Should You Play Company of Heroes 2 in 2021?

Company of Heroes 2 is a game I've been meaning to play, discuss, and make a video on for a while now. Like everyone else I loved the original, but for one reason or another never got that into the sequel. But now the time has come - and I'm here to answer one simple question. Should you play Company of Heroes 2 in 2021?

Intro: 0:00
Gameplay: 1:23
Presentation and Campaigns: 8:36
Modern Capability: 13:51

Conclusion: 16:10

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Gameplay recorded on PC | Audio recorded using a Rode NT-USB

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Jeremy Al'Good
Jeremy Al'Good:
The complete edition is on pc game pass.
The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs
The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs:
13:46 My advice would be get the master edition of the game which is normally $5 on sale. It comes with everything but the ranger company if I recall right. All factions and the Campaigns
Lucas Delaney
Lucas Delaney:
Only here to see what the gameplay is like as this and Ardennes Assault are both for free on Steam ATM
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude:
I hope Company of Heroes 3 focuses on the Pacific & North African theatres.
Wunderwaffe YT
Wunderwaffe YT:
*"The original was better"*
-Sun Tzu, Art of War
I was yelling at the screen beause of your 1 man suicide squads.
While I liked CoH 2, the original CoH is still my favourite RTS of all times. This is coming from someone playing RTS games since around '95, starting with the very first C&C & Warcraft. I really hope RTS genre makes a comeback.
vignesh moorthie
vignesh moorthie:
Remaster DOW 1 for god sake.
The sequel has some quality of life changes that makes going back to 1 impossible. Things like having a button to tell vehicles to reverse or seeing when an units is in combat just by looking at its icon in bottom corner are sooo good.

Edit: Forcing anti tank units to only target vehicles also i thing is a coh2 feature.
Doktor Lego Tesla
Doktor Lego Tesla:
This god damn game has changed so much over time, I remember when you could have Duplicates of Intel Bulletins and also stack them, me and my friend's OP BS triple discounted Volksgrenadier Panzershreck blobs were utterly crazy.
And, admittedly, the Community Balance Team pushing out newe content and Balance changes has done a decent amount of good for fixing the weirdo Lelic Balance.
This Game has been a rickety Mess since the Beginning, I played it on a free weekend when it came out and when I came back and bought it years later after all the factions were released, I just had almost every single intel bulletin for the Eastern Front armies for free, there was also this one time where they tried to let everyone try the Skins for the Western Front Armies for a weekend but ended up accidentally giving every single player every single Western Front Skin permanently as well a ton of free supply since you could scrap all of the Duplicate Skins you got if you already had some from drops or the like.
Or the one time they put the game out on a free to keep thing
But seriously, this game goes on sale for like 75% off if the wind changes direction so I wouldn't recommend buying full price unless you just really like what Relic is doing, which is also something I wouldn't recommend after Dawn of War 3.
Free forever on Steam at the moment. Just add to your library.
ive played over 2k hours in this game. Still love it to this day. Cheers.
Droid Control Ship
Droid Control Ship:
This is a wonderful review of the game, I found the way you put every detail as if you were putting together a puzzle, one piece at a time.
Great job, and great video.
J i R O
J i R O:
I recommend playing it with the Wikinger Mod its an awesome mod.
They just had like 90% sale on the entire game with all dlc so there's really no reason not to pick this fantastic game up.
I was waiting until u finally got into this one. I was playing the old one for some time now and decided to buy CoH2 now and i got addicted to it. But as you said, there are many things wrong, especially with the monetization of the game. it feels so disencouraging to buy the game, but in order to be even able to use certain techs and units from the commands you will have to buy those as well.
I legit do not know what the purpose of bulletins even is, in my experience they don't amount to anything legitimately noticeable in a real game.
Shay Patrick Cormac
Shay Patrick Cormac:
Weirdly enough, I was spamming Artillery and Mortar barrages earlier this month
Blurgh The builder
Blurgh The builder:
I just got coh2 and Ardennes assault on a special free weekend and keep it thing on steam
Ben Fritsch
Ben Fritsch:
I love this game so much, however I only play with advanced powers mod. I would use advanced powers, makes the game much better
It is free right now on Steam, together with the AA expansion
I came here because the game is now given away free on Steam (if you claim it before 31-05-21 its all yours without buying it, you get a free DLC with it) Haven't played it yet but a friend of mine has played the game, and is really stoked about the game. I am looking forward to play this game >.<
Al S
Al S:
I'm still playing it 12 years later. It never gets old. A few more maps would be nice and the option to stay as a team against AI opposition for another game.
Monkey Dog
Monkey Dog:
I 've had this for a long time now. It was given away for free in steam.
Krystian Bielak
Krystian Bielak:
play some PVP man, the scene has a lot to offer on all levels, pros and noobs. Tis is where than bulletins and units abilities matter
I honestly dont know whir it is, but coh1 was amazing to me, even got my brother who has like 0 interest in rts games or ww2 games to play with me for a few years. Coh2, idk, I dont think I like more than 50 hours. And I honestly dont know why. Its not even cuz I suck at COH1, I was average. And its not like im shit at coh2. Idk, its just not Coh1.
Irish Technical Thinker
Irish Technical Thinker:
I would highly recommend. Been a fan for years and still playing to this day, although it had it's problems and however small it is, really does matter at the end. They have to fix Advanced Emplacement Regiment for the British forces.
I was looking for a game like command and conquer: zero hour, this might be it
Hey. love your reviews, any chance of covering Paraworld? It seems that the game has been nearly forgotten at this point and it would be nice to see you cover it.
RockinRowl Gaming
RockinRowl Gaming:
It's free on Steam atm, checking here if its worthwhile to make content about it
Not ZED ヅ
Not ZED ヅ:
That's the good shit
Best ww2 RTS game
I think I got this game for free, IIRC. Sega was also nice enough to give me free digital copies of all the DoW games I owned and the original Company of Heroes with expansions, which I also owned.
Nick Harper
Nick Harper:
All this giveaway coh 2 and the expansion,i smell company of heroes 3 in e3 this year
Watched this to determine if I should buy this game... Found out I already own it
Roy Carey
Roy Carey:
"Realistic" *Watches the PTRS Rush kill a Tiger tank*
C .Bunnell
C .Bunnell:
Prefer using my apm focusing on production which is coh1, instead of unit special abilities fron coh2
Kaito Gillscale
Kaito Gillscale:
A moment I’ll never forget from CoH2 was when I tried playing America and dropped a ranger squad into a forest. They get pinned under heavy fire almost immediately. I clicked them to get them to try and retreat and I hear the guy say in the most desperate voice I’ve ever heard “what the FUCK do you want!?” and it SHOOK me.
F95 User
F95 User:
Probably the first review I have seen where someone doesn't repeat the usual "Company of Heroes 1 is better cause of its dialogue and soundtrack"
Eric Tungoe
Eric Tungoe:
i just finished watching your company of heroes 1 video after binging on your retrospective rts reviews and just now realised as im watching this video that it was uploaded just minutes back lol. what a your reviews btw
พัทธ์ วิลาวัณย์
พัทธ์ วิลาวัณย์:
You can get it for free on Steam right now.
The game has really good mods too
Answer is yes, its a great game. I play it still.
There is an all out war edition that has all commanders and factions included.
Jayden Klein
Jayden Klein:
While I prefer coh1 1, which I still play alot due to it being on the iPad, I really did enjoy the change to capturing points, vaulting over fences, the cold weather and ice, the camo(if only it wasn't a microtransaction for so many), and the population being fixed. Everything else the original did better, especially the commanders.
Pieter B
Pieter B:
nah, I'd rather play Wargame: Red Dragon. Much better in depth, much more balanced.
jack sheldon
jack sheldon:
IMO Coh1 with back to basic mod is the ultimate coh experience.

