Simone Biles explains why she left the Olympic team finals | SportsCenter

Simone Biles explains why she left the Olympic team finals | SportsCenter
SportsCenter details the news that reigning Olympic champion Simone Biles left the team finals at the Tokyo Olympics. Biles gives an explanation of the situation, then D'Arcy Maine breaks down how Biles might regroup and participate in individual events at the Olympics.

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Maurice Harting
Maurice Harting:
Simone Biles has faced a lot of extreme stress and expectations of her. She has been sexually abused as a child/ young girl, she has not had the necessary support from the US Gymnastics organization, and the constant training and expectations of her to be the best was just too much. She is the best gymnast of all time and that cannot be taken away from her. All the best Simone.
She prepared for this moment for 5 years. Trust me she’s the one who’s the most disappointed and frustrated. She needs understanding and respect for her choice not judgement from haters acting like like she owes them something
yellow blue
yellow blue:
Happy for Simone for prioritizing her wellbeing and the success of her team. Wishing these talented human beings all the best <3
Leslie Hughes
Leslie Hughes:
You are one of the best athletes of all time. You have my deepest admiration and have won my heart.
You have Americans' support in all you decide to do for your future. Enjoy your incredible legacy.
Ms. Dee Fit
Ms. Dee Fit:
Amazing Simone and the team are inspirational ❤
Daniel Dawglas
Daniel Dawglas:
While I get that competing has its own unique stressors, you can’t convince me that the things you have to do to actually get to this point aren’t stressful. I don’t understand when we got to the point that it’s totally ok to leave your teammates stranded.
My heart goes out to her teammates.
Lu Gunn
Lu Gunn:
We often watch superhero movies then think of our olympic athletes as invincible comic figures, which obviously they’re not! They’re human beings…and we humans have our good and not so good days.

As incredible and unbelievably amazing as Simon Biles is, she is after all, a human being!
I admire her even more for choosing our olympic gymnastics team over herself!

That was an amazing, wise, bold, selfless, and humble “Biles move”…and one that only true champions make!
She is outstanding ALL AROUND! 💯🔝❤️
Jason Qiu
Jason Qiu:
It's crazy that we're stunned that she's just human. Every other headline these last few weeks has been about her. She felt the weight of the world and that has clearly taken a toll on her.
I thought watching this video might change my opinion about her quitting, but it just left me even more confused. She said she usually perseveres and pushes through things, but this is the exact opposite of that. It’s the other end of the spectrum of perseverance.
i think i'd go crazy if i were chosen to represent my country in the Olympics ... crazy enough i might lose my mind
Amanda Buxbaum
Amanda Buxbaum:
Given that the V has a tangible effect on the nervous system of about 45% of the people who take it, this seems clearly to be a V adverse reaction.

Simone was completely tough and resilient and able to perform no matter what until this very moment? Well the timing is clear.

She is an elite athlete so she knows when something is not right in her nervous system. And she is right, something is not right in her nervous system. Hopefully it is temporary and hopefully it is as simple as the difference between the hardest vault that any female human can possibly do vs “only” A more ordinary elite vault, and that she otherwise stays healthy.

It is OK for us to be aware of the adverse effects of the V. It is important that we keep track of the effects that it has on us. By doing this, we all remain safer.

I had some significant dizziness and brain fog and clumsiness. And it seems like most people who also got the V had symptoms like this. For most of us , no one notices much because it doesn’t impact how people see us. When I stumble a little bit when I walk, anyone seeing me would think that I just stumbled on a rock. And the news is not alerted.

Now we see Simone stumble on her vault. And we see her noticing her own disequilibrium and thus not wanting to compete in that state - and the stress of the media being all over it is big!

We love you, Simone!

