Sidney Poitier Dead at 94

Sidney Poitier, the iconic Hollywood actor known for breaking boundaries and earning countless accolades, has died at 94. In 1964, Poitier won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 'Lilies of the Field,' becoming the first Black male and Bahamian actor to earn the honor. The 'To Sir, With Love' star also received the Kennedy Center Honor in 1995 and in 2009, Poitier was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama. The trailblazing star is survived by his wife, Joanna Shimkus, and his six daughters.

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Trina Q
Trina Q:
Rest in peace, Sidney Poiter. I grew up watching classic films like "In the Heat of the Night", "Guess who's coming to Dinner", and "To Sir, with Love." Such an inspirational actor, adn he'll be dearly missed. 😇💖
D Clark
D Clark:
I’m so saddened to hear this news. He was such a consummate actor and a pleasure to watch. Rest in paradise, Mr. Poitier.
Personally, it's never sad to me when you die in your 90s, that's a blessing to live that long. Sidney Poitier is an important actor in Hollywood history, RIP to this beautiful soul!
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang:
First Betty White now Sidney Poitier, the legends are now angels, RIP King!!
Simply the best Actor of all time. Rasin in the sun, No Way Out, Lillies of the Field, To Sir with Love, In the Heat of the Night.
Humility straight off the bat : "I always wanted to be someone better the next day than I was the day before." If we all lived by that the world would be transformed beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you Mr. Poitier, you won in life.
Buck Green
Buck Green:
Sidney Poitier was an exceptional human being without a doubt.
Jeanne T.
Jeanne T.:
Rest In Peace, Sidney Poitier. I loved his movies. I’ll be binge watching this coming week. An unforgettable talent!
Rachael Hamer
Rachael Hamer:
He was such a beautiful man, I grew up watching him and fell in love with him on the screen. You Sir have shone so bright and you will continue to do so for many in our hearts and minds. RIP Sir Sidney Poitier the world will be a lesser place without you in it but heaven will shine even brighter! xxxxxxxx
Bernard Lovett
Bernard Lovett:
His speech was impeccable as well as the way he carried himself in his entire career! Beautiful family and a Beautiful LIFE as an added Benefit! Thank God for Sidney Potier and his family !
Angela Holmes
Angela Holmes:
I'm going to miss him he definitely broke through so many barriers in his career 😥😢
Y G:
To Sir was one of my mom's favorite movies growing up. Mr. Poitier, you will be missed. Condolences to the family, friends, and fans worldwide.
Good Grief. I'm not lying, I was looking at something with Sidney Poitier YESTERDAY. I was thinking I didn't know he was 94 years old and now today I see this. Great Actor. A raisin in the sun will ALWAYS be my favorite and the role played the black doctor (how he did that role is beyond me)
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
" the measure of a man is seen in the way he take care of his family." Sidney Poitier rest in power sir.
Beyond Vagabond
Beyond Vagabond:
Possibly the finest example of a human, Sir Poitier will be deeply missed. They simply don't make them like him anymore. I will always remember his class, elegance, and grace above all. What an inspiration!
Mr. Poitier inspired me. Even as a child in the 70s watching his movies, I would think this is something special. He was so much more and then some. God Bless R.I.P
Denise Morant
Denise Morant:
I can’t believe it. My condolences to his family. Another Angel 😇 gone. RIP 👑.
Kim dHotman
Kim dHotman:
Exquisite voice, extraordinary human. His life was truly fulfilled.
Black Queen
Black Queen:
Sydney was such a talented trailblazer.
The unspeakable things he must had to endure in Hollywood and society on a whole in order to be recognized for his raw natural talent. My condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace 🙏🏾
R.I.P Sidney Poitier. You were extraordinary in "The Defiant Ones," "In the Heat of the Night," "No Way Out" and others.
Aminthas Angel
Aminthas Angel:
My hero, my father`s hero, and, if I have kids, he will be my kid`s hero... I am lucky. This man inspired my father to get out of poverty in Bahia, Brazil.
brenda grimsley
brenda grimsley:
My mother adored this man! He was absolutely an awesome actor. And a very handsome one!
