Shazam Black Adam Teaser - Black Adam Scene and Justice League News Breakdown

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Covering new Shazam Black Aadam Teaser, Black Adam Scene. Black Adam Movie Breakdown, Justice League 2, Superman Man of Steel 2, Green Lantern Corps movie. The Joker Movie R-Rated DC Comics Movies, DC Black Label changes. Birds of Prey, The Batman Movie, Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam 2 and all the other DC Movies coming in the next few years will mostly be connected to the Justice League timeline.

The Batman Movie with Robert Pattinson is mostly a prequel though. And will not feature crossovers from other Justice League Characters like The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Superman.

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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome:
Here's my new Black Adam Movie Shazam video and updates on Justice League, Green Lantern Corps and Man of Steel 2! Post all your Black Adam Theories in the comments. I'll do a new Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer tomorrow!
CrazyAlex 18
CrazyAlex 18:
The kids are going to be so grown up once Shazam 2 comes out 😭
Rich Tang
Rich Tang:
I hope we Henry cavill as superman again in a cameo in Shazam 2
Amit Suresh
Amit Suresh:
I really hope the DCEU can stay intact because I wanna see The Rock and the Injustice League up against the Justice league
Mutant X
Mutant X:
A Black Adam period movies with the Justice Society sounds cool .
Valente Bx183
Valente Bx183:
Imagine having 6 Shazam’s pulling up to you because of a burglary 😭
Jimmmey Potato
Jimmmey Potato:
I love how Henry Cavil and Ezra Miler care about their characters, its not the actors fault for the DCEU
ron bragin
ron bragin:
Hope we see cameos of other justice league members in black adam movie
Yemen Knight
Yemen Knight:
I think we’re gonna need that Flashpoint movie to clean up the timeline
Black Adam: Wonder Woman, didn’t I fight you before in a more furious timeline?
Rich Tang
Rich Tang:
I hope we see black adam releasing the seven deadly sins as the rock
"if you smellllllll...what the cookin!"
Rikki Snyder
Rikki Snyder:
Did anyone else notice the mic above their heads before they fly off?
Shazam was a great breath of fresh air in the DC franchise
Christian Ross
Christian Ross:
I hope black adam becomes the vegeta of the dceu .
Batman Pop's
Batman Pop's:
They look like the Shazam family Power Rangers group 😃
Jack Farrish
Jack Farrish:
God im so excited for Black Adam
Omega Maximus
Omega Maximus:
I hope the new DC Movies follow the Source Material.
Guy Bermudez
Guy Bermudez:
Shazam was well done and perfectly casted.
Alexander Norø
Alexander Norø:
"Sort of the old version of justice league..", fool, Justice Society is the origin of Justice League from another era!
Black Adam. Starring : Wesley Snipes
Mr Mind sounds like he's right out of Toys R Us lol
Richard Liles
Richard Liles:
Black Adam will be a villain/anti hero then end up on the team lineup for Justice League 2
jovan kato
jovan kato:
Imagine a caterpillar 🐛 being a villain

Please DC directors stop wasting our time
Outter Limits
Outter Limits:
I'm ready! I think the rock is going to be great as Black Adam, his attitude just fits💯
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams:
And the 8th deadly sin is not watching Emergency awesome
Barry Allen
Barry Allen:
I hope they don't kill off BA, just imprison him in another realm.
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez:
You know Im alwaus hyped whenever I hear Shazam
Jdubb1441 _
Jdubb1441 _:
"7 Realms"? 🤔 too early to be expecting Dc vs. Mortal Combat movie?
That superman chin strap through injustice 2 vibes
Spartan 626
Spartan 626:
Really excited for Shazam’s 2 is black Adam is playing by Dwayne Johnson
Yemen Knight
Yemen Knight:
I just sent out a tweet less than a minute ago talking about Black Adam and you upload this video. Coincidence? I think not
Mark Marquez
Mark Marquez:
I don’t think the Shazam family will beat black Adam, especially cause he’s the rock
I'm all for the period peace with the JSA! Those were some of my favorite characters and stories when they were referred to in the contemporary time-line, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths! Even if they don't go that route, I'm excited for the future of DC in the movies.
Michael Ian
Michael Ian:
love how you used "The Scorpion King" pic because that's when Dwayne Johnson was first rumored to play the Black Adam
Cameron Appleton
Cameron Appleton:
Damn am early
Wyatt WYckoff
Wyatt WYckoff:
This sounds interesting. I loved Shazam so I can’t wait
James Danko
James Danko:
8:32 my favorite community episode with the 7 time lines ..
Anthony Figueroa
Anthony Figueroa:
Charlie love when you post I instantly click keep up the good work!!
If they do a period Black Adam movie, i'm curious as to how they'll allude to his Egyptian origins. Will there be a sort of Scorpion King/The Mummy kind of feel to the movie (or at least, the start of it, because he is brought back because they find his scarab)? If so, i'm all for it.
It's Stizzy //Chid
It's Stizzy //Chid:
0:00 that whole scene just describes sony's decision to release dawn of justice and justice league
Ambush bug
Ambush bug:
I hope that Dr Fate shows up in the movie along with Hawkman so that it can lead into a movie with Doctor Fate movie with him fighting a Eclipso then bring them into the next future justice league movies then man of steel 2 and etc DC Movies

