Sir Alex Ferguson would’ve TORE INTO Manchester United at half-time - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

Nedum Onuoha, Shaka Hislop and Steve Nicol join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to delve deeper into Manchester United’s Europa League final defeat to Villarreal.

0:00 Were expectations too high for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Man United?
2:08 Onuoha comments on a player's perspective going without silverware.
3:54 Would Sir Alex Ferguson admit “Man United are getting better” if he was manager?
4:29 Antonio Conte to Man United?

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Cherno Ceesay
Cherno Ceesay:
From a United fan, Shaka is spot on: Man United just don’t turn up when it matters most!
Double AA
Double AA:
Conte won with Inter, and left the next week due to disagreement with owners...

I doubt MANure owners will hire Conte... they want a yes man, and Ole is good at it.
This "poor Villarreal team" with a population of 50.000 inhabitants, 1/5 of the money that MU has and 7 player coming from the younger teams put more heart, belived more and deserved the cup. The MU has many more individual stars but Villarreal as a whole faced and beated two English superleague teams
System Lord Lestat
System Lord Lestat:
In these modern soft times sir Alex would lose the dressing room if he did what Steve says
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti:
Ole is a puppet for the owners. Let’s be serious.
Will Hull
Will Hull:
Solskjaer with his head on the chopping block again. He's been on there more than Henry 8th's wives.
Prathamesh Nike
Prathamesh Nike:
Roy keane is fuming over this now...
Sir Alex would NEVER be in the europa league. Lol 😂
cabdulle farax
cabdulle farax:
I love the honesty here at espn compared to the biased fools in SKY and BT. Only Roy keane seems to be the only one speaking truth
Anthony Campa
Anthony Campa:
“Poor Villarreal team” classic epl elitist attitude. I expected the Spanish tactics to shine and they did. Well deserved
Goran Damianovici
Goran Damianovici:
United last 3 years: btec Arsenal,ctec Tottenham when it comes to trophies 🤣
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
If united players were to play like Cavani does then they would have been somewhere very far but man usless never changes because of money .
This match was not lost on one kick,quite the contrary this was lost by the ineptitude of the manager
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss:
It kills them when English lose cause that's where the money is🤣🤣
Big Don
Big Don:
Conte and Mourinho are fairly similar characters
meech mitchell
meech mitchell:
This is the most honest review of Manchester united after what has truly been a disappointing season
Gui Pizzanelli
Gui Pizzanelli:
I love how you cant go one time w/o mentioning it was a "poor la liga season" as though that's some point worth mentioning. Strong liga season or not the teams outside the top 3 are perennially underestimated by Eng based media outlets, always, & yet when they meet in finals the collective records are pretty good. I think that speaks less to their lack of quality and more to yours.
Neel Banerjee
Neel Banerjee:
I ❤️ United by yesterday before the match even started I commented that Villarreal is going to win on a youtuber"s video who was live streaming.
Thing about United is that they need a Leader to properly lead the team (a proper captain) cause when you play for united you're basically spoiled (I mean come on, it's UNITED). Man untd needs some proper discipline and a proper leadership, I think they have a pretty good team.
Sam Jerome
Sam Jerome:
Ole was too weak to sub rashford
He was awful ...losing positions
Amad or elanga should’ve replaced
Leroy Hyde
Leroy Hyde:
Man Utd should have had team talk with Sir Alex to motivate them to win...
Ruan Van Wyk
Ruan Van Wyk:
Bring in conte,allegri,zidane or poch.. These are not terrible players.. add two or three players with one of these world class managers..And we wil compete on all fronts
Emmy Baluye
Emmy Baluye:
Premier League first 3 years. Klopp Finished 8th (not a full season), 4th, 4th Solskjaer Finished 6th (not a full season), 3rd, 2nd One more thing, Klopp lost 6 cup finals in a row – 2 at Dortmund and 4 at Liverpool. Patience.
Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra:
Utd should defo grab conte while they can, although he would choose RMA
United definitely needs to get Conte. Ole is gonna do worse next season even if he gets Sancho and Harry Kane.
Amazing vitriol for a lottery that could have gone either way - 11- 10 on penalties
Ethan White
Ethan White:
I'm honestly surprised Ole has lasted as long as he has
Cherno Ceesay
Cherno Ceesay:
Hello! Last time i checked, Conte lost a Europa League final to Sevilla. This is football.. it is a win or lose game.
no name
no name:
They just bottle in imp games when they are favourites
jaswinder bhogal
jaswinder bhogal:
This is the muppet who said winning cups is an ego thing
As soon as he said that he should have been sacked
londonparis [parislondon]
londonparis [parislondon]:
Villarreal win the Europa League.