Rest in perfect peace.You will be forever remembered.May God grant us that grace to live long like this great people like Mr Poitier
Denise Morant
Denise Morant:
My condolences to his family, another Angel 👼🏿 gone. RIP King 👑.
Rest in peace Mr. Poitier. Your irreplaceable. The U. S. has lost another legend.
denise kinney
denise kinney:
I Admired & Loved This Man! A True Gentleman! Rest In Peace Sir! 😇
Kay Rowe
Kay Rowe:
The world will be lost without him, a great and kind and dignifying man, I have great respect for him as a human being it’s a sad day😢 my 🙏go to his family ❤️
That man broke barriers within me. A truly talented actor. There was never a movie that he starred in that I didn't like. His poise outside of his career was applaudable and respected.. R.I.P. legend...
Ana Herrera
Ana Herrera:
He was so well spoken.
RIP, Sir. 🕯
Ana Kelly
Ana Kelly:
One of my favorite Sidney movies is "To Sir, With Love".
I wasn't even born when it came out but my dad had watched it several times.
I ended up watching it and loved it.
Movies, tv and even commercials today have gotten too generic and smutty.
RIP Sidney.
Javon Ezell
Javon Ezell:
Another legend gone😔 rest in power mr. Poitier ❤
Pixie Wings
Pixie Wings:
To Sir With Love is one of my favourite films. It had such a potent message to teach. Sad to say we're still grappling to learn that lesson some 50 years on. RIP Mr Poitier, you have every reason to be proud of your contributions to this world. You will not be forgotten.
Nandi Nkosi
Nandi Nkosi:
May his soul rest in peace.❤
ecriptus wood
ecriptus wood:
Great actor, great role model. You were truly a trail blazer RIP and never forgotten.
Martina Moskale
Martina Moskale:
I can remember back as a child when Television only had 3 channels (1970s Germany) so movies were very limited. When a Sydney Poitier movie was on my mother was always looking forward to it and so did I after a while. My father wouldn't like this idea because of Mr. Poitiers colour. We women always loved to watch his films no matter his skin colour. Always springs to mind when I see Sydney. Rest in peace Mr. Poitier and thank you very much for your acting!
MrMrsMsMiss Cloud
MrMrsMsMiss Cloud:
Oh how sad. 😢I watched ‘To Sir With Love’ as a young child and became enthralled with this sophisticated, well-spoken, charming gentleman, I was in love!! As a young white Australian, I had no idea about the dreadful way in which our First Nation (Aboriginal) people were treated, but I became more aware of their plight , thanks to Mr Poitier.
Linda Licata
Linda Licata:
What a great actor he was. All his films were great. My favorite was to sir with love and in the heat of the night. RIP. God Bless.
caroline n
caroline n:
He was a superb actor. R.I.P. Sidney Poitner 🙏
RIP Sir Sidney. Hollywood is no more without him... 💔
descansa en paz, espero que estés en mejor sitio, buen actor
Charlotte Brooks
Charlotte Brooks:
What an icon, a treasure, an inspiration….I will always feel so very lucky that his legacy unfolded in my lifetime.
Jerry Guzman
Jerry Guzman:
May he R.I.P! He was an amazing actor and he seemed like he was down to earth
00:42 - No sir! You came in at the wrong time, you made it the right time and made it very well not just for you but for all others who followed in your foot step Rest In Peace greatest actor ever
Aisha B
Aisha B:
He will be greatly missed. Definitely a legend❤️🌹
Ron Viens
Ron Viens:
I will always remember Sidney for the fantastic performance that he played in my favorite movie of all time; "The Long Ships", which also starred Richard Widmark in 1964.
Thank you so much, Sir....R.I.P. and God Bless You.
