Sinead o' Connor - Nothing Compares to You (Best Quality)

1989 Chrysalis Records
Best Song ever!

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"All the flowers that you planted in the backyard, mama....all died when you went away..." That line gets me every time.
Jeff Deneys
Jeff Deneys:
After all these years Sinead's rendition of this song can still move me beyond words. The song wouldn't be as powerful as it is if it weren't for Prince's powerful and heart wrenching lyrics. Those, coupled with Sinead's mesmerizing voice and her ability to illustrate the heartache of a lost love through her facial expressions make this one of my favorite music videos. It's a go-to video when I'm sad.
Eu Blanco
Eu Blanco:
It's been seven hours and fifteen days
Since you took your love away
I go out every night and sleep all day
Since you took your love away
Since you've been gone I can do whatever I want
I can see whomsoever I choose
I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant
But nothing, I said nothing
Can take away these blues
Because nothing compares
Nothing compares to you
It's been so lonely without you here
Like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling
Tell me baby where did I go wrong?
I could put my arms around every boy I see
But they'd only remind me of you
I went to the doctor and guess what he told me
Guess what he told me
He said: girl you better try to have fun
No matter what you do, but he's a fool
Because nothing compares
Nothing compares to you
All the flowers that you planted, mama
In the backyard
All died when you went away
I know that living with you baby, was sometimes hard
But I'm willing to give it another try
Nothing compares
Nothing compares to you
Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing compares 2U <3
Silver Back
Silver Back:
Those two tears at around 3:55 get me every time. I love this song.
mcmxl13 Cross
mcmxl13 Cross:
Painfully beautiful. Honestly sad. Sincerely broken. So pretty...her voice is like an angel.
Daphne Dedrick
Daphne Dedrick:
She is stunning in this video. Just look how she also songs with her eyes. The Irish are just magical.
Suki Sounds
Suki Sounds:
What a voice- what a song!!!!!!!!
One of my favorite songs of all times, thank you Prince !
marcia bandeira
marcia bandeira:
Maravilhosa!!! não consigo para de ouvir essa musica
Rocio Martin
Rocio Martin:
hermosa! llena de sentimiento.
Anita Rae
Anita Rae:
love her voice!
Graca Teixeira
Graca Teixeira:
Linda canção ! Mesmo com cabelo rapado e linda ! Maravilhosa !
Carla Souza  🙏🌺
Carla Souza 🙏🌺:
Muito bonita música 😍
Derek Bone
Derek Bone:
good music is sung with deep feelings..this is definitely one..
Эта песня на все времена. Спасибо Принц и Шинед! Браво! This song for all times. Prince and Sinead thanks! Bravo!
Kapetan Nemo
Kapetan Nemo:
Rogers Ribeiro
Rogers Ribeiro:
maravilhosa !
Rogers Ribeiro
Rogers Ribeiro:
maravilhosa !
Space Monkey
Space Monkey:
sweet lord.. she is so beautiful
and her voice is heavenly
Ich Berlin
Ich Berlin:
Such an amazing voice. I get goose pumps every time
Robson Andrade Floriano
Robson Andrade Floriano:
Melodia para os ouvidos ❤️
kenneth mccartney
kenneth mccartney:
she really truly is a CLASSIC BEAUTY..
Bryan Garten
Bryan Garten:
Such a great performance. It's been 10 years Carrie Underwood. This song STILL makes my heart bleed for YOU!
Beautiful artist and hit song ... Dating from 1989, this version has become timeless.
This video has fixed her youth & her beauty forever.
♡ Sinead o' Connor, We LOVE U ♡
Sara Peña
Sara Peña:
No me canso de escuchar esta hermosa canción!
greg wright
greg wright:
this song is one that touches ur heart and soul
Lisa McCormick
Lisa McCormick:
This will always be a #1 classic, so beautiful 💖
Robert Russell
Robert Russell:
Still so amazingly beautiful and so heart braking. Can`t get thru this song without those dam tears.
C P:
Always loved this song. Thank you Sinead, for being the one to sing this song! Beautiful.
forever classic! Always will love this song ❣
One of the greatest pop vocals ever.
Monica Magalhaes
Monica Magalhaes:
Amo! Minha música de karaokê =)
Edward Gorman
Edward Gorman:
Sinead oConner has one of the best voices
Roma Almeida
Roma Almeida:
Essa música é linda d +++
Ever since I had to shave my head due to cancer, people have been referencing Sinead O'Connor to me so I had to look her up, definitely heard the song before but i'm happy to see her talent paired with such strong beauty she exudes.
Kat Jalbert
Kat Jalbert:
