Should Real Madrid keep Sergio Ramos or sign Bayern Munich’s David Alaba? | ESPN FC

Sergio Ramos’ current contract has come into its final six months and the defender appears to be at an impasse with Real Madrid over the terms of a new deal. ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas presents Ale Moreno with a big question that Real Madrid’s leadership are possibly facing now: Should they give Sergio Ramos the hefty new contract he’s asking for, or pick up Bayern Munich's utility man David Alaba on a free transfer in the summer instead? Moreno weighs up what it would mean for Zidane Zidane’s side to keep or offload a club legend of Ramos’ stature against adding a player as versatile as Alaba in the squad while players like Ferland Mendy and Raphael Varane are still growing into their roles.


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Josh S
Josh S:
Ramos leaving will be just as bad as Ronaldo leaving
Kai Song
Kai Song:
I'm a Bayern fan, but u can't compare Alaba to Ramos. Ramos is one of the best CB's of all time, Alaba is an amazing player, but has only played CB for 1 year. Real are probably just gonna get both
Ayturk Efendi
Ayturk Efendi:
How is mendy inconsistent. Real are undefeated in every game he's played
Patrick McGowan
Patrick McGowan:
Really missed a golden opportunity not having Stevie for this question.
Tomi Salami
Tomi Salami:
Lol Madrid have literally never lost a game Mendy starts since he arrived. We’ ding need a lb
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor:
Moreno: Handle a club legend with care.
Everyone: Yeah he's a great CB
Real Madrid Board: Raul, Casillas, how do we handle club legends? lol
Kunal Aloo
Kunal Aloo:
Even though alaba would be a good replacement ....but you cant replace the leadership that ramos brings to the team🤷‍♂️
luis Bonilla
luis Bonilla:
Sign Sergio Ramos 2 more years whatever it takes
Pal M
Pal M:
They should extend with Ramos for a year or two, but also get in Alaba, cuz Alaba is very versatile and can play many positions, which is always a good thing+ both Alaba and Ramos can play alongside each other as Varane has been inconsistent.
Suman Saurabh
Suman Saurabh:
My man Ale, at real even raul left easy, so concept of club legend!
Lelouch Lamperouge
Lelouch Lamperouge:
Ramos + Alaba would be amazing
Idalis Valcarcel
Idalis Valcarcel:
Zidane can easily play a 4-3-3 with holders in Leave the back line with Ramos , 2 Holders with casemiro as the strength & Alaba as a deep lying playmaker with Kroos or Valverde advanced
Real Madrid will never chose alaba over RAMOS, he's a club legend and a great captain. Alaba will only give them a few years, Ramos can play for like 3-5 years, he isn't slow or gets injured like Marcelo
Sub Stantial
Sub Stantial:
For me, Alaba's best roles have always been left back and central midfield. Expecting him to fit into a role held by Ramos and expecting him to perform the same role would be disastrous. If you're wanting to shore up your defense, Alaba isn't who you want.
Frischer Fisch
Frischer Fisch:
Alaba is playing pretty average since the last summer. Every 2 games he makes a big mistake, that leads to a chance or goal for the opponent. 
Since his new Agent told him how great he is and that he deserves the same salary as Lewandowski, he has declined.
It will be a ugly surprise for his new team, after they give him a 4 or 5 year contract, with a €20M+ salary and see his actual power.
"All those things don't tell me he's going to be playing centre back"... How about the fact that he's been playing center back now for atleast 2 seasons 😂
Carlos Kh
Carlos Kh:
BOTH ... why would we have to give up Ramos for?
0:35 neglecting the fact that Ramos used to be a right back
I would keep ramos as a player manager
A few years? I would say 4,5years is a pretty good deal. Ramos has a deal on the table, it's up to him. Nobody says you can't have both
Alcides Caceres
Alcides Caceres:
Why don’t they keep both? 3 quality center backs. You need backup and tbh RM don’t got back up on they starting two the others are not up to par
lets be honest ramos isnt leaving madrid....
Mustafe Mahamud
Mustafe Mahamud:
It’s funny the way they implying As if real wants alaba to replace Ramos. Ramos ain’t going no where. Alaba free is a good business. No more to it
non 452
non 452:
Florentino always dumps legends prematurely, at this point its do we pick up Alaba or not.
Soy un Madridista
Soy un Madridista:
Well they will both play at madrid this season lol alaba is a done deal 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, MD
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, MD:
I'm pretty sure Alaba wants the opportunity to play in midfield at club-level but that's not gonna happen at Bayern these days with the power they have there.