Start with lots of vitamin C and high dose fish oil for that V
adverse reaction!
Who is going to replace her, I'm excited to see who will get this wonderful opportunity to compete in the games.
I feel bad for the young women who got bypassed in her wake. These athletes work their butts off for the chance she just swatted away. Women gymnasts have an exceptionally short window of time to compete at the highest level, especially in the Olympics. I don't know her heart, but I can't help but see this as shameful.
*I think if she had accepted that she can lose, she would've not withdrawn.*
*But she chose not to lose by withdrawing, which is very disappointing. However, what matters now is her health mentally and psychologically. It is ok to lose. That shows that those in this domain (i.e sports) need to have some shape of mentality to go through these games. It is not enough to fit physically only.*
*If I were in a place to advise Simon, I would tell her to get back to the competition, have fun, switch off her cellphone and social media accounts. Whatever the result will be, it is OK.*
Laura Berry
Laura Berry:
I think her decision really has a lot to do with how they told her she couldn't do the skills in the difficulty she trained to do them in. It messed with her head so she stepped back. And now she's being called selfish. Like why guys?
Abdul Umer
Abdul Umer:
I can agree with the notion of loss of confidence and not being in tune with the moment in a sport like hers where you can seriously injure yourself if you are not focused. But I do not agree with pinning this on mental health as I feel the sense of lost confidence undermines the severity of mental health people actually face like PTSD, depression, etc.
Randi Carwell
Randi Carwell:
Congrats to Suni and MyKayla. I'm glad that Simone acknowledged that her game was off then stepped back so that those whose game was on could do their thing and win the medals they deserved.
Andrew Areva
Andrew Areva:
She's brave. She knew that if she continued, she would have dropped the whole team's score and maybe the USA team would get no medal. She already said that if she did it earlier, maybe Team USA could have gotten gold. She sacrificed herself for the mission to get Team USA a medal. She put mission and her team above self. A classic servant leader.
Jacob Endicott
Jacob Endicott:
There are tones of gymnasts in the US who were probably dying to go to the olympics and were physically and mentally ready to compete and she took a spot and decided at the last minute to just sit out and basically be a tag along in a spot meant for competitors, this is shameful in my opinion no matter what you owe it to the people that aren’t in that spot who could be to at least compete.
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy:
Compare to Katie Ledecky: she lost an Olympic final for the first time of her life on the 400m, then on the 200m. She felt the heartbreak of being bested by a younger athlete after being celebrated as the GOAT for so long. What did she do? She regrouped, competed on the 1500m and won. Even if Titmus beats her again on 800m, she will leave the games with her head held high. There's no such thing as being the best forever, champions are also the ones who can face that reality and soldier on.
Marc Molina
Marc Molina:
You are telling me she is the first athlete to "not feel at her best"?
Joe Scopelite
Joe Scopelite:
Just so we’re clear, the negative props she’s getting are because if most regular people quit performing on the job, even when under intense pressure, we get eased out the door, not glorified as being mature enough to know when it’s time to quit. For us in the real world the natural outgrowth of maturity isn’t quitting and the concept of NO EXCUSES, while being a tough one to have to live by, isn’t one we shy away from either. When we see people make excuses no matter how legit they sound, at the end of the day they’re still excuses and we know it.
lil poohbear
lil poohbear:
Look at the guy on the mens team...Sam Mikulak...he is the oldest and more experienced and mades mistakes but kept a smile on his face and pushed still encouraging the other guys that look up to him...even with errors. Sad this happened
Qualifying for the Olympics is extremely difficult and a dream for many - I feel bad for those that could have been there taking on the challenge of being at the top of their sport instead of at home watching their rival Simone Biles bow out due to pressure.
alex krolak
alex krolak:
Lets be honest here, anyone watching the whole thing knew that Russia was going to win no matter if she continued or not.
She was performing very badly on floor and vault and there were no signs of her performing better. Her leaving in a way prevented them from getting bronze or none at all.
Don Don
Don Don:
