SHORT MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Derby County v Sheffield United

Skipper Tom Lawrence stole the show as he inspired Derby County to their fourth win in five, beating Sheffield United 2-0 at Pride Park Stadium to move the Rams off the foot of the Sky Bet Championship table.

The Rams leapfrogged Barnsley in 23rd spot with what turned out to be a comfortable afternoon on home soil as Lawrence’s brace secured a valuable three points for Wayne Rooney’s side.

Supporters had to wait 70 minutes for the deadlock to be broken, but it was worth the wait as Lawrence danced his way through the Blades defence to put the Rams ahead.

And, soon after, he unleashed an unstoppable curling effort from the edge of the box to seal all three points for Rooney’s side, ensuring the Rams remained unbeaten in their last five league fixtures.

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L Fairy93
L Fairy93:
Fair play Derby 👏 I said when you lot came to Bramall Lane that you were the best side to visit and to not write you off just yet and you've proved my point again. No idea what the beef is between Billy Sharp and some of the fans but I'm not interested. Good side you lot and deserved it. Genuinely hope you stay up, proper football club with loyal fans. What a story it would be too. All best lads.
K C:
2 great goals and amazing performance given what's going on off the pitch. Be superb achievement to stay up, let's hope so, and that's from a Forest fan!!
I hope Derby survives in the Championship!!! Bolton Fan.
Crash bang
Crash bang:
Fully deserved victory….I just hope n pray we can keep our best players and pull off the unthinkable ….the EFL are disgusting……we’ve had more than enough punishment for Mel Morris’s wrong doing ….and they continue to punish us just bcus we’re defying the odds and have a very good chance of staying up…
Talk about not giving up. Phenomenal stuff from the lads.
Pittas Savvas
Pittas Savvas:
One Life!!!
One Team!!! For Ever!!!
James-Michael Robinson
James-Michael Robinson:
Two spectacular goals from our captain
Marco Cabezas
Marco Cabezas:
Very proud of the lads, keep the fight on!
Dean Valentine
Dean Valentine:
Bloody brilliant from the skipper!! 🐏
Víctor Lamphar
Víctor Lamphar:
Lawrence esta en otro nivel, es una maravilla ver jugar a ese muchacho, vamos ram's
Steve Masterton
Steve Masterton:
If only tom Lawrence could play like that every week we would definitely stay up
After two blatant displays of cheating from the ref (blocking our players) that the highlights didn't show - this is a completely justified victory. Cracking work lads
Gareth Ar
Gareth Ar:
Great captains performance leading by example. We are asking a lot of this already paper thin squad, they must be exhausted, but please keep going lads we are behind you all the way.
Benjamin Margett
Benjamin Margett:
Special player, our tom.
Charlie Dronfield
Charlie Dronfield:
Something special is happening at derby, I’m just glad I’m apart of it 🐏🐏
Tom Mead
Tom Mead:
Rooting for you to stay up this year, from a Millwall fan.
Old Seadog
Old Seadog:
Imagine if we do the impossible & stay up having had 21 points taken away, what a massive _Up yours_ that would be to the EFL.
Fedee Siri
Fedee Siri:
Lo que jugo el 10... aguante el derby
Dec Lewis
Dec Lewis:
Tom Lawrence is incredible 🔥🔥🔥
Great job to keep a clean sheet without Jagielka and a truly resilient performance. Without the 21 point deduction, they would be 7 points off the play-offs. Let's keep this momentum gong for Forest next week.
JeoRG J:
Wayne roooney is a tactical genius
Fedee Siri
Fedee Siri:
No me canso de ver los golazos de Tom... ojalá se quede a vivir en el equipo
Sad to hear about Shinnie and jags leaving but we’ll keep on fighting
RamWinter 2
RamWinter 2:
Liquidation you’re having a laugh. COY🐏. Derby til I die
chandler bing bong
chandler bing bong:
Excellent result. If we can keep doing that until the end of the season.. 👍
Andy Tyrrell
Andy Tyrrell:
Is Festy the next Adama Traore?

Great play from everyone. Dad to see Jagielka go but have always seen Stearman have as good game to for us.

Another clean sheet and positive goal difference. Four players released now, surely we can get the embargo lifted as and bring four in!?

Come in Quantuma, pull your finger out!! Not good enough. Need to hear a bit more fighting talk from you not surrender to EFL and Gibson!

Rooney stay, Everton is not your place yet. Keep us up and be a legend

Now, to stick one on Florist where it hurts.
Shame these highlights didn't show all of the run for the second goal, and didn't show Wayne's celebration reaction in full to the goal
Tom,an amazing player.Well done tom
cj kaplan
cj kaplan:
I love this team. Derby til i die 💪🐏🐏🐏
Dean Bartlett
Dean Bartlett:
What a player Tom Lawrence is
David Colborne
David Colborne:
👏 would love to see this side stay up
Chrissy Ostick
Chrissy Ostick:
Regardless what happens I LOVE THIS CLUB 🖤🤍🐏 I'm Derby till I die!!!!!!! 🖕🏻 The EFL
We fight till the end
Josh Leith
Josh Leith:
Not a derby fan but really hope you pull it off getting unfairly treated by the EFL with the new transfer embargo, good to see a team sticking together, proper football club, good to see
Muhamad abdul qodir
Muhamad abdul qodir:
if Derby can escape relegation this will be a feat in itself for Rooney
Dylan Smith-Hume
Dylan Smith-Hume:
Nice to see when the ref blocks our player (bird) we still win and I could see the disappointment of his face when Lawrence scored the first
lawrence is far too good. well bloody done derby
mikehunt :
Everybody is a derby fan this season
Jacob Warner
Jacob Warner:
Ebosele is an amazing talent
Drew :
Tom may be the greatest welsh player of all time
Zexa XIII:
Rooney is doing an unbelievable job.
Hope derby stay up!
From a derby fan
Come On You Rams
I think Foz's pass was meant for Festy!
We will survive 🐏❤
Jeff Power
Jeff Power:
Defo staying up and good luck to em - and I'm a bluenose (unfortunately)
Eva Mcnulty
Eva Mcnulty:
Love derby so much
Halim Mohayan
Halim Mohayan:
Back to winning ways and clean sheet, good job done allaround lads, we are now 1 step closer to do the impossible, still plenty of games left and it's possible we'll beat the odds.

Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith:
Tom Lawrence the poor Man's Gareth Bale. Great potential.
Come on derby come on you can do it from TH
Yogi Budd
Yogi Budd:
Our Wayne !!!
Will Rooney stop at Derby? or go to Everton?
André León
André León:
I love you Tom, we love Tom
Chish and Fips
Chish and Fips:
Why didnt dcfc add the referee getting in the way that was a highlight I guess too
L R:
Lawrence and ebosele are unreal
Paris Ang
Paris Ang:
You guys so lucky have Rooney as Manager. Too bad for Everton, after choosing some else as Manager.
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan:
We will fight till the bitter end
Super Tom Tom Lawrence
daniel henry
daniel henry:
The lesson here gentlemen is football is fixed
Nicola Cambi
Nicola Cambi:
- 21 punti? 🤔 Esagerazione.
Ann craft
Ann craft:
Hope derby rot and go bust this is hilarious watching this absolutely brilliant no sympathy what so ever
Sharpey's World
Sharpey's World:
why not show when their keeper handballed outside the area
Mohamed Abdi Hussein
Mohamed Abdi Hussein:
What happened to the voice of the commentator? Please add the voice fir the nex highlights
Ben Patten
Ben Patten:
Oh Billy she said no
Hopefully you cheats will be booted out of the league soon. Nothing of value would be lost, Karma :D