juria:
Finally, i was wrong predicting a 1st round loss for Serena, but i was close. 😊
🏆 186 consecutive weeks at No. 1
🏆 4 x Olympic gold medalist
🏆 23-time major champion
🏆 367 major match wins
🏆 6 US Open titles
🏆 73 career titles
Abusive to umpires
Abusive to line umpires
Ungracious in victory
Poor looser

We should not judge our sports stars just on their results but on the content of their character. There is no doubt that Serena has achieved many things on the tennis court and is a great champion but I don't believe that she is a great person. The way that she has carried herself and treated others should not be painted over when considering her legacy.
APKoil N Sapthagireesan
APKoil N Sapthagireesan:
On this occasion, I may recall how a young Nineteen year old Bianca Andreescu, in 2019, faced a 23000 supportive crowd of Serena Williams and still won in straight sets and throughout the match the commentators were moaning more about Serena facing pressure , rather than an encouraging word for the youngster who had reached the US open after continuous streak of decisive victories over almost all top seeds. Comparatively Tomljanovic is more mature to face the situation. One must appreciate her tenacity to have faced over half a dozen deuces and surviving half that number of break points. On Serena's side, she also must have been feeling embarrassed by the crowd's love for her to win. She played her best. Sometimes I feel that senior players may not decide or announce about their retirement in advance. That may result in less emotional parting both forthe players and for the fans. Regards. 🌹
Amir Hooshang
Amir Hooshang:
Ajla Tomljanovic: You play a great tennis, a true sportswoman, very lovely , skill, movement and great positive attitude all are here to Congratulate you, best wishes.
So glad to see an Aussie kick out Serena on her own turf 😂🇦🇺💪🏻
I loved the underdog upset the champ and the whole crowds in the stadium. Mad props to Tomlinjanovic 💪💪.
As much as I wanted Serena to win, Ajla continued to answer every time Serena made a push. Very impressive win
You might be watching this highlights a few years from now, this was Serena's last pro match, you can tell that by the third set she had no more energy to keep going.
I was never her fan, mainly because of her attitude, but she did play great in her prime. Great farewell match for her to remember.
J W:
What a cool chick is Tomjanovic totally focused not just playing Serena but 25,000 people cheering every fault she served, didn't matter just too consistent for Serena who ran out of gas in the 3rd set.
Well done Ajla!
That was an excellent match played by Serena's opponent, she had to block out the entire stadium that was rooting against her to pull out that win. People clapping when you serve a fault or hit a double fault? You can see that Serena was out of energy in the third set, she had nothing left after playing the first two to to 7-5 and a tie breaker set.
Stefan Hammel
Stefan Hammel:
Much respect to Serena one of the best ever! In all the statistics Steffi has the edge and beats Serena except that one slam. Steffi 107 atp wins-  Serena 73, Steffi 377 weeks nr 1, Serena 312, overall win percentage Steffi 89.6%, Serena 85,4%. In grandslams Steffi 89% Serena 87%...and that golden slam tops it in 1988!
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
I see Serena's photo in the 'highlights' and US Open Tennis always puts the winner in the photos or on the left. Tricky stuff. Now I have to watch highlights all over again. Had a feeling Tomljanovic could handle the crowd. It's OK, if you ride the crowd energy to a bunch of wins or even the tournament, but Serena is the Greatest. You know? The Greatest is remembered for being the one, who took on everyone and had to handle difficulties like no other. Being carried by the NYC crowd, to her final grand slam tournament win, could even mess with her head, here on out. So. Glad she lost.
mark jeffers
mark jeffers:
Well done ajla great performance love how the commentator sounds surprised Serena is losing lol .......that's all she wrote as they say times up.
Ang V
Ang V:
AMAZING performance by Ajla, So proud of you girl. Go Ajla
Wow Ajla was really great. Hope she continues to advance
Joseph Dalonges
Joseph Dalonges:
So glad Serena is done! Yes probably the greatest female tennis player of all time but also maybe the biggest sore loser ever!
Ann Moideen
Ann Moideen:
Ajla you were phenomenal despite the annoying crowd, the crowd put a damper on your victory but you stood tall,you will shine like a star,I am happy for you. Wish you lots of luck.I am thrilled that you won
Natasha Stephens
Natasha Stephens:
And huge applause for Aija for her excellent game, composure and respect towards Serena, she was very humble in her win and demonstrated such admiration.
Blossom Chinaka
Blossom Chinaka:
Wow! Great Match right there! Congratulations Dearest Serena! More Wins into the Future! Congratulations to Ajla for a great match and Winning!😊
There is no doubting Serena's talent in the womens game ... but I always thought she was a sore loser and a not so gracious winner. Nadal is the opposite - first thing he does is always give his opponent credit (win or lose).
Incredible win from Ajla 👏 I guess this is what happens when you drop the boyfriend and relationship that consumes you, and you start focusing on yourself and the job that you love!👍
Jerry Lucero
Jerry Lucero:
Congratulations Ajla, well done, be humble and you go a long way, try to avoid the dramatic brouhaha and crowd will love you. All the very for the rest of the tournament.
itsme Kimmy
itsme Kimmy:
Serena!!! You gave it your all and we are so proud of you. You taught us to keep fighting no matter what. In the words of you mom from the King Richard film, " You had her shook!"
Global Fun Seeker
Global Fun Seeker:
A terrific match to watch. It wasn't always pretty, but the effort was there from both players. I just wish Serena had been a bit more congratulatory at the end of the match. Considering it was her last appearance in Flushing Meadows, and that the seesaw match lasted over three hours, I would have thought she'd have more to say and showed a bit more praise for Ajla.
richard bruno
richard bruno:
It was a high quality match and Serena battled to the end. Ajla had to play against the entire crowd, but she was composed throughout the match. I just wish that Serena was a little more gracious when they shook hands at the net. She seemed to dismiss her opponent. Not the way to go out.
Sports Lover
Sports Lover:
Man! Some credits to that other player for holding composure. The silence at 2:00 is insane. Getting this after winning a point must be so demotivating.
Rian Klenke
Rian Klenke:
Great performance Ajla, She's a true Champion! Keep it up🙏💪🌹❤️🤙
potdar kapil
potdar kapil:
She was 0-4 in second set, but still she pushed it to 6-6 , what a mental strength ahe has
Samet Çer
Samet Çer:
Playing against whole crowd. Great win
Verónica B G
Verónica B G:
What a match! Bye legend. Bravo Ajla.
Shaun Dalal
Shaun Dalal:
Tomlanovic had to beat Serena and the Crowd. She succeded beautifully.
HONESTLY, this is like a bad HORROR movie where the CREATURE refuses to DIE and go away! And what a terrible way to acknowledge and thank your opponent at the end of the match...SERENA!
Never liked Serena, but very impressed with all 3 of her matches. At 40 years old and 40 pounds overweight, that was admirable 👍💪
Nathan Lacson
Nathan Lacson:
My new favourite tennis player, AJLA! 🎉🎊

