Sergio Aguero reflects on his incredible Man City career after his final game for the club

Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero looked back on his incredible career at the club after his final game, in which he came off the bench to score twice in the club's emphatic 5-0 victory against Everton.

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Darius W
Darius W:
First pl game -Came off the bench and scored two goals .Last pl game came off the bench and scored two goals . In between was pure magic . What a player 🇦🇷
Tre-Dupree Webster
Tre-Dupree Webster:
He actually managed to break Rooney's record
Kshitij Singh
Kshitij Singh:
Above the footballer, the blonde hair, the crazy shifting of weight from right to left, it's the human inside. Aguero is a dream for every manager. Guordiola is crying because he knows it is impossible to replace the man. It's as if he had no wants from the club, no desires. All he cared about was scoring goals, making the fans happy, taking home match-balls and living a good life. Kun Aguero is a Premier League legend. Manchester City have defined the last decade of the Premier League and Aguero is the baton-holder for them.
Henry was the iconic player of his generation and Aguero is hands down the icon of the following generation. Absolute class. Sad to see him go, from an Arsenal fan.
blueface james
blueface james:
Wow he finished the interview without speaking a word of Spanish. 10 years in England really made him learn. Still better than Bale not knowing any Spanish in his 6 years in Spain.
Simphiwe Mtengwane
Simphiwe Mtengwane:
If you love football, you've got love for Sergio. A living legend.
Clive Shelvey
Clive Shelvey:
Agüero Sergio Kun - One of the greatest players of the Modern Premier League Era
To all those mocking on segio's english.
He speaks in the pitch n all the universe can understand him. Thank u agüerooo🙌
Bipin Khatiwada
Bipin Khatiwada:
You will always be remembered. Talk less no thrash talk. So humble. Legend
They better build a Kun Agüero statue outside of the Etihad.
Rob Mays
Rob Mays:
Think this is the first time I've heard him put a whole sentence together in English
Andrew Zavala
Andrew Zavala:
I'm looking forward to when they reveal his statue outside the Etihad. He blessed all of us with his exceptional football talent on the pitch, but most of all he blessed us with the privilege to see him grow as an individual. It's been an absolute pleasure, thank you for all the unforgettable moments.
debashis mallick
debashis mallick:
Imagine….someone like Pep coukd not hold back his tears while bidding farewell to this legend…..King Kun… are a legend….you will be so so so missed by City fans….its a huge loss.
Squid Henten
Squid Henten:
As a United fan, I still can't help but appreciate the man
Fan Site
Fan Site:
The club where he goes next should should never forget the fact that they got SERGIO AGUERO for Free!!
The Doctor
The Doctor:
It’s a shame there is a bit of a language gap here I believe he had a lot more to say. A true icon and a player I will miss watching (united fan)
Dan Collins
Dan Collins:
That moment in 2012 still makes me cry every single time I watch it... never in my lifetime and in that fashion too... A little Argentinian makes a grown man and probably thousands more men from Manchester cry... he's an absolute hero... The biggest of saints to ever grace the church of St. Marks... have a happy, long and healthy life Kün 💙💙💙
Dan Murfin
Dan Murfin:
10 years and his English has barely improved 😂 Gonma miss him.
J R:
United fan here, and all I can say is wow.
Absolute legend of the English game 🙌
Lallijohns LalliJohns
Lallijohns LalliJohns:
Arsenal fan but i love Aguero, he is a legend. Congrats City fans!
Valderino Zefanya
Valderino Zefanya:
I don't care if it's Henry or whoever it is y'all been talking. But Sergio Leonel Agüero Del Castilo, will always be missed by the Premier League. 💙
Corey Bright
Corey Bright:
From a Chelsea fan. Much respect. You will always be remembered as the best premier league striker of all time. No trash talk. Always humble. Never complained. Never bad press. Always dedicated to your club. You gave man city there name. I wish you the best. Best of luck to you in the future to you and you're family Sergio. Good bye my friend ❤️
Legend of the premier league not only city.....
I'm not sure anybody can steal the words BALOTELLI AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOO,
Cole wilders
Cole wilders:
he is so humble... many disgruntled superstars couldve caused so much drama wen they are benched like he was but hes a true professional and a ridiculous striker, top 3 strikers all time
People can't forget he's the one that really set off the Man City project. I remember being shocked he moved there while the entire world was at his feet back at Atletico.
Guess he saw the vision and made it happen. Lots of emotional moments in the deciding weeks of all the leagues in Europe. We still had a memorable season alltogether.
Jalil E
Jalil E:
Legend only learned English two days ago for his final interview
Legend. I hear people say Thierry Henry was one of the main reasons they started watching football. Even non- Arsenal fans. This guy is one of the main reasons I started watching this game. So tribute to him. At City He'll never be forgotten. And I won't forget him either
From a Man United Fan, great, great respect to Sergio Aguero and didn't he finish his last Premier league game like a legend with two goals...standing ovation. Absolute class!
