Solskjaer & Maguire react to West Brom draw | West Brom 1-1 Manchester United | Premier League

Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and skipper Harry Maguire after the Reds' 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion.

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100+ komentarze:

Maguire and Lindelöf dont work together end of discussion.
Alex Riddell
Alex Riddell:
We won't even win a tea cup with Maguire and lindelof
John Snow
John Snow:
So this cb partnership doesn't do well with speed, nor do they do well with strength or aerial prowess, utterly useless!
Stanley Omollo
Stanley Omollo:
That centre back pairing won't win us anything. It is as simple as that.
Shyaka Andrew
Shyaka Andrew:
We haven't bounced back from the Sheffield loss. Period
Tamir rahman
Tamir rahman:
That defensive partnership just doesn't work
Michael Rose
Michael Rose:
Give the captains armband to someone who actually deserves it - like Bruno.
Stop playing Lindelof and start Tuanzebe or Eric when he is fit because the defence is not cutting it for us. We can’t keep on relying on Bruno to keep us up aswell
ODR Invests
ODR Invests:
Caius Datt
Caius Datt:
Just listen to him ‘timed myself with a great header’ egotistical fool
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli:
Our players' attitude is "we have to win" only after 78 mins, when Man City's attitude is "we have to win" from the first whistle. SMH
"Work rate was there" yeah when only 30 mins left. Pathetic using 2 holding midfielders again a team that has conceded 19 goals in their last 5 games.
Elon Dust
Elon Dust:
Why even interview magyure? Guys a clown. “ we dominated we dominated”

