Shazam Black Adam Scene - Black Adam Prequel Teaser Breakdown

Shazam Black Adam Scene, Black Adam Prequel Teaser Explained. Shazam Deleted Scenes, Post Credit Scene. Black Adam Easter Eggs and Comic Con Trailers ►
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Covering new Shazam Black Adam Scene. Black Adam Prequel Deleted Scene. Black Adam Teaser, Shazam Post Credit Scene changes, Comics Explained, Comic Con Trailers 2019 next week. Lots more footage for everything coming soon!

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100+ komentarze:

Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome:
Here's my new *Shazam Deleted Scenes* video. More Black Adam Prequel Story and Comic Con 2019 news! Lots of footage for everything coming next week. I'll be doing as many videos as I can, so be sure to leave Comic Con video requests in the comments!
the balance of light and dark in this movie was perfect, and the whole film is so much more effective than i expected!
I just wanna see Superman and Shazam vs Black Adam
Polyane Nayara
Polyane Nayara:
Devia ter ao menos uma legenda para nós brasileiros entender ❤️
pretty interesting beginning. It could have been a good, more explanatory but definitely its always risky to start out with an expository scene. Not sure what to think about Black Adam since I really don't know anything about him. thanks Charlie, you always know what's going on
Christian Rennie
Christian Rennie:
Thanks for the update Charlie! I can see The Rock being a great Black Adam. Just look at his attitude in the movie Doom. That is how I’m imagining his character.
Tony NYJr
Tony NYJr:
Love this channel and how you keep us updated with new information. Can’t wait to see the Rocks Black Adam!
At first I was Doubting this Black Adam movie....but now since you broke it down...I cant freaking wait now!😂😂😎😎
And Lol
And Lol:
Black Adam: What’s your superhero name

