Sergio Agüero - Complete Forward

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Joey Bada$$ x JID Type Beat - Unfamiliar (prod. MANUEL)
Joey Bada$$ Type Beat - Uncontrollable (prod. Lewbi)
Joey Bada$$ Type Beat - Destined (prod. Lewbi)
asap rocky x drake type beat - 'sixwheeler' (prod. scorpio prodz)


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Intro Sequence: (0:00)
Self-service: (0:10)
Ball control: (8:39)
Chance creation: (12:18)
Finishing: (15:17)

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ASComps - Match Compilations
ASComps - Match Compilations:
Does Sergio Aguero leave City as the best striker of the last decade? Top 5? Against the likes of Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Benzema and Lewandowski... where does he rank and against who? Let me know...
wassup jed
wassup jed:
Aguero dribbling is sooo underated man
His finish from insane angles are out of the world🥶
Sandeep Balaji
Sandeep Balaji:
So sad he’s leaving the Prem. Imagine we get another “AGUEROOOOOOOOOO” moment in the UCL final. Goosebumps!!!
his balance is insane , thechinque and speed with the ball , cutting inside , oriented shots , what a legend
Hes dribbling is so underrated. Low centre of gravity aswell. Such a good striker
This guy can literally score from any part of the box and even from outside of it. Welcome to Barca Aguerooooooo!!🔴🔵
ASComps - Match Compilations
ASComps - Match Compilations:
The categories could have perhaps been defined better - there’s a lot of overlap between ‘self service’ and the ‘dribbling’/‘finishing’ sections obviously, but I think it was just a point I really wanted to stress. Not being overly reliant on service is probably what differentiates forwards like Aguero from a couple of the others who are often put in the same conversation based on numbers.

And also yeah
This is the only time you’ll be hearing commentary in one of my videos.
Temmz Baller
Temmz Baller:
Forever cemented in Premier League history
wassup jed
wassup jed:
Damn, he's such a great player, one of the premier league greats, going to miss this guy 😢😢😢
he’s the best striker I’ve seen in terms of creating his own shots. the way he’s able to move quickly with short steps is devastating.

that goal at OT vs us in 12/13 a perfect example :’)
Kevin de Bruyne
Kevin de Bruyne:
We are gonna miss him so much
SandisoAdrian Jjuuko
SandisoAdrian Jjuuko:
When I talk strikers this is what I’m talking about, very composed, lethal on both feet, self sufficiency in generating chances for himself when needed too and great at taking chances when given. Technically sound too
Aniket Das
Aniket Das:
Aguero in his first game for Man City : 2 goals
Aguero in his last game for Man City : 2 goals.
Legend 🤟🏼
YG 11
YG 11:
One of the best strikers of his generation was doing it season after season in the prem I hope he has a good send off in the champions league final
Ayaz Ahmad
Ayaz Ahmad:
As a Manchester City fan,my father and uncle are always grateful to you for agueroooo.
zjamavic official
zjamavic official:

Shooting, balance, technique, dribbling make him special he is one of the greatest strikers football has ever seen.
Avhinas Regmi
Avhinas Regmi:
Biggest moment in the history of the club 93.20
Sergio kun aguero; a primer ligue legend ❤️❤️
Raspar dav
Raspar dav:
AGUEROOOOOOO.......gracias KING KUN👑💙🦈
Pedro Miguel Freitas
Pedro Miguel Freitas:
karim benzema when football becomes art
harry kane complete striker
robin van persie when football becomes art
Thank you for making this absolute masterpiece
Paquito Lopez
Paquito Lopez:
As an Atletico Madrid fan all I can say about him hes one of the best strikers I ever seen
surav mondal
surav mondal:
He scored four against Spurs...
He scored five against NewCastle before Pep came to City...
and many more...
Akshay Rathod
Akshay Rathod:
Fun fact: he is one of the top(4th) most dribbles completed players past decade
One of the greatest strikers of all time. He can do it all. He scored 25+ goals every season despite being injured a lot. Not only premier league legend, but football legend
Debruynehive _
Debruynehive _:
So higly rated and still underrated. A PL legend💙
He comes to Barca hopefully he shows his magic
Isaac Ong
Isaac Ong:
You made a proper tribute to a premier league legend man 👏💯
Fathan Ahsan
Fathan Ahsan:
He beat prime de gea, lloris, alisson (this one even with left foot) in their near post just says a lot about him
He actually had an incredibly underrated long shot
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa:
The fact that you can make a 20 min video about Aguero,says alot about this player
I henry I
I henry I:
One of the generational greats, a real icon
Silva Mateo
Silva Mateo:
zjamavic official
zjamavic official:

