Seven Minutes Of Ryan Garcia's Greatest Moments In The Ring

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100+ komentarze:

Ryan has homework to do that’s why he finishes his fights so quickly
Rhizel khiangte
Rhizel khiangte:
The first guy was literally dying inside but forced a laugh
The second guy's dodging was freaking amazing.
jake should fight this guy, so i can finally see him fall.
J Salcedo
J Salcedo:
Imagine Jake Paul catching one of those would be so satisfying
Anthony Roman
Anthony Roman:
I don’t think the bullies from Ryan’s high school wanna catch his hands 💀
Underrated YT
Underrated YT:
4:21 Ryan out there he rocking itachi on his shoes
Young Jon
Young Jon:
Imagine picking a fight with him in middle school
Beatyfull Anime
Beatyfull Anime:
I like the selfcontrol of Ryan, he knows when a battle has finished.
YoUnG adxxmyy
YoUnG adxxmyy:
Logan’s reaction was priceless after the knockout
Yeti Was His Name
Yeti Was His Name:
I've been following Ryan for awhile now. IMO, kids the real deal. His speed is beautiful. Opponent swings, Ryan throws a quick punch, catches Opponent off guard and knocks em.
Jordan Catalan
Jordan Catalan:
6:58 The guy on bottom right paid thousands to miss the KO perfectly
Bo Hayes
Bo Hayes:
I like Ryan because he actually punches instead of just running around the ring
Nathan Huizar
Nathan Huizar:
7 minutes of Ryan Garcia's greatest moments, more like all his moments in the ring considering how quick his matches end😂 Dude is an absolute beast!
Who’s here after he knocked out Luke campbell
Dude the last time i felt like that was when i watched tyson in his prime this guy gonne be a champ
I like Garcia’s energy and confidence
I like how ryan is so merciless in the ring yet so humble outside of it
His combinations are slick, quick, heavy, intuitive, not rehearsed. That's a concern for everyone else.
Antreas Theofanous
Antreas Theofanous:
His explosiveness is remarkable.his punches look normal but have a supernatural impact.amazing.cannot wait to see his future.a true boxer elite.
Trying Out Trading
Trying Out Trading:
I've been watching boxing for a long time and I can undoubtedly say that Ryan's boxing is the most entertaining
He's talented . Once he hits his combination you know it's over .
Trenton Bolek
Trenton Bolek:
Jake wants to fight ryan? He gon be down for the count.
m c
m c:
The first guy is the type of person who call you cheater when he's losing in a videogame
Rameen Malfoy
Rameen Malfoy:
doni hersono
doni hersono:
7:00 that’s some serious super sonic move, he can land a punch first even loose the starting time
Hector Cardoza
Hector Cardoza:
No hablo español pero tenga la Sangre Mexicana en mi y es lo que importa"
He's a badass fighter & represent Our Raza,Viva Mexico
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez:
He boxes well, has the hand speeds, a great left hook. But he will need to keep his hands up when he fights Tank Davis.
Ur Dad
Ur Dad:
Imagine being a pro boxer, and losing to someone who looks like a 13 yr old lol🤣
Daniel Voehringer
Daniel Voehringer:
That last knock out was all film study. Garcia knew what was gonna come, invited the simple one two with a low head and basically countered the attack before it hit. Superb 👌
Bob From Accounting
Bob From Accounting:
1:46 Are we all going to ignore that kids backpack full of candy?!! No wonder ring seats are so expensive.
Matthew Melegrito
Matthew Melegrito:
ryan looks like the type of kid who finishes his homework on time and but also knocks you out while doing so
Ryan Garcia is like an anime character because every knockout it looks like the opponent just slowly falls over without being hit.
He’s actually a really nice kid! Best of luck Ryan!
Love how some boxers go from smiling to starring at the ceiling, lol.
1 Billion Views
1 Billion Views:
Garcia reminds me of a young de la Hoya but needs to learn his trade fully before fighting the champs in those divisions like Tank, Haney and Loma.
6:43 Logan’s Reaction says it all
The first guy is the epitomy of the crying guy with a smiley mask meme.
Unknown Space
Unknown Space:
Congrats to him for not rushing the enemy, hitting them uncontrollably when they are already down.
I’d like to see Ryan get a couple more fights with team Canelo before he faces the tank.
Ryan fights with his heart, has illegal speed, crazy power and is crazy agressive, most importantly you can see that he is not scared at all but is concerned of the opponents threat.
say what you will, but 3:52 lopez still defended fairly decent being rocked LOLL muscle memory probably
Moayed RL
Moayed RL:
This is the guy jake Paul wants to fight? Logan going to be filming another dead body at this rate
The lad is a weapon love watching his fights👍
Joe Lirag
Joe Lirag:
Can't wait to see Ry vs Tank.
Ace Par
Ace Par:
5:07 the guy who trained for hundred's of years vs the guy who learned the power of friendship
radioactive banana
radioactive banana:
Garcia definitely knows how to wait for a perfect punch
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid:
Guaranteed... Ryan's first loss is going to come from someone who can fight on the inside. He throws a lot of "air balls" in his combos. A counter puncher will capitalize.
It's great to see a young American with so much talent!
westernKy WhiskerSeekers
westernKy WhiskerSeekers:
Ryan reminds me of another Mario barrios great fighter until he meets tank Davis to end that glorious streak! No way he stands a chance against tank
Kalob Williamson
Kalob Williamson:
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Garcia is probably my favorite boxer rn and the last match in the video had me dying. I swear Garcia was thinking in the highlights “ get tf outta here “ with that punch 🤣🤣🤣
6:24 bruh...instant dude makes a move Garcia's already dodged and his fist is in his face; that speed
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
He’s crazy talented and not even in his physical prime yet
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez:
That’s that HD heat right there! 🔥
Fight Lifestyle MMA
Fight Lifestyle MMA:
I want to see King Ryan performing like that versus Manny Pacquiao! Let's see if that will happen!
brandon morals
brandon morals:
He's pretty seasoned offensively. However I see holes in his defense that if he tightens up, he could become great!
Looking forward to the fight with Campbell !
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz:
4:37 “he’s got speed, power, looks, charisma, the whole package” didn’t know I was watching the bachelor.
Tito Dacosta
Tito Dacosta:
That left hook is for real, none survive from it 🍻
Bruce Gillett
Bruce Gillett:
The sickest part about his career is “El Rey” Vicente!!