ESPN: Let's make this video all about Man Utd losing the final.
Devin Halim
Devin Halim:
United problem is they always loose it when it matters the most, that's the one thing that united need to get that Alex Ferguson has
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran:
Give OLE another more 3 years 🥳🥳🥳
nicky leighton
nicky leighton:
I bet Roy Keane has a few things to say.
To be fair, SAF tore into Manchester and still got beat in a final
Shambhu kattel
Shambhu kattel:
Shaka, You cannot take it that way, Chel is in the UCL final and on the other hand they lost 5-2 against a relegated side in the PL.
s s
s s:
Klopp - three seasons too win first trophy
Ferguson - 5-6 yrs..
John Kay
John Kay:
More than the losing the way they played was so embarrassing with the whole world watching
K. S
K. S:
Fergie took him 5 years to build his to win trophies! 😁
Mango 4ttwo
Mango 4ttwo:
apart from terrible owners, and probably too weak a manager, isn't this headline also why United have fallen so far in the last eight years? Everyone being compared to the greatest manager English football has ever seen. Ever - as in 150 years
You failed in your predictions. Emery had won it three times before and you simply underestimated Villareal.
Dilip ghising
Dilip ghising:
Man United need a new manager . Conte, even zidane or another experienced manager . But ole must leave and go manage cardif or a club in Norway .
Ahmed K
Ahmed K:
I think Conte would mould those players up
Shaka spitting facts
Tymko C
Tymko C:
Conte loves to spend on players but does win trophies as well. Heard he's been visiting teams in England that may want to bring him in. Man U are richer than Spurs or Gunners.
kadiray dukureh
kadiray dukureh:
They should go and get conte he’s a winner and a great manager
Nigel Qu
Nigel Qu:
Lol this isn’t a poor Villarreal team, it’s a team that played to their strengths. The best part of their defense was actually the forwards tracking back to double team Pogba and Fernandes. This was brilliant tactics from Unai, they gave McTominay lots of space but never let Pogba and Bruno settle.
Did he tear into them when they faced Barcelona in the finals?
Tygerrr Uk
Tygerrr Uk:
Sir Alex wouldn’t be in the europa leugue to begin with
Benedict Samson
Benedict Samson:
Can we forget about this Fergie boy and go for Conte.
Jaysun B
Jaysun B:
Shaka would have saved a pen. He was a top keeper.
Werner Pfundner
Werner Pfundner:
Untited is at their best when Bruno is leading the game with Fred and Matic behind him and by the supported from the wingers
rahul chawla
rahul chawla:
i dont mind conte atleast he wont smile after a defeat and he would shout on players.
Sen Lkr
Sen Lkr:
Any person with good IQ would have quit as manager by now
Nkosi Gold
Nkosi Gold:
Utd are definitely out of our POWER RANKINGS🙌 this Thursday 🗣🗣
Shaquille Fraser
Shaquille Fraser:
Am sure I saw ole barking at players during the game one of them was cavani so I think ole is trying but the players also need to give it there all at all times
G B:
UEL and UCL finals of the past 20 years: 15 times a Spanish team faced a non-Spanish team. 15 times a Spanish team won. The team that finished 7th in La Liga just won the UEL going the entire tournament unbeaten in any game. But no doubt we will still hear the pundits and fans in England still spout a ridiculous narrative that La Liga is just a 3 team league... smh.
United lost because of OGS poor team selection, no substitition for 100mnts and not giving henderson chance for penalty shoot outs.
You can tell they know Craig has gone too far. Now they’re trying to calm things down and bring common sense.

