Shawn Mendes Explains Deleted Scenes from SHAWN MENDES: IN WONDER | Netflix

A Netflix Original Documentary only on Netflix, November 23.
Shawn Mendes watches and breaks down deleted scenes from his new documentary 'Shawn Mendes: In Wonder', with the film's director Grant Singer.


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Shawn Mendes Explains Deleted Scenes from SHAWN MENDES: IN WONDER | Netflix

Over the course of a world tour, this unguarded documentary follows Shawn Mendes as he opens up about his stardom, relationships and musical future.

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Ashton Hendrickson
Ashton Hendrickson:
this man... i don't have the words to express how proud i am of him.
Just being able to take a look behind the scenes of Shawn's life is everything I needed, He's such a beautiful person
Anette Tristan
Anette Tristan:
I need another Shawn's documentary already
Angelica Nardi
Angelica Nardi:
The documentary was a magical and weird journey. It felt almost like a dream and when it ended I was brought back to reality and I felt this fullness in me
the youth scene, the whole speech... IM NEVER FORGIVING YOU GUYS NEVEEEEERRRRR
The whole documentary is so breathtaking. Anyone reading this but hasn't watch it yet SHOULD!! Really WONDER. You can see how genuine he was in sharing himself to us on his journey. Shawn Mendes is one of a kind, humble person. <3 He deserves all this love and support.
William Healy
William Healy:
That scene where he says that capturing him and camilla in a song is like capturing the moon on ur iphone is so deep
maisa lopez
maisa lopez:
this documentary was incredible, it definitely showed raw moments of shawn and it only made me want to hear more of his thoughts. He is so wise beyond words, his relationship with us is so genuine and i’m so glad we were able to see these parts of him because it makes us feel more connected than ever.
Camila Romero
Camila Romero:
At least we know that after everything that happened in Brasil with his voice he could enjoy Thanksgiving, that gives me 1000 years of life :")
early bird
early bird:
Can we all agree that Shawn Mendes has the most beautiful and supportive family including his gf💕
Rija Raza
Rija Raza:
That's my favorite white boy
Caja Rama
Caja Rama:
"everything is about you,they’ve always been about you,like they’re all about you,every song I’ve ever wrote" shawn about Camila Cabello
Dharyl Abad
Dharyl Abad:
That thing that he said about Climate Change made me teary eyed experiencing everything that nature has made my country experience.
Evelyn Vergara
Evelyn Vergara:
This dude saved my life 6 years ago, when I felt the loneliest person on earth he was there with his beautiful music making me feel less alone, he owns all my heart, and I'm so proud of him, he deserves all this AND MORE, THANK YOU SHAWN, you're the most important person in my life and I always want to see you happy and healthy, GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL!
Silja & Rosa Baatz
Silja & Rosa Baatz:
Shawn saying "Periodt" As his fans taught him lol
El Season
El Season:
Shawn is a very natural person, I want to be his friend *SO BAD*
lilli lilli
lilli lilli:
I cant have been the only one who joined the crowd singing youth while watching the documentary
Ridda Batul
Ridda Batul:
I just literally cried watching his documentary and seeing him thriving and growing makes all of his fans proud.
R K:
omg we want to see all the scenes that didn’t make it to documentary pleasee
The fact that Shawn was an executive producer on his own documentary makes it even a more personal film
ღa y l i n x o x o ღ
ღa y l i n x o x o ღ:
For anyone who watched it already did you keep crying for no reason I just kept crying he's just so inspiring and I'm proud of how far he's come and it makes me happy that he's happy about how his life is going I love him and if you haven't watched it yet go watch it lol
folklore aoty
folklore aoty:
the documentary was precious
Can we get a documentary of all the scenes that didn’t make the cut? It could be called “Shawn Mendes Not In Wonder Deleted Scenes Documentary” Please I need to see them all 😂😂
lilli lilli
lilli lilli:
did shawn really say period...
Ana Luiza Ana
Ana Luiza Ana:
I can not believe he cut of the climate action scene omg that scene is perfect 🤍🤍🤍✨
Miranda Tinoco Olmos
Miranda Tinoco Olmos:
the way his voice has progressed and he has grown as a person and as an artist is just incredible and something that has to be recognized and valued so much! its not easy to get were he has gotten, ive been hearing him since he started posting on vine in 2013 and its just amazing growing watching him as an idol and i always knew he was gonna be a great artist and thats how it ended up being, shawn just know that i love you so much and hope you're great! - you're number one fan <3
Nallely Camacho
Nallely Camacho:
Just goes to show that not all artist have to go through that drug influence party life style that most of them go through and then end up losing themselves in that type of environment
Ramim Arif
Ramim Arif:
Can’t believe a boy singing covers in YouTube could become something like this it’s quite breathtaking! Watch the documentary
Sophia Rountree
Sophia Rountree:
Netflix failed to tell me it came out... good thing I was stalking Netflix so I could tell myself
Karen Santander
Karen Santander:
Isabella Lara
Isabella Lara:
Watching him grow up is literally such a privilege
Briana Chatman
Briana Chatman:
please the documentary was absolutely beautiful and seeing shawn so happy and seeing him care so much makes me the happiest person i can be. 🥺💛
Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie:
BB ki Vines
BB ki Vines:
The documentary was amazing
Jul Famiglio
Jul Famiglio:
i'm so incredibly proud of how far he's come.
Tali J
Tali J:
I’m so proud of this man. From seeing his course of life and story and for 5 years I’ve realized that he’s such an old and pure soul. He deserved the world and I’m so proud of his growth throughout the years and I can’t wait to listen to the Wonder album.
Katie Cochran
Katie Cochran:
i can’t even explain how proud i am of this man.. i’ve been a fan of him for almost 5 years now and i’ve watched him grow into the artist he is today and it’s insane
Ava Jara
Ava Jara:
That scene where he says that capturing him and camilla in a song is like capturing the moon on ur iphone is so deep
xxi__a violet
xxi__a violet:
I feel like a lot of singers have gone through this phase where they didnt know who they were because their personality was taken away from them. And im glad that they captured these moments because today all of us can watch and see that their lives are not all gold and glitters. I appreciate them for sharing this with us so we get to know who they really are behind the screens.
Ruby Hekkers
Ruby Hekkers:
I’m so proud of him that he is so genuine and able to speak about his emotions it’s an amazing of his life and I hope he will do this for ever x
Eden Lewis
Eden Lewis:
I've been a fan of him since 2015, so as I watched the documentary i felt so proud of him. I started crying a few times.
It was such a *GOOD* documentary
Zainab Haider
Zainab Haider:
He's incredible...just everything about him is
Quinza Fiona
Quinza Fiona:
Shawn Mendes: In Wonder (2020) HD Quality
Play HD 👉

