Should Corey Anderson be a 2-1 favorite over Jan Błachowicz?


Chael Sonnen talks Corey Anderson vs Jan Błachowicz on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Legendery Polish Power. Kto za Janem daje 👍
Matthew McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel:
I mean, Jan is the more Polished fighter...
Captain Sunday
Captain Sunday:
Chael is a part of my everyday life now. He's always nearby, talking to me. Always talking. He's like, in my freaking brain. It's getting a little strange.
It was a joke, I'm clean!!!
It was a joke, I'm clean!!!:
Im calling it, Corey is getting KO'd in the 1st or 2nd
Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio:
America Eagle
America Eagle:
YAWN VS YAREAR. Book it Dana!
NTX Tactical
NTX Tactical:
Every time he says “Jan” I have an urge to YAWN.
Darran Kern
Darran Kern:
Jan has a habit of flatlining fools when he’s the underdog. This is an opportunity to make some money at the betting lines
hai phan
hai phan:
Chael: I don’t think Corey would stand and trade shot with Jan...
Narrator: He stood and traded shot with Jan and get KO'd
justnormal gamer
justnormal gamer:
Who's here after Jan knocked the guy out?
Ass Whole
Ass Whole:
After seeing him mock Jonny Walker after beating him, I hope Corey gets rocked.
Błachowicz was exhausted during that first fight(because of jetlag) he was even surprised he went the distance that time.
If Uncle Chael threw a punch at me and missed I'd still be KO'D by the fear.
Jesus Corona
Jesus Corona:
"if it doesn't land"
uncle chael, in what universe would you ever miss a punch?
Chael's hoodies are actually pretty dope. Anyone know where he gets these? Look comfy AF for a bad guy.
M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt
M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt:
"You gonna feel 'em" - John Blachowicz to Rockhold after being told he has small feet at the face offs.
We all know what followed next... xD
memyself andi
memyself andi:
You were right uncle Chael
Pronator Tendon
Pronator Tendon:
Dude talks like he quit school in 4th grade and was raised by crows and muskrats.
Samuel Fernandez
Samuel Fernandez:
Chael “Big Polish Hammer” Sonnen
Håvard Ramberg
Håvard Ramberg:
uncle chael: this is interesting for a reason......that i didn't know?!
I think it's fair that Corey is a 2-1 favorite, corey just came off a spectacular KO of a hot hype train while Jan is coming off a boring decision with Jacare. as well as Corey has beaten Jan in the past in a very convincing manner
Peter Puig
Peter Puig:
Chael "I haven't watched the fight yet" Schaub
First Name
First Name:
How long did Uncle Chael spend practicing Jans name?
derrick johnson
derrick johnson:
nice damn prediction!
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor:
Chael you got it right!! I literally clicked on this to see if you'd say Jan or Yan. Well done sir!
Chael "An Arm's Reach" Sonnen
Jack Doomsday
Jack Doomsday:
Both made a lot of progress since their first fight. I'm pulling for my own, Błachowicz, but i can see Corey winning. I hope it won't go to the judges tho.
Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network
Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network:
I like it better when Chael calls him "Jon Blahovovitch"
K M:
OMG chael called it
Chael : "Jon... I mean Jan"

Damn Jon is always in Chaels head!
Noel Runega
Noel Runega:
Corey won by 30-25. He smashed Jan with two 10-8 rounds
Leo Cooper
Leo Cooper:
Corey There’s levels to this Anderson
Rick From Pawn Stars
Rick From Pawn Stars:
Depends on who the judges have already decided on. Guess it was Anderson
Damn I just saw the fight and Uncle Chael, you were right!!!
I bet on Jan and made good money! Wish Id bet more!
anthony desrivieres
anthony desrivieres:
My biggest nightmare: getting into a fight with Chael.
Theo Gate
Theo Gate:
I love UFC I watched first ppv at 11 it was chuck and Tito and I was wwe fan until that then ever since then I’ve watched every tuf and ppv and I’m 24 now
jack croff
jack croff:
Hindsight 20/20 , NO
Donk Donkerson From Down the Street
Donk Donkerson From Down the Street:
Jan will beat Corey this time around.
I like Corey he a great wrestler but I just think Jan has more of a chance to beat Jon than Corey.
Vitalijus Zabelovic
Vitalijus Zabelovic:
-How to pronounce Jan?

-Its like yawn...
-Say no more
Im a huge UFC fan and i golf too and when he said he sees golfers fall in love with one swing im so confused
Hasanov Gadir
Hasanov Gadir:
Chael "it’s very legal" Sonnen
Fish please
Fish please:
Uncle Chael is Prophetic!! I wish I watched this video before Saturday's fight.
b r o k e n
b r o k e n:
Great Matchup.
I just feel like Cory is raging through anyone right now for that Title!
P R:
ya. he traded shots. lol
chael seeing in 20/20 vision into the future.
Cedric Burkett
Cedric Burkett:
I jus found out it was a rematch too, chael lol
Who's Aleesa? And why am I jealous?
Pouriya Jamshidi
Pouriya Jamshidi:
Well well well!
Who’s Alica, Chael?
If Corey takes Jan down, it's over. Jan has a striking power advantage on the feet. They're evenly matched.
u said something once like history favors the younger fighter who has already beaten the older fighter. corey 30 jan 36. theres your answer
Latajacy Bieznik
Latajacy Bieznik:
No, no, no. Chael seems to forget about a very important thing - Dom already had his chance againts Jon and so had Santos... So much more fair would be to give Jan the same chance (why deny it?) and in the meantime put Dom against Santos to see who is going to fight for the title first.