Simone Biles lost her eye of the Tiger and let fear defeat her. The heart of the Champion pushes through no matter what the outcome. Look at Olga Korbut and how she pushed through pain and injury while at the Olympics. When you are given a spot on the Olympic team you earned one of the greatest honors. You never dismiss it with fear or pressure. A true Champion pushes through this win or lose. Biles is no longer the example of a true Champion, she's an example of a quitter. Mental pressure is a part of HIGH-LEVEL athletics deal with it.
bolan Lan
bolan Lan:
Imagine the huge pressures Messi, and NBA players go through. Imagine Messi quit in the middle of world cup ...
Mc Govney
Mc Govney:
Genius move on her part! All eyes are on her now and millions more will now watch the individual performances. 👍🇺🇸
The world champion skate boarder Nyjah Huston didn’t medal at all . Kept getting up fall after fall . Sacrificing his body for the love of his sport .That’s the American sprit never give up .
II was with her until she said competitors should “put mental health first” and that athletes should be able to “sit out the big competitions if they’re not enjoying themselves” and that they should “focus on themselves” because doing so “shows how strong a competitor and person you really are”. No Simone. It shows only THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Have a good flight home.
It would be understandable to back down, but not after taking a spot that someone else could have filled. First, you're representing your country. Second, you are part of a team. An athlete as experienced as she is should be able to hang in there. Disappointing.
Iron Will MMA
Iron Will MMA:
Imagine if Michael Phelps walked off the blocks during a swimming relay team final just because he wasn’t feeling it.. He’s getting hate from EVERY direction if that happens.. he definitely wouldn’t be getting applauded for doing it.. just saying🤷‍♂️
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out:
This got to be one of the biggest disappointments in Olympic history and blame it on mental health.
Kerri Strugs broke her ankle in the middle of an Olympic events, she competed and gave the u.s women gymnastic team a gold, she landed on one foot to win the event.
Joji Josette
Joji Josette:
Suni Lee, gymnastics champion, clutch champion, like MJ. She is MVP in this Olympics. Delivered when needed.
Sean Nemetz
Sean Nemetz:
To me, it doesn’t look great, but we’ll probably never know what’s really going on so I say give her the benefit of the doubt. Another thought, I just can’t imagine someone getting so far and having the type of character required to reach this level of excellence is also the type of person who quits when they realize they might lose. That doesn’t add up, so I further say we should give her the benefit of the doubt. Wishing Simone well.
Leo Kwak
Leo Kwak:
Sad how this will be what many will remember her for.
Wow! Can’t believe she just left like that.
Ata fakheri
Ata fakheri:
how about not going to the Olympics if you are not ready?
there were many other gymnasts who were wishing to participate
"we should be out here having fun"
No, you are out there on a mission, not having fun. Its a competitive sport for God sake. If a quitter now becomes a winner, we are having a big problem.
Bottom line someone else is going to take what you don’t want,
Good job to Suni Lee! 👏🏻
Should be good to place a screening process before sending athletes
Think Please
Think Please:
It’s very unusual! But she needs to what’s right for herself! So much work and commitments! I hope she understands what she has gave up! Feel better!
The fact that stooges on the internet are ripping her is completely and utterly ridiculous. Can't say how many times I've been at work and just didn't have it and my mind was too overwhelmed to make it through a day. Now this woman has all the pressure of a whole country on her shoulders and even with her explanation, which is understandable, you got these precieved "tough as nails" ppl going on about how she should've sucked it up and criticizing her for leaving. If you don't wanna take the time to understand someone's mental health then you shouldn't be the one running your mouth about what they should be doing or what you would do. Clowns.
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta:
She’s the best of all time, the goat, and she did it “for the team” lmao
J D:
Our culture continues to glorify weakness as the articles proclaim that she did a "brave" thing. Quite the opposite. Simone and the people glorifying her decision cant even begin to understand a champions heart.
Jesse L
Jesse L:
Sad she quit in the team when they needed her the most
paeng guin
paeng guin:
She was just thinking about herself, she quit because she performed poorly. Instead of doing her best, she quit. A team leader can never quit because others look up to you for strength and inspiration.
Gideon Beck
Gideon Beck:
I do not want to be blamed for the loss. Period.
Tashi Rose
Tashi Rose:
Gymnastics is DANGEROUS you can break your neck you can get paralyzed there's a lot of damage done to the body overall that lasts a lifetime. Most gymnasts are performing with injuries, aches and pains...including Simone!