Desiree Hassett
Desiree Hassett:
Such an amazing man. Always knew he was 100% the best actor & moved millions. I deeply respected him, he was true class. I wish I knew about the amazing things he did out of film. Your movies inspired me & my sisters as kids. Love from Australia 🇦🇺 you now know there’s more ahead for you to inspire, teach & love ❤️
Lamboy Jahnay
Lamboy Jahnay:
Sir, rest in peace. The entire Africa salute you, you were dignified, loved and respected. We send our condolences to your family and friends and the black American community. On behalf of the Gambia I say we love you Sir.
Genevieve Walker
Genevieve Walker:
I love to hear him speak of course as an actor and I can truly see him being a mentor to Denzel Washington
Linda Marie Parker
Linda Marie Parker:
A living Legend. His legacy will long be remembered !!
So much class, What an actor !!!
I always heard great stuff about him he lived a long-life Rest in Peace.
consumerlineWA LineforWA
consumerlineWA LineforWA:
Excellent interview...Oprah's passion still so emotional. This man is a classic and will be remembered for ever, RIP Sir
Janetta Wallace
Janetta Wallace:
My hearts is so burden by the passing of a great warrior. My blessings to the family. He will always be missed. He left a lot of great acting skills to many people.
Magnificent actor who will be missed. He had a unique style of acting;
a gift of using his eyes to speak, and those eyes said it all.
*Rest In Peace*
Sidney Poitier delivered some of the most powerful lines spoken in a movie "In the Heat of the Night" "They call me mister Tibbs!!" drove home to me what African Americans were still experiencing in the backwards States of the USA. "Guess who's coming to Dinner". In a monologue he expresses what a son owes a father, and what a father owes his child.
His father argues that he owes him for raising him.
Forgive me if its not an exact quote its been about 20 years since I saw the movie. But it stuck like glue.
Sidney replies "I owe you nothing! If you carried me a million miles, you did what you were supposed to do! Because you brought me into this world! Since that day you owe me, for everything you can do for me! Like I will owe my son if I ever have one."
RIP Sir Sidner Poitier, you are in the League of Legends now, if he was young he would have been the Perfect for the role the black panther
Daniel Pennington
Daniel Pennington:
IMO what Sidney did for the motion picture industry is equivalent to what Jackie Robinson did for baseball. Breaking the color barrier. RIP with a lot of respect and admiration
Wyn Naylor
Wyn Naylor:
"They call me Mr. Tibbs", rest in peace to an inspirational and exceptional actor. "To Sir With Love" you will be missed.
Louise Cashman
Louise Cashman:
Sidney such a great actor . So handsome and dignified and a gentleman. A beautiful soul, rest in peace Mr Poitier x
Terrell Jones
Terrell Jones:
Rest in heaven To I’ve of the greatest actors ever. ✊🏾
This is a big hit in Hollywood trust me
Joanne Williams-Schmidhammer
Joanne Williams-Schmidhammer:
Fly high Sir Sidney..
Rest in power 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
We in the Caribbean mourn your passing, but celebrate your brilliance 🎇🎇🎇
João Takanori jamjao
João Takanori jamjao:
Fez muito sucesso no BRASIL com o filme "To sir, with love", que no Brasil recebeu o nome de AO MESTRE, COM CARINHO !!!!
Roxanne Vlogs
Roxanne Vlogs:
Rest In Peace Sidney Poitier ❤️✨Thank you for all the memories ❤️
Lesley-Anne Kirkman
Lesley-Anne Kirkman:
May your dear soul rest in peace!! What an amazing actor!! We all loved you in our household Mr Poitier..Your work too on earth is done..God bless your family at this difficult time!! Xx
Deborah McWilliams
Deborah McWilliams:
Such a remarkable and outstanding man and actor! RIP Sidney Poitier, you will be missed!
Vanessa Boyd
Vanessa Boyd:
I'm tearing up ,I miss him already, The Greatest Actor and Human Being,Prayers to friends and family .TO SIR WITH LOVE🦋🌺
Lucy Merkom
Lucy Merkom:
Rest in peace beautiful man, amazing actor. Sidney Poitier ❤️🙏❤️
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins:
He was so remarkable as a actor and a person from what I've learned about him what an amazing human being 🙏
Rest in peace, Mr Potier , you surely did good during your journey on earth ....