Also honorable mention to Dawn of war 2. (Especially with ELITE mod)

COH2 winter mechanic was a cool surprise tho.
Aard Appel
Aard Appel:
Yes. But to new players; watch some videos on how to use units etc. Otherwise the game will be very punishing
Yeah, what I remember the most is the huge backlash there was from Russian players given the godawful way Relic chose to represent their campaign's story, it does make me a little apprehensive for Age of Empires 4, especially considering Dawn of War 3 wasnt stellar either.
Yang Liu
Yang Liu:
There is no other game worth playing in 2021 :)
Just wanted to say thanks for your videos covering Company of Heroes in general. I played the hell out of CoH 1 multiplayer back when it first came out and it really was my new favorite RTS after playing CnC Generals and Zero Hour growing up. Those style of games just clicked with me over other RTS titles of the time.

I never did end up buying CoH 2 but I did get it during the recent free giveaway and am now looking at getting my dose of childhood nostalgia playing the OG game and CoH 2 for the first time soon. Your videos gave me some good perspectives and helped me know what to expect moving forward. I've been looking for that next small scale unit based RTS ever since I stopped playing CoH 1 and never found it...

Guess I'll start with CoH 2!
Erukanu Senpai
Erukanu Senpai:
It's for free on Steam right now :)
pili pili
pili pili:
over 1000 hours player here, coh2 is fun, or at least it could be, but developers are just trying too hard to make it balanced.
literally just picked it up on steam sale for 5 bucks full game and all dlcs
I got this game for free on top of the Ardennes expansion
Hussain Mahmoud
Hussain Mahmoud:
COH 1 with Blitzkrieg mod is still holding against COH 2.
The Pope
The Pope:
Yea you should. I have played it alot but there is a huge issue when finding a game online. You literally have to wait ages to play a game lol.
TanCred Bey
TanCred Bey:
Someone sold me their humble bundle key 😊 so happy with cool skins too!
Anyone here played Iron Harvest? I found it a cool alternative COH 2 like game. Can recommend it :)
Always Had Problems running the Game on a 2year old Alienware m17 R5