Now in regards, to the Olympics, if at that time she didn't feel good about it for any reason and clearly she didn't because she did not do the vault she was supposed to do and became unfocused in the air...she shouldn't be chastised or have any kind of backlash for not putting her life on the line.

I'm glad she felt she had a team she could rely on to get the job done that even Simone as great as she is a part of a team it's not just one person and all the girls are great individually.

She should be commended for not being selfish to continue and possibly get hurt and certainly jeopardize the team's chances of even getting a medal. If she went out there and didn't do well then she'd be talked about negatively and or if she got severely hurt people would say why did she put herself and the team at risk why not sit out? It's her life, her health, her body and her career and legacy....and until anyone else goes out there and can do what she has done...have some compassion and back off...give her the same grace and understanding you would want someone to give you.

Unfortunately she couldn't help get a gold...instead the team got silver...unfortunately it was bad timing but it's called mental breakdown from anxiety from the pressure...better safe than a broken neck or a spinal injury. BTW, she mentioned in the team interview before going to the Olympics with NBC (I think) that she was nervous about how she'd perform without a crowd because she does feed off that energy.

Any way, her teammates are professionals and clearly some of the top gymnasts in the world, which is why they brought home a silver without Simone.

CONGRATS are in order for them and compassion and concern AND understanding is certainly in order for Simone. She built her legacy and has nothing more to prove. So we didn't get the show we expected...things happen.
Your opinions don’t matter
Your opinions don’t matter:
What I don’t understand is having the audacity to “pull out” then getting on the podium with the other girls and putting the silver medal around her neck… why does she get to do that…
Anthony Rocha
Anthony Rocha:
I think shes one of the greatest! taking nothing away from her, at the same time She wasnt doing her best at the trails and it continued to japan .. first it was leg injury then turned to mental health if your gonna walk around and reap the wins and benefits reap the loses as well i feel she cheated other girls out of a solid and respectable win.. Every one of those girls had pressure from there own countries she bailed on her team and on her comp shes young and hope she learns from it.. now kerri shrug that gave me chills she was a savage. held down her injury that was heroic...USA USA that was strength!!
NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci
NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci:
cant bealive people are trying to justify this as she just knows she would drag the team down like win or lose complete what you started with your team
Nadia Comăneci had to go through intense emotional and physical abuse in the hands of Márta and Béla Károlyi beginning in her pre pubescent years, and by intense I mean beatings, starvation (to the point of her and her teammates resorting to eating toothpaste), being separated from her family, constant verbal abuse, being denied medical treatment, living in communist Romania etc. And she still went ahead and got the perfect 10 in the 1976 olympics at only 14yrs old. And in the next Olympics, despite her coaches Márta and Béla Károlyi abandoning her to seek political asylum in the USA, she still won 2 gold and 2 silver medals. When Károyli defected, she was constantly spied on by officials who feared that she would also defect. She couldn't even leave the country. She also couldn't participate in the 1984 Olympics. She was forced into retirement and later defected in 1989.

I'm not trying to compare Biles' and Nadia's plight, but in the face of such suffering Nadia still shocked the world with her prowess. I wonder what has changed now that ppl see quitting as an admirable choice.
Pocho Nieves
Pocho Nieves:
What a disgrace!!! What a freaking QUITTER!!! So she didn't got a perfect score and she threw her hands up and held her breath up until she turned blue.

