Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Manchester United vs Southampton

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Rip Jack Charlton🇮🇪
Maaz Sohail
Maaz Sohail:
Me: Mason What's your Strong foot?
Greenwood: Yes.
Nabin Khadka
Nabin Khadka:
Martial has more goals this season than firmino and lacazette
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson:
Jamie Carragher wouldn’t fight you, he’d just spit on you
Escarro 124HD
Escarro 124HD:
I dont understand Why we would get Chillwell in the First place. I think we already have good depth at LB, With Shaw and Williams.
Escarro 124HD
Escarro 124HD:
Chelsea Fans: Ziyech is Better than Bruno

Me: Ziyech should get 13 Goal contributions, Back to back POTM and Goal of the month. All in 5 months. Then we can debate who is better
Luke shaw has been fantastic since lockdown, and actually all season. People need to put respect on his name.
stoner sean
stoner sean:
If Henderson wants to impress United, today is the day. Keep Chelsea OUT!!!
"Give him time, give him time, we're back in 1989"
Chelsea Everton
Chelsea Everton:
Steve Lebo
Steve Lebo:
Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the first/main role of a fullback was to DEFEND! I don't get why people slate Luke Shaw because of his lack of what, he is a DEFENDER first and auxiliary winger second. He would have the same assists as AWB if the forwards could convert his crosses, yet everyone hails AWB and slates Shaw. I wish people would give it a rest. We have one of the best L/R back pairings in the world, DEFENSIVELY; assists will come with time.
Dannyboy 39
Dannyboy 39:
Jack is loved and adored in Ireland, in the words of Christy Moore "Jack Charlton has been proclaimed an honoury Irish man" RIP Jack 🇮🇪 put em under pressure!
Noah Soukovelos
Noah Soukovelos:
It's ridiculous for carragher to say that martial cant help us win a title. He would never say that against firmino despite the fact he scores many less goals, and I would argue he only holds the ball up as well as martial, and not any better. If anything martial is all round the better player...
Graham Robinson
Graham Robinson:
“Sleep well jack” love that comment mark RIP
Mark in November: "Matic is worser than a bag of cement"
Mark also in November: "if we declined a 40 million offer for matic sack ole now"
Mark Now: "If ole sells matic for 40 million thats a massive drop off"

*knowledge from mark*
Liam Kartz
Liam Kartz:
Mark !!! Give us what we want....GREENWOOD T-shirt !!!! Wear it during every match from now 😂
Mark Fox
Mark Fox:
RIP Jackie Charlton Ireland will dearly miss you 🇮🇪👊
Nath Bubb
Nath Bubb:
We will finish 3rd and City be banned from UCL.
luke shaw has changed his game I've seen games where he barely crosses the halfway line . against villa he looked like one of our most dangerous players
Ole's conference nowadays are full of things we want to here , surely he's becoming the manager we all wanted🤙 my manager💪
Ken Shamballs
Ken Shamballs:
Always thought Giuseppe Rossi could of been a star, hopefully Greenwood will fulfil his potential.
Am I the only one that thinks rashfords passing has massively improved
Man Utd warrior
Man Utd warrior:
mark missed a thing ole said that mark is saying, he said for me its a assist for me if a player creates space for others.
Bruno is like the gearbox out of a car, without him you will never get out of first gear.
henry kwidini
henry kwidini:
Martial is one of the best finishers out there
Us fans have to do everything we can to push the Glazers and Woodward to break the bank and *get at least Sancho and Grealish* !
_James _
_James _:
Its not just bruno and you can see he changed his tactics in the break in January and then again in lockdown
Pedro Belo04
Pedro Belo04:
We dont play with pace because when maguire gets the ball he holds it for 10 seconds and then pass it
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez:
Martiais mint, especially his off the ball work; he is not getting enough credit for it. But unfortunately if he does not score a hat trick every game the media call him a flop. Ridiculous!!!
It’s just mad how good Bruno is for us, he didn’t even have a good game the other day yet got another goal and another assist!
