Simona Halep: "I had to change something" on-court interview (4R) | Australian Open 2021

Simona Halep's on-court interview following her Round 4 win over Iga Swiatek at the Australian Open 2021.

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Simona is so cute and humble. Beaming she says in response to playing Serena next: “legend”
Man I live for Simona!!! So humble and sweet and one hell of a tennis player!!! She and Serena are going to have a hell of a match.. I can't wait!!!
Just look at the draw this year. It is so unfair. On one side you have serena, halep, osaka, muguruza, kerber, kvitova, iga, sabalenka etc on the other side u have barty, kenin, svitolina etc. Had a grandslam draw has ever been so lopsided?
Billy Jones
Billy Jones:
She’s so humble that’s why I like her.Good luck Simona against Serena.May the best player win.
Stefan May
Stefan May:
Brilliant match she played today showing her true champioen spirit she is the best player ever.
Yin Hou Khor
Yin Hou Khor:
Women's tennis has had three absolute blockbusters today! Another very good win by Simona! IGA is not just another supermarket but a tennis star of the future!
Mandeep Sandhu
Mandeep Sandhu:
She is so humble..she said Serena is legend n best❤️❤️
Ghanshyam CBSE
Ghanshyam CBSE:
Halep is a grinder. She's a real deal...👍 That's just a matter of time when she will be holding all four majors with multiple similar Slams...!! It's just so nice to see in her so much of respect for Serena. May God bless her too....🙇
Jim Courier is the best American commentator in the game. Never biased and very knowledgeable. Simona might be seeded second but her smile is number 1.😁
Fayzul rafi
Fayzul rafi:
Good luck! Take that trophy!
Mihaela Dragutu
Mihaela Dragutu:
Congratulations Simona,keep fighting!❤
ro krys
ro krys:
Bravo Sim <3 we knew you're gonna come back stronger , u always do it ;) go for it champion <3
marek karkowski
marek karkowski:
Brawo Simona !!!
Dijo LS
Dijo LS:
That killing smile 🙂so cute
Andreea Tiron
Andreea Tiron:
Go Simona! She can do it, just be as speedy and error free as possible!
Liang Ciou
Liang Ciou:
A tough and great match.
Keep fighting and good luck, Simona.
Ramon Corodan
Ramon Corodan:
Grande Simona !!! Continua così, non mollare mai. 😍😘
Adela Rus
Adela Rus:
💪 Sim❤️! Good luck in your next round!!
Winning Matt
Winning Matt:
Congrats Halep! I hate to see both of you facing each other at this stage of a GS...wish it was semi or final of the GS..because I love both of you!
Maria Amarandei
Maria Amarandei:
Super Simo, my favorite! ❤🌹
T Setana
T Setana:
She basically said she was ready to give Serena a go.
Shinomiya senpai
Shinomiya senpai:
Simona looks a lot like the actress of BETTER CALL SAUL ''Kim wexler'' i mean wth ? anyone else thinks she looks a lot like her too ?
We ❤︎ you, go Simo!
Ramesh Siragm
Ramesh Siragm:
Well said Simona" you can beat Serena only when you play at your best"
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
I'm very proud of you Simona 👏 ❤ 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
So looking forward to Halep vs Williams! Hope all ok and no injury withdrawals. AO2021 very exciting matches 💚 love it
Nicolae Tarba
Nicolae Tarba:
Indiferent ce rezultate vei avea in viitor esti si vei ramane marea noastra campioana. Un model de urmat pentru cei ce iubesc acest sport. Ai demonstrat lumii intregi ca atunci cand vrei se poate. Good lock Simo.
Oana M
Oana M:
Well done!! 👏👏
Love her.
samson mfor
samson mfor:
Simona just got a new fan, you are a legend too, love to see how you guys respect each other.
Wener Chen
Wener Chen:
love your tenacity and never give up…❤💪
Yue Chang
Yue Chang:
It’s a match with final match qualities. Too pity to have the both brilliant players so early!!!
Marcel Pop
Marcel Pop:
Simona inima mare o luptătoare. Gladiator. Respect. Maine câștigi fără probleme pt ca ești inteligenta ai experienta plys vârstă de partea ta.
Ionica Crihan
Ionica Crihan:
Keep the faiht, Simona! Toate energiile bune sunt către tine! Succes si sa fii sănătoasă in primul rand!
I like her
Randall Fosnocht
Randall Fosnocht:
Absolutely love Halep. Very interesting and intelligent. Alway very enjoyable to listen to. Should be a great match with Serena. This draw for th AO is a joke. Barty the only top ranked player on her side of the draw and everybody else on the other side. How obvious is that? Australian player at the Australian Open!!!
Jazda !