No she ain't tough and ESPN just running cover. FREAKING QUITTER!!!!
J J Evans
J J Evans:
Hard to go all out for a country that doesn't respect your people.
Congratulations Suni Lee! She won because she had the courage to compete! Way to handle that pressure like a real champion. Maybe someday Suni will even be as good as the GOAT Shannon Miller.
Its not a good excuse to quit in the middle of the events.She knew she was going to lose badly,so she used the mental issue and let her teammates down,shame!!
The Bruiser
The Bruiser:
Self-styled "greatest of all time." Whoops.
Better to keep your head down and do the work without all the self-aggrandizing.
And the idiotic spin some of the media are putting on this, is ridiculous beyond description.
I feel sooooo sorry for the girl that could have had her place and actually wanted to do a job. Sad.
Jay P
Jay P:
Quitting just like this during the actual competition is not inspirational at all. You trained hard, fought hard, and then you just let your head get to you at the finale? Strange behavior. I remember in '96 when Kerri Strug literally had a broken leg, pulled through, and solidified the gold for her team like a champ. She became an icon for her bravery and was commended. But Simone couldn't even get past her "mental health issues" at a critical time like this. Disappointing. 😑
DayVid 1979
DayVid 1979:
This is like that time Tom Brady abandoned his team halfway thru the Super Bowl.. And when Michael Jordan quit before Game 7 of the NBA Finals! A truly inspirational performance! 🐐
Radial Shaq
Radial Shaq:
Man, I don't even know if I want to watch the gymnastics now. That's the only portion of the Olympics I've ever liked.
Bitter Sweet
Bitter Sweet:
I applaud her for knowing when she needs to take a break . She was really brave for that
I have a strange feeling all the hate isn’t entirely about her quitting 🤔
Aim True
Aim True:
She's a hero for quiting the team? Excuses don't cut it in the finals...
Richard Allgire
Richard Allgire:
If she had these misgivings maybe she should have allowed another deserving athlete to compete in her place instead of leaving her team in the middle of competition.
Something about this being spun as some heroic, sacrificial act for the team just doesn’t sit right with me 🤔
Would she quit if she made that jump the correct way?
Kirk Gibson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mary Lou Retton and more have provided us epic moments in sports by competing when they were hurt mentally or physically. GOAT status revoked.
Trainer Red
Trainer Red:
While she technically quit on her team, there is sound logic to do so in this situation. You can tell which people in the comments have never played a sport with a scoring system such as this. For those saying that she should stay in, it's actually better in some circumstances to let a backup take your place if you are bringing down the team's average. Outside of that, she clearly had some physical issues with her knee that was messing up her usual routines. If you jump wrong or mess up in the air you can actually break your neck and be paralyzed from the waist down from a simple mistake on that same type of jump.
kenny neudorf
kenny neudorf:
Beat out someone else that's always dreamed of going to the Olympics, then quit because you're not confident. That's a very selfish thing.
LaTosha Moreland
LaTosha Moreland:
Good for her ❤️
nadine daley
nadine daley:
You take care of yourself first life is not all about pleasing everyone neither & winning all the time that doesn't matter if you're unhappy however many times you try to please people they're going there is always going to come when you cannot please them anymore just know that through the years you have done your best and you have much to be proud of yourself for & at time things will get hard just
like basketball player's how long can they play the game sometime the game gets boring sometimes they get exhausted so don't beat yourself up too much there's a time when we human being have to realize there's more to life than just winning so you have to make up in your mind that this is enough and don't blame yourself for any of it enjoy your life now with your family take time out for yourself to have a peace of mind & just know that you're not alone...🙏
Mental health is such a weak excuse. It was her responsibility to make sure that her mental health was in the right place before she even got to Tokyo. She wasted a spot on team USA that could have been filled by someone else who was 100% ready to perform.
Wa Lor
Wa Lor:
Simone reminds me of Ronda Rousey when Ronda lost her first match in UFC. That is the last time we will see her as a competitor in gymnastics. Very unfortunate. Wish her all the best. Nothing but love for Simone.
Weird stuff are happening in those Olympic Games!
Her publicist has crafted the absolute perfect situation. She will be inundated with offers now...daytime show spots, late night TV spots, endorsements.