We still need a playmaker. *Sancho*😃
Shiloh W
Shiloh W:
Rashford has been move to a different role since he came back into the team. He is being turned into a playmaker.
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer:
We lost Pogba at the beginning, later Martial and we lost our focus and intensity in the early part of the season. Our rebirth had everything to do with Bruno.
Martials been great.
Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat:
Man this is just bragging now. We need to keep our feet on the ground and stay humble.otherwise one thing can go wrong and we are screwed .
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards:
Mark I think the guy with the questions about LB’s was talking about *Gary* Neville 🤦‍♂️
Franco 117
Franco 117:
Heard a funny story about Jack Charlton this morning, he was so tight with money he owed himself £40...
Марио Димов
Марио Димов:
Greetings from Bulgaria 🤜🤛 And yeah, Champions League is very important, because of the sponsorship from Adidas - 75 million per season, if we get into the Champions League ! That would give us the money for Sancho 🤞
TimJom Oduks
TimJom Oduks:
Love this channel.
affaan ahmad
affaan ahmad:
How can carragher say that when firmino has less goals than martial in League as well as in all comp.
Shaun Booval
Shaun Booval:
String together being “best team at the moment” more of a season than less and you win titles. Lets be positive and support MUFC. A title is in the works. Enjoy the ride in getting there.
jordan raynes
jordan raynes:
Tighter than a camels backside in a sand storm 😂that’s brilliant
dharendranath jugoo
dharendranath jugoo:
If we beat Southampton then i will be convinced because they r the team in form also after lockdown
Cowboy Spike
Cowboy Spike:
If Liverpool can win a title with firmino... Then definitely we can win a title with Martial 💯
John Rossiter
John Rossiter:
Drinking Game: Every time Mark says "Look" down a shot haha. Thank me later
Marlon Campbell
Marlon Campbell:
Mark talks nonsense! Martial was awful at times in the last few seasons. He's definitely uped his game, but not according to prophet Mark. It's easy to spill dribble when no one can oppose your points. Luke Shaw, same thing.
Hope Chigudu
Hope Chigudu:
Going by current form, we need a Centre back more than any other position. We can’t just buy a player for UCL
Santanu Sk
Santanu Sk:
Fingers crossed for d last few games. Plz don't screw this up.
Sunveer Hariparsad
Sunveer Hariparsad:
Lmao I saw some deluded person in the comments say "Saka>Greenwood". Lol that was a good joke. Saka is half as good as Greenwood if he is lucky. Not because he is bad, but because he isn't as good as Greenwood.
Taj Singh
Taj Singh:
A "bit rude" that's funny
Niraj Hira
Niraj Hira:
John Egan or Jack O'Connell is the defender United should target, loan Henderson for another season and take either on the Cheap
Agniva Ray
Agniva Ray:
Keep Shaw. Keep Chillwell, out.
aoD Electa
aoD Electa:
if jamie was defending against martial lol he will lose
Shawn Augustyn
Shawn Augustyn:
"tighter than a camel's back in a sandstorm"
Hi You
Hi You:
Well said Goldbridge 🇮🇪👍🏼, RIP jacky ‘put em under pressure !’
Horse Sense
Horse Sense:
United's silver lining is Jesse Lingard and Phil Jones.
Naryan Virk
Naryan Virk:
iM a WinDmiLL 😂
Adam Meloen
Adam Meloen:
Rip Jack. Mark love the shows and thanks for what you do. It's so amazing to be excited about our club again.
Savyasachi Bajpai
Savyasachi Bajpai:
Great work mark we really need sancho for the dip that occurs when subs are on . Keep updating the website for player rating cuz that's what this channel is about fans opinion
Good Putin
Good Putin:
Announce the sale of Lingard!
Ryan Corbett
Ryan Corbett:
What do you think about United reportedly close to agreeing a deal for chiesa?
Viraj Sambre
Viraj Sambre:
RIP chelsea 🤣
Devils58 Diack
Devils58 Diack:
Carragher think’s Liverpool front three are the only forwards in the league martial is good enough to win us a league title eventually
Premier League
Premier League:
If Utd have bought Chilwell i will be in shock .
