Slipknot Co-Founder Joey Jordison Passes Away At 46

Slipknot original drummer and one of the band's co-founders Joey Jordison died peacefully in his sleep according to a statement from his family. Joey Jordison performed with various other bands like Korn, Metallica, and many others over the course of his career. He will be dearly missed.

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100+ komentarze:

In absolute shock right now. This one hurts, really bad. Rest in peace Joey
Chrisdead 27
Chrisdead 27:
This is just unbelievable that artists are passing away out of the blue. Jordy R.I.P Slipknot will carry your legacy.
Karl Rock
Karl Rock:
Damn this sucks. I met him twice. He'd done 2 different signings in my city. Seemed he enjoyed doing his bit for the fans. So thank you 🙏
It’s just seems weird that both Joey and Paul are now gone. They were the backbone rhythm section of their best albums.
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson:
I just wish Joey could've gotten his reunitation with Slipknot if even for 1 show. He really wanted that😔
Vapor Memory
Vapor Memory:
I saw the title of the video and my jaw dropped…. Such a tragic loss. Wow. Playing Slipknot for the rest of the day.
Nick Soko
Nick Soko:
This is so sad. RIP Joey you influenced so many people to play drums. Legend.
RIP Joey Jordison, a gifted, talented guy, gone too soon...
J. Seth Frazer
J. Seth Frazer:
This honestly breaks my heart. Joey made mad music with Slipknot that gave my life a soundtrack for years. It brings tears to my eyes when a very vital part of that passes away.
RIP Joey. It is a disgrace to see you gone.
Melody Rez
Melody Rez:
I remember watching a drum cam of Joey performing Eyeless years ago and I instantly fell in love with his playing. He got me into drumming and will always be a top for me. It’s hard to believe… rest in power Jordison 🤘
I Hate Dill
I Hate Dill:
He was the one of the best drummers in the world...Rip Dear Joey.
He came to my friend's rock show in Des Moines in 2002...a down to earth guy no matter the success...RIP
yeah whatever
yeah whatever:
Rock in peace, Joey 🤘 A name that will never be forgotten.
no neck
no neck:
He was literaly a legand rest in peace he will be forever remembered.
I literally just don't have words for this. 💔. My condolences and thoughts are with the family.
No, this can’t be real.

Another one gone too soon, Rest In Peace Joey.
Shaun VanWyk
Shaun VanWyk:
May his drums echo through out time and never be forgotten.
Paul and Joey are jamming in Heaven now 🥀🖤
Definitely one of the GOATs in drums, damn this sucks and prayers to the family and the band 😢
Ultra Lyrics
Ultra Lyrics:
Joey's drum sound and patterns will never be able to be re-created. RIP!
The world will never be the same without Joey. Rest In Peace man.
Arvind Sidhu
Arvind Sidhu:
He is one of us. A true fan. That's why we connect with him so well . Rest well Joey and we will always remember you
Dark Horse
Dark Horse:
RIP Joey, all of us maggots will miss you
ChЯis Reynolds
ChЯis Reynolds:
The world's greatest drummer has left this world R.I.P. Joey Jordison
Jon G
Jon G:
I cried as a kid hearing Paul had died, and cried now as a young man, RIP Joey, gone but not forgotten
Farbror Raballder
Farbror Raballder:
When my fiancee told me, I just teared up.
Rest in peace Joey, you were one of the best, you can not be replaced in any way. Best wishes to his family.
R.I.P. Joey
Much love to his family, so sorry for the loss.
All you maggots keep your heads up!
bubba the sauce boss
bubba the sauce boss:
Death took joey in his sleep. He's earned his rest. Thank you for the music and memories joey. We'll keep you in our hearts and I'll keep your legacy alive whenever I blast the Iowa album.
Joey was a huge part of me getting into metal.
Rip Joey jordison, Legends never die!
I can’t believe this man
He's sharing drum tricks with The Rev now. RIP Joey 🙏 I'll be jamming Slipknot hard the next few days.
This is honestly hard to hear. Rest In Peace Joey. You’ve always been an idol of mine. 💔
Bryce Davenport
Bryce Davenport:
I’ve been upset about musicians before, this is the first time I shed tears. This is an incredible loss for music, metal especially, but this man had so much more to give and his music literally has saved countless and inspired millions. RIP. Shocked is an understatement.
Erik l
Erik l:
One of the founders of one of the most unique and loved bands in the metal community....go easy bro.
Drew Monroe
Drew Monroe:
This is tragic. He’s the reason I became a drummer. Rest In Peace Joey.
Chandra Enger
Chandra Enger:
I am so saddened by this! It's such a great loss and my heart goes out to his family, friends, Slipknot, and the many Slipknot fans out there!
Robbie Franklin
Robbie Franklin:
This one actually choked me up and brought tears.. RIP Joey. You where all my inspiration as a kid behind the kit.. Fly high!
RIP Joey, he was by far my favorite drummer, and always will be. Him and Paul will be in heaven with all the other metal legends who have passed away.
I love all the projects he was involved in. This just breaks my heart.
A7Xfan661 Yeemo
A7Xfan661 Yeemo:
R.I.P Joey Jordison. We will NEVER, EVER forget you. We deeply miss you, Rest In Peace. 😭😭😭
Was just watching a drum teacher react to his playing last week. Joey has been an inspiration to me and thousands of others over the decades. Such sad news, so young, gone too soon, one of the best. Rip Joey 🙏🏼🤘🏼
RIP Joey. You forever be missed.