Love you, Sinead. You're a rebel, never hiding behind the truth, controversy, make-up nor bling. My Irish Warrior!!!
Jerald Cuccurullo
Jerald Cuccurullo:
I have had a huge crush on this beautiful and amazing singer's vibe for 30 years, and I still do.nothing compares 2 U,all my love Sinead
rayana jahra
rayana jahra:
I started listening this when I was 13 It was and still it is my favorite! I'm a loyal fan and a listener of this song!
Lauren Pinto
Lauren Pinto:
Que canción más conmovedora☕❤
Antônio Raimundo Bittencourt
Antônio Raimundo Bittencourt:
canção belíssima
J Patrick
J Patrick:
I love listening to her voice and watching her, too. Beautiful.
beautiful lyrics written by Prince...has a way of capturing depth, relationship breakups, loss of a loved one and ultimately how humans struggle to learn in the process of a failed relationship... I love
Joe van Wyk
Joe van Wyk:
Such a POWERFUL voice.
amazing song,voice,everything on that!!
Fantastic performance and tremendous voice
Jonas Sousa
Jonas Sousa:
É bom demais
Jose Godoy
Jose Godoy:
Eu amo essa música
Andy Kennedy
Andy Kennedy:
Beautiful example of an iconic video which matches up to the music it portrays.....perfection!
Jennifer Frank
Jennifer Frank:
Always loved her work!
Jennifer M. Darkbloom
Jennifer M. Darkbloom:
I remember when this album came out in 1990. And this VIDEO. Knocked sideways by her intensity, brilliance, and total generosity. Stunning.
i make music
i make music:
Ugundu Bratha
Ugundu Bratha:
Something in this video reaches into my chest and squeezes my heart.  I'm not sure what it is.  The words of the song convey such powerful emotions to me.  Her dilevery of the lyrics induce feelings so powerful that a definite conversion is achieved from audio/visual to raw emotions.  I believe this video is a unique experience for each individual viewer.  That is what makes it so incredible.  This is truly one of the great timeless moments that echo for ever.  It is very, very human.  Her body language during the performance is just as strong as the lyrics - it's like seeing two songs at the same time; her actual voice, and her body language.  I'm skewered straight through every time I watch this video.
Almost perfection! Thanks Sinead for giving us such a heavenly performance! It's been already 24 years since she released this song. I have no doubt that in the next 24 years it will continue being search in the web as much as now.
Shelly RenE
Shelly RenE:
It is amazing that Prince wrote this. One of my fav. Timeless❤
Jaz castle
Jaz castle:
That tear.... everytime.... 😢 such a gorgeous voice x
Rosemarie Williams
Rosemarie Williams:
absolutely fantastic.
J Patrick
J Patrick:
I love everything about this. Raw and moving.
Suzanne Rowe
Suzanne Rowe:
Heard this on the radio this afternoon brought back some great memories.
skinger skanger
skinger skanger:
Amazing how seeing someone cry from a broken heart also can make you cry as well...😢
I really love that part where she says "I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant"
nakynia nakynia
nakynia nakynia:
Very nice, love this song..
Danny Campanirio
Danny Campanirio:
this song is timeless it is so powerful her voice second to none, unbelievable
Michelle Summer
Michelle Summer:
1 word, BRILLIANT! I remember when this video aired on Friday Night Videos when the tears dropped, she was #1 in America! epic moment! So much emotions. Classic. Prince this was magic! '2017
Julio Cesar Vieira da Silva
Julio Cesar Vieira da Silva:
Very good. maravilhosa.
William Fisher
William Fisher:
such a beautiful voice
Justin Gray
Justin Gray:
So beautiful!!!
anastacia josephine
anastacia josephine:
j'adore cette chanson, je la passe en boucle pourtant elle est vieille, mais je l'adore ♥
jaycee cooke
jaycee cooke:
always have loved this song.. it's my go to song
stuart evans
stuart evans:
One of my all time favourite songs no other words
Evangel angle
Evangel angle:
I love this music because it still move me. Sinead O'Connor 💘 you
Cheryle Rule
Cheryle Rule:
OMG still gives me the best of best chills, luv this women and her words and looks are incredible, WOW
Eli M.
Eli M.:
Eli M.
Eli M.:
I always love this song and never new Prince wrote this song. This song always made me cry. I miss Prince very much already. Thanks for singing this beautiful song! Thanks to Prince!
Giorgos Kyriakou
Giorgos Kyriakou:
Έχουν περάσει επτά ώρες και δεκαπέντε ημέρες
απο τοτε που εφυγες μακρυα μου
Βγαίνω κάθε βράδυ και κοιμάμαι όλη την ημέρα
απο τοτε που εφυγες μακρυα μου

