Simona Halep: "It means a lot" press conference (4R) | Australian Open 2021

Simona Halep's press conference following her Round 4 win over Iga Swiatek at the Australian Open 2021.

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Radosław Król
Radosław Król:
As a Polish fan I was obviously rooting for Iga, but I must give all the credit to Simona. Today she beat Iga with her incredible skil, experience and mental strength. She's a real champion indeed. Not a shame for for Iga to lose against her.
Anna Strurzyńska Johnson
Anna Strurzyńska Johnson:
My heart was with Iga but what a match from Simo, she is incredible. It was a pleasure to watch that game. Now lets win AO Simona fingers croased. 👏👏🇷🇴X🇵🇱
Fabiola Donetti
Fabiola Donetti:
Simona is a drop of gold from Romania. This girl has brought us many joys over the years. Thanks, Iga for fair play, less often nowadays. That's right, it's not the size or the power that matters, it's the intelligence. You proved it. Bravo. Good luck Simona. Health and luck!
Georgi Fran
Georgi Fran:
Again the journalists with the american-centric questions.. and nothing about her or to congratulate Simo for the great work !
Very intelligent and well spoken as usual. Sailing through the draw she is.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
When she is not angry or frustrated, Simona is a great personality with her beaming smile!! 2:13
Liang Ciou
Liang Ciou:
Perfect smile from Halep.
Keep fighting.
Daniel Quietleg
Daniel Quietleg:
Love this Girl everytime on the court...Happy Valentinsday
Josh Gandy
Josh Gandy:
Incredible, Simona!!! You are my fave player and so proud of you ❤️❤️❤️🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩
Jasnesh Bhullar
Jasnesh Bhullar:
Halep v Serena gonna be a banger. Also, props to Swiatek. Great tournament overall.
Charlie Chaz
Charlie Chaz:
She gets asked a question at 2:05 and doesn't stop smiling until 3:05. She even smiles at silence and all the people around her. Very pleasant. Sweet girl.
She’s so cute
ovidiu hanganu
ovidiu hanganu:
you can see on her eyes that she is so happy! She deserve this. Great player!
Harris Petsas
Harris Petsas:
Such a great tennis player and so humble and happy. It was a beautiful match by both players, but Simona played a little better and smarter. Congrats, Simona, and good luck for the next one. You can do it again! Just play your game and stay confident.
That questions are very disappointing, Simona just won a big match full of ups and downs and they just slipped to Serena 😣. Anyway, Iga have learned I am sure priceless lesson today and will help her next time. Simo served today amazingly and it was her strongest asset, Serena is great returner so Simo will have to tighten her game to win.
Crina Bodea
Crina Bodea:
Felicitări! Simona, ai experienta și forță sa o invingi pe SW! Repeta meciul de la Wimbledon, te rog! 58 minute! Bravo pt azi! 🙏♥️🎾💪✌️🏅🏆🥇🎂
César Ruiz Díaz Domínguez
César Ruiz Díaz Domínguez:
She is truly confident and that is the key💪🏻
The american reporter make me not listen all the interview
Fayzul rafi
Fayzul rafi:
Come on simo. Grab that trophy!
Amazing Simona, as usual.
Spain LOVE you 🇪🇸❤️💪
N. Falhi
N. Falhi:
We don't care about serena... they don't talk about simona and her game! 😡👎
Vasi Gls
Vasi Gls:
S he
🏆 s
M y
champi 🎾 n
Adi 83
Adi 83:
Halep also show her positive aura not only for herself but also for another players.. her personality was everything...
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith:
Simona and Serena quarter- final! My god I don't know. Both my fav's are going to playing each other again! Can't watch!!
f c
f c:
Thank you Simona for presenting yourself with such a grace and nobility! It reflects in a good way on our country and our people.
Alternative News
Alternative News:
The sound system is rubbish, We could't listen Simona. She is a wonderful sweet girl and a great champion.
Ruthless Ferocity Phenom
Ruthless Ferocity Phenom:
Prior to today, ive never been a fan of Simona. But now i am! Not just for the tennis. She has her mind and heart in the right places, she’s smart even outside of tennis. She’s balanced, grounded, gracious and magnanimous. She can be a leader outside of tennis.
Marcel Pop
Marcel Pop:
Simona Serena. 6 4 6 2.
A big win against a future star
Wener Chen
Wener Chen:
love your tenacity and never give up…❤💪
ashley guriah
ashley guriah:
What an amazing athlete with a super personality, attitude, honesty, humility and beautiful all you Simona !
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Congrats Simona 🥳 excited for your match against Serena. Going to be a big battle, exciting stuff! Hope your returns and serves are hot on the day 💫
Esmee Schuurhuis
Esmee Schuurhuis:
Congratulations Simona! Iga did a very good job trying to hit Simona's returns, although Iga made a lot of unforced errors in the 2nd set. Keep your head up Iga! You are still so young and have a lot ahead of you! Powodzenia!
Simona is the best! ❤︎
Vasi Gls
Vasi Gls:
Simo! ❤️
Ready for a Simreena match up? 😍
Cúcuta Goldikova
Cúcuta Goldikova:
Well done Simona, well done Romania🍾🥂🙏
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Simo is such a warrior. The match against Serena is going to be insane.
Ghita Mihai
Ghita Mihai:
Bravo Simona 👍
Simona was very consistent, patient and mentally strong. Iga was the opposite in the 2nd set. I mean someone probably stole her and put random look-alike player instead. Similar situation to previous match with Ferro, when Iga lead 3:0 and then all of the sudden lost 4 games in a row. There's a lot of space for improvement for young RG champ.
georgiana sinescu
georgiana sinescu:
Congratulations, Simona!