Billy: it’s Shazam, (then he turn back to a kid and black Adam beat him)
A R:
I don't mind black adam being an anti hero. What i do mind is if he tries to be jolly and crack some jokes.
Ambush bug
Ambush bug:
I'm so excited for Black Adam & Shazam Two & Hopeful Man Of Steel 2
Fresh Prince of Wakanda
Fresh Prince of Wakanda:
I can't wait for the Black Adam film. He's going to lay the smackdown.
shazam lowkey the most comic book accurate movie of all time next to spider man 2
Kyle Duncan
Kyle Duncan:
I hope they give more back round on Adam cuz I really dont know that much about him and I hope they keep the same type of story telling for shazam
Gabriel C
Gabriel C:
Black Adam is like my favorite character ever ! ! Cant wait for the movie
Derpy Destroyer
Derpy Destroyer:
I think The Rock is gonna be a Great Black Adam
Because he is a great bad guy and a great Comedian
I just hope we get to see shazam team up with supes, and supes gives him pointers on the topic of "hero-ing"
Richard M
Richard M:
Perfect casting doesn't always happen, but it's hard to get someone more perfect than The Rock. I just hope it's not nerfed, and they give him the pointy ears. I think they are missing a major opportunity not having Henry Cavil as Superman and Shazam fighting the Black Adam Rock.
Deadpoolio The_Amazing
Deadpoolio The_Amazing:
'The Rock' of eternity is the source of all magic 😉😉
Sal Scalici
Sal Scalici:
All of these deleted scenes are pretty fantastic. Cant wait to own blu-ray to this great film!
Kristian Smith
Kristian Smith:
i love black adam he is probobly in my top 10 favraite dc characters
Reginald Nagamos
Reginald Nagamos:
Shazam has a lot of awesome deleted scene that explains a lot about the shazam universe :) man if only they included them all
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman:
These alternate deleted/extended scenes in Black Adam have been great. You almost have like an injustice league with the Rogues Gallery of Shazam.
Matt Kline
Matt Kline:
Definitely looking forward to more Shazam films
hey just like to say love your content and your theories , thank you EMERGENCY AWESEOME
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
It's weird somehow this video showed up for me today, but fun to see and hear a little bit more about this opening deleted scene. Will also be looking forward to all the fun things comic con will give us next week!
Swaroop Jayarama
Swaroop Jayarama:
Could you do videos for the Young Justice videos that dropped? who do you think Dr. Helga Jace is actually working for, and where do you see the Terra story line going? I feel like her betrayal wont be as devastating as the one from the original Teen Titans show since she's been relatively isolated while on the team so far.
Azur volt
Azur volt:
Black Adam is one of my favorite dc characters so I am hoping he will get his own movie
Wyatt Wyckoff
Wyatt Wyckoff:
Great video Charlie I can’t wait to see Black Adam. It’s going to be awesome. So excited for Con and all your videos soon!!
Teja Naikwade
Teja Naikwade:
I'm a huge fan of DC comics and u make awasome content, keep going..!!
Love from India!!!!
help me
help me:
I think the best Black Adam story line would be him retaking his homeland after someone frees him. Then he can kick butt hardcore, but still keep the antihero thing if the present rulers are tyrants.
I wonder what version of the costume they're gonna have him wear, the one with the Cape or the one without the cape?!
T.R Vikey
T.R Vikey:
Henry and Zachary Levi VS The Rock would be epic, don't screw this one WB
I really really hope they give them the “Wisdom of Solomon’’ in the next movie. Shazam was a doofus way to much.
Dr. Joyce D Hatcher
Dr. Joyce D Hatcher:
I'm hoping that they bring Black Adam a bit more twords the comic book. They can do it without going that dark and also put in a redemption arc.
Red Hed Nightmare
Red Hed Nightmare:
Definitely do a Netflix witcher trailer speculation. I've been wanting this trailer for years
Honestly a Shazam/ Black Adam fight scene would be lit
Shazam is an amazing change to the DC movie's tone
There's a part of me that *still* doesn't believe that Dwayne Johnson will fight Shazam as Black Adam.
As usual great content! I'd go into further detail but I'm sure you hear it all the time as is. Awesome Charlie
They should adapt the "SUPERMAN & SHAZAM: RETURN OF BLACK ADAM!"
Show Kings
Show Kings:
Yay!! Scorpion King 6. Been looking forward to this for years.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller:
I’d love it if they sprinkled in some of Geoff John’s JSA run that told the story of Black Adam.
Brian Alvarez
Brian Alvarez:
Have you guys noticed that no one actually passed the test of the old Shazam? coz he said that the kid Shazam was he's ONLY hope? So he had no choice but to give him the power.
Big Guy
Big Guy:
Shazam may need Superman’s help
To take down Black Adam
Vincent Franklin
Vincent Franklin:
Black Adam is my second favorite Shazam foe.
Mr. Mind is # 1, Dr. Sivana is #3.
Alpha Bryan
Alpha Bryan:
only the rock can go to a studio get them to seperate the movies and thus giving him 2x the payday
Cage edits
Cage edits:
That switch from dc to marvel 👌🏾
Minho Cho
Minho Cho:
I’m more excited to rewatch this than I thought I would be =P
Lorenzo Paraphernalia
Lorenzo Paraphernalia:
God, I can’t wait to see Black Adam
Richard M
Richard M:
I'm not sure they can have Black Adam being active in the current day, but if they do I'd like to see him trying to activate some ancient technology that's part of a partially buried megalithic structure preferably a pyramid or something like that, maybe being summoned indirectly by Dr.Savana or deliberately, while seeking power to try and defeat Shazam.
Jaden Pickens
Jaden Pickens:
Shazam to me was a underated movie of this year
Ari Slavin
Ari Slavin:
What film is everyone most looking forward to in Phase 4?
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright:
I'm excited for Comic Con but wish DC would have a movie panel for Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey.
Agnimitra Roy
Agnimitra Roy:
Just imagine a scene where he finds out Khandaq and Bialya still is fighting in present day and incursive troops are present in Khandaqi border. Right after he gets resurrected, enraged Black Adam tears apart the Bialyan army.
Oni Lara
Oni Lara:
Can't wait to finally see the rock as black Adam ⚡️
Would be nice if Black Adam came in and yeeted he Shazam family (excluding Billy) to the graveyard. Would be great character progression for Billy and also I don't see the Shazam family lasting for another two sequels tbh. I'd also love to see a Shazam cameo in the Black Adam movie that would set up Shazam II (Shazam V Adam)!
I just love the idea of other realms!
Gia Shine
Gia Shine:
That would be cool if Shazam and his family got a team name and their own superhero names!
Charizard Master
Charizard Master:
SHAZAM!!!! Great way to turn into a super hero
Djimon Honsou just out here eating from both comic book movie tables!...DC ANNND Marvel!🤣😂....he's like 4 different characters across both!
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka:
i love the shazam!/marvel family they are really awesome and badass
Shazam is going to be hard to *"rock."*
I can’t wait for this!!!!
Jai Halai
Jai Halai:
Black Adam:
Can you smell what the rock of eternity of cooking?
Michael Nusbaum
Michael Nusbaum:
Cant wait for Shazam!
Bob Greenwade
Bob Greenwade:
That scene might make a decent opening for the Black Adam film!\

