Sick And Tired Of The Excuses! | Andy Tate Fancam | West Brom 1-1 Man United

Andy Tate is not happy with the recent run of results and especially not, after this dull performance against West Brom in the 1-1 draw at the Hawthorns...

Andy is sick and tired of the excuses that come with results like these and thinks the team and certain players need to be doing more.

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100+ komentarze:

John Kavanagh
John Kavanagh:
“Marshall and Carvani”😂
Does ole not realise he’s able to break up partnerships. He’s obsessed with Maguire & Lindeloff, Mctomminy & Fred, Rashford & martial. Every single one of those pairs atleast 1 player deserves to get dropped from each.
David Dunne
David Dunne:
For me, the concern is that Bruno will do 'a Rooney' and say to Ole and the board "listen, start buying some top talent (in defence I would assume) or I'm off". At this point, he's got to be tired of carrying us.
Steve Steve
Steve Steve:
Andy Tate is a funny character, but now and again his post match reaction is the realest. Big up Andy.
Fabian Robin
Fabian Robin:
The whole world besides Ole can see that Maguire and Lindelof are not doing well at the back but yet they get played together every single game🤦🏽‍♂️
Jake Driver
Jake Driver:
I agreed with every single thing Andy said. The man just speaks facts when he's passionate about something.
Dhirshan Gobind
Dhirshan Gobind:
Love this guys accent lol. Rashford must rest, Martial can go out on loan forever and Donny and Henderson need more starts.
TY AFTV Merchandise Man
TY AFTV Merchandise Man:
I’m sick of those clowns at CB costing us points all the time
Marshall and Carvaaani... hilarious

What a difference a month makes
Carvaneh! 😂 Love this guy.
Roland Lundall
Roland Lundall:
I laugh my head off everytime I hear Andy Tate's voice. His voice is like a child with a man's head.
Andy being a better pundit than 80% of the nobbers we have commentating on games
Paul K
Paul K:
weve had our honeymoon period ive never known si many honeymoon periods in 9ne team in my life
Josh Dawkins
Josh Dawkins:
There's not enough "energeh" 🤣🤣
km3 Nation
km3 Nation:
We lacked energy 😂😂😂😂 thats just to funny
What is going on with our team! They seem as if they don't want to win the game!
Mubariz S
Mubariz S:
Bruno missing Pogba.

Play Mata against such teams to break down the defense.

Relegate Martial to the bench for a few games in a row and upgrade Rashford's footballing intelligence.

Maguire and Lindelof, the less said the better.