Love you, Rest in Piece you drumming legend❤️❤️
Maalick 777
Maalick 777:
R.I.P Joey! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I started playing drums when I was 13 because of Slipknot's self-titled album. Thank you! Be at peace.
My heart dropped into my stomach when I saw this in my notifications. I never saw this coming. This is so damn sad.

Rest in peace Joey, cheers to you for your endless talent, dedication, and heart.
Sid The Jovian
Sid The Jovian:
Now I can't watch a single video of Paul or Joey without even shedding a tear, hopefully they have a memorial tour/concert specially for Joey, just like how they did one for Paul back in 2010/11 😞
Exos 8281
Exos 8281:
Crushed - Absolutely one of my favorite drummers . A true original! May his family find peace and Joey's memory live on forever
Alan Slack
Alan Slack:
Joey was an amazing drummer. His double bass footwork was legendary & his solos absolutely insane! Tragic loss of a huge talent! R.I.P. Joey.
X 3 N 0
X 3 N 0:
I remember seeing Joey playing "The Heretic Anthem" on "Disasterpieces" when I was 13 or 14 and being blown away ... from then on, he really changed the way I looked at drumming

Not only did he inspire a whole new generation of kick-ass drummers, he co-founded one of the greatest bands (in my opinion) to ever exist

He's going to be sadly missed and the world is going to be a different place without him

Rest in peace, Joey 🤘
Peyton Lemberg
Peyton Lemberg:
Although many of us never knew him personally, we all can agree that the world feels way smaller without him💔
Jer Cooper
Jer Cooper:
RIP Joey! I still can’t believe it. You were my favourite drummer and always will be. My condolences to Joeys family and friends.
The Chitown Clown
The Chitown Clown:
I haven't been able to hold back tears for hours. One of my true heroes growing up. We love you Joey and you will always be missed and never forgotten. A TRUE GOD OF METAL
R.I.P to such an incredibly gifted drummer and absolutely one of the best! We will all dearly miss you Joey!
This is heartbreaking. I'm so lucky to have seen him perform twice, both were incredible experiences. Sending love to his family. Thank you for the music, Rest In Peace Joey🖤
Johnnie Guilbert
Johnnie Guilbert:
The more time sits in the more it hurts to hear.
Erik Ziegler
Erik Ziegler:
What a tragedy. He was one of my favorite drummers in modern metal. Amazing talent. At a loss for words right now...
Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance:
Utterly heartbroken! RIP JOEY! You will be missed greatly! 💕🙏😭
My biggest Influence, Idole and the Greatest Of All Time …. I‘m heartbroken.
I wish he had his reunion with Slipknot at least for one show. I had the feeling his life energy plug was pulled when Slipknot fired hin so ruthlessly. He was a legend and treated like shit by his former brothers. That shit hurts a lot and is not easy to get over.
Rest In Peace
Bacon Ator
Bacon Ator:
Damn. This sucks. Everyone remember that you never know when your last day will be. Love your family!
I was at my aunt's funeral on the same day when I found out and I've been jamming slipknot & voodoo dolls since. Rest in peace Joey, you will be missed
Erik puckett
Erik puckett:
this hurts man. it’s amazing how someone you’ve never even met can impact your life so much, and it hurts when they passed as if you knew them. We love you much, rest in peace brother.
Christopher Montenegro
Christopher Montenegro:
i’m just finding out about this and my heart is absolutely shattered.
Maggot King
Maggot King:
RIP Joey, forever#1. Thank you for everything you sacrificed to influence us with your art.
(W.C.G.F) We·Crave·Gun·Fights
(W.C.G.F) We·Crave·Gun·Fights:
It was a privilege to see him play in the 90s. R.I.P Joey. A Drum GOD.
El Gatchie
El Gatchie:
Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die. R.I.P Joey. We will miss you
Conger Scott
Conger Scott:
Wow, this is really sad, i watched some of his drumming videos years ago and couldn't believe how good he was, i send my condolences to his family, friends and fans, RIP Joey. 🏆.
RIP Joey, a Legend. We will never forget!
He’s getting piggy back rides from our creator by now.