Simona ❤💥 😆
Another amazing tennis pro. Not just by her elite level skills but also because of her graciousness on & off the court and her respectfulness toward her peers.
Aferdita Grimaj
Aferdita Grimaj:
Brava Halep
Hutter Andreas
Hutter Andreas:
Felicitări SIMONA! La mulți ani !🥰🥰
Pavan Gaud
Pavan Gaud:
Congratulations Happy Valentine's Day
I love Jim Courier❤️🤗💕🇨🇭
Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari:
She is soo lovely and cute. I love her
Wade Combs
Wade Combs:
She is just so delightful
the sukhe
the sukhe:
Simona will definitely win against Serena Williams😌
Zina Stanescu
Zina Stanescu:
Love you Simo
Dark matter
Dark matter:
Where is the match highlights? We demand the highlights!
Felicitări Simona ,campioana noastră .👍
Ghita Mihai
Ghita Mihai:
Bravo Simona 👍
Nicu Prunar
Nicu Prunar:
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Simona halep simona halep simona halep simona halep vamos mejorando subiendo nivel 🔥🔥🔥🔥 un gran juego
Gwendolyn Lloyd
Gwendolyn Lloyd:
Naomi. Serena. Halep. Hsieh which one or which 2 eoll make it yo the final?
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
I don't know who to support next match - Simona or Serena... May the best player on the day win!!
CatchMe InLondon
CatchMe InLondon:
Christian Cummins
Christian Cummins:
She is so charming.
Is that Lleyton Hewitt?
Tamara Tkacz
Tamara Tkacz:
😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍Jesteś wielka
Chip Diac
Chip Diac:
Well done,Simona.The best tennis player in the world,is time for chocolate 🍫🍫🍫..
Gwendolyn Lloyd
Gwendolyn Lloyd:
A final between Osaka and Halep would be quite interesting.
ASMR Dude:
I will never understand why people rag on the women for having more contenders. The same like 5 people win everything on the men’s side and it’s so boring. The women are so much more fun and dynamic in my opinion
Sorry for comment in Japanese. ハレプさん、本当に好感持てる。質問に丁寧に答えてるし、対戦相手を尊敬している姿勢がある! 次はセレナ、タフな相手だけど何とか頑張って欲しい! I cheer from Japan! You can do it! Nothing is impossible!!
Cosmin Seitan
Cosmin Seitan:
With Serena will be diffrent, Simo have to play perfect to defeted Serena
Nederlanditis Nederlanditis
Nederlanditis Nederlanditis:
The mouse in the wheel is not afraid of the wheel. In the wheel the mouse does her running.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
80th comment Serena u in trouble now halep needs this major more.
Wear ear plugs or turn the volume down if watching the highlights.
Tami Chyn
Tami Chyn:
You can only beat Serena if you play your best.
Ayo Ayodeji
Ayo Ayodeji:
Simona might as well start packing her bags and booking the next flight to Romania cos you don’t beat Serena twice back to back, Never in a Grandslam. The law was written back in 2010
Simona is lovely, humble and strong. I think she will defeat Serena Williams.
sai Sai
sai Sai:
Simona Vs Serena
Two of my fav's meet again.
Even though I like simona, I LOVE MY QUEEN SERENA.

I hope SERENA wins and avenges her lose in wimbledon final
The Matrix
The Matrix:
Girl you didn't change a thing. Swiatek choked.
Rover Waters
Rover Waters:
Halep is ward working player, not much talent.
By the way "hard working" also implies the use of illegal performance enhancers, and that applies for ALL top athletes
Libertarian ASS FUCK
Libertarian ASS FUCK: