Shadowlands Ranged DPS Ranked! Most Fun, Strongest, Best AOE, Who's Best At What?

It's time to choose a Ranged DPS class for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, but which is best dps? It's not all about the numbers; we separate them into categories to look at the Shadowlands Class Changes and find out who's best at what in 9.0 You will definitely disagree, but that's half the fun :)

00:00 Intro
00:53 Balance Druid - Best Target Swapping, Passive AOE
03:47 Hunters
04:17 Beast Mastery - Mechanics Master

06:16 Marksmanship - Best Overall Ranged DPS
07:35 Mages
08:11 Arcane Mage - Most Unique DPS Rotation
10:15 Fire Mage - Best Mythic+ Ranged DPS, Priority AOE
11:49 Frost Mage - Best Raiding Mage DPS, Best PVP Ranged
13:14 Elemental Shaman - Best Looking DPS, Good Funnel DPS
15:29 Demonology Warlock - Most Fun (Lower DPS)
17:59 Destruction Warlock - Best 2 Target Cleave DPS, Dark Horse Wildcard Best DPS
19:42 Affliction Warlock - Best Raid Damage Ranged DPS, Spread AOE Burst
21:36 Shadow Priest - Most Fun DPS (High DPS), Most Improved DPS

EU Gear:
US Gear:

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James Salter
James Salter:
Tali: A moon.....which is also on fire.
Sylvanas: Go on...
Surely I'm not the only one struggling to decide what class to main so I'm spending most of launch day watching vids on what to play xD
Corey Fellows
Corey Fellows:
Honestly was disappointed when there wasn't a terribly photoshopped haircut on the preach cameo
So you could say Demo-locks have been IMProved from BFA?
Jordan LaFrance
Jordan LaFrance:
Y'all really waiting till the last possible second. :p
Anyone else watching this 30 minutes before launch hoping for some last second insight before they pick their character?
replaced all of my keybinds with arcane missiles. I'm ready
Misha HJ
Misha HJ:
Finally, let me get depressed with Demonology :D
Victor Zepeda
Victor Zepeda:
Perfect timing
I was saying "Go Go Go Go" for the whole first minute
Bryce Payne
Bryce Payne:
I've always loved mage, looking forward to maining in SL
Joseph McGuire
Joseph McGuire:
For Shadow Priest i wish if talented into Misery that shadow word pain would have the same duration as vampiric touch.
2:18 How'd you know what I was thinking?
James Casey
James Casey:
Absolutely loved the humor in this video.... Paused, subbed.. Resume watching and laughing 😂
Mike Madsen Sørensen
Mike Madsen Sørensen:
One day... One day, Demo Lock will be given some actual love. :(
I really hope they buff demo lock. It's the most fun I've had in any ranged class
Absolutely Brilliant
Absolutely Brilliant:
I’ve spent my entire WoW career hating playing shadowpriest. And now, for the first time, I’m accepting the offers of my guild mates to step off healing and go full dps. And I love it.
Yes, I can finally decide what to main
Affliction is the Diana of The Crown
Fire Mage is the Camilla
Survival is Prince Charles 😂
lugo jenkins
lugo jenkins:
Very close guys, very close. I need to look this asap,. Thanks! regards from germany!
Raymond Chung
Raymond Chung:
Thank you for this release! I really enjoyed the melee dps tier list and was looking forward to this one! Cheers! <3
Christian Schroettke
Christian Schroettke:
Imma do what I did since Legion. Play demo to such a perfect degree I beat everyone in my Raid and they all be like "but you play demo!!!"
Amen Shiftwork
Amen Shiftwork:
More changes just in!!
If Preach is Atlas, does that make Ion Zeus?
MM is so dumb easy and does insane dps... I love it!
Samec Segura
Samec Segura:
Tom Thys
Tom Thys:
Love that lewis reference, that was such a good serie!
Two buttons shouldn't be allowed to look that cool 😂
Shayne Gauvreau
Shayne Gauvreau:
That weinstein comment slayed me, i spit my coffee all pver.
Ricky Xuqi Chen
Ricky Xuqi Chen:
Tali, your big fan! Thanks for the great info! One quick question: would you mind sharing the WA for the Hunter with me? Thanks!!!
Jordan Withers
Jordan Withers:
By far my fave WoW content creator. Great writing and information. Thanks!!
Kitty Cake creates
Kitty Cake creates:
I am so excited for shadowlands
Lol at the preach clip
Discovered you today you're hilarious great delivery, subbed
As a new player to WoW that's struggling to figure out what to play, your video made it easy to solidify my choice of elemental shaman. Thank you for the informative and very entertaining breakdown of each ranged class. A lot of fun to watch!!
1st heck Yeah
Hiraldo Sternflyer
Hiraldo Sternflyer:
I'm still wondering what Manchester United's manager has to do with the Warlock's specs?
Add this to one of your spell macros to never forget Shadowform:
/cast [nostance] !shadowform
/cast [stance:1] spellname
daniel granqvist
daniel granqvist:
Hello! Taliesin I just wanted to say that you are totaly right about everything you say!
Your demo lock description in the wild cracked me up!
Marshall Cierovola
Marshall Cierovola:
Hahah okay the Steven Tyler joke got me. I'm a sub now. Thanks for having funny jokes! What a rarity on the internet =D
Daniel Mattila
Daniel Mattila:
Im having loads of fun with my BM hunter :)
Your actually hilarious gz, ez sub
Joshua lanyon
Joshua lanyon:
"Disco chicken", I like it
As a former Demo main, Implosion leaves a bad taste in my mouth thanks to the old azerite trait requiring me to use it ever 15 seconds. Wrecked my "demon army" fantasy.