απο τοτε που εξαφανιστηκες, μπορώ να κάνω ό, τι θέλω
Μπορώ να δω, μπορω να επιλέξω οποιονδηποτε
Μπορώ να γευματισω σε ένα φανταχτερό εστιατόριο
Αλλά τίποτα
Είπα ότι τίποτα δεν μπορεί να διωξει μακρυα μου αυτα τα αισθηματα μου

`Γιατί δεν συγκρίνεται τίποτα
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με εσενα

Ήταν τόσο μοναχικα χωρίς εσενα εδώ
μοιαζει με ένα πουλί που δεν μπορει να τραγούδα
Τίποτα δεν μπορεί να σταματήσει αυτά τα μοναχικα δάκρυα να πέσουν
Πες μου μωρό πού εκανα λαθος

Θα μπορούσα να αγκαλιαζω γύρω μου οποιο αγόρι βλέπω
Αλλά ολα θα μου θυμιζουν εσενα
Πήγα στο γιατρό και μαντέψε τι μου είπε
Μαντέψτε τι μου είπε
Είπε, "Κορίτσι, καλύτερα να προσπαθήσεις να διασκεδαζεις, να μην σε νοιαζει τι κανεις".
Αλλά είναι ανόητος

`Γιατί τιποτα δεν συγκρίνεται
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με εσενα

Όλα τα λουλούδια που φυτευτηκαν , μωρό μου
Στην πίσω αυλή σου
Όλα μαραθηκαν όταν εφυγες μακριά μου
Ξέρω ότι η ζωή με εσενα μωρό μου, ήταν μερικές φορές δυσκολη
Αλλά είμαι πρόθυμος να ξανακανω ακομη μια προσπαθεια

Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με εσενα
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με εσενα
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται
Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται σε εσενα
Sandra Rodger
Sandra Rodger:
The loss I feel..losing someone dear but not in a mum sister and daughter all taken too Sinead herself feeling this pain..may you get through this Sinead x 😪
Lindsey Shaffer
Lindsey Shaffer:
Beautiful Song,. Love-it!!
Wanderley Ulverston Ulverston
Wanderley Ulverston Ulverston:
Eu ainda vou achar alguém que compreenda todo amor verdadeiro.......
Rosangela Bastos
Rosangela Bastos:
amo esta musica de paixão....
Alan Holloway
Alan Holloway:
What a amazing woman what beauty and yet so confused man I love this song it makes me remember how hard life can be and unforgiving!!!!!
Benjamin ritt
Benjamin ritt:
What an amazing Song and Voice, tears can only drops with That !!!
Congratulations for the VideoClip, it seems so real with Love between a God and his Godess, incredible work and talent !!! Thanks once again for this Share. ... ... Nothing Compares to YOU !!!
Her Irish twang combined with her emotional expression is enough to. Make me diamonds
William Rowe
William Rowe:
amazing singer amazing voice
Dennis Jordan
Dennis Jordan:
one of the best performances EVER!!!!
Prince is the man!! Your music and legacy will live forever in our hearts!!! RIP Prince
Simone Melo
Simone Melo:
Oldschool Guru
Oldschool Guru:
for me I think what makes this such a great Vid is that she shows all her true emotion of a broken heart.
Brian Slaman
Brian Slaman:
Absolutely amazing
Johnny Flores
Johnny Flores:
Absolutely music to change something in time to get it different from what it is.
Andysag63 Gregory
Andysag63 Gregory:
this song is so amazing
Scott Golimowski
Scott Golimowski:
she sings it with such feeling and emotion. It comes across on her face and in her voice. which is what makes this song so perfect.
Kimberly Veronica
Kimberly Veronica:
so beautiful ! her tears are so pure this song is what truly defines heart break thank you Sinead O'Connor
Kathy Jordan
Kathy Jordan:
love this song
Lynn Thompson
Lynn Thompson:
Love this song
Robert Long
Robert Long:
beautiful voice
Libor Kocum
Libor Kocum:
Je to borka! To se dá poslouchat i po letech a nikdy to neomrzí.
Catherine Lablanc
Catherine Lablanc:
she starts off this song so nonchalant and chill, and then ends it with such emotion. the moment it turns into a song about her mom, it's like she flips a switch. she is so beautiful.
Ken Rodgers
Ken Rodgers:
Absolutely a beautiful song... I felt like this twice in my life when two women who I had kids with left me... It's funny how time heels the sting but the wound is still ever present and how you can feel this way for more than just one... But when I first met these two women from the first day I knew... But knowing this I know that it is possible to feel that again... I can't wait for the final eternal zen...
Ken Rodgers
Ken Rodgers:
Absolutely a beautiful song... I felt like this twice in my life when two women who I had kids with left me... It's funny how time heels the sting but the wound is still ever present and how you can feel this way for more than just one... But when I first met these two women from the first day I knew... But knowing this I know that it is possible to feel that again... I can't wait for the final eternal zen...
Tammy White
Tammy White:
love this song beautiful