Sexiest Male Vocalist Riff-Off w/ Usher & Luke Evans

While James is lamenting over the lack of soul and sexiness from modern male vocalists, Usher and Luke Evans crash the show to take exception and settle the dispute with a riff-off of songs from Marvin Gaye, K-Ci & Jojo and Foreigner.

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The Filharmonic
The Filharmonic:
Usher and Luke Evans KILLED it 🙌🏼🔥 we had a great time singing with them and being back on The Late Late Show! 🇵🇭 subscribe to us if you want to see more!
Gvann Ly
Gvann Ly:
"No one sings like Gaston..." lol
Lou bedoo
Lou bedoo:
Luke Evans is incredible! His voice is gorgeous, him too.
The confidence of Usher. He knows he is handsome and sexy 🥰
Cassidy Murski
Cassidy Murski:
Luke Evans…..well that’s one way to win a riff off. Just seduce me some more why don’t you
Bri Terry
Bri Terry:
All I want is a man with Luke's physique, Usher's voice and James' humor. Is that too much to ask for?
Suzanne Marie
Suzanne Marie:
Luke Evans arrives and “Game over man, game over.” DAMN! What a huge loss to Womanhood!
A Lad and a Dad
A Lad and a Dad:
Usher's voice is just liquid gold...
Gail A.
Gail A.:
James sings as a joke, but he is honestly pretty good at it.
G. Mc Murray
G. Mc Murray:
Usher by far has the best vocal skills, best dance moves, he is a talented man, my fave
Tbirdclass Ohio
Tbirdclass Ohio:
No one commented on the back up singers. They are adorable.
sab Wolf
sab Wolf:
Clearly, Luke Evans is the sexiest !
Savage Karma
Savage Karma:
James was great. He was.
Usher hardly had words.
But Luke... DAMN!
Someone said all the ladies got pregnant when Luke sang... I believe it!
Kwnstantina Theodosiou
Kwnstantina Theodosiou:
Luke's voice is unbelievable!!!Not to mention his sensuality..... it's killing!!!!!!!
Snow White
Snow White:
Why did they cast him as Gaston he should have been the beast he is closer to Robbie benson who voiced the beast
Celine C Rvr
Celine C Rvr:
Luke Evans doesn't even need to sing. He can just stand there. And I'll be happy.
Elsie Miller
Elsie Miller:
Everyone is talking about Luke Evens but look at usher 🥵♥️
Jojo Watson
Jojo Watson:
Luke melts my bones just talking. His vocals definitely right there on point.
Hannah Lacy
Hannah Lacy:
Usher is always ready. Doesnt matter what he does, how he does it, he is even freaking sexy putting on his sox. 🤣
I just love Usher and Luke Evans! Never get tired of this video!
At first I was "yeah, that's nice..." Then Luke Evans sang. And I got pregnant. With triplets.
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis:
I loved Usher singing mercy mercy me and I never realised how beautiful his dimples are and you are right he has not aged at all
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x:
My ideal man:
Luke's physique his body is😍
Usher's voice his voice is equivalent to sex I'm sure
James' humour; is this too much to ask for😭
Jenna Bryan
Jenna Bryan:
"There are alot of Mums out there that still think you are sexy."

I laughed so hard that my back just cracked!!! HAHA omg
Olivia Round
Olivia Round:
honestly, James Corden should've been on pitch perfect!
Dalia Rose ́
Dalia Rose ́:
God was not playing fair when he made Luke Evans!
Siphiwo Asande Mhlongo
Siphiwo Asande Mhlongo:
James Corden actually held his own here
Also the philharmonic group was sublime
Sensation Gaming
Sensation Gaming:
There is only one king of RnB.
anthony m
anthony m:
Ushers falsettos and runs are just like legendary 👍
N E:
Is there anything Luke Evans can’t do 🥵
Annalise Stevens
Annalise Stevens:
All these people sitting here being like " LUKE CAN SING WTF" and im sitting here like "have any of you seen Beauty and the Beast???"