At this point I've invested in Shadow Priest the asthetics and Frost Mage for its smooth chunky gameplay. Who knows? I may try Demo again in the second raid tier.
Exercise Historian
Exercise Historian:
Balance Druid main since the beginning. Not changing. But covenants.... so looks like 1 of each Druid it is
I like the fact you didn't just diss on simple rotations, but also acknowledged the benefits to having a simple rotation.

The simpler rotation, the more leftover brainpower you'll have for other tasks and mechanics. An oft forgotten detail when it comes to discussing rotations!
Sundae Chui
Sundae Chui:
Started playing wow a few days ago and this is very useful :'D
"Nothing wrong with balance at all in shadowlans" - Taliesin 2020

We will see.
"Okay? GOOGOOOGOgogoogogogoogogogo"
Larissa B.
Larissa B.:
Holy heck i see this with 0 likes and comments
Owned TV
Owned TV:
Pretty hype about my Affliction Lock, just sad that the Necrolord version was so gutted.
Karl Beckwith
Karl Beckwith:
You forgot to mention that BM is suitable for us 'older' raiders :)
Luis Arredondo
Luis Arredondo:
aloha, awesome video, just 1 question, what mod is that one that shows ur health and mana bar in the bottom middle plus ur buffs and cds?
Matthew S
Matthew S:
Love Tuqqle!! Great shoutout :)
Joe Cardillo
Joe Cardillo:
Excellent guide! Love your content, lots of laughs.
I'm also LOVING Marksmanship Hunter again. I mained it from TBC thru Cata, and am so happy to see it back. The AOE is INSANE, especially with Kyrian or Night Fae abilities
Greg Ackerson
Greg Ackerson:
zomg those target dummies are amazing looking.
You missed the chance to make Preach's hair look like Fabio
3rd day of massive queue time.. still hours of wait. XD might aswell watch videos to decide my main. And this video is superb! Think i'm going ele shammy now. Looks like lots of fun.
Nina Cuk
Nina Cuk:
LMAO i love the dog images love love love <3
Lovren Brate
Lovren Brate:
Have my sub, nobody does this kind of stuff SO entertaining
Russell Jan Abella
Russell Jan Abella:
Haha. I enjoyed this so much.
Aadin Heals
Aadin Heals:
I’m glad shadowpriest is doing well it’s been my main since legion, that makes picking my main fairly easy... now for my primary alt? What do I do!?
Jakub Oles
Jakub Oles:
Whats name of song during shadow priest review ? :P Thank you
Josh Shih
Josh Shih:
I love the new Shadow Priest, but I'm gonna miss my sea of shadowy apparitions in M+
Natalie Garcia Mayor
Natalie Garcia Mayor:
When is the healers ranked coming? :)
Tristan Schier
Tristan Schier:
Great video, loved the puns
Alex Woolsey
Alex Woolsey:
Demo lock for life. Played it when I first joined
oh man. I have missed this channel. Time to go backlog all the shadowlands videos!
Balance sounds interesting for instanced content but questing feels really wonky to me
Heather Anderson-duncan
Heather Anderson-duncan:
How did you know I was looking for this?? lol
Might as well watch this then since the servers are (what a shock) dipped in poop and set on fire
New Class "The Imp-Simp" easy to play but no damage lul
Martin Leipold
Martin Leipold:
Hey Tali. Since you mentioned the 2 different builds for destro warlock I‘d like to mention that you forgot the 2 different builds for demo. With a lot of talents and covenant stuff it is possible to focus demo on a mobile demonbolt-spec. It just needs a tiny little big of more base damage for demonbolt to be actually awesome.
Maple Tree
Maple Tree:
Destro is gonna be good fun in bgs, I just recently leveled a second warlock as destro and at level 49 while being like ilvl 43 I was critting for over 5k with Soul Fire,
zeveroare R
zeveroare R:
Starfall rules.