Cleo Meek
Cleo Meek:
It was so awesome for me to have been around such greatness once, he was like a God, his energy was so vibrant and beautiful. RIP beautiful soul
michelle bruce
michelle bruce:
He was a great actor. He will always be remembered. He was my favorite actor. R.I.P. 😪😔
Lena Chavez
Lena Chavez:
Sidney Porttier was a great actor and may his legacy shine foever.Rest In peace.
Sonia Chapman
Sonia Chapman:
I have such tremendous respect for this man. He had such a deportment, an aura about him on the screen, it’s like you knew the man in real life, with that rich disposition, that rich respectable characteristics that made him who he really was a in real life. Rest peacefully my brother.
Troleum Dawson
Troleum Dawson:
R.I.P Sidney.Thank you for sharing all your success for us to enjoy
Swarna Fernando
Swarna Fernando:
Rest In Peace Great Actor Sidney Poitier. Thank you for bringing about a positive change to our world.
Explore With Efrain
Explore With Efrain:
Sidney Poitier was 1 of the greatest actors ever! This is truly a sad day.
Hashim Mahamerul
Hashim Mahamerul:
Man, Sidney is a G.O.A.T.

Rest in Peace.
nw10 natz
nw10 natz:
Que tristeza escuchar que ya nos dejo un hombre tan admirable, un gran artista e impecable caballero QEPD.
A healing place
A healing place:
Heartbreaking 💔💔, what a phenomenal and wise man, may he rest in the Lord...
Rashele Lashley
Rashele Lashley:
To Sir With Love...RIP Mr. Poitier. He was my father favourite actor. My dad died in Jan 2004, 18 years ago. Another great man in Jan gone.
Teresa Foster
Teresa Foster:
A well lived life he brought so much to so many. Rest In Peace Mr. Poiter <3 <3 <3
Evoy Wright
Evoy Wright:
I really loved sidney poitier. Condolences to his family. Will miss you forever
Ruby Johnson Hearn
Ruby Johnson Hearn:
Love admired and will be very much missed,a Legend that will never die, an Icon to us All..RIP..🙏❤🙏❤
Dodie Simply 7
Dodie Simply 7:
Oh, no!! I loved him, he was extremely talented.
William Riley
William Riley:
This is very sad news. He was my favorite actor. Rest In Peace.
Almer Craft
Almer Craft:
"Very great and important actor".A man of courage 🙏
Legendary! I really liked this actor. How not to remember that beautiful movie ´´To Sir with love´´?! Holywood's first black movie star. RIP
Amy Quebodeaux
Amy Quebodeaux:
What a fine man he was. Loved him 😞❤️
A legend may he rest in peace, a brilliant actor.
What a remarkable human being. RIP, good Sir !
Hunter n Miles
Hunter n Miles:
He did so much for all people. He entertained us and he will be missed.
One of the best ground breaking actors of all time . A genuine master of his craft. He understood he was the carrier of people dreams and chose his path accordingly.
Some of his acting fire definitely rubbed off on Denzel Washington who is carrying that torch now .
Sleep easy mr Tibbs
Alene Levin
Alene Levin:
He was a genuine man. I loved him in to sir with love.
Rest In Peace Mr Poitier my heart is broken. Such a great actor and humanitarian..Here's To Sir with Love. Your true talent will be missed.
Forever with the Lord, may you find eternal peace with your maker. Love you Sidney for the beautiful movies you gave us. So many to name, But To Sir With Love was a timeless classic.
Ian Brewer
Ian Brewer:
Such a great actor, RIP
Janet Campbell
Janet Campbell:
R.I.P. Sidney. You were well loved.
Rest in power great giant. You lived fully. Thats all we can really ask for and really matters at the end of the day. 🙏
Kelsang Choden
Kelsang Choden:
Great icon will be missed, RIP.