My opinion. Ole should tell those men, “in this club, second place isn’t good enough. If second place is good enough for you, call your agent and request a transfer.” Ole is soft with these players but his record as a player is outstanding. He’s coach that’s learning but it seems like Manchester United may not be willing to be the club that he learns from. Ole has stabilized this club from the mess Mourinho made and he deserves thanks
I'm a Chelsea fan but from what I remember MAN U being the top dawgs sad to see them like this I wanna see classic matches again they need to step it up.
You people will always call other leagues farmers league, but when the play your best league team in the final, you guys begin to make noice, blaming the manager, the players. You guys don't know that Laliga is far better than Premier league. Comparing Player to Player, goal keeper to goal keeper and many other things. You guys lose in 10 finals yet you call Laliga a farmer league...
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
Villarreal defended well… Not much United could have done…. Not much Ole could have done… They had all their players in their goal 🤣😂😂
Kuda Sibanda
Kuda Sibanda:
United don't show up when it matters
These players don't have winnings mentality
K Days
K Days:
Time for Ole to go!
Nick Stoker
Nick Stoker:
Jose destroyed United. Conte would be more of the same.
Gerd Müller the GOAT
Gerd Müller the GOAT:
Half of those players don’t even deserve to wear Man United badge
🤣🤣🤣 yeah we saw the sir Alex tremblesome trembling seeing messi 2009 2011 finals
Seun Olushola
Seun Olushola:
Doesn’t make sense to compare Sir Alex with Ole. I mean how many managers in the world are there that are comparable to Sir Alex
Anam Siko
Anam Siko:
Just like SAF tore into the dressing room when they were outclassed twice by Barca in 2009 and 2011?🤔
Oscar Svensson
Oscar Svensson:
Big name managers? It's been tried for the three last appointments before Ole (Moyes could be debated). Pochettino was a name being put forward. Yeah, he's working out great for PSG. Lost the title to Lille with 1/4 of the budget and couldn't come close to what Tuchel did in the CL last season...
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
Bring Mourinho back
I am a Man U supporter but I have to say this. Ole can't win anything with United. I don't think Ole is good enough for Man U. Mike Phelan is probably the one doing most of the work. Ole seems to weak; he doesn't look like someone who can raise his voice on the players (eg Pogba, Rasford, Martial, etc). U don't win anything by being too cozy to players. Sir Alex used "hairdresser style to win alot!!! The earlier the management realizes this, the better for the club.
Gøran Vinje
Gøran Vinje:
Alex Ferguson managed 0-0 against villereal 4 times...why you forget it?
Hector Del Moral
Hector Del Moral:
Ferguson was different. Mourinho did that and ended up getting sacked
Mike McEwen
Mike McEwen:
Another manager for United to destroy will soon be heading for Old Trafford. Wouldn’t have that job as a gift. Fans have not given any manager time to build, worst fans in the world because of this pressure they put players and managers under.
Drew Scott
Drew Scott:
You guys do the same videos with a different thumbnail every day. Make new videos.
steven woodall
steven woodall:
Its the manner in which we played, no intensity no quality and no pride in the shirt. Plus OGS is too cowardly to drop these overhyped overrated prima donnas
The only person that fit to be Manutd manager is Roy Keane
James Cardoness
James Cardoness:
United coaching team include Michael Carrick that about says where utd are ! with Ole it's jobs for old team mates but he came cheap to the Glazers it's a bit like the leaks in roof on old trafford !
Ibrahim Mahmood
Ibrahim Mahmood:
This guy has Utd living rent free in his head
Alvarez Brewster
Alvarez Brewster:
I disagree, sir Alex would have set up to attack first thing n second thing ,subs would have been used, I don't understand what was the plan from ole ,he totally lost me
I Wouldn't Like Me Either
I Wouldn't Like Me Either:
Legend at the club 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 who’s mans is this
muad elayeb
muad elayeb:
United’s problem is the coach it’s very simple
Gregory Moodley
Gregory Moodley:
Couldn't agree more with Heslop
Lets say they bring another manager in and they win a title first season, how bad would ole be labeled as?
Werner Pfundner
Werner Pfundner:
It was clearly a failure of Soljak! But what you expect when 8 players are very selfish looking for the winning goal and forgetting to create chances in combinig and proper passing the ball to each other!!!!!!! Selfish players lead to the defeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alvarez Brewster
Alvarez Brewster:
People think that because u have better players it's up too them ,nope ,that's y there's a manager, the set up n game plan has a lot to do with how a team plays
Parth Bhatnagar
Parth Bhatnagar:
Yeah we get it, espn hates Man United. Good job.
Rayon Williams sports tv
Rayon Williams sports tv:
Poor . We should be beating that team in regular time . I said it before. We won't get a title with ole . And loosing this one just stamp it for me .. villarial had more heart and fight for that final than us.. and no they won't fire ole .. so we have him for next season.
Frankie Ag Nostos
Frankie Ag Nostos:
The pundits as well as a vocal section of Man United fans believe that Man United failed rather than Villarreal succeeded. The assumption is that Man United turn up and win. That they didn't win is assumed to be due to ineptitude on Man United and their manager.
sam white
sam white:
Klopp lost 2 finals with Liverpool before they won anything...
Andy key
Andy key:
Its not a poor Vilarreal team - they just proved they're well organised .
Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim
Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim:
EPL - VAR AND OFFICIALS GIVE EVERYTHING ADVANTAGES TO MANYOO AND THATS WHY THEYRE NO2. Obviously Advantages on their all the time. Lack of quality is the answer and they learn in easiest wayyyy. Simple answer. The referees and Var robbed small teams in epl for Manyoo.

It’s like a robbery, the pne that robbed give their last underwear for the robber (Manyoo)
Gideon Obeng
Gideon Obeng:
The days of Sir Alex are gone. You can't go around and be shouting and thinking you will get results from players. He will need to back it with tactics, communication and better patterns of play on the pitch. He would probably have struggled in this day and times. Bielsa beat his experience team with Bilbao. He was no match for Pep on two separate occasions. United were not so good in europe and he even admitted that he could done better
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen:
Conte wouldn't stay long. He's like Mourinho, just less annoying.
Roger Hong
Roger Hong:
Why would fans want a manager that they have had for 4 without any trophies instead of a manager that is a serial winner? At the end of the day fans demand trophies from their clubs
Daylen Eddins
Daylen Eddins:
And Mourinho too
Anthony Platt
Anthony Platt:
Like I have said before Alex ferguson would of torn into them at half time ole doesn't do that ole has no tactics glazers out 😡🤬
Virili Jingru
Virili Jingru:
Do Manchester United need new Manager? Yes/No ?
Teslim Bollard
Teslim Bollard:
A back three doesn’t fit Manchester United so no conte
julio rosa
julio rosa:
the hair dryer would have been so strong that all players would be bold at the start of second half.