Rest easy Joey<3
Arjun Bharadhwaj
Arjun Bharadhwaj:
No.... are you serious. This can't be real. RIP to one of the greatest drummers in the Music Industry. That Eyeless opening fill changed what I thought you could do with drums forever...
Angy D
Angy D:
God I just can't comprehend that he's gone already, such a legend and will be hugely missed #1 R.I.P
I can't believe it! RIP Joey! You will be greatly missed! 😩😖
Adam Stanley
Adam Stanley:
My heart is shattered, he was the reason I tried to be a drummer in my younger years. He was a inspiration, my idol, hell my hero. This is a huge loss 😔
Barry McHugh
Barry McHugh:
RIP Joey Jordison & Thanks for the years of memories!!❤
46 is no age to pass away. He was millions of peoples’ drumming idol growing up. I grew out of him being my favorite drummer as I’ve gotten older, but he was always a big part as to why I started playing drums.. sad
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet:
R.I.P. 46 is too young 😢. My prayers go out to Joey’s family.
YUM YUM Bubblegum
YUM YUM Bubblegum:
Daaamn!! Rest In Peace Joey u were such a big influence on me growing up and got me a lot of tough and awkward times your in a better place now bless bud🥺🙌🏼✌🏽
When I saw this I literally couldn't believe it. It doesnt feel real man. Long live Joey Jordison, a true legend
Oblivion ÝT
Oblivion ÝT:
Rest In Power Brother!! You will never be forgotten, and your legacy will shall forever. 🖤🤘🏼🤘🏼
Just J
Just J:
I am so sad 😞 I can't believe this is so unexpected. My deepest condolences to his family and friends . He will truly be missed from us fans and all of the metal community. He joins all the METAL GREATS in heaven . RIP JOEY JORDISON GONE 2 SOON. I am going to play Slipknot in his memory as well as for Paul.
Omg one of the best drummers on the planet I'm so sad rest in peace joey we love u and u will never be forgotten!!!! I always jam out to slipknot one of my favorite bands will be sporting all my slipknot shirts
Melissa Cowles
Melissa Cowles:
Sad to hear. Joey was a great musician. R.I.P. may your music always ring out loud.
Slipknot would have never existed, if it weren't for Joey.
Varik Lane
Varik Lane:
Rest In Peace Joey you were always my favorite drummer in the world 🤘
Who Is John Galt
Who Is John Galt:
Damn man. His drumming was the first thing I ever heard in the metal genre.
Rob Teaster
Rob Teaster:
Sooooo.....glad I saw him place live a few times. Incredible talent! RIP Joey.
A great man and artist gone too soon, you are a legend Joey!
Zach Noe
Zach Noe:
I can’t explain how I feel rn as a drummer cause Joey really inspired me to do what I want to do. RIP no. 1 🙏🙏
Vibratory Universe
Vibratory Universe:
One of the greatest drummers of all time, Rest In Peace, brother
Led Zeppelin #1 to me
Led Zeppelin #1 to me:
I'm in such disbelief. To loose another awesome rocker, especially in the Metal World is heartbreaking. Peace be with his family and Joey, may you RIP. ❤️
Rays Metal Tracks
Rays Metal Tracks:
Thank you Joey, you will be missed greatly.
MariaD Hernandez
MariaD Hernandez:
RIP Joey #1 Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. Condolences to your family and loved ones.🙏
Almost unbelievable. He was too young . Hope the best for his family .
Jorgie Sama
Jorgie Sama:
Rip Joey Jordison , one of my goals was to get to meet him and tell him how cool he is. He inspires me to want to be a drummer. The one drummer I looked up to and legend at best. My condolences to his family members.
Zachary Barnes
Zachary Barnes:
Damn :( we lost a great drummer one of my fav drummers ever rip Joey u will be forever missed may u drum in heaven with the great ones prayer to his friends and family
RIP Joey, he will all ways be in our hearts, he will be one of the best drummers ever
Randy Nichols
Randy Nichols:
Rest in peace Joey you were one of the best ever to play the drums and a personal favorite of mine. You will be missed.
zombie spongebob
zombie spongebob:
All you maggots stay strong! My dreams of Joey and Slipknot reunion has just ended... but his music lives on!
Mike Ferris
Mike Ferris:
My condolences to his family and friends. I'm really sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you💕