Also where was the talk of Alaba being a club legend. How is it not a shock to them that Alaba wants to leave? The guy has been loyal to Bayern for 12 years!
Mustafa Manya
Mustafa Manya:
Ramos and benzema are the only leaders in the squad. Ramos for me is as important as Ronaldo was.
Juan Louis
Juan Louis:
Don't tease us!! You know spurs just won !
Zarith aiman
Zarith aiman:
Just take both.. Alaba can replace casemiro's position.
John Mcintosh
John Mcintosh:
He will stay and get a improved contract, this is always the same nonsense every time a player wants more money 💰 and Alaba con join them also simple.
Nat West side
Nat West side:
Keep him. Liverpool wants to revenge.
Anil Frank
Anil Frank:
David Alaba is only gonna give a couple years at a high level?😂 he’s 6 years younger, Clearly Alaba would be the long term investment not Ramos, making these tough decisions is how big clubs stay at the top.
One club that is not shy to sign great players at the end of their carreer is Juve. Maybe theres something there?
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
lets not forget Ramos was a right back in his early carrier!!! Alaba in his prime taking same path to be world class center back
don't know why united didn't go for him.. we needed a left footed center back
Bob Bradley
Bob Bradley:
Bayern happy knowing Alaba about to leave cause of how bad he is
Liverpool should make a swap deal using Gini
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia:
How about what if Sergio Ramos can stay with Madrid for a couple years then before he retires, he can play for an mls team like inter Miami or Orlando
Josiah Tavares
Josiah Tavares:
So why can't Madrid have both Ramos and Alaba ?
Faisal Ibn Zaman
Faisal Ibn Zaman:
Dont u think alaba is perfect backup for Casemiro...!! 🙄
Mouhamed Fall
Mouhamed Fall:
Weither Ramos stays or leaves i really don't want Alaba. I know he is a great player but i don't see to what he can contribute but extra weight considering we have significant options already
Leeshon Charles
Leeshon Charles:
But Ramos only gives them 2 years Alaba gives 5 to 6 if he plays that long so how is Ramos the better option? Plus Alaba is a freaking good CB bro
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson:
Liverpool FC already made contact with David alaba and his agent to sign him in next summer.
Ripudaman Singh Thakur
Ripudaman Singh Thakur:
Raul was a club legend, Casillas was a legend, Ronaldo was a legend. Don't screw up with sergio ramos too. He's the heart of our club.
Sergio ramos all day.
Alaba is good but ramos is just elite and scores goals as well.
aaron garcia
aaron garcia:
Agree with Ale’s answer but not his reasoning I guess he forgot Ramos was a top RB before he was a world class CB so why can’t Alaba do the same he pretty much already has but I don’t see why Real Can’t have both have Alaba at LB sometimes CB he’s a huge upgrade on Militao
Toxic vegita op
Toxic vegita op:
Real Madrid dont know how to respect there club legends
David 1298
David 1298:
So basically he’s saying if you can’t solve both problems at the same time then don’t solve any of them
Alaba should simply stay at the better club; Bayern.
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad:
Keep Ramos buy Alaba free and sell Varane for around 75 million...
i know im gonna look biesed here but i totally agree ale , losing ramos just to gain alaba (even though he is a bayern great) is crazy idea can you imagine alaba and varan ? i know they are freat indeviduels but man that partnership is recepie for disaster
Denim Kh
Denim Kh:
Take alaba and give us ramos
If Real Madrid is getting Alaba, their LB position is sorted for the next 3-4 years at least -> so Reguilon will be at Spurs for few more years -> Spurs may have pulled off a masterstroke???
M Mehdi
M Mehdi:
Alaba makes too many mistakes as CB
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal:
And don't forget Saint Iker!!
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez:
Could you imagine Varane playing without Ramos... he would be like Pique when Puyol retired 😢😢🥺 keep Ramos as long as possible to instruct Varane, Militao and any other future center half. Who better as a teacher as a captain as a leader than Sergio Ramos. He should have his own youth system and coach in Madrid when he retires. Professor Ramos 🤙🏾💪🏾
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington:
Ramos stays at Real
Alaba goes to Barça
Messi stays at Barça