todos los subtítulos
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Júlia Perdigão
Júlia Perdigão:
i was in the youthh scene I cried sooo much (brazilll)
aww look at his growth, he used the word periodt awwww

lol im kidding im kidding but wow he's such a beautiful soul
Sophia Rountree
Sophia Rountree:
The day the documentary came out I watched and wanted a part 2
Nya Lí
Nya Lí:
I never cried so much. it was honestly the most beautiful thing i’ve ever watched. just to look at where he started and where he’s at now is so amazing and i’m so proud of him.
Allie Beatrice
Allie Beatrice:
I can’t explain the happiness and love this man gives me. He’s so talented and just so kind. This documentary was AMAZING. love him so much.
Sofia Pimenta
Sofia Pimenta:
Omg I was at the show in São Paulo where he made the youth speech I still have it on my phone, at the time it really made me have chills and obviously I cried hahahahahaa
When he started talking about the climate change I was so happy!!
Syaimma Alia
Syaimma Alia:
The last deleted scene made me feel as if i was witnessing smth, which i was. I saw shawn giggling as he had to power walk to get into a restaurant, but i also witnessed how fame comes with a massive price. I mean hello? not being able to walk like a normal person to get into a restaurant?
FaZe C1oack
FaZe C1oack:
I loved the documentary so much!🥺❤️✨
Ashley Mae
Ashley Mae:
Okay yeah I’m watching this on Thanksgiving and when he said “Happy Thanksgiving!” It made me so happy idk lol
Gabi Vilani
Gabi Vilani:
this documentary was amazing, he’s such a beautiful human!!! i love him
ScaRlet - Rigtje Hommes
ScaRlet - Rigtje Hommes:
This second deleted scene is now one of my favorites.
Along with one in which he talks about when someone in a Q&A asked him what she had to do to become a songwriter like him. His answer just went straight into my heart.
imagine being grant and cutting out one of the best moments of your subject's life that *also* addresses SAVING THE WORLD because it doesn't fit ur aesthetic ......... :/
Grace Enchanted
Grace Enchanted:
One of the most interesting Documentaries I have ever seen
Danita Katobo
Danita Katobo:
I wish the documentary was 3 hours long 🥺loved every second 🤧❤️❤️
What’s Shawn’s real TRUTH with the photo he had to hide away in his apartment in Toronto?
Ana Clara Dauzacker
Ana Clara Dauzacker:
the first deleted scene is so intense.... i was at that show, and that moment in live was just unexplainable. it made us feel powerful of our future and that we have a voice that must be heard, and we will make it be heard. thank you a thousand times shawn for being so honest and constantly growing into this beautiful human being that you are
Hannah Wilton
Hannah Wilton:
I love how he used to not know what “periodt” meant and now he uses it all the time! Like a year ago he was at a meet&greet like “teriodt?” Not understand what it meant than like a week later he was talking bout “my new favorite stand?” “My favorite one is periodt, can I use it in a sentence?” I love our boy 😂
Michael Le
Michael Le:
I have been watching and his first album and followed him many years ago and i told myself that this guy gonna be very very famous in the future. Now I turned 27 :))
Ellie B
Ellie B:
POV: The lucky, oh so lucky Irish don’t get the documentary on Netflix until the 27th ;)
Prisha Das
Prisha Das:
Just watching this documentary and getting a peek in his life feels so amazing and what he goes through is so commendable 🦋♥️ we love you Shawn🥺
Andrea Fernandez Escribano
Andrea Fernandez Escribano:
i love how good they have made the documentary and how “ home sweet home” feels
Ekisha Rajendran
Ekisha Rajendran:
The ‘ anxiety as a companion to live with and not an enemy to resist’ did come into the film ..
Ama Addae
Ama Addae:
I adooooooore you!!!! Thank you for being a golden human person 💛💛💛
Ms. Lenora Dixon
Ms. Lenora Dixon:
The documentary was beautiful. What really had me teary eyed was the part when he got sick. That hits you to the bottom of your stomach...😥🙏🏼❤
Késsia Marques
Késsia Marques:
6:21 "secretaria municipal do verde e meio ambiente."
Another scene from mt country was cut, I'm feeling sad Shawn.
Kashvi Dikshit
Kashvi Dikshit:
the first deleted scene was so powerful, it gave me chills. i'm so proud of him, he's such a beautiful person.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
I can imagine how good it's going to look on him if he cut his hair into a Jack Dawson haircut
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo:
The documentary was amazing aswell as the music he created! Absolutely amazing! He opens his heart and his life too to so many people and showed the real him and continues to show it ❤ definitely my favourite singer ever
Julia Peri
Julia Peri:
It could last 5 hours and I would still watch every single moment of it
Petr Zakrzewski
Petr Zakrzewski:
Watched the film yesterday, cried (a lot), laught, and thought about life. Can't wait for the album.
I cried so hard with this documentary, it's crazy beautiful!
Paridhi Garg
Paridhi Garg:
Love this documentary way too much ahhh. Shawn is just too precious
g m
g m:
omg I freacking love this man. I'm so proud of him <3
Paishence Averill
Paishence Averill:
the climate change part literally almost made me cry it should’ve been in itt!!
Jazzmine Paris
Jazzmine Paris:
This was such a beautiful documentary. It made him look so human. Being able to see behind the scenes was so amazing. Feeling every feeling he felt at those moments with him. It was phenomenal
Jess Dean
Jess Dean:
The documentary is incredible!! Makes me feel so many emotions, I miss tour so much 🥺🥺🥺
Julia Saulpaugh
Julia Saulpaugh:
The documentary is amazing, Shawn is a beautiful soul.
Michaela Catherine January
Michaela Catherine January:
This man's heart and mindset is everything! So proud of you Shawn! 🥺❤
Yana Usop
Yana Usop:
Done watching the documentary .: that is so amazing n how awesome this wise young man in a journey all around the world 🌎 🥰👍🏼: with a all supporting system he needed are ready besides him .. his parents, Camilla, little sister n all off the fans
NIna Engel
NIna Engel:
The documentary was a magical and weird journey. It felt almost like a dream and when it ended I was brought back to reality and I felt this fullness in me
sellln x
sellln x:
shawn: releases a documentary