Dear US Open,
Please make sure that you have an extended highlight for this game.

Thank you in advance ❤️
Armen Karozichian
Armen Karozichian:
This young lady beat 24k plus one tennis player. Tremendous performance in mental fortitude.
What a match. Never seen Tomljanvoic played that well. The first 2 nights of Serena's matches surely provided lots of valuable preps for her. She was excellent and impressive. Serena played so well that you really doubt that she is retiring. Almost 41, a mother. I don't think in any sport we ever have someone playing at the very top level like that at her age. Playing under so much pressure for decades is unreal. Simply inspirational and legendary.
Riku Moi
Riku Moi:
Thank you Ajla! Great match!
Worst highlights ever. But pleasantly surprised that you guys actually showed Tomljanovic win 3 points.
Bright days ahead
Bright days ahead:
Glad Ajla won. What a class act.
Celebrity Chat
Celebrity Chat:
Serena Williams left an wonderful legacy behind well done.♥️🥇🥎🏆🔱⚜️🤟🏿
Josluis B
Josluis B:
Serena and the crowd from the same class. Thanks Ajla, masterclass 👏🏻
Janeth Okoronkwo
Janeth Okoronkwo:
Kudos to Tomli and Serena we'll miss you. Your farewll speech brought tears. I can't believe that was your last match - I've been watching you, cheering for you, sometimes mad at you for all these years. Well done my lady!
Serena fought HARD. That's what I like to see. In terms of her never give up spirit, it was a great impression to leave for her last match in my opinion.
Val R
Val R:
Yes just like when Bianca Andreescu beat Ms.W Williams with that crazy crowd in 2019
what a match this was to watch! breathtaking, truly
Thank you for all of your efforts Serena
Robert Simon
Robert Simon:
The HUGE beast is done !!! Thank you Ajla! How awful that the disrespectful crowd celebrated Ajla mistakes...
Apparently Serena didn't congratulate Tomljanović on her win,a sore loser right to the end! You'll never see that with Federer or even Novak if that was their last game.
Carlos Barrutia
Carlos Barrutia:
Love to see in the comments how Ajla is getting the credit she deserves despite having beaten a legend that almost everybody, for logical reasons, was supporting.
Michael Nkum
Michael Nkum:
Woow!! Tomlijanovic joins to applaud Serena!! Depths of character and composure
ron truocchio
ron truocchio:
williams could of at least gave some credit to her opponent, thats part of being a great champ.tomlijanovic had to overcome a tough opponent and a hostile audience and a post game interviewer that wanted to talk about serena
Виталий Десятериков
Виталий Десятериков:
Сейчас теннис не силовой, а быстрый и тактичный
Serena is a legend. But how disrespectfull can a crowd be?
monica perfiliomenas
monica perfiliomenas:
Gracias Ajla,infinitas gracias.👏👏👏👏👏.Al fin chau Serena.
Muzhi Li
Muzhi Li:
Great, so I can enjoy watching tennis now.
Kudos to Tomljanovic for her victory over the one time great Serena. Her carrying an extra 50 pounds in a major tournament is an insult to her opponents.
Aijla is in the form of her career, she just made the QF at Wimbledon and took a set off the eventual winner in that match.

I wouldn't be surprised if she goes on to win this.
Ann Moideen
Ann Moideen:
Ajla was excellent,she was not intimidated by the crowd or by Sareena,she was calm and composed. Even after losing Sarena stole the show just like she did it to Naomi Osaka. Attention for Sareena, unbelievable

Ajla,I am so glad that you won this match. Many congratulations!!!!
Ken More
Ken More:
So glad Ajla got the job done! I guess everyone on this side of the bracket will have to play night matches now?
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson:
Great match. Some of the rudest sports fans ever. But it is NYC. Thanks US Open for going so woke and showing your true colors.
Matty D
Matty D:
Alja knew she wasn't gonna get the support from the crowd as it was pro-Serena. I think that motivated her to come out and play like that. Sometimes being the villain is the best.