Cheah Ynot
Cheah Ynot:
James Cordens actually got some pipes da fuck
Aqeelah Morris
Aqeelah Morris:
Omg usher has my heart😢😢❤
Kay Le
Kay Le:
Luke Evans doesn't even need to sing. He can just stand there. And I'll be happy.
Carolyn Waskovich
Carolyn Waskovich:
And all women sighed when they found out Luke Evans is gay.
Alexander Watching movies
Alexander Watching movies:
Luke Evans the worlds most straight gay man against James corden the worlds most gay straight man
susan dawson
susan dawson:
Luke Evans, for killer singing, for president for James bond, the list is endless ♥️♥️♥️👏
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson:
Usher sounds so good. That boy can sing!
Joe Sharameta
Joe Sharameta:
Amazing performance. Luke Evans should so be the next James Bond.
Cherie Longwe
Cherie Longwe:
I must confess- I like James’s voice too. He surprisingly sounded pretty good. They all were a pleasure to listen to. They took me back down memory lane.
I love how James Corden is very comfortable with his masculinity, love him for it.
Usher and Luke killed it. James is hysterical! I'll take a man who can make me laugh every day.
Chris Brice
Chris Brice:
Whenever we get back to normal 😁 I would like to see another riff off with these men👍!
Yardley J
Yardley J:
Honourable mention for the Fabulous Five. The quintet.
Ana Serrano
Ana Serrano:
Hands down this is the best comedy show!
Amx x
Amx x:
I know James jokes about himself a lot, but his personality is off the chain. he really is so sweet and he has such a calm disposition.
Was anyone actually singing? I didn't notice. I was just staring at Luke Evans. Damnnnn that is one handsome man and what a body!
Cameron Enoch
Cameron Enoch:
Who are the backup singers tho? Is nobody gonna give them their credit?
Donna Nancekivell
Donna Nancekivell:
Luke Evans in a heartbeat, He is just so impressive, what a voice.................Donna in Toronto
Luke Evans is appearing on TV in a third part series called “The Pembrokeshire Murders” at the moment. Really enjoying it. Apparently he’s loving being back in his own country of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and we are hoping we can hang on to him.😂
Susan Nangwale
Susan Nangwale:
The real talent is the backing accapella. Perfect pitch and harmony, at the drop of a pin!
Gessica Higashi
Gessica Higashi:
Fico presa nesse vídeo sempre ❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kylie Nelson
Kylie Nelson:
I love Usher, but Luke Evans won me over when he sang 'I Want To Know What Love Is' by Foreigner. It is one of my all time favourite songs that I listen to frequently, to this day.
robyn stewart
robyn stewart:
Luke Evans has a amazing voice next James bond or he would make a really good batman.
Beautiful Angel
Beautiful Angel:
Usher’s voice is so silky smooth 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sarah Oneil
Sarah Oneil:
I swear, Usher Hasn't aged A-day in the last 20 years... He looks exactly the same as he did then.
Amanda Bolden
Amanda Bolden:
This ending song though!!! 🎙🎙🎙😍😍😍 the trio I didn’t know I needed. And solid background guys too!!
Martin Loya
Martin Loya:
I love James Corden!!!! He’s the best!!
Love Usher and James and anything James does on YOU TUBE he makes me laugh
Maria DelaCruz
Maria DelaCruz:
Luke evans is such a dadddyyyyy💪😜😭
Mariana Teixeira
Mariana Teixeira:
If Hugh Jackman suddenly showed up, he'd put them to cry, for sure
Kwin Precious Vlogs
Kwin Precious Vlogs:
That is why i like James Corden he is just so hilarious 😂😼😂😼😂
Deborah Brennan
Deborah Brennan:
C ant stand cordon but luke wow just a gorgeousan heart melter❤️❤️
dude is there anything Luke Evans isn't perfect at? honestly
Jason Baker
Jason Baker:
I love how Luke respects Usher.
After that performance, I'm now carrying Luke Evans' child.
