Shaun Weiss | The Adam Carolla Show 06/15/2022

00:00 How does one create a beard of bees? The gang finds out before Adam talks about how Rolling Stones Magazine places far too much stock in ‘The Velvet Underground’.

24:45 Adam makes a correction on the Detachable Penis discussion from last week before digging into electric cars powered by coal.

47:28 Actors Shaun Weiss and Natanya Ross come in the studio to talk about their struggles with addiction and homelessness after achieving success at a young age. They explain how part of their recovery is helping others who are in similar positions with their non-profit, ‘Hope of the Valley’. Shaun talks about his time in jail, how fights got started and the gang recruitment process.

01:25:35 Gina Grad reports the news of today including: Kevin Spacey charged in London, Lizzo receiving criticism for using a certain word in her new song, Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis, the new ‘Joker’ movie possibly being a musical, and Jason Alexander crashing Britney Spears’ wedding.