But since one Patch some months ago its nearly unplayable
Mahjong Lover
Mahjong Lover:
No, don't even think about it. I wasted 1000 hours of my life in this damn game, it's too addictive
Devlin Taylor
Devlin Taylor:
Its free on steam rn and i have no idea what this game is about. thanks for the info!
You should be quite good in PVP though, given how many rts games you have played.
Matin Nasiri
Matin Nasiri:
Man, you have such a great channel here! I have been mainly a console gamer for years but recently I also got a new PC and I was wondering what good RTS/Strategy/Tactical games are out there that I should start playing. And your channel and all of your videos have been really helpful for me so far! Thank you so much. Keep up the good work 👍👍
I played 300 hours of this game but the free loot drop takes so long to grind out compare to a match's length that I just quit entirely at one point.
Robert Strachan
Robert Strachan:
Me watching this after just grabbing it for free:
MeemDizer | محمد
MeemDizer | محمد:
It's now free on Steam 😁
Nolrac the Gamer
Nolrac the Gamer:
I've been wanting to play this game before but just haven't been able to. After watching this video, I might just check it out this time.
Colby Flanagan
Colby Flanagan:
Do men of war assault squad 2 epically with the new CTA dlc coming soon
Ryan plays
Ryan plays:
This was my childhood game
ghostymc toast
ghostymc toast:
i "accidentally" bought this game so im playing it now
Igi Frka
Igi Frka:
COH 2 is great game ❤️
its still an epic game to play
@Zade, you should check out "Gates of Hell" on Steam if you want to experience truly authentic WW2 sound design, also the graphics are really good and the gameplay is an evolution of Men of War, Company of Heroes main competitor.
ps. i still prefer CoH 1 with the Blitzkrieg mod rather than CoH 2 😉
T Edits
T Edits:
AivanGamer - Minecraft
AivanGamer - Minecraft:
This game is gold and will never die!
Hopping Shark
Hopping Shark:
I'm understanding why you don't enjoy the multiplayer.
Hanz Swan
Hanz Swan:
I think what really made me unlike this game compared to the 1st was the lack of modding tools. No way to change modles or add new unit skins.
Cine-i roman si vrea sa vada meciuri live,sa intre pe contul meu. E laid-back totul
The sad thing is there is no Blitzkrieg mod for coh2. The game feels a bit too arcady even with mods. Other than that its ok game.
Niek van Ree
Niek van Ree:
Its stays awesome, please bring us new factions!
Myra R
Myra R:
You are missing out without putting at least 1000 hours in mods like Spearhead or Wikinger.
The vanilla game has been nerfed the f out and its now all about infantry spam, its almost tooth and tail.
Its pretty fun, its still get update (mostly patches) the game mechanic is fun and theres alot of mods if you are bored, the campaign especially Ardennes Assault and Theater of War is alot of fun! I love the voice acting, some of the voice acting can even give you chills. Buy the complete edition for more fun.
kuno köpke
kuno köpke:
20 minutes but long story short: yes. it is.
Ilias Venianakis
Ilias Venianakis:
you forget a very serious issue ... there is no reconnect and the is a very big drop rate ,so you must go up the rank so you can play the game
I liked Sudden Strike 4 more.
Daniel Ludwig
Daniel Ludwig:
Played a few years now only coh2 over 500 hours. Would say it changes so much its hard to stick to a build or play style. Lots of silly balance issues still.. grenades fluctuate so wildly its not funny. Idk feel like they had it then lost it
Levi XD
Levi XD:
the game is gud i like it but he need to have more updates
hiram esquivel
hiram esquivel:
I play coh 2 pretty awesome in 2021 but I hate the usf the most underappreciated faction/weakest and I main usf
Commander Bohn
Commander Bohn:
Never played this game apart from the first one. Need to change this.
Daniel Ludwig
Daniel Ludwig:
People really pretend like the not one step back wasn't real? Lolol
Yukito Yukaza
Yukito Yukaza:
Try it with Tuning Mods
All Units (170 added) no commanders needed it gives you access to all units and building of a faction.
Wikinger: European Theater of War (really good mod, its a bit more realistic than other mods)
I wish the game would get a bit more content. Italian (or any axis) faction or new maps would be really cool.
Sam Wu
Sam Wu:
I actually wouldn't recommend this game anymore until the balance is fixed. The Wehrmacht is the only relevant Axis faction and I can't help but feel that balance has inevitably been influenced by stupid forum warriors.
As a high level coh2 player this video made me uncomfy alot
Not ZED ヅ
Not ZED ヅ:
Hell yeah bro
Game 3 better be about Asia or I'm going to be really disappointed..... :[
Luna Kaze
Luna Kaze:
I don't think it's controversial to dislike the current commander system in 2
Why would you play Skirmish on Annihilation mode D: It's like, the most boring, tedious, and agonizing mode to play on since it takes forever to destroy a single building vs C&C and Starcraft where you just rampage through the enemy base
If you want to play coh2 buy the all out of war edition, (you have to google for it sadly) you got the base game pluss all dlcs (single player and multiplayer) all commanders and you get a second copy of the base game for a friend