And the joker movie is going to be Phenomenal introducing the DC Black Label elseworld storylines Wooooooooooooo! I'm excited!!!
Nate Da Black
Nate Da Black:
Capt Marvel/Shazam's my favorite character.

And I absolutely loved the plot/storyline of the movie.

But I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with its special effects. Particularly the flying and magic lightning scenes.

It could've (and should've) been A LOT BETTER than it was.

It should've been epic, along the lines of Man of Steel and Thor. Hell even Hancock's flying and lightning scenes were better by comparison!

Shazam's however, looked like a cheap SyFy movie...SMH
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
Black Adam and the Justice Society sounds great! Definitely will look forward to that and then when they get to Black Adam versus the Shazam family while diving into the 7 Magical Realms.
Andrew Forte
Andrew Forte:
I love the SHAZAM! family individually and collectively, they're awesome and to think Black Adam aka Teth-Adam, is an unofficial defacto member of the group with bad intentions.
Codeman 1115
Codeman 1115:
I’ll take any dc movies tbh so many good characters that need movies
Naomi Jessica
Naomi Jessica:
0:50 I'm sorry, but the wanna be mother in me loves Darla so much! Lol
Charlie I just want to say how much I appreciate you working late.
Mynames Darren
Mynames Darren:
Finally The Rock HAS COME BACK To Warner Bros!

The Rock, (Black Adam) says that he is gonna be the first villian to layeth the smackdown on the main protagonist Roody POOH CANDY ASS!!!!
LS Pnuema
LS Pnuema:
I'm going to love him no matter what....
The character arc is pretty predictable.
I enjoyed Shazam, will see the sequel.
The One Winged Angel
The One Winged Angel:
Can you do a breakdown of today's arrow season 8 trailer? Thanks buddy
The longer they wait for the next
Shazam movie the faster these kids grow
croc benaouda
croc benaouda:
anyone know where this scene came from 4:50 i really like the graphic
Mystic Snomar
Mystic Snomar:
i love how u got a scene from the game DC universe online, kind of a dead game but it just makes me happy to see that u use it
Andy Ramirez
Andy Ramirez:
I feel that rock is going to some how connect the movie to his Samoan ethnicity.
DC Comics Fan
DC Comics Fan:
When will they start working on Shazam 2 though, is what I'd like too know. Hope Black Adam is a success.
TheLastOfUs Factions
TheLastOfUs Factions:
You should do a last of us Part 2 vid charlie keep up the good work👏🏽👏🏽
Christopher Sautter
Christopher Sautter:
I think when all these movies are all out, we'll get that "Legion of Doom" payoff with Luthor, Deathstroke, Black Adam, Cheetah and a few others. I think that's probably gonna be an Abrahm's project too... Gonna be sweet!!!!
JL Forever.. lol
I was expecting something set back in like Ancient Egypt.
Jacob Horton
Jacob Horton:
I've always wondered, where do you get all this accurate info? Do you just research the shit out of all these topics. Or are you just this well at predicting what they are going with next?
Jadeleigh MacDonald
Jadeleigh MacDonald:
Lol I think the funniest thing is that I was literally reading Dank Raccoons comments last video and they won the giveaway this week.
John Daly
John Daly:
I can't see Shazam going in a dark direction.This was a light feel good movie and despite my taste for darker material I thought this was a good movie and I enjoyed it.
David Keever
David Keever:
I can't imagine an rated R film that prevents lots of kids from watching the sequel to the kid friendly, Shazam.
Brandon Duncan
Brandon Duncan:
I love the period piece idea!! It'll be neat to see those other characters that haven't been used.
Common Name
Common Name:
Well played explaining everything that was amazing
Wish DCEU can move at the same pace as the MCU with they films
S Boloshis
S Boloshis:
You’re wearing ravager garb, releasing the seven deadly sins into the world.- Korath
So many possibilities with the Black Adam character. Can't wait to see what they have in store!

