Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 - Official Launch Trailer

Watch the launch trailer for this modern warfare shooter set in the Middle East, and take on the role of Raven, Contract Sniper Assassin, in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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Brahim Aymen
Brahim Aymen:
Well done 47 , head for an exit and we will speak again soon
July Jaziel
July Jaziel:
Minimalizing plot and giving us nonlinear sandbox levels at a budget price on top is the best play this series has made. If this continues, I'd love to see coop in a future installment and maybe even a harder pivot in the Hitman direction by including levels from the previous game where you could make custom contracts for essentially infinite replayability.
Sjors Holtrop
Sjors Holtrop:
Bullet: * exists *
Top half of that guy's head: "My time has come"
elusive mg
elusive mg:
the customization in contracts 1 was already really cool
Neo Youss
Neo Youss:
We need enemy front 2 !!!
Jackie Logan
Jackie Logan:
when a shovelware game dev puts extra work, money, and effort to their newest games
The Horror
The Horror:
Graphics clean AF
Pim De Jager
Pim De Jager:
Epic game, but sometimes my guns start unloading their mags (not ideal during stealth gameplay😆) or my controller buttons stop working (Xbox Series S) 🖖🏼
Lion mbhele
Lion mbhele:
X Marks the spot
Ty Havn
Ty Havn:
Just got the game today, had it pre-ordered, had fun with the last game
Just some Pirate Cat with Internet Access
Just some Pirate Cat with Internet Access:
Give the next one a destructible environment,and it'll be the next best sniping game
WABDW2 ops
WABDW2 ops:
Yaaaaa boyyyyyy
Little Simmer
Little Simmer:
Absolute Bangar 💥 Just purchased it now being downloaded, can't wait to play 🤠
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
Games Zone
Games Zone:
Nice 💥💥
Been playing the first mission and...To be honest if you think you can use your sniper any time you want forget it, it makes so much noise that everybody get alerted all over even from 300 meters away...It's like the game wants you to play more sneaky and stealthy ...Don't know well see what happens next...Love the series though.
Son of Gordon
Son of Gordon:
shame it has like 20fps on series x, horrendous launch
Cherish  God
Cherish God :
Dope AF..!!! 👍👍👍
Rafael Berezuk
Rafael Berezuk:
Does it do xray shots like sniper elite?
Krypto Slasher
Krypto Slasher:
Love the gameplay
Ayush Choubey
Ayush Choubey:
This game needs more bipods
Little Simmer
Little Simmer:
Where is the review of this game
So essentially if Assassin’s Creed kept the modern theme for an entire game.
Гриша Букин
Гриша Букин:
Привет из России!!!
The Senate
The Senate:
Scummy move ripping out “the only semi-automatic regular sniper rifle in-game”, “fastest reloading sniper rifle in-game” and “only medium sniper rifle with a bipod” to sell them as DLC....
Olly 754
Olly 754:
This series is the bargain bin of gaming
Where is prototype 3 and bully 2 already ?
Zeshi Ahmed
Zeshi Ahmed:
bullet hitting sound pttttiiicchhhhh...
Jet Klaatu
Jet Klaatu:
Hopefully they have the red dot back in this game to show you where your bullet will land! It ruined the previous game for me! Just wasn't as fun for me or satisfying. They need to put it back as an option for people who don't want it on of course like it was in SGW3.
Latif MZ
Latif MZ:
Nice Spioler👍 #21
Marc Cioffi
Marc Cioffi:
Are the sniper games worth it??
the tankmens
the tankmens:
1:43 zivko dragovic, isabella sanchez, ronald payne, antwan zarza, then bibi rashida before dragovic was shot by raven
The future is now old man
Nyerges Flórián
Nyerges Flórián:
every movie and game trying this music to look like cool,but it's akward in my opinion
Charlie C
Charlie C:
How did this get a 2nd game
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Shadows Rising Revenge of the Nemesis Evil Ressurected Fast Furious Last Stand Origins
Shane Harrington
Shane Harrington:
Stock rock music soundtrack is damn BASIC
wan senz
wan senz:
The game is Open world or mission?
RZq Hipnox
RZq Hipnox:
Give us the uncensored version foR PC
Aran Erem
Aran Erem:
Is it fun?
Project IGI 2 is better 😉
Noah Matuschek
Noah Matuschek:
dont buy they dont even manage to get the pre order dlcs to work
Lord Clone
Lord Clone:
What’s the song in this trailer
Himangshu Sharma
Himangshu Sharma:
Dead series
Worst MUSIC for trailer
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis:
You know a series has sold out when there's a rap song that doesn't fit the trailer at all
Devil gonna take u
Devil gonna take u:
What is the song name
René Massion
René Massion:
Little bit short
william ebner
william ebner:
hate the music
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0:
GamePass 5 month's
Jackie Mehoff
Jackie Mehoff:
When in doubt, make a sequel to a game no one absolutely played.
Brett Nelson
Brett Nelson:
Do people play this game?
Oh look, another lousy Sniper Ghost Warrior game. How can this franchise still exist. Sniper Elite 4 does it better, although it's not that great either. Can't believe how there still isn't any truly serious attempts at AAA sniper game, considering how popular sniping is in multiplayer shooters
Edmund Hanudeľ
Edmund Hanudeľ:
the music doesnt fit
Sniper games boring