Good save on beastmastery ;p
"even if there will be for ever a big pet shaped hole in their hearts"
Naah, back in wrath i prayed for pet removal on MM, and when it came, i was and still am wery happy. Pets are just anoying burden.
Tobias Holub
Tobias Holub:
I love these videos so much 😭
Ben Simon
Ben Simon:
So many good lines ya always make me chuckle. Happy Shadowlands!
Maple Tree
Maple Tree:
Also, I totally agree with you on Spriest being the most fun. My two mains in BFA were my BM/MM (mostly BM towards the end of 8.3) hunter and my Spriest, I was one of the few people that loved the spec. The changes they made though... holy moly is Shadow a blast. Its gonna continue to be my main going forward cause Blizzard absolutely nailed it.
David Laffea
David Laffea:
Okay idgaf if it's bad I love playing demo so imma demo lock main, besides my healer. #notametaslave
Blizzard need to put this video up on the home page. Informative and funny as hell :)
Mary Crowley
Mary Crowley:
3 week later frost mage : Weak in raid & pvp !
i want to cry so bad
I love your content!
shmandall FX
shmandall FX:
Stay mid level. We all know top classes with get slaughtered after a patch or two.
Joery Schrama
Joery Schrama:
really like demo warlock atm
Alexander Greene
Alexander Greene:
Excellent Timing fren!
Aaron Peters
Aaron Peters:
Preaches face made me laugh
I'll main my Hunter as usual :)
I've been off WoW since the last Exp got super dull awaiting Shadowlands and I hadn't realised how much I missed your videos !! :D Love it.
I am certainly not glad to be back though... there goes my free time.
cadence navigator
cadence navigator:
I want to try the other Warlock specs, but I just find Affliction so dang fun.
Me looking at this from a view of someone who quit wow but might come back.
How is my favorite dps spec ele shaman doing.
... bad
Watching this waiting to log into Shadowlands. 15 min left.
Stickler ForBricks
Stickler ForBricks:
as a life long huntard, i dont know how i feel that my spec choices are, no one plays/ no one cares/ and i dont wanna
Logan Lawson
Logan Lawson:
Elemental is feeling fuvking amazing.
I'm scared of maining my spriest, if they nerf it it doesn't have a backup spec
Boomkin would be just fine and intetesting spec if we got new moon / full moon as baseline
Timothy Baxley
Timothy Baxley:
I dont know why everyone says Demo Warlock has bad damage.... I've very often top dps in Dungeons and Torghast groups. ESPECIALLY in AoE pulls. AND it is indeed fun. :)
Jammie Lee
Jammie Lee:
Man, your video is great. It's funny, but you also went over a bunch of classes in a fun and understandable way that really made the information accessible.
Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall:
Wish I could put this information to the test.... but the launch was a, "Shit show, obviously".