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel:
Some managers are worried especially Brendan Rodgers who knows utd are hot on Leicester's heels and will give them a footballing lesson last game of the season..
RIP Sir Jack Charlton 👏🏾
Tony Rinaldo
Tony Rinaldo:
Goldbridge the clown 😂😂😂
Josh Watkins
Josh Watkins:
I’ve watched Liverpool play and firmino is an absolute ghost in that team martial at the moment is a better playmaker than firmino and a way better striker
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah:
Heard the city buggers might just get their ban reversed. Obviously they bought their way out of it with oil.
ben lennon
ben lennon:
We're all part of Jackie's army🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell:
Still no journos questioning Ole about Axel's progress from his injury/injuries??
Ricardo Moran
Ricardo Moran:
What we do in life echoes in eternity
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist:
If United sign sancho, how good is that attack /10?
Side kiCk
Side kiCk:
Rashford(10) Martial(9) Sancho(7)
Shaw Maguire Lindelof Van Bisaka
Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh:
Well said. Jack Charlton remembered as a hero in England and Ireland.
Mark tube HD
Mark tube HD:
Mark near the start of the season you said ole won’t be the manager to win us a title. Do you still believe that or do you think he’s the man for the job
ben lowen
ben lowen:
Rip Jack Charlton 🇮🇪 Irish legend
Husein Adamji
Husein Adamji:
Yo Mark,we just badly need to sign Florentino Luis from Benfica man!!!1 of the best CDM on the market right now man!!!
Sean McManus
Sean McManus:
2:05 (personal time stamp)
Abdul 4k
Abdul 4k:
Rip jack Charlton

My respects to his family
chandran rajagopal
chandran rajagopal:
Who is still thinking of bringing in Pochittino
Robert Pettifer
Robert Pettifer:
Charlton legend. RIP
Brian Hogan
Brian Hogan:
Rip Big Jack Ireland loves you 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Richard Koffi
Richard Koffi:
Mark, remember, pre Fernandes the team had also a lot of injuries. Everyone seems to have forgotten.
Archie Thomson
Archie Thomson:
When will the chart show be on
Oge Marony
Oge Marony:
Im happy with the left back position shaw, Williams are good dalot can play there Laird can also play there we need a CDM,Sancho and a Backup striker if we can't get Ighalo on a permanent basis,And try and bring Fosu and tuanzebe back to full strength.
Need fast defenders so we can push forward and take rsisks
Thunder Bananas
Thunder Bananas:
Im neutral on the martial thing, the problem with him is that while i agree with mark that martial is excellent now but i kind of do agree with jamie because martial is injury prone and inconsistent in form. The work he is putting in now is excellent but my only problem with him is over the seasons he has been really inconsistent and i know there have been manager changes but world class players will still excel regardless. If martial wants to be the best no 9 in the world he needs to learn consistency like the current best no 9 lewandowski
Shaw for matic when hes tired in cdm willams at LB
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Mark if City receive a ban for the next two years, and if United Can finish second in the premier League. What would you think about this?
Keith Ashley
Keith Ashley:
Well done Mark, great comments.
S S:
Matic response was a fudge. Bruno comment spot on.
No shaw i have no problem with him defensively but he didnt get forward enough but now he is proving me wrong
Abu Elmi
Abu Elmi:
Real Madrid are the best team on form
Kevin Tadayon
Kevin Tadayon:
Real madrid also have god form
David Mc
David Mc:
Subbing to people Who sub to me
Subbing to people Who sub to me:
10:25 because of Bruno
George Glykis
George Glykis:
Sancho is priority , second priority CB and then Van de Beek
RA reacts
RA reacts:
Manu, needs to sign Sancho and Martin ødegaard.
mark hughes
mark hughes:
Ole was the ultimate impact sub for us. Do u think thats helping his mentality on building a bench that can change or freshen up a game? and do u think its y he has no qualms on leaving Fred and Mctominay on bench?