What I'd like to see him doing in modern day before going after the family would be running a concession stand at an amusement park, with complete amnesia about his true identity... which, of course, is why I'm not writing that movie.
Acedia DeKay
Acedia DeKay:
I just hope the do Isis justice, having her being a real hero in love with a manipulating villain
Vantia Thomas
Vantia Thomas:
It would be nice if he could be searching for a way to bring back his wife and maybe cross paths with hawk girl and hawk man 🤷🏽‍♀️
chris weidemann
chris weidemann:
OMG OMG OMG. Can't wait for Black Adam. Rock going to do awesome
Sabershiki K
Sabershiki K:
Awesome video as always charlie!
It's a good time to be alive if you enjoy comic book movies!
Sudhakaran Rao
Sudhakaran Rao:
It was a good decision to separate Shazam and black adam. The Black Adam movie will be AWESOME
I love living in a world where Superman could fight The Rock.
Is it just me or did the ending carnival scene feel CW level as opposed to DCU movie quality? I loved the movie except for how low budget the ending seemed.
Pretty amazing the wizard didn't go absolutely nuts spending thousands of years surrounded by only temptation messing with his head and shit
Creatively crazy
Creatively crazy:
Wow , I kinda wish they included some of the scenes .
Scott Telford
Scott Telford:
I cant wait for a Black Adam trailer now!!
Brit Cooper
Brit Cooper:
So will the Black Adam movie kinda be like the Star Wars episode 3 of Shazam’s story? Like the strongest member turning to evil and killing everyone on the heroes side type of deal? If so I’m super excited for that those are my favorite type of stories (when done right)
Travis Weller
Travis Weller:
Can't wait for Black Adam congrats on the 3 million Charlie!
Sir Bacon
Sir Bacon:
When do you think we will get a green lantern movie? Just a quick question
Spider Panda
Spider Panda:
I need to buy some Shazam merch. It’ll be skintight if course
The Rock as Black Adam will be awesome!
Profeta Remi Carrillo
Profeta Remi Carrillo:
I want to see black Adam hit us with the Smoldering Intensity Pose 😆 (jumanji)
We need fanny pack Black Adam in the movie!
Official AnimeCitizen
Official AnimeCitizen:
I'm up for it!!!
Frederick Potthoff
Frederick Potthoff:
Love to see the rock as black adam.
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman:
i could see this as a post credit scene
Clarkk kent
Clarkk kent:
All i want is him turning to DUST at the end of an epic fight with ME and Billy.
Anna Liza Paraiso
Anna Liza Paraiso:
i've just wanna see him in movie
During seven shazam
he could return man
i dont want him deleted in movie
Paul Den
Paul Den:
I want to see super smash brothers on the big screen
All Luckz
All Luckz:
The more Black Adam info I hear, the bigger the grin on my face gets
Sweet call on the Pathfinder/Dungeons & Dragons Lawful Evil alignment reference!! Got to see the Big Red "S" fight the Big Red Cheese.
Ibrahim Tarawally
Ibrahim Tarawally:
That moment when Black Adam walks out of his prison, emerging from the darkness slow and heavy footsteps. his Shazam symbol lights up again. Steps out, assesses himself...takes a deep breath and laughs.

YIKES!!! 😨
rainbowsucks 1699
rainbowsucks 1699:
I Love black adam and dwayne Johansson as black adam its on Fire it will be so good
Justin Torres
Justin Torres:
I can't wait to see black atom vs Shazam
Amazing vid! Extremely cool! In case somebody is attracted to similar content, definitely keep an eye Angel Alvarez. He's really new here and consequently has related vids. In case don't find him, just include something like (one among the interesting videos he is doing)
Snypes Taylor
Snypes Taylor:
..great content
..extremely frustrated over how dc is handling their cinematic universe

..but here goes adams present day status should tie in with the justice league

..he could be middle east secret service or rich middle eastern tycoon
..bzns partner to luther
..helps him form the legion of doom
We need the rock... If he is not starring... I'm not buying the ticket!!! 😂
Myke Belmonte
Myke Belmonte:
any news on Black Adam and/or Shazam 2 release date ?