Trudy Simms
Trudy Simms:
'There's a lot of Mum's that think you're sexy'... Sorry James not this one, but Luke Evans... well that's a different kettle if fish! Phoar, what a sort 🎶🎤💪
Joan van Leeuwen
Joan van Leeuwen:
They really like singing together, whatever artist James brings on to the stage. These riff-off's are always a joy to watch.
Alonza Harrison
Alonza Harrison:
Usher? You're my favorite person!
Bill Pedroza
Bill Pedroza:
what a fun and wonderful skit and performance. OMG, they all clicked well singing and it was a unique mix of different voices. I enjoyed it a whole lot. Thank you !
Nikki Perches
Nikki Perches:
Okay but come on, for James not being a professional singer he sure as hell can sing!!!! <3
Selena Jelena
Selena Jelena:
Didn't know that Luke Evans can sing this way...literally blowed mind😳🥵
Yves George Sanchez
Yves George Sanchez:
Look at Usher being a proud Dad to his kids.
denise lefeuvre
denise lefeuvre:
Luke being masterful I love it 😍😍😍😍
I love how the Filharmonics look like theyre low-key fangirling in the background because honestly sameeeee
Brandon Slatton
Brandon Slatton:
I haven’t heard this yet but: Luke Evans for the next James Bond!
Watching them all sing at the end is like watching a new boy band 🤣🤣
Tasha Sweeney
Tasha Sweeney:
I would love to hear Luke Evans sing the whole song of I wanna know what love is. He would sing it beautifully.
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie:
"I think I'm the sexiest male vocal alive, I really believe that"
After watching carpool kareoke, we 100% believe you do, James! 😄
Usher i mean he's pure dope! And ..Mr Evans, there he stands and here he is needed
Andrea Wright
Andrea Wright:
Crazy that Luke Evans is gay and James Cordon is straight...just goes to show you that stereotypes aren't real. Love is love!
Emily Norton
Emily Norton:
James Cordon can sing to me anytime!!! I must be in that group of moms that think he's sexy. 😍
Ann Bynum
Ann Bynum:
So much love for these guys and having so much fun so it don't matter what color you are just talk laugh play have lots of fun we are in this together grate show thank you all
Kaycia McNeil
Kaycia McNeil:
Over 3 years later this pops up in my playlist... did James pull an Amber Heard right there? "I don't know exactly what I said, I guess you have to play the tape back..." lol
Skulduggery Pleasant
Skulduggery Pleasant:
back in the days when you could actually sing someone into the face
Homero Negaraku
Homero Negaraku:
Guys guys... The guys doing acapella are the real stars here
Patricia Sapienza
Patricia Sapienza:
Great selection of themes. Wonderful.
reinee dae6
reinee dae6:
i saw into the woods like 5 times...and i loved it...james ...ur voice was amazing :)
Amanda Swan
Amanda Swan:
Luke Evans has my vote any day 🔥 ouch!
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
James Corden is actually an amazing singer! 💕💕💕
Nelle Crowgey
Nelle Crowgey:
Luke is best looking
Usher sings smoothest
James is the funniest and most charismatic
They should be a band
Melinda P. Ullrich
Melinda P. Ullrich:
Gorgeous beautiful VOICES, bods what can I say??
Aqeelah Morris
Aqeelah Morris:
Ushers voice is magnificent
Mim Allen
Mim Allen:
James Gordon has a really good singing voice also!
Luke Evans, by physique and voice, would make an excellent 007 (that's James Bond, for the non-fans).
Jonathan Gittens
Jonathan Gittens:
In all honesty, Usher went easy on them 😂
wild orchid xxx
wild orchid xxx:
Laughing my heart out. Glad to see and hear our very own Filipino singers in the show 👍
Jaron Middleton
Jaron Middleton:
i always forget how good a singer, and all around performer USHER is until i hear him again!!!
Crystal Michelle M.
Crystal Michelle M.:
I have a feeling James loves to hear himself!!! I LOVE IT
bnnani smirs
bnnani smirs:
that was heaven