Great video Charlie.
"The Rock" of eternity %]
we still have to see what JJ does with episode 9 he always starts strong but has a hard time finishing a series
Rosalind Hicks-Bowles
Rosalind Hicks-Bowles:
I"m really hoping WB keeps Henry Cavill. I think JJ Abrams would make a good Man of Steel 2
Ian Miller
Ian Miller:
Other than Man of Steel, Shazam was one of DC's greatest successes. Loved it!!!!
Adrastos O
Adrastos O:
This sounds cool! Maybe DC can turn their luck around with this.........
Mojo Ethan
Mojo Ethan:
Its Wednesday my dudes
Yup, nailed it. Best way to introduce Black Adam. 50's Justice society. Reminds me of the best parts of the Watchmen. Awesome.
Rich Tang
Rich Tang:
Also crisis on infinite earth's will start filming on October 10th
Spud Matix
Spud Matix:
Hey prof Charlie, wat ever happened to "Let's high five" ? Yeah I'm an og subscriber and feeling nostalgic
Evan Davies
Evan Davies:
Best Black Adam theory: it’s gonna be awesome!
Frankly O
Frankly O:
Did anyone else think of The Scorpion King when they heard The Rock in a period movie?
Zach Schoenberger
Zach Schoenberger:
Justice league war would’ve been a great phase 1 or 2 deal then injustice vs justice phase 2 or 3 . Just my opinion. The animated show storylines have been great tbh
7:25 Mikes gonna fill the 7th chair
Haitian Kobe88
Haitian Kobe88:
Thanks on keeping us updated about DCU brother. I’m a huge DC fan. We have a bright future ahead of us as DC fans. Even though I’m still sad that the Snyder cut won’t be released anytime soon.
Born Mexican Raised in America
Born Mexican Raised in America:
Love the JSA.
miguel savage
miguel savage:
When Henry cavil won't be superman anymore 😭😭
Miguel Alejandro Alemán
Miguel Alejandro Alemán:
Nice. I’d really like to see a live action version of King Kid.
John Doe
John Doe:
When they all turn into shazam. That was really lame.
Ready Player Two
Ready Player Two:
1:20 Forky: He is terrifying
Roberto Buenafe
Roberto Buenafe:
*Man, you have to do an Uncut Gems trailer breakdown 😲*
0:43 Zack is packin!
We Are Rivera
We Are Rivera:
This is gonna be awesome
char Lottie
char Lottie:
I think 7 chair for his emotions you know main character emotions
Eltoro Boyd
Eltoro Boyd:
Finally; The JSA!👍
ervin garcia
ervin garcia:
Hell yes, I want this! 😀
I wasn’t expecting the setting of the film to be set in the 50s and 60s
the Revanchist
the Revanchist:
Oh no... Please NO! No J J "Lens Flare" Abrams for Green Lantern. I want that to BE GOOD!
Chris Brandon
Chris Brandon:
hey dc universe awesomeness coming!
tony taylor
tony taylor:
I guess the rock couldnt get into the mcu so he settled for DC 😂😂😂😂
The Rock needs to call Henry Cavil and be like time to throw the cape back on
Billy Batson
Billy Batson:
Thanks for the ❤️ Charlie.
r elmo
r elmo:
Well that was interesting. Thanks, keep up the great work 🤙🏾