After Jan vs Jon we can do anything: Jan/Jon vs Dom, Jan/Jon vs Thiago, Jan/Jon ws Johnny, etc. But to me Polish Power deserves the title shot since both of the abovementioned contenders already had theirs.
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard:
This will be an interesting turn of events in the light heavyweight division 😄😄
Eirik-Andre Johansen
Eirik-Andre Johansen:
I met and trained with Jan at a seminar back in 2017. Watching him go through combos, techniques, and him DEMOLOSHING all the coaches present really gave me a seriously much deeper respect and appreciation for all world class fighters. It was absolutely nuts watching his knowledge and wisdom at work. (Might've been late 2016, i dont quite remember)
john doe
john doe:
Jan has been beating old MW’s. Corey beat a BIG young, athletic, and dangerous LHW. I’m rolling with Corey.
Unless Corey can do to Jan what he did to Walker, it's unlikely he'll leapfrog Reyes. Even if he does, it's an uphill climb. When you have Dana saying he scored it for Reyes, the writing is on the wall.
Boy, chael really likes saying"yahn" lol
Uncle Mit Mit
Uncle Mit Mit:
Editing on this video ey...
GBLynden's RC
GBLynden's RC:
I would bet money on Jan in this fight!
Michael Galvin
Michael Galvin:
Chael you made me 1000$ thank you
Chael has to have some Polish blood in him!
Mike dizzle
Mike dizzle:
Chael - I havent seen the fight yet... 3 minutes later... I logged on and checked the fight out. You see that? Hes so fast he watched the fight during this and you didnt even notice!
Hayden Donadio
Hayden Donadio:
Well Corey did already beat Jan plus he just came off the KO over Johnny Walker
I want a hoody like Chaels. Anybody recognize where it comes from?
Josh Life
Josh Life:
Damn.... Uncle Chael is even a golf technique analysis expert... He's more gangster than I ever even imagined before seeing this video...
Romero Houstone
Romero Houstone:
I jus found out 2 n the fights in 8 hrs
Theo Gate
Theo Gate:
25/8 by day Chael Sonnen YouTube channel by night ALL DAY!
Berto Ramirez
Berto Ramirez:
I'm from the future, the answer is no Videos Videos:
Haha thanks for learning how to pronounce Jan :)
Jānis Grīnbergs
Jānis Grīnbergs:
same here Chael....
Christopher Carrigg
Christopher Carrigg:
Initial thoughts after video: Chael watches golf?
Computer Gangster
Computer Gangster:
Told you so.After seeing yan outperform Rockhold all around it was obvious.
so who we taking LOLL
Michael A
Michael A:
I want corey to win just so i can see coreys cornball dance one more time.
D Diego Cafferatta
D Diego Cafferatta:
Love from Sydney Australia
Andres Velasco
Andres Velasco:
Easy answer: no
Merreld Clegg
Merreld Clegg:
You nailed it.....
Cason Vitello
Cason Vitello:
i didnt know that either. saw you at ufc 247 love your stuff
El Zorro
El Zorro:
I got Corey on this one. LETS GO
Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty:
Hope you took the bet
Boss Hands
Boss Hands:
Joe Standup is my new rap name
Theo Gate
Theo Gate:
I use to beat everyone In my class way back with randy couture judo throw
There is no way Chael didn't know this is a rematch
David Fulcher
David Fulcher:
You ever get side tracked and forget to give ole chael a like on a video and go back to it just to make sure he gets the like?
Jim Flow
Jim Flow:
Is anyone getting a audio problem with Chaels vids
SingleMinded Visuals
SingleMinded Visuals:
He beat him already
John Holland
John Holland:
From Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 with love Chael, great channel 👌🏻
Well I can answer that now.
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal:
Makes the video without bothering to watch the first fight!!
Slim Brady
Slim Brady:
I reckon we know the answer now.
Odysaye Nalife
Odysaye Nalife:
You got this one right
Taylor Stillman
Taylor Stillman:
Blohovovich wins, Corey quits.
Wait.... this fight is a rematch!? Woah
Javi 96
Javi 96:
Usman vs Colby vibes from this one Chael p
kastriot destani
kastriot destani:
Jan apparently Polished than right hand
Forest Whitaker's Eye
Forest Whitaker's Eye:
From dusk til yawn...great fuggin movie man.
Mernky 356
Mernky 356:
Luke Rockhold is always surprised by his opponent
john doe
john doe:
If corey smokes Jan and goes crazy on the mic I want to see him fight jon.
Corey is from my area in Illinois. I hope he gets this win. He should get a title fight after that. Not my favorite fighter because of his style. But I think he deserves it. Just imagine if he knocks out Jan then fights Jon and knocks him out. That would be epic.