You yourself got dominated in defence against this trash team lol
Sebastian Vargas Football
Sebastian Vargas Football:
We really need and I mean NEED a new defence line. And we need a replacement for Martial.
the media need to start hyping oleout again so ole will start winning
Abdirahman Ismail
Abdirahman Ismail:
Is there anyone who can explain me, why Harry Maguire is our team captain as we know his performance and lack leading team in the field?
Dilnaam Singh
Dilnaam Singh:
Mata warned us multiple times in these post match reactions that we aren't going to always win when we go behind first and one day conceding first is going to cost us a win!! How right was he! You cant blame WBA for sitting deep, they did the job- got the first goal first!
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
I think it’s best and more realistic if we should focus on finishing in the top 4 and winning the Fa Cup and Europa League. The Premier League title is beyond our hands right now. We can’t even win against West Brom and Sheffield. 😔😔
I'm sorry but get rid of the "Maguire lindelof" partnership, it's hideous to watch
Lahai Pessima
Lahai Pessima:
How can we improve when he Maguire keeps playing rubbish,ole is relaxed about the trash attitudes
No consistency at all
agent 49
agent 49:
Why doesn't Maguire use a bobbin pin to keep his hair up ,he touches that head more than the ball😠😈
The match wasn't impressive at all, should put Lindelof and Martial on bench and start Diallo asap
slay jerry
slay jerry:
Smalling-Jones won Uel Cup. Maguire-Lindelof =0.
Samuel G.G
Samuel G.G:
With Maguire, lindelof we can't win anything..they will cost us points
esp8266 project
esp8266 project:
Bruno really wasn't in form today but he still saved us. You really gotta appreciate that . We also need to improve defensively we cannot always rely on Bruno to save us!
Arie Wardhana
Arie Wardhana:
ReyD Janiro3
ReyD Janiro3:
I don’t think Man United will make it to the champions league because of the high level of inconsistency
Vinayak Jha
Vinayak Jha:
Don't ever make DDG the Scapegoat he made you relevant today. The centre back partnership need to be changed at all cost.
Dominated the game. Is Harry having a laugh 😂
Nashiu Shafeeq
Nashiu Shafeeq:
Anyone gonna talk about De Gea's save?
esp8266 project
esp8266 project:
Everyday I cry myself to sleep thinking of how we spent 80 million on Maguire 😭
Gedion Muthamia
Gedion Muthamia:
We weren't supposed to rely on VAR we could have scored another clear goal to show West Brom we needed three clear points alone
Y E.
Y E.:
So basically what ole is saying is we miss the quality of Pogba .
By the way , is Lindelof paying ole or something ? Why is he still playing ?
Official Dj Eswift
Official Dj Eswift:
So...we fighting for top 6 now? From title contenders to watching east enders. SAF has heard excuses for the past 8 years.
I keep saying Maguire is a terrible player & he keeps proving my point!!!
Zdane Bill
Zdane Bill:
We can win the game, but martial? Why he need to play?
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
This was another let down 1st conceding so early again 2nd against a bottom team we almost lost it too
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan:
Maguire has the most pubchable face.
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels:
Kaung Myat Han
Kaung Myat Han:
We didn't deserve that draw. We deserve L. We play very bad.
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews:
How long is it going to take before ole drops lindelof or maguire or hopefully both,it's an embarrassment the way they get bullied time and again for the such big men.
If city win against Everton this Tuesday United and Leicester (tied on points) will be a mind blowing 10 points behind
Matt Smith
Matt Smith:
Ole “work rate was there” you must be joking!
G S:
Stop putting your hands up for offside and defend Harry
ben mbugua
ben mbugua:
Bench lindelof bench martial bench maguire play diallo and pray that bailley doesnt get injured again .. I swear he's the only African made of glass...
Shreyas Chaudhary
Shreyas Chaudhary:
It’s soo simple and clearly visible that maguire and lindelof don’t complement each other well and we should use bailly !! Second, mcfred doesn’t work..should use donny in place of Fred 🙁😡
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Get Ole out lmao average manager got Cardiff relegated from premier league and was 17th in championship then left lmao
Gedion Muthamia
Gedion Muthamia:
This is the best time we should focus on winning the FA and Europa league cause the premier league is beyond us now and the best we can fight for is the Top 4.
Marlon Campbell
Marlon Campbell:
This interview highlights alot of the problems at the moment!
Ice Sausage fifa
Ice Sausage fifa:
0:15 just sums up our performance pause on it
You cut out the best part of the interview!
As soon as I looked at the team sheet: Rashford on the right to accommodate Tony 'new Henry' Martial on the left I wanted to punch my screen. I knew the shitshow coming ahead. Rashford useless on the right, to accommodate Martial who is as useless anywhere.
Chileshe Sydney
Chileshe Sydney:
please help by putting Maguire and lindelof on a bench!!!
Shadrick Kabwe
Shadrick Kabwe:
He said"we didn't deserve to win"but why😭😭
Osman Music Media
Osman Music Media:
Not only goalkeeper and defences but we need all the players to improve their proformance
Kojoa ulale banaaa u r trash😭😭
One Rovers Vlogs
One Rovers Vlogs:
Is he having a laugh when he says no team can go there & create 9/10 chances, what did Arsenal & Man City do then 😂
Whenever we have a chance to break away from those behind us we fail