me: cries the whole time, because i’m sensitive as shit
I’m just so so so proud of Shawn! Such an incredible human being!
Delisia Ramos
Delisia Ramos:
Shawn's gets better and better every day ❤️
Silvana Salinas
Silvana Salinas:
I just watched the documentary and I bawled my eyes out. Shawn is such a down to earth person and he deserves nothing but the best out of this life.
Natalie Vazquez
Natalie Vazquez:
"That one actually worked"

I am so done with this.
mom come pick me up i’m scared
mom come pick me up i’m scared:
man i remember watching him when life of the party premiered for the very first time and now hes one of the biggest artists in the world. watching the toronto show made me tear up because i was there, he really made it 🥺
Victória Patrício
Victória Patrício:
I was in the São Paulo concert and see the deleted scene for me was unbelievable cause make me remember the energy that I felt at the moment, really I think for me that was one the best moments on the concert, also youth is my favorite song!!! Thank you Netflix for doing this amazing film!!
sarena norwood
sarena norwood:
I have seen many big artists live in concert and I have to say...Shawn was ELECTRIC!! The energy, heart and soul he brings to his performance is truly an amazing experience for fans 💜
I absolutely enjoyed this film. So proud. Speechless. I see him in so many new different ways now. *<3<3*
Tamara Pereira
Tamara Pereira:
I loved the documentary with all my soul, but I'm still upset because they put a clip of Lima in the Brazil part and I don't know if they were wrong and they thought it was Brazil or what, but they didn't say that it was Lima, also Shawn uploaded a post from all the countries he played in, except Peru, so I expected it to appear in the documentary :(
Dazzling dancer
Dazzling dancer:
2:04 somwhere there, u cna see that his GUITAR has letters on the back! the first word is tottaly climite, i think the snecd in action.
the documentary is everything I ever needed and more
Hui Carman
Hui Carman:
being able to look behind Shawn's life is a gift from the man proud of you Shawn❤️
Katie K.
Katie K.:
the documentary was amazing oh my gosh. so much more respect and love for this new role model :)
July Du
July Du:
The second scene made it to the film or I had a déjà vu. One of two 😂