Greatest EPL striker off all times alongside Thierry Henry hands down legend.
Dawit Kegne
Dawit Kegne:
Thank you so much for making this compilation. I already know its gonna be a banger before I even start.🙏🏾
sanz leaso
sanz leaso:
Is my favorite modern day striker he so much more then goals.
Gabi Protection Squad
Gabi Protection Squad:
If Argentina would have made their team around this man, would have made less pressure on Messi and they would have won the World Cup
[B]Parth Singh Jhala
[B]Parth Singh Jhala:
Welcome to Barca. Hope he stays fit nd have his head up
Arnav Mishra
Arnav Mishra:
Sorry Chelsea fans, but I want him to win the UCL real bad. He's the best striker player Man City has ever had, probably the best player for Man City for somes
unknown person
unknown person:
everything about this video is perfect the clips the music taste for each player ...
love your Chanel bro keep it up💯
vb Prasanna
vb Prasanna:
8:20 what a finish that was
Thapan Roy
Thapan Roy:
Best goal scorer ever in the Prem after Thierry Henry.
Welcome to Barca!!🔵🔴
This move should've happened years ago, but nevertheless I'm excited. Aguerooooooo!!
Akash Narain
Akash Narain:
He didnt get enough time this season due to injuries other wise he may have scored 10 to 15 goals easily.City fan know he does it every season.
He's the best striker in PL history
It's a fuckin steal for Barca 🔥
Aniket Das
Aniket Das:
8:25 is special, will always be special.
Absolute Legend. 🤟🏼
Football S SEBO
Football S SEBO:
He could do everything to score in his own way! Dribbling past and scores, distance shots, and great speed with the ball! So sad to see him losing UCL final😳😢
Shawn Fritz
Shawn Fritz:
One of the best to ever do it .. when I was a kid I always wanted to be like aguero pure strong body small dude who takes bangers
I wish he get the goal CL final
Danish Iman
Danish Iman:
his shot accuracy is amazing tho...goodby legend gonna miss you
Prajwal DB
Prajwal DB:
Man I really hope he shines at Barca
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
8:24 should've kept this part at the end
Aditya Sajan
Aditya Sajan:
The power of his shot is unreal which compensates the angle from which he shoots. A genius he is, as a barca fan im gonna be very happy and delighted if he signs for barca we need him to finish,even though he wont be at the same level he is still a beast
Abe jr
Abe jr:
9:50 - 9:54 the sync between the video and the music is so satisfying
Aguero has done so much for city automatic ( PL) hall of fame for city and one of the best strikers of all time
Shubham Dhanawade
Shubham Dhanawade:
Always underrated 🥺🥺🥺🥺
FMFootball Passion10
FMFootball Passion10:
Paul Scholes - When Football Becomes Art
One of the best strikers that I have seen in my life, I have had the privilege of seeing this killer play in the area, he is part of my favorite club in England, the best legend we have had. 💙
wiz lion
wiz lion:
Prem fans are definitely going to miss this legend
Tommy Hurst
Tommy Hurst:
Aguero and Suarez two strikers who will never be matched
Denis Ogar
Denis Ogar:
Such a good video. Entertaining, comprehensive
Shreyas Singh
Shreyas Singh:
A true Manchester City legend and leader❤️
He was the soul of the city attack through these years. An out and out striker and fuking reliable though. It would be almost difficult for city to find a replacement for him any time soon. He had the same stature as kompany.
Zee Soe
Zee Soe:
So good he started a new ascomps series 👏🏾👏🏾
The Real Aguero
The Real Aguero:
The good old times🥺🤟🏾
Mukul Upadhyay
Mukul Upadhyay:
Welcome to Barcelona.....Champ🎉🎉🎉🎉.
Wow, this looks like a presentation man.. Honestly could be used at clubs to teach their young center forwards
Gopalakrishnan Meenakshisundaram
Gopalakrishnan Meenakshisundaram:
Wait wait wait did I just miss some G.O.A.T.S in my list. This guy's finishing 🥶🤐🤯😱😱
Abdulah Daud
Abdulah Daud:
Paul scholes- when football becomes art
Muhammad Fajar Muslim
Muhammad Fajar Muslim:
Johann Rijo
Johann Rijo:
His finishing from tight angles is so underrated
Mcfc Dan
Mcfc Dan:
Best premier league player of the last decade
The Heel
The Heel:
Man City legend.
Welcome to Barca,Kuni 🔴🔵
5:07 insane goal man
Cant wait for him to join barca!❤️💙
lad doink
lad doink:
More striker videos please !, Suarez, Benzema, Zlatan, Firmino, Cavani would be amazing
Wivwa Siwingwa
Wivwa Siwingwa:
🔥🔥🔥 already know this is fire
Ben Spike
Ben Spike:
One word sums agureo up LEGEND
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez:
Goodbye to one of the greatest strikers of English football. He is irreplaceable just a living legend
Excelente laburo de edición hermano!!!
Ishor Rai
Ishor Rai:
Thank you for always giving us such amazing videos man. Your content makes me fall in love with the game even more. You are appreciated immensely from true football fans <3 <3
yourwishtolose 12
yourwishtolose 12:
u upload the best stuff!!
O P:
The best striker in premier league history ❤️
Fun fact : Barca actually originally wanted to sign Aguero instead of Suarez but City were adamant on not selling him, so they went for Suarez.
WeSpiced Memes
WeSpiced Memes:
Ok ok AS, you’re the king of video ideas.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Barcelona 😥
Saves us from perdition kun !!!
The Real Aguero
The Real Aguero:
One of the greatest strikers to ever grace the game
Wahyu Sulistyo
Wahyu Sulistyo:
Gracias, legend💙
Omar Citizen
Omar Citizen:
What a video!!!!
just wow!

thank you man
M The Don!
M The Don!:
Finally a Sergio Aguero video thank you ASComps I’m watching the full 20 mins ads and all this is my childhood hero
I'll root for City in the UCL this time because it would be a perfect gift to Aguero before leaving City.
Harshil Meshram
Harshil Meshram:
Mozart of Football
Mozart of Football:
one of the most prolific goaslscorers of our time and arguably the greatest player to don the city shirt .
Danish Iman
Danish Iman:
he plays in pl bruh,not farmer league🤣🔥
Beautifully made video! Thanks.
Hassan Ezzenz
Hassan Ezzenz:
Welcom to Barcelone 🔥🔥❤💙
deserves more recognition