Moachuchang Kichu
Moachuchang Kichu:
Sad Silva never got such a farewell. He was equally great. Nobody finds gaps in the middle as good as him. His weight of measure of pass was second to none
Holyland Khongsdier
Holyland Khongsdier:
Kun the striker and Kompany the defender made me support City... He'll be missed😭
Mr Smith
Mr Smith:
True legend. Maradona would be proud of you. Outstanding player
The Baggaleys
The Baggaleys:
Imagine if he left with a UCL, would've been incredible
Diane Stenning
Diane Stenning:
I'm a liverpool fan but this guy has been a gem for the prem he will be sorely missed & hopefully he can lift the champions league as one last gift
Matt Babcock
Matt Babcock:
As a chelsea fan I forced myself to hate him. What a class act he was and I thank him for giving me the chance to see truly beautiful football. The legend Kun Aguero
Behraam Khan
Behraam Khan:
“AGUEROOOOOOOOO!!! I Swear you’ll never see anything like this again ever again! So watch it! Drink it in!” - Need I say more. Still gives me goosebumps. not a city can but any football fan would agree 👍🏽
Tio Abas
Tio Abas:
I can’t believe he’s in the club for almost 10 years and this is the first time I watched him speaks english😂😂😂 Aguerrroooooo (still
giving me ghosebumps everytime I remembered it)
SnV Plasma
SnV Plasma:
Feels like a part of my childhood has just been removed, Sergio was my idol and when Pep cries over a player you know their quality and calibration but im reduced to tears. Thanks Sergio for everything and I wish you luck wherever you go on to continue your outstanding career💙💙💙
Phoenix Murphy
Phoenix Murphy:
As a Chelsea fan I’m in tears I love Sergio it’s sad to see him go. Bye bye legend.
Jackson Bryan
Jackson Bryan:
there will never be another player like aguero.
One of the G.O.A.T striker to ever bless this league. I’m an Arsenal fan so Henry will always hold the top spot but, I have loved this guy for many years. He’s been fantastic over the years and he seems like a genuinely wonderful person.
Without question the greatest striker to ever grace the Premier League, and just like his manager he oozes class and humility.
hisense C-OPS
hisense C-OPS:
U were a machine at city , wherever u go , u will have 100% fame , wish luck for future career and on!👍🔥🙏👀
Haris Asif
Haris Asif:
An icon of the premier league, one of greatest strikers of the last decade and of course of Premier league, That Agueroooo will always be in our minds, thank you Aguero ❤
Sane Man
Sane Man:
This is a player I’ve always enjoyed watching, when he joined City I knew they were getting something special... he didn’t disappoint.
Billy Gladman
Billy Gladman:
He was the final player of the era when I started truly following football in the prem.. So gutted man, the era of RVP, Rooney, Suarez, yaya, Gerrard, Lampard, Cesc, Silva, etc. has officially come to an end today😓 so gutted and emotional right now man..
aliyan Mohammed
aliyan Mohammed:
Hope city win the CL final for this guy
Laksh Pawar
Laksh Pawar:
imagine a last minute winner in the champions league from kun
that will not only be the most important goal of kun but the most important for city in their history
Mikel Christopher
Mikel Christopher:
Phew at least Rooney has the record for most Manchester derby goals he is incredible aguero he is such a nightmare he so humble and good what a striker
Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper:
The premier league will miss you Sergio, gone on to become one of the greatest strikers the league has ever seen, world class. A legend. 👏🏻(Arsenal fan)
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis:
Respect to aguero what a player but also what a pain to play against 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Tom Horan
Tom Horan:
I love how relaxed Aguero always is, he handled his emotions very well in the game and afterwards. Meanwhile Pep and the rest of us are balling our eyes out at seeing him go. Una Leyenda del fútbol
Unknown I
Unknown I:
Know seeing this I can only remember the Agueroooooo moment in my head Even though I am a Liverpool Fan I just want to say thanking for making this league so fun to watch with legends like you Kun football will never die🤝👍
Ronnie Dube
Ronnie Dube:
I love this man , he is my all time favorite player, l can't believe his leaving Man City
The fitness challenger
The fitness challenger:
Balotelli aguerooooooooo that was a iconic moment U are truly a legend 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 thank u aguero
AJ Travels
AJ Travels:
Unbelievable player, One of the greatest premiership players of all time. A TRUE LEGEND
Killer's Channel
Killer's Channel:
whenever i see him,he reminds me that final minutes against QPR

Aguerooooooooo!!!!! I swear you will never see anything like this ever again............