It’s a repeat of last season guys😕
Asan Ari
Asan Ari:
We must change how we've played, just watch city and you'll understand what was wrong with us
Bang Raffa
Bang Raffa:
Goodbye Premier league champion... 😭😭
Joshua Onovo
Joshua Onovo:
10 pts from 7 games just as the beginning of the season. Poor!
Hated,Adored,Never ignored!!!
Hated,Adored,Never ignored!!!:
Play matic and mcsauce in centre back, put my house on it they would keep a clean sheet against Sheffield and West Brom .
Albert Powers T
Albert Powers T:
Lindelof doesnt deserve starting XI
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez:
meanwhile Upamecano goes to Bayern
Felita Notoharmono
Felita Notoharmono:
the dude almost scored, also almost caused a goal🙄
Jwel Miah
Jwel Miah:
I think we all know where the problem lies and I know for sure that all the opponents as well... Answer MacFred and MagLin... Change 3 of them we will have a solid team.
Alby pes
Alby pes:
The reaction maguire had when his header hit the crossbar is the reaction he should have when we get scored not just raising hand asking for offside and foul
Kr lfc
Kr lfc:
The mans a genius
Cloudy Mɪʟʟʏ
Cloudy Mɪʟʟʏ:
We need a faster center back to play with maguire someone with speed
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
We need new top class CB like Ramos or Kounde to compete winning PL
Muhammad Ravi
Muhammad Ravi:
Sincerely, martial out plz 🙏 He can't do anything!! All he can do is 🚶‍♂️ on the pitch!! Also too simple tactics
Joshua Mwaura
Joshua Mwaura:
Defence wins you titles!
Quick Clips ! 💔
Quick Clips ! 💔:
Please can Maguire and Lindelof be dropped please, Bailly and Tuanzebe partner ship.
gdgdg gdgd
gdgdg gdgd:
Fantastic fantastic!
Muhammad Fadhil
Muhammad Fadhil:
Ole you shouldnt have to react you have almost coaching failure result and by chance game winning.
Zaenal Nasruloh
Zaenal Nasruloh:
I'm waiting captain Ramos👍👍
Time to go for Ole.
Roham Babaie
Roham Babaie:
It was you and your partner who threw the game away not our attack mister "cApTaIn oF mAnChEsTeR uNiTeD"
You should kneel and kiss de gea's boot for that double saves he made and saved us a point
Kenneth Ong Kang Yi
Kenneth Ong Kang Yi:
Please for the sake of the club no more lindelof and maguire we need bailly back ASAP
Maguire needs a faster player by his side
Marcjames Whelan
Marcjames Whelan:
Time to give eric a run in the team
I stand by our captain and our Manager. All you glory hunters and Instagram generation FIFA players can go support City you wish.
Don't know who's living in kookoo land ! is it the Woodward, or OGS ?! Someone has to be responsible for the failure of having half a decent back line after so many years and hundreds of millions with a club like united !
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Dog Park Channel
Dog Park Channel:
Mohamed Bob
Mohamed Bob:
You know what, city will win the epl. With a performance like this, United is no where near winning the title.
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
Again, our winger so incosistent. With this attacker, it's difficult to win title. Ole has to find the solution asap
Ruli suprapto
Ruli suprapto:
1-1 tim calon juara melawan tim yg terancam terdegradasi wkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkw.sdh kubilng mncester united cocoknya main didivisi 2.
Var was appalling for their own standards.
Mitchell Cryer
Mitchell Cryer:
This is hilarious. How Maguire can come on and suggest they dominated when WB could have easily scored another 2-3 if they could finish but then to suggest MU have referees against them? It's a joke, he basically did a WWE move on someone in the box the other week and didn't even get a talking to. MU benefits more from VAR and Ref's in 1.5 seasons than any other club, by far, and it's a problem when they have one game go against them.

What about the Pogba goal when the ball was clearly out of play? What about the pen' for MU when Bruno kicked someone? Maguire no-pen for grappling someone and dragging them down?
Raja Singh
Raja Singh:
Heard all this before!
Raj Girdhari
Raj Girdhari:
Ole dont comments on his defense he always makes excuses to concede 31 goals that reflect a relegation side ole must go and harry must to
dong hoang
dong hoang:
Tốp 4 sa dần
Ross Murphy
Ross Murphy:
Toothless in that second half please don’t play martial he did nothing the whole game
Can we all just take a moment to reflect on the fact this club would be mid table or worse if it weren't for Bruno. 5 points dropped against the two bottom clubs in the league. There's a lot wrong with individual deadwood at the club, Martial being one who is not suited to the Premier League. But Ole is also the problem. He's tactically inept and doesn't seem to get the squad motivated enough to perform. After that defeat to Sheffield the team should go on a 10+ game winning streak. Thats what a proper manager would get out of his players. No point commenting on DeGea, Lindelof and Maguire. It's all been said.
Naomi Mwakugu
Naomi Mwakugu:
Why do you have against Eric? I thought all we need is winning games?
Nhan Nguyen Ngoc
Nhan Nguyen Ngoc:
We will not win anything under Ole for sure. Just wait and see how this sad reality unfolds
Chris D'meek
Chris D'meek:
Harry's talking about Dominating the game like, were you expecting west brom to dominate?

This is the second time he's fallen down in search of a foul but doesn't get one. But what was He even doing there? He could've just passed to the keeper.