This "mental issue" thing will bring her higher than simply gymnastics will. Her publicist deserves a raise.
Perfectly staged !!! WE are all being played and it's working brilliantly.
easy peezy
easy peezy:
As an American I'm very upset and disappointed is simone biles...
As Americas face of the olympics. Her dropping out should not be taking lightly. Do you no how the rest of the world see us ,, how they have seen us. And how thier going to continue to see us.. she made a big mistake other than her mental health issue.
I guess no one ever told her to suck it up and compete... Kids these days...
America is weaker now cause the face of the olympics.. had anxiety and a panic attack....
Jody Sanchez
Jody Sanchez:
Similar to to Ms. Biles I too withdrew from competition at the 1981 Inter-Service Boxing Tournament in the middle of a fight. Chastised for stopping the bout I was denied the Silver Medal by the Air Force Head coach Master Sergeant Alaniz. All the assistant coaches took pleasure in watching me take a beating during the sparring sessions with heavier National and International experienced fighters. The assistant coaches were so impressed with the beatings I was taking they expected me to beat the National Champion in the 132 lbs. weight class, Light Weights. Unfortunately for me I was punch drunk by the time I entered the ring for the title fight. At the opening bell I ran across the ring and caught Manly in his corner and we engaged in an exchange of blows. One punch from Joe Manly sent me across the ring for a standing eight count. When the count was over I saw a blurry Joe Manly come running at me and I turned to the Referee to stop the bout. I had been fighting a total of seven years and did not want to face an uncertain future of brain damage if I continued. Sparring with National and International fighters had provided me with the ability to recognize that the caliber of fighters I was up against were far superior to me at that time. Even though I thought of myself as being capable of fighting and sparring with talented fighters I knew I was outclassed and stopped the fight. An interesting outcome of this event was when one of the Olympic coaches came into my dressing room after the fight and said he was impressed with my opening and thought I had done the right thing. Similar to Simone Biles I understand her position. She is a very smart woman.
David Bertrand
David Bertrand:
Does everyone remember that time in the 96 games that Kerri Strug badly hurt her ankle, finished anyway and won gold? Truly heroic and inspirational!
Selena Osteen
Selena Osteen:
I feel for her with the level of stress she's under, but then I remember past competitors that competed even with torn ligaments rather than bail out on their team. If she is quitting, she should have to pay back whatever it took to get her there. I imagine there were other young women who desperately wanted a place on the team. I do hope she can rest and rejuvenate and retire permanently.
david ashraf
david ashraf:
That's like Messi completely retiring from football after the 8-2 loss
J.J. Madrid
J.J. Madrid:
If I were one of her teammate’s, I’d be pissed if she came back for all her single competitions. You couldn’t gut it out in the team competition but you’re able to do it in single ones.
чип Фила
чип Фила:
Симона , выздоравливай!!!🤗
I don’t doubt her mental injury/situation is genuine. However, GOATS are more than just talent. Simone may have won the most, but that does not make her the GOAT. The GOATS play through stuff that the rest of can’t, both physically and mentally. Thats why ALI was fighting heavyweight champions in the most brutal sport when he was suffering full blown Parkinsons and MJ won a championship when he had just lost a parent. I hope she gets well soon.
Jaclyn Shaw, MS BIS II
Jaclyn Shaw, MS BIS II:
Winning means nothing if it's not fun. Her engagement is up to her. She owes no one anything. Mental health comes first.
Delboyo El Mundo
Delboyo El Mundo:
Give up social media, and concentrate on winning.
dave g
dave g:
The truth is she quit and used “mental health” as an excuse. Huge ego prissy girls can’t handle being told what to do and not being put on a pedestal. She should never be in another olympics. Part of being an olympic athlete is perseverance and enduring whatever it is you have to go through, including mental challenges. She’s a quitter
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse:
Imagine faking mental health 🤦🏽‍♂️
She can make mistakes. Why is the media shocked? The media forget these athletes are HUMAN just like them. This “you’re the GOAT” “greatest of all time” pressure by the Media constantly saying this over and over.
lily potts
lily potts:
Kerri Strug was able to vault again in the 1996 olympics to help her team win gold even though she had a seriously injured foot. Just saying
Mike N
Mike N:
It is unfair for Simone to quit. A gold metal doesn't matter unless you competed and beat the best in that sport. Simone is denying full satisfaction for her competitors.
Colleen Kennedy
Colleen Kennedy:
She snapped mentally
She knew she was going to lose and quit prematurely since she promoted herself all year as the greatest of all time so she couldn't take the heat. So brave.
Her decision had a huge impact on the team. Great lesson for the kids, huh
Beth Q Mount
Beth Q Mount:
4 go 4 scores count. There is NO margin for error. One more error would have lost the medal. If she can’t do her full difficulty. Wobbles on beam, a missed hand stand. She knows this. This is not the 90s in so many ways. There is absolutely NO margin for error.
No way around it, she quit on her team! She left her team hanging in a time of need.
I am very proud of her teammates.
Sebastien Leroy
Sebastien Leroy:
Honestly I feel more bad for the teammates because she kept letting people call her the GOAT, when she wasn’t able to handle the pressure. I hope everyone still ends up doing well in the end.
JD Panda
JD Panda:
" A : She did what people do, when they're losing at Online Chess.
B : Does this mean that she can't handed a silver medal to this World from that Online Chess ? .. ..

C: So, she really just Took a Spot from Another Girl , who more deserving No matter that is Gold or silver ?
G : Exactly, someone who actually wanted to compete. If she didn't want to do it, she should have dropped out earlier
while they could have used an alternate. "