*It’s simple that this will happen!*
Moreno said that Ferland Mendy isn’t consistent? What is he smoking haha, don’t talk about something you don’t know about.
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
BOTH....but tbh the younger is a better choice because time catches up to all so I hope Sergio leaves
rahul chawla
rahul chawla:
Who are these jokers to make that decision 😎
Himanshu Rajdev
Himanshu Rajdev:
Alaba is asking 12m a year. Madrid need funds for Mbappe or Haaland. So extend Ramos' contract and get camavinga in future .
Ryan Thunderhammer
Ryan Thunderhammer:
Ramos should stay
She from italia 😈😈
She from italia 😈😈:
Real madrid be like:We will not spend our money this year
The fans:oh cmon!!!you said that last year
Real madrid:alright,we will loan players,happy now?
Fans: 😑
The point abt Varane is kinda crucial to why Ramos will inevitably come back, not just bc Varane without Ramos drops off, but your alternatives are washed Nacho and Militao who is nothing short of a flaming dumpster fire
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
There is a reason why RM have not spent any money the last transfer window.. not only because we're in the middle of a pandemic, and money don't come around as frequently as normal, but also because there are 2 other players that are called Mbappe & Carmavinga.. Not to mention the rebuild of Santiago.. Real is not about to go on an insanely insignificant spending spree because of fans, news, ESPN or whatever claims that they have problems.
Real Madrid is patiently saving their money which has been their plan all along through out the pandemic.
Toxic vegita op
Toxic vegita op:
Still have time dont let ramos go ......
Sajid Alaraj
Sajid Alaraj:
Espn are dumb like listen imagine keeping someone that is close to retirement instead of getting someone that is 28 so he’d be with us for about 7 years that is in his prime and free?!?!?
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
Alaba might be a Bayern legend but he is too greedy.
ramos should come to utd.. but i think he will stay
keep ramos, that's the only answer. he already signed an extension, he's a club legend and most of all he's a world class player.
Sergio Ramos has agreed new 2 year deal
He is asking 50M a year lmao
Marcelo can leave if Alaba comes RB Carvajai CB Varane CB Ramos LB Alaba Ramos doesn’t have to play against average or rubbish team Alaba can replace him in those games Mende LB Varane CB Carvajai RB Militao back up to Varane Narco 5 choice
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
"couple more years at the high level". This Ale guy is a 🤡. Alaba is only 28.
MD Gaming
MD Gaming:
For real don't take alaba
He is terrible
Every time we play its just a while until the opponent scores first
Raof Khan
Raof Khan:
Sregio Ramos best defender all time
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson:
Ramos will renew his contract, dont be afraid madrid fans
Don Juan
Don Juan:
Ramos better in defending.

Alaba better in Build-up play.
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson:
Bruh what this guy said mendy is not consistent, lmao mendy has been putying in top performances every single game, what is this guy talking about, i watch every madrid game from min 1 to 90 and i have seen the brilliance of mendy, both defensive and attacking, marcelo has been horrible but mendy has surely been exellent and very consistent
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare:
Ramos would get 5 years, 50 million wages, 70m Loyalty Bonuses, 25m Image rights if he was playing for Barca haha Madrid always put the Club FIRST
David Jones
David Jones:
Why has Ramos glued pubes to his face? Oh right he’s a knob head, makes sense I guess.
Gustavo Guardado
Gustavo Guardado:
I don't want Alaba. I want Dayot Upamecano or Kouliably. First Alaba isn't playing good right now and he is going to be bitching wanting a high salary
m b
m b:
Real madrid selling regullion still baffles me
Nick Gonzalez
Nick Gonzalez:
Got to let Marcelo go unfortunately and bring back reguilon
Jamario 51-50
Jamario 51-50:
Mendy is useless going forward
Reo Chatterjee
Reo Chatterjee:
they still haven't replaced cr7 and now they want to have a bad defence
Arsenal Gunner
Arsenal Gunner:
Real missed the boat with Matthijs de Ligt
Chibueze Dike
Chibueze Dike:
Why can’t we just get both
Real Madrid and no one else either is going pay Ramos the
Salary that he wants. Let him go and get someone with a future!!!
Mehedi Hasan Sizan
Mehedi Hasan Sizan:
You cant be serious.
pbFabio :
if bayren gets ramos its over. no team stopping them
time for marcelo to go
Alvaro Szigethi Marcos
Alvaro Szigethi Marcos:
Bayern fans, how good is Alaba as a CB? I'm a Real Madrid fan and only get to watch Bayern bossing Europe, but not in the Bundesliga, so I don't have any idea of how he would be as a CB
dirty dirtz
dirty dirtz:
Zidane is no great coach he just had a great team , as much as he has problems with bale , bake ,benzima and ronaldo was deadly in the forward ,kroos ,modrich and Kazimierz in the middle, and with ramos and crew in the back he was just lucky ,and at the time bake was in form
Sagar Dahal
Sagar Dahal:
Varane is only good in FIFA! Keep both Ramos and Alaba
Suarez is Barca's legend? What is Moreno smoking? Suarez has played just for few seasons at Barca. LOL.
Ezekiel Easymoney
Ezekiel Easymoney:
They should do both
Anto Erickson
Anto Erickson:
If Sergio Ramos leaves then it's good for football, because we will never see his brutal fouls, crazy red cards, and dives. I'm happy to see dirtiest footballer dissapears in football.
Michael Pinholt
Michael Pinholt:
This is a weird conversation, Ramos transfer talks has nothing to do with Alaba, so why ask the qiestion. Also Madrid has the fans approval, Marca asked who is in the wrong in these transfer talks, 700.000 people voted, and 75% said Ramos was in the wrong, so Madrid has the backing of fans! I think Ramos stays, he has a wife and 3 small kids, I dono't think he'll take them somewhere else!
अंकित ढकाल
अंकित ढकाल:
Lets be honest , Alaba have been very ordinary this season. He is not a proper CB and dnt know in which team he goes , but personally i think Bayern should sell both Boaeting and Alaba...
Desparate _ Pirate
Desparate _ Pirate:
Get both and get rid of varane. Everytime there is an error or own goal i definitely say its varane without even looking at the tv.