such a legend
Amazing player, hope he plays in the final and scores the winner in the CL he deserves it 👏
HMAN 998
HMAN 998:
Such a legend, he means everything to the club.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
I hope it’s 1-1 in the 80th minute in the UCL final and Pep subs on Aquero to score a 93rd minute winner and we hear AQUEEEEEEROOOO again.
Padre Omar
Padre Omar:
Damn I can’t believe this is his last time playing at the Etihad, my heart hurts
Will miss this smile, massive respect for you though you haunted us.
Hope you excel at Barca
Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul:
You inspired me so much in the last decade Sergio, thank you for that and thank you for all you've done for the club. You are immortalised!
mach junior
mach junior:
10 years and his English is like the finishing of Timo Werner 😂😂💔
David Savage
David Savage:
Not a city fan, still gonna miss him
Christopher Perifimou
Christopher Perifimou:
Thank you for the football memories 💯 , from a spurs fan
Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson:
One of the greats that I can say I’ve seen play in person. Thankyou Aguero.
Vicky Elliott
Vicky Elliott:
I absolutely love Sergio and I’m a Chelsea fan, city will feel the void with him being gone his irreplaceable. Well done city on winning the premier league
Peshal acharya
Peshal acharya:
Aguerooooooooooo……still give me chills!!! Defined an era…truly a legend of the game
Moe Ali
Moe Ali:
He made me drop cry tears of joy for giving us are first bragging rights
Sean Sturgeon
Sean Sturgeon:
Even as a Liverpool fan from Liverpool, this man is a premier league legend and he will be missed! What a player for that club and football overall!
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Premier league loses a legend.
He's always been a pure professional. From this Spurs fan, congratulations and I hope you lift one more this year over Chelsea.
He moves like mercury. So smooth. My favorite PL striker. I wish him the best where ever he go.
Hope he gets a 119th minute winner in the final. Great player, great man.
Ayaan Ahmad10
Ayaan Ahmad10:
As a city fan I'm so sad to see him go he will forever be my favourite player of all time
Argentinians are so humble.....❤️a new journey waits for this legend
Edvin Mester
Edvin Mester:
I just love this guy! Amazing baller, amazing person! Forever a Citizen!
He's so charming up close and sounds so sweet.
Dibeet Kunwar
Dibeet Kunwar:
Literally gave us our most iconic childhood memory. I will never forget that 'agueroo' moment
DynamicZ PlayZ
DynamicZ PlayZ:
This saddens me he’s an awesome talent ( Man Utd Fan ) Good Luck and God Bless , Legend.
Red Pill
Red Pill:
I’m grateful to watch this guy for few seasons at Etihad stadium on weekly basis! The legend!!!
Friday Moon
Friday Moon:
Best goalscorer in man city history. Truly a legend!❤
Clipz yt
Clipz yt:
Definitely a legend in my book he did so much for the club he entered this club as a prince , left as a king
Kartik Iyer
Kartik Iyer:
What an amazing player! Respect from an Arsenal fan.
marley a qt
marley a qt:
Beats Alan shearer record amazing what a player💙💙
Munsif Gul
Munsif Gul:
His last game should’ve been the champions league final
Thank you Sergio for everything
Aston Villa fan ❤️❤️
Yom Tym
Yom Tym:
Always very painful to see a club legend leave...Gracias Sergio, David Silva, Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany
Moses John . Pedro
Moses John . Pedro:
Pep made him Irrelevant to his philosophy he could've had more goals this season and the previous he was always battling it out with other top scorers every season before Pep step in. Goodbye and Good riddance Kün Aguero from a Chelsea fan.
Henry Hodgkinson
Henry Hodgkinson:
This is my idol and I will forever remember him!
Football Refresh
Football Refresh:
I love augero to score and win our first trohpy !!Legend for a club /legend for a fans .he has given us a joy ,momories , emotions and so many things .he broke so many records,he is the person who had a dream debut and dream farewell .augero you truly is our hero and a epl pride which never can be replaced
Miss him already. I was 10 when I first saw him in the Prem so now I feel so old.
ismail hassan
ismail hassan:
Absolutely its honor, you’re one of the best heros of city and PL as well
Satish Neupane
Satish Neupane:
Argentina could never value such a master of the game. Good luck legend
Elliott Wong
Elliott Wong:
As an MU fan, I am sincerely going to miss this guy. One of the best strikers in Premier League history. He deserves to be inducted into the PL Hall of Fame right away!
Nabster Gaming
Nabster Gaming:
The fans singing gives me goosebumps
Vlad Bogdanov
Vlad Bogdanov:
Pep put this man in starting line up in the cl final. Cheers mate
Dan Preston
Dan Preston:
I’m sad I won’t get to see him play here anymore. Such a great player to watch.
Zane Is awesome
Zane Is awesome:
Listen anyone can say City can buy their success but this man was one of the main reasons they gained success through the years to think this man took rooneys record and can now leave this club with a champions league on Saturday is beautiful