Sharon Tate 💜 52 years later

♡ Rest in peace, sweet Angel ♡

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Greg Man
Greg Man:
Hauntingly Beautiful Hard To Believe It's Been 52 Year's And God Bless All The Victims 🙏
Christine De Nice
Christine De Nice:
Merci pour ce merveilleux hommage! Aujourd'hui 52ans que cet ange nous a quitté mais nous ne l'oublierons jamais! She is in your heart forever!!!!
Terry Nicoll
Terry Nicoll:
Can't believe it's been that long. She was a timeless beauty 😍
Alain Bono
Alain Bono:
Such a beautiful woman. She will be never forgotten 💔
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson:
One of the most beautiful woman inside and out !
Michelle Harak
Michelle Harak:
Yesterday was the beyond tragic day that they were all murdered so many years ago & so very young. 😭💔 RIP to one of the most beautiful women in the world (Sharon Tate) & all the victims. You all are & always will be missed terribly and will forever be loved!!! ❤️
This beautiful video and song is a perfect tribute to the most beautiful girl in the sixties, R.I.P. Sharon, your child and the other victims .
My 55 Chevy
My 55 Chevy:
Bless her sweet soul.
Murielle Camus
Murielle Camus:
08/09/21:Yes,today 52 years...R.I.P to all the victims of this tragedy.:5 adults and the unborn child of Sharon,Paul...Good song of Elvis for this homage to Sharon!.She's forever young and extremely beautiful in and out...Never forget SHARON.🙏💥💫❤💔😇
Robert Trindade
Robert Trindade:
Minha Querida Sharon Tate estarás sempre na minha memória e de todos pela tua simpatia e beleza ❤ Que estejas no céu em Páz e harmonia 🙏 Que a tua alma descanse em paz que bem o mereces 🙏 Nunca te esquecerei 💕 Até SEMPRE Sharon Tate 😘
Britta Kraus
Britta Kraus:
She will be Forever in our hearts …😔❤️🙏
Macheste Leyba
Macheste Leyba:
Genetic perfection.
Bruno Napert
Bruno Napert:
52 ans aujourd’hui quelle tristesse on l’oubliera jamais Sharon d’amour I love you ❤️❤️💔💔
You did a beautiful job with this. Made me cry. ❣️😢
Terry Yates
Terry Yates:
Paula Carvalho
Paula Carvalho:
Sweet,beautiful, God bless your soul🙌🙌❤️
Holly Lynn
Holly Lynn:
Here on 8.9.21 ~ RiP to all❣🌈🕊💋
August 9th to all of Sharon's true fans is like Memorial Day. I use the term "True fans" because unfortunately some people in particular "Jillian Barberie" attach/insert themselves to Sharon's sister Debra for one reason only and that is for notoriety when the cameras are rolling. Sharon's true fans feel the hurt deep inside and it is a genuine hurt and they also feel a genuine love and affection for our sweet Angel
Renaud Poziere
Renaud Poziere:
Sharon forever 🌹🌹🌹
Lloyd Almeida
Lloyd Almeida:
Great video can anyone tell me the name of this song