Arif Güngör
Arif Güngör:
Never in my life expected to see the real Ippo Makunouchi.
Crocs Caday
Crocs Caday:
He can punch you 5 times in a second.
Capn T Baggins
Capn T Baggins:
I didnt give the respect i should have. after the last fight he had, i cant wait to see the crazy future of this kid.
7:12 he looks so scared then he just casually swipes his fist violently across his face with a grimace. 😈
6:11 the speed of that counter punch is insane
I just realized that he was wearing Itachi shoes when he was fighting with Lopez
I can't wait till he gets to Devin that will be his greatest challenge yet
Scott Edwards
Scott Edwards:
Dat power. Few people have that aura on them when they swing. He has it.
Malcolm Primo
Malcolm Primo:
Bro I can’t lie he was low key weavin those punches he threw that one min but the got rocked lol
This dude can beat floyd to the ground .He is powerful because of his speed
Ben Bierman
Ben Bierman:
I was just laughing at Logan’s reaction
Mike Jimenez
Mike Jimenez:
“i may not speak spanish, but i got that mexican blood in me” same ryan, same
Raimundo Kanaan
Raimundo Kanaan:
No way ryan wins over tank 😂
Dr Phot
Dr Phot:
After his last fight he's gonna need a part 2!
Kyoya Official
Kyoya Official:
Some Filipinos have started liking Ryan Garcia because of his aggression and talent of tactic which makes him invulnerable.
Cornelius Fuuba
Cornelius Fuuba:
Imagine how the ppl who purchased tickets felt when he KO’d Duno
Jesse James
Jesse James:
I gained so much respect for Ryan Garcia after seeing the way he handled Rodriguez's taunts. He kept his poise and let his fists do the talking.
Trixton Wilson
Trixton Wilson:
🤘🏽🔥This man is a beast 🔥🤘🏽
Freddy Lee
Freddy Lee:
6:40 Paul Logan was surprised because he'll never pull anything like that in his entire "boxing" career
At 0:49 seconds Rodriguez rethinks his whole life
Fidel Carter
Fidel Carter:
Garcia moves to the right into most right handers blind spot. I would like to see how he does against south paws
El Profanador De Culos
El Profanador De Culos:
Imagine starting a bar fight with Ryan, thinking he's just a 16 year old teenager that you're going to beat easily...
Eliel A
Eliel A:
I remember his fight that happened in Nov 2 2019 because it was at the same event as canelos fight against kovalev. I stood up till the morning for the fight

Edit. I also remember it because the fight was fast
JAGuilar p
JAGuilar p:
Just found a new Great Boxer to follow after Manny retires...Ryan looks like that coming new Boxingstar !!...
David Vacarciuc
David Vacarciuc:
How can a man be this fast at punching? Incredible!
Sad Entity
Sad Entity:
when the time comes that he loses i hope the opponent that wins against him says "welcome to boxing, kid."
Gage Reidler
Gage Reidler:
Imagine being duno and training for months and going in the ring for 27 seconds
Az Raai
Az Raai:
All i can say, he never meet a boxer on same level as ryan. Beat the tank then i say he is great.
"you're supposed to count and he did" how insightful
K C:
Dude is a monster... love from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Alfredo Trujillo
Alfredo Trujillo:
"I may not speak Spanish." Never too late to learn my guy.
Cash Ostler
Cash Ostler:
When Fonseca got KO it hurt my head
Nat G
Nat G:
So this is basically a montage of Ryans whole career lol
Verona Iancu
Verona Iancu:
I love to see fighting Lomachenko that will be a challenge for Garcia
lisa milosevich
lisa milosevich:
I bet this dude would knock Floyd out even at his weight
Khaphung Jingdam
Khaphung Jingdam:
This 22 old dude is killing it and here I'm 23 old wasting life.
Keane Gong
Keane Gong:
Ryan physically hurts me with what he achieved but younger than me, while i am still counting pay days .
When I grow up, I want to be a boxer to fight Ryan Garcia and all legend boxers
UsmaN oP
UsmaN oP:
logan was literally like "ayy that could be my brother if he doesnt humble his self"
Thomas Folarin
Thomas Folarin:
This dude fighting style is nowhere near tank lol he’s a sparring partner