Sifan Hassan Wins Women's 1500m Semi Final Tokyo Olympics 2021

Sifan Hassan
Sifan Hassan win Women 1500m semi final
Sifan Hassan win Women 1500m semi final Tokyo Olympics 2021

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Haya's Mom
Haya's Mom:
And today she's won the 10,000 m race as well, been rooting for her since the start and I'm so happy for her, it's wonderful to see her making history ❤
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon:
this olympics have been awesome, too bad no public :(
Calixto Lamonte
Calixto Lamonte:
Dreams come true..she is really so amazing.
Insactly; what i had pridiction before Tokyo Olympic she will defend her crown.
The video quality looks like Olympics from a couple decades back.
magdy el shafee
magdy el shafee:
Good idea for a video, it will be remarkable if you work on the video quality and let someone else chose the music and above all pleas avoid the shitty translation
Nima Hassan
Nima Hassan:
My older sista proud of u honey
Where is the scene where she falls down in the middle of the race?
The background music sounds like murder.
Where is the legendary fall?
Skobo Da Baws
Skobo Da Baws:
Sifan is one greedy lady 😂damn 😂selfish lady indeed 😂3 gold medals 🙌legendary
Sofia Ali
Sofia Ali:
Sifaan damaa💯💯💯💯👌💞💋💋💋👍
Hidayath Ulla
Hidayath Ulla:
😘😘😘 Great
kelvin musau
kelvin musau:
Faith is waiting for you. It wont be easy
Einsamer Wolf
Einsamer Wolf:
А что этот мужик делал среди женщин?
Piyush Kalwar
Piyush Kalwar:
Is that for real?
VinnyDa Goat
VinnyDa Goat:
Trash commentators😒
Paul Hoffman
Paul Hoffman:
Abe Olympics: worst coverage in the satellite era.
Mayirama Abduljabar Abduljabar
Mayirama Abduljabar Abduljabar:
Sifaan 💖💚💖
Nice. What's the background song pls?
Wachira Muigua
Wachira Muigua:
Where's faith in the finals.
Riziki Jaha
Riziki Jaha:
Obiri alijipeleka mbele akampa pumzi sifan, angekimbia nae bega kwa bega akangojea kengele
They are all winners by qualifying for the Olympics but sifan Hassan is the tru champion 🏆 of Olympics this time around
Educating using technology and engineering
Educating using technology and engineering:
Very Nice Video Go A Head
Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali:
Intala Abba gaada lij baga Oromo tate dhalate
who won
Joy Kirt
Joy Kirt:
Golden Girl
So sad Sifan running for Netherland instead of her homeland Ethiopia .
Funk it!
Funk it!:
And...No one cares !
Clinton Omiso
Clinton Omiso:
Sifan is not a woman
Johnston Nyarega
Johnston Nyarega:
I am here after she damn lost! too much hype coz she is fake European!