Felicitări, Simona!
tobin frost
tobin frost:
Priceless reaction at Daren videos question. So cute!
Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle:
2:06 It was at that moment that Simona knew....
Sorin Adrian Patrascu
Sorin Adrian Patrascu:
Darling,you made my day Happy❤️
She's always heppy. Makes me heppy too.
Can't get mad at 1 break-game from a dominating position, & throw away 1st Set.
Eventually it will be costly.
Mil mi
Mil mi:
Good interview, thanx
Eugène JamaisAbattu
Eugène JamaisAbattu:
I don't want osaka or williams winning this! Please Simona save us! ❤👌
Rety Fuller
Rety Fuller:
CONGRATS! You are the best! Good luck!
shadya mohd
shadya mohd:
really, this reporters needs class, keep asking her about next match just to pressurise her😳
Love the outfit!
Ms Zandi M
Ms Zandi M:
Congratulations Simona.
Forza Simona ... Brilliant and focused smoking of the kid... Sweet revenge ...Next victim Serena ...
Fighter without pressure
Ven Tabunda
Ven Tabunda:
I really like Simona and her dedication to the sport of tennis... with her i also like, Iga, Garbine and Petra... so serious with their tennis but can be really fun individuals. Also very humble when they win and when they lose.
Alexandru Fratescu
Alexandru Fratescu:
eliane garcia
eliane garcia:
aurica ciupei
aurica ciupei:
Simona a avut o altă abordare a meciului cu Iga ,a fost formidabilă !Cred că nivelul de joc de tenis este foarte ridicat ! Felicitări! Succes în continuare !
Giorgeta Vitan
Giorgeta Vitan:
linda grafix
linda grafix:
Love Simona!
Buliga Mia
Buliga Mia:
Felicitări Simona🌹♥️ tu poți să o învingi pe SW ,ai mai făcut-o.
kami personal
kami personal:
i only watch tennis, because of her. she's the "nadia comaneci" of tennis for romania!
Fighter Simona 💪
Lola Dixon
Lola Dixon:
Great match to watch, but I got a little frustrated with the commentators on Eurosport who seemed convinced that the small, mild breeze of wind that passed by the arena at the beginning of the second set, was the reason the match turned around. I personally believe that after losing the first set, Simo flipped the 'I will not lose' switch that is located just underneath her hairbun. Can't wait for her next match.
Chris Nagle
Chris Nagle:
Love Simona.... All the very best to you.
alicehoshi2019 jav
alicehoshi2019 jav:
Well done, Simona. Of course, we always need to listen to stupid questions from haters and lovers of the Williams brothers.
Stefan May
Stefan May:
Good luck tomorrow simo know you will do good.
Aurel Mereuta
Aurel Mereuta:
Felicitari simonaaaa Love you !!🥰🥰
Angela Chiorean
Angela Chiorean:
Simona ,te iubim foarte mult!
My Infos
My Infos:
Simona vs Serena, j'ai hâte de voir ça! J'anticipe un match dramatique comme ceux entre Simona et Sharapova. Comme une finale prématurée. :)
Edrone Mutogo
Edrone Mutogo:
Wish u luck Simona
kami personal
kami personal:
simo is so honest and genuine... look at her how she answers the question about the videos darren gave her!!
Zamfi Ra
Zamfi Ra:
Cosmin Seitan
Cosmin Seitan:
Next mach vs old lady , I hope the age will spoke
mohloding mabapa
mohloding mabapa:
I have such a huge crush on Simona
Mocanu Stefan
Mocanu Stefan:
Love her sso much she deserved to win this ...
Cristina Stanca
Cristina Stanca:
Bravo SIMO you are the best 👏👏👏💗💖
shes cool
Her accent sounds sort of Italian tbh
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
I don't know who to support next match - Simona or Serena... May the best player on the day win!!
She definitely has a different air about her since finally winning a grad slam.
Oliver O'shea Phiri
Oliver O'shea Phiri:
She is a wonderful person
Bravo Simo 👏👏👏
Marius Ursu
Marius Ursu:
Carpe Diem, Romanian wisdom
Tony James
Tony James:
Love simo long hair
she looks pretty here
Jimmy James
Jimmy James:
What's with this woman reporter speaking slow like a psych patient?
the sukhe
the sukhe:
Simona Halep is great 👏😊👍
noel karol
noel karol:
Eric Digeratu
Eric Digeratu:
Jean Flaugiu
Jean Flaugiu:
Chiar de pierdeai,mulți romăni tot te iubeau în continoare,dar ai demonstrat că eşi o foŕță pe planetă..RESPECT%%!!!!
George Dobos
George Dobos:
Hai Simonaaaaaaa!!!
Tree Garden Life
Tree Garden Life:
Now she has to beat Williams. She's one of the very few who can. This is the #2 player and she should win.
Alex Jeremic
Alex Jeremic:
Fantastic Haley 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Orei Camarao
Orei Camarao:
Congratulations👏 Miss Halep🥰😝. Happy Valentine's Day. You've done your "homework"💯
Ciobanu Vlad
Ciobanu Vlad:
SHAY-məs Mamon
SHAY-məs Mamon:
all about power in today's women's tennis, Iga plays more subtle tennis so she cannot compete yet with Simona or Serena.
Blaguta Aurel
Blaguta Aurel:
Simona sta prea mult pe sticla ,daa in teren trebue!
Gabriele Baudino
Gabriele Baudino:
N. 1 Simona 🦾🦾
Can someone tell me ,are most languages in Eastern Europe mutually intelligible ? The accent sounds the same to me when east Europeans speak English and i can listen to it all day.
marinescu dan
marinescu dan:
Când joacă Simona cuSerena,?