If I ever visit Manchester, I'd love to meet Andy and get an autograph from him. He's fucking always on point about our performances.
Kawooya Alex
Kawooya Alex:
We've survived loosing today
Kawooya Alex
Kawooya Alex:
Our cbs can't defend but they like going in front 😂😂
Kal Noray
Kal Noray:
Andy sounds like a kid from the Haribo Advert. I agree with his assessment.
Cosmic Baggy
Cosmic Baggy:
Is Giggseh available? Just till the end of the season...
Ebraheem Al Shatti
Ebraheem Al Shatti:
Remember when Tate called pogba a virus? What are you saying now?😂 He’s by far our most important player
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago:
Second half of the season and we’re doing a title charge
I said this when i was watching the game, United play football like the game lasts 300 minutes. Like they've got all day to score. There's no urgency.
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2:
Rashford at times wanted me smash my telly half open! Something wrong with rashford at the moment no disrespect his playing like a girl at the moment!
Louis Clarke
Louis Clarke:
Maguire and Lindelof should never play together again in the heart of the United not good enough too fragile.
As soon as andy said enough excuses that was a like! we are tired of seeing the team get bullied on the pitch enough enough if city dont falter they win we had to do more dont deserve title after what spurs did to us anyway
Junior whalley
Junior whalley:
Why are players trying to walk the ball in the net though,why isn’t cavani getting balls in to him .?
Watch us slide down to 10th position . Why? Because we always bottle it.
I actually think the Albion goal should have been disallowed. Diagne had his hand on Lindelof's face preventing him from challenging for the header. But it's not an excuse for a poor performance.
Noice bro!!!
Noice bro!!!:
This is what I’ve been saying. Why are we wasting so much time on Sancho when we need to desperately fix this defense. The midfield and attack can be worked with apart from martial and at times pogba.
GV Games
GV Games:
Good to see Andy, he is very funny but he does fine as a pundit. He's no mug.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith:
If Man U win against Newcastle we all know United fans will be saying their back in the title race 😂😂😂
Sufiyan S
Sufiyan S:
Andy said everything what i wanted to say.
WBA was solid closing gap on strikers but we rely only on Shaw now.. I can see AWBA and Maguire was pushed more forward but its not working, we need other players from the bench to suprise teams
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
Save money and lose those merchandising adverts I feel like burning what I have
Steve Austin
Steve Austin:
What about the ref blowing for half time when we were off on goal!?
Guy's let's think pragmatically...those players ,coaches all rich their limits mentally and physically...Victor isn't for physical games...Rashford lost his work ethic out ball....we forget and we continue...we love you United 👹👹👹
everyday is the same
everyday is the same:
Car vani lol
Paul Yang
Paul Yang:
It’s ok, guys. 21 is coming. Smh
Rakesh Sunder
Rakesh Sunder:
Andy knows what he is talking about, the man shows more passion about Man Utd then some of the £100k+ a week players who play for Man Utd, all I am waiting for now is the Man Utd players to start saying how they are all tired because they played football in mid week, that is why they was below par for the West Brom game, they want to get in the real world, where you have to work 6 or 7 days a week doing a 12 hour shift to pay the bills and to provide for your family.
Steve IRE
Steve IRE:
I thought yous boys had already won the top of the league in january trophy? What's happened?
Michael Williams
Michael Williams:
Martial gets so much stick and slagged off but rashford has been just as bad recently and nobody says anything
Darren Mulholland
Darren Mulholland:
Lol you were winning league q few weeks ago
New Light
New Light:
Here only for Andy Tate
Carl Duffy
Carl Duffy:
Random question. What top is Andy wearing underneath? ROI 2002?
Daniel amador
Daniel amador:
The passion merchant is on. Everything for him is putting on a shift.
david farrell
david farrell:
I have seen kids in the park on a Sunday morning, put in more effort, you get what you work for, i do think referee was as poor as i have seen,some are ruining the game, no consistency with decisions
Doug A
Doug A:
Amen Andy
Neo 1
Neo 1:
How long isit gonna take for everyone to realise Ole isn't good enough? He's never been good enough to be manager of United. We aren't getting anywhere under him it's time for him to go
Phillip Worts
Phillip Worts:
In America in the national football league, NFL, when there is a decision that needs to be made that is not clear and obvious, the decision is made from a centralized hub and not a designated fourth official or official at the game. If we want consistency in the rulings, we need to have a centralized VAR decision center because the lack of consistency is astonishing
km3 Nation
km3 Nation:
Where was the supply to cavani to Rashford 😂😂😂
Shak 1991
Shak 1991:
WeRe ToP oF tHe LeAgUe
Dary Atha
Dary Atha:
Nagelsman is the right coach for a team that is mostly young players and for sure he has more tactics than ole
Solomon Agbonmere
Solomon Agbonmere:
All you need to see is maguire falling down towards the end of the game like a tele tubby when digne almost scored a second. That is our Captain of Manchester united! We are finished! Enough said
Maverick DC
Maverick DC:
What does Harry have on Ole to constantly get picked, same with de gea.
Stevie Bell Vocals
Stevie Bell Vocals:
City fan.
I find it astounding that you are sticking by a coach who doesn't have a tactical or personal coaching ability.
Rashford should be twice the player he is by now but he's still doing things that pep expelled from sterling's game 2 seasons ago.
United don't look bad, they just don't look any better
Ross Gordon
Ross Gordon:
Poor again. Not entirely sure how martial starts week in week out🤦🏻‍♂️
Carl Hargreaves
Carl Hargreaves:
He hasn't got a days work in him.
Carl Rees
Carl Rees:
Half this lot used to say we don't want Poch because he's not won anything & they bottle everything yet that's exactly what we've done under Ole for the past 2 & half years everytime we get to a point where we could potentially achieve something only Ole has had like 20 times the budget.
manĐjango 88
manĐjango 88:
maguire clown does it again luckily for de Gea double saves ..Ahh, we need to SCORE at least one of numerous corner kicks ..To SCORE few free kicks ..And SCORE a lots of tap- ins ..It's just basics !
Tartan Tam
Tartan Tam:
If Rashford could feed Cavani once in awhile that would be great. One of the great goal scorers being starved Rashford needs a reality check. Martial I’m done with that clown just sell him. Lindelof, AWB are handicapped they can’t pass the ball forward can’t defend too slow. Major investment in the squad is still needed
Giorgio CarVanehh!!
Micah Green
Micah Green:
Andy, if United had paid 8 million quid for Maguire that would still be exorbitant. Solskjaer's judgement is seriously impaired.
James Anthony
James Anthony:
Lads , we haven't got a manager. This was the year to win it. instead he's gonna get a new deal for achieving less than Jose and lvg. We win games , ole gets the credit, we don't win and it's the players fault ?? Not a shred of criticism for the manager here. The bars been lowered enough for him as it is.
TSA_03 A
TSA_03 A:
Summer signings: konate/kounde or varane
Bissouma/zakaria or rice
Promote laird to the 1st team
Maybe even bring in a striker
Manutd are exactly where they’re supposed to be, maybe even a lower position, they are a mediocre team.

Even when we were winning I was telling people this, because I saw that we were not dominant in games, they are horrible in talking care of the ball, in most games we were holding on for dear life, these last results is a culmination of where we truly are, this was inevitable.

Imagine a world where Ole cultivate a team better than Pep. I can’t. 😂😂
Tilikum Tim
Tilikum Tim:
Another clearout required in the summer.
Roger Mitchell
Roger Mitchell:
Second in the league season far from done .......but these centre backs are weak physically and mentally
Wythenshawe Kid
Wythenshawe Kid:
Title you were joking right never on
Rahul Jawale
Rahul Jawale:
We were shambolic today. Pathetic defence. There was no urgency and no aggression. Ole ran out of ideas. Martial should be send back to training. Rashford has lost his game.
Carmen Cafasso
Carmen Cafasso:
They are largely unimaginative squad. Their opponents are not as impressed with the MU aura as the decision makers seem to be. How many points have they left with bottom of the Table sides? Defensive lapses aside, I agree with Howson that Rashford, Martial & Cavani get little or no service. Rashford also seems more interested in honing his dribbling skills in a crowd, than looking for an open teammate.
Glenn F
Glenn F:
We need to go back to where we were before Cavani Marcus has to be on the left and Greenwood on right and rotate Cavani with Martial up front it’s fuckn easy
Vampz Montana
Vampz Montana:
Maguire is not good enough he makes us more shit sorry get rid of him
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray:
Guess oles not the one to bring us trophy, the whole world can see that Maguire and lindelof has been absolutely terrible combo, he's making himself look stupid picking them. Also picking martial when he's been in shit form, terrible decisions from the manager.
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin:
There is no excuses anymore. Playing with two DMs against the worst teams in the league is just wrong, wrong wrong in so many places. 1 point against the two worst teams in the league is not good enough. Against these two teams he should have had 2 strikers up front and gonne out all offensive instead of trying to defend his CD with DMs. If this continues united will not be top 4 this year.
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan:
Well said more excuses...Maguire always cry foul whn a goal is conceded
F V:
BOGOF on Maguire and Lindeloff
Trevor Cleary
Trevor Cleary:
Brian Turner
Brian Turner:
The sisters are just a bad defence partnership an unfit Bailey is better than A fit Lindelof any day of the week all teams know when they put pressure on these 2 early in the game they will bottle it big time Ole has to take some of the blame here.
George Zibuye
George Zibuye:
Ole needs a technically astute assistant, the defence is undercoached. Maguire and Lindelof are a burden on the team, you can't tell which of the two is better or worse. Ole has some of the best forwards and midfielders in the premier league, but he is mismanaging them. How long does it take to try Diallo? James's pace could have given the team the impetus to stretch WBA if Ole had developed him properly. He is running out of selection options because he didn't develop enough players.
Love this guy. He's spot on about Maguire moaning all the time. Do your fucking job on the pitch!
Ryan Rogan
Ryan Rogan:
Remember a few weeks back when you were all hyping a title charge and I mentioned our defence isn’t good enough and that city would win their games in hand ...and that we wouldn’t beat Liverpool....and that city would run away with it.
Got called out for being negative left right and centre.

Well well well
Top 4 with this team is priority and a cup.
Said it start of season
Said it Christmas
Saying it now
Ross CM
Ross CM:
I don’t think maguire is actually that bad, it’s lindelof next to him. Imagine playing CB with a toddler as the other, your gonna be constantly worried about what he’s doing, try to over compensate etc, can’t rely on your partner to help u out.

Lindelof never looked strong from day 1 get rid!
Really feel for Bruno.. He's scoring World class goals and then the shocking defence is letting him down
The Weird Looking Cat
The Weird Looking Cat:
Bruno United again, ditch Maguire until Easter.
lamarcus james
lamarcus james:
We are sick of excuses
I'd tend to agree with him on this.
Mark 1996
Mark 1996:
It’s always the players never the awful tactics and coaching
Gursujan Rothore
Gursujan Rothore:
I totally agree with him
James O'Neill
James O'Neill:
Bring back Phil Jones.
gerald everingham
gerald everingham:
Rashford was very very poor today though.Very poor team selection,strange tactics So easy to predict how Allardyce would approach this game,Ole is beginning to look like he has peaked,no answers. Hate to say this but cannot see this team, with this manager even beating chelsea never mind a trophy
Lá Salette
Lá Salette:
Can't even beat wba, Sheffield United, etc bang average at best
I actually thought Maguire was one of our better players today, apart from the incident where he was fouled (which absolutely was a foul) he didn't really do much wrong, he also brought the ball out of the back well, played key passes, made marauding runs and was one of the only ones who looked like they were trying to do something, so I really don't think he deserves any stick today at all.

I personally think a big issue is the midfield 2 of Fred and Mctominay, they're good against teams who are going to press, going to attack, but they both lack creativity and the ability to play quick intricate passes. Compare that to City who play with a combination of Gudgogan, Foden, Rodri, De Bruyne, all of them are good on the ball and creative.

Martial was poor again unfortunately, our best attack is Rashford, Cavani, Greenwood.
Bill Henwood
Bill Henwood:
De gea should have come for wba goal it was in six yard box
GV Games
GV Games:
Tate > Carra!
Dave Lovett
Dave Lovett:
We need to have a think about brendan Rodgers I’m serious now
mohamed hamdi
mohamed hamdi:
1 WE need to get a CB as good as Bailly but with less injuries
2 ole has to do something about refrees WE already Lost 5 point since Mourinho and klopp talk about penalties
3 ole has to realise that thé 4231 deosn't work because hé doesn't have a good wingers but hé has many good midfielders so hé Can play thé diamond
4 ole's substitution martial